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la campagne tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana beach resort is a tourist haven and beautiful beach in the heart of Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. La Campagne Tropicana is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nigeria. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Africa. It is truly a paradise on earth offering tourists breadth taking views of the Atlantic and nature at its finest. La Campagne is a private beach resort located on the outskirt of Lekki Peninsula in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a three hours drive from the Lagos mainland and about a two-hour drive from Lekki Phase One, Lagos. It is a four-star resort that comes with different chalets for different budgets. La Campagne Tropicana is an exotic beach and not your regular low-budget resort. It offers a serene environment making it a perfect destination for vacation, fun and adventures. It has become one of the most visited Tourist Attractions in Lagos.

Entrance of La campagne tropicama

About La Campagne Tropicana Resort

La campagne Tropicana

The La Campagne Tropicana Resort is located on sixty acres of beach land between the Ikegun lake and the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. It is owned and founded by the renowned tourism expert Otunba Wanle Akinboye.

La Campagne Tropicana is one of the most beautiful beach Resorts in Nigeria. Over the years it has become one of the top destinations in Africa. Whether it is a honeymoon, picnic, recreation, team bonding, excursion or retreat, it offers excellent recreational and vacation amenities.

African Themed Resort

It is an African Themed resort with a beautiful beach view in the front and a lagoon by the side. It comes with state-of-the-art amenities sitting on sixty acres of beach land. Imagine a combination of a beach, a freshwater lake, a mangrove forest and Savannah all in one location. In summary, it is truly a paradise on earth. It also boasts the longest pool on the beach in the world.

La campagne Tropicana Isimi

if you are looking for a weekend getaway or an escape from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. La Campagne Tropicana offers a serene ambience with lots of fun activities, good food, lots of games, swimming etc. If you love adventure, you can wander off into the mangrove or do a hike off the beachfront.

Whether you just want to take a quiet walk on the beach, do some adventurous boat ride, do water sports or recreational activities or you are a lover of wildlife experience. The La Campagne Tropica has something for you. If you are thinking of where to go in Lagos or Nigeria, this resort is the perfect place for you.

My Experience at the La Campagne Tropicana

I have been to the La Campagne Tropicana so many times. It was a lovely sunny Saturday and I decided to do La Campagne with some friends. We took off at Lekki Phase One and it was about an hour 30 minutes drive to La Campagne Tropicana. It is a straight drive on the Lekki Expressway until we made a right turn to the Lekki Free trade zone area. We passed through the Multi-billion dollar Dangote Refinery. We went all the way to the Newly constructed Lekki Deep Sea Port. Finally down to a coastal town called Ikegun. Ikegun is a quiet town located at Ibeju Lekki, an area of Lagos State just after the Dangote refinery.

La campagne Reception

On entering the La Campagne Tropicana, we booked our tickets at the Resorts reception which is located outside the gates of the resort. On entering we were blown away by the African Inspired artworks and the African-themed settings. There are facilities for everything like games, fun, adventure etc

Beautiful Resort in the Heart of Lagos

Everything about La Campagne is African-inspired, from the ambience to the cottages, and even the cabanas. You will be welcomed in the traditional Yoruba way of greeting, while at it, the ever-ready waitresses are on stand-by to welcome you with a cup of palm wine. It won’t come in fancy cups like the beers from the local bar. It is served in a local calabash or cups. There are lots of African Inspired prints on display for sale. Feel free to go home with a souvenir.

You will almost mistake it for the palace of a Traditional Nigerian King. They will brief you about the resort, the dos and don’ts, the rates etc. Then you are ushered into the main entrance.

The resort also features some non-wildlife animals like monkey and goose who move around freely within the resort. They are harmless creatures looking for something to eat.

La Campagne Tropicana Has its own Currency

One of the most interesting part for me at the resort is that it has its own currency known as Pere. We got about ten Thousand Pere. One pere is equivalent to 1 naira. So to trade within the resort you will have to use Pere. We then headed straight to the gate. There were security men at the post who confirmed our tickets and checked us into the Resort shuttles that was already waiting to take us on one of the best moments of our lives.

The view was amazing, this got to be one of the most amazing views I have seen in my entire life. A mixture of palm fronds and coconut trees is systematically arranged in sync gives the beach a lovely view. Then gradually as we move closer we began to hear the sounds of the turbulent waves. This has got to be the cleanest beach in Nigeria.

They also claimed to have the longest ool in the world. Note There is no P in ool, the ool is a snake-like pool that stretches down the plain. They also boast of the longest pool on a beach.

Fun Things To Do At La Campagne Tropicana

While at the La Campagne, you will hardly run out of things to do. Here are things to do at the resort.

Kayaking at LaCampagne Tropicana
  • Organize a Perfect family getaway   
  • You can plan a picnic with friends.
  • Visit for your honeymoon
  • Plan a Beach Themed Weddings in one of the most beautiful resorts in Africa
  • Organize a corporate retreat or team bonding
  • Celebrate your Birthday with friends
  • Plan a get-together
  • Organize a Shows
  • End of the year party
  • Visit for a Vacation
  • Plan a Tour etc
  • Kayak Across the river

Location of the La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana Address: Ikegun, Ibeju-Lekki Area, Off Lekki/Epe Expressway, Lagos, Nigeria.

How to Locate La  Campagne Tropicana

From Outside Nigeria

Getting to La Campagne Tropicana From Outside Nigeria, you will need to book a flight to Nigeria via the Murtala International Airport, Lagos, Nigeria. Once to Get to the airport, you get get a local taxi, Taxify or Uber. You can also contact us for custom packaged tours and airport/hotel pick up.

If you are using Bolt (Taxify) or Uber, you can download the app from play store or apple store. Use these codes to get special discounts on Bolt (Taxify) or Uber

Uber – brandlers1ui

Taxify/ Bolt – SS2U9

Getting To La Campagne Tropicana From Outside Lagos

If you are coming from Outside Lagos take a flight to the Murtala Muhammed International airport, Ikeja, Lagos. Or take a bus going to Lagos. From Lagos, you can take a local taxi, Bolt (Taxify) or Uber to La Campagne Tropicana

If you are using Bolt (Taxify) or Uber, you can download the app from playstore or apple store. Use these codes to get special discounts on Bolt (Taxify) or Uber

Uber – brandlers1ui

Taxify/ Bolt – SS2U9

Getting To La Campagne Tropicana from Lagos

If you are coming to La Campaign Tropicana from within Lagos. Take a Taxi, Bolt (Taxify) or Uber

If you are using Bolt (Taxify) or Uber, you can download the app from playstore or Apple app store

Use these codes to get special discounts on Bolt (Taxify) or Uber

Uber – brandlers1ui

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Best Time To Visit La champagne Tropicana

La campagne Tropicana

You can visit the resort at any time, but to fully enjoy and maximize all the activities at the resort, make sure, you visit during the dry season which falls from August to March

Opening time

La Campagne Tropicana is opened 24 hours a day, 24 days a week and 365 days a year

La champagne Tropicana Gate fee

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort Gate Fee :

Adult 5,000 ($15) without Corkage

Adult 6,000 ($18) with corkage (if you are bringing in foods from outside)

Teenager 3,000 ($9) Flat with or without corkage

Kids 1500 ($4.5) With or without Corkage

Cost of rooms and Charles at La Campagne Tropicana

There are different categories of chalets available at the La Campagne Tropicana for different needs and budget. These are Kodi, Laba, Oso, Ilerigi, Obieze, Anago, Ilerimi and Wasimi. Some of these chalets are just a room while others are like 3 bedroom that comes with its own private pool. They all come designed in a traditional setting. 

Charlets at La campagne Tropicana Resort

The Cost ranges from 60,000 ($180) to 250,000 ($760) per night

They also have a simi (these are bed like tents facing the Atlantic which you can rent for the day or night.

Other Attractions at La Campagne Tropicana

There are also different kinds of pools at the La Campagne Tropicana, there is the longest ool in the world (note the ool doesn’t have a P), an African Map inspired Pool, the adult Olympic size pool and the private pool that comes with the chalets.  There are also shower heads located at different intervals in case you need a quick bath.

Activities at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

  • Kayaking
  • Horse Riding
  • Snooker
  • Board Games
  • Swimming
  • Water Sports
  • Table Tennis
  • Basketball Court
  • Soccer field
  • Bicycle
  • Volleyball
  • Diverse Board games
  • Quad Bikes Riding

Facilities at The La Campagne Tropicana

The La Campagne Tropicana offers some amazing high-class facility such as:

  • Eebi O Restaurant
  • Pool Size bar
  • Large Parking Space
  • Swimming Pools
  • Spa
  • Yacht cruise and Boat Rides
  • Jet Ski
  • Beach Soccer
  • Volleyball court
  • Bicycle Riding
  • Gym
  • Golf Course
  • Halls and meeting rooms
  • Children Play section / Kids Playground
  • Swimming Pools
  • Badminton etc
  • Restrooms
  • Water volleyball court

What You cannot do at the La Campagne Tropicana

  • Professional Cameras are not allowed,
  • No loud music in the main arena, there is however a place for loud music

Beautiful Pictures from La Campagne Tropicana

These are some of the live pictures from the La Campagne Tropicana

The atlantic and the river
Outdoor restaurant

Travel Waka Verdict/Review of  La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

la Campagne Tropicana

In conclusion, La Campagne Tropicana is one of the safest, secure and one of the most beautiful beaches in Nigeria. It has a  serene environment, staff are friendly and helpful. A friend once forgot his tab and we called in 4 hours later they found it and kept it for us.

Places to Visit Close to La Campagne Tropicana Resort

However, there are other tourist destinations to visit close to La Campagne Tropicana.

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