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elegushi beach

Elegushi beach is one of the oldest beaches in Lagos. It is a private beach owned by the Oba Elegushi Royal family. Elegushi beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos with over 40,000 tourists weekly. It is a beach that never sleeps. Elegushi beach is a 24 hours beach that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. However, if you are a lover of serenity or looking for a private and cool beach, this beach is not for you.

elegushi beach

Unlike other beaches in Lagos, at Elegushi, anything goes, there are no restrictions. You are ushered in with very loud music, with a mammoth crowd if you visit on a weekend. You are free to bring your food and drinks at no extra cost.

The beach is not known to be a serene environment, well maybe if you come on a Monday morning LOL otherwise you will have to deal with the non-stop music. It is a 24 hours ever popping beach experience. There is never a dull moment. Do not be carried away else you may end up staying more than you anticipated.

Why people Love Elegushi Beach

The Elegushi Royal Beach is known for three things the beach, the food and the music. It is a never-ending fun place. As you walk into the beach, you are ushered in by exotic restaurants, night clubs, bars and lounges. Elegushi beach is known for its night clubs, restaurants and cool spots for maximum fun.

Though Elegushi beach allows outside food, the restaurants and clubs do not allow external food, for obvious reasons. They want you to patronise them.

Elegushi beach is usually quiet in the morning but comes lively in the afternoons and evening. But If you are looking for a beach with few or no people, sorry Elegushi is not for you. Due to its uniqueness, it attracts different kinds of tourist. For the lovers of serenity and calmness, they prefer to visit in the morning, while those that want to experience a mix of both worlds would visit the beach by afternoon. While the nightcrawlers, when the day fun seekers are heading home, the real fun is about to begin as you will see people trooping in the evening for the all-night fun experience.

Elegushi beach is the definition is characterised by white sand, lovely beach, cheap food, good music, maximum fun and satisfaction.
Since there are no restrictions, security may not be at its best. You are therefore advised to keep all personal belongings safe and do not wander off to quiet areas that are out of reach.

Pros and cos


  • It is a low budget beach
  • It offers Cheap food, maximum fun
  • Maximum fun is guaranteed
  • It is within proximity to the island
  • It is easily accessible


  • It gets very rowdy
  • They do not have provision for online payment
  • No privacy
  • Loud and uncoordinated music coming from every angle
  • Though there are security operatives, safety and security not guaranteed. There are too many Touts around

Location of Elegushi Beach

Elegushi beach is located in Ikate area of Lagos. It is located in South-West Nigeria, Lagos State to be precise. The beach is situated at Ikate, Lekki, Lagos.

How to Get to Elegushi Beach

Elegushi Royal Beach is located off the Lekki Epe Expressway, at the 3rd roundabout Lekki Phase 1. Elegushi is the road to the right. It is about 10 minutes drive from the express.

Elegushi Beach Address

Elegushi Royal Beach is located at Road 3, Ikate, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.

Opening Time for Elegushi Beach

Since Elegushi is a 24-hour beach, there is no restriction, no closing or opening time.

Best time to Visit Elegushi Beach

There is no best time to visit Elegushi beach, it depends on your preference. If you love a quiet beach with a few people, you may want to visit during the weekdays, in the morning or afternoon. However, if you love the party after party settings with loud music and lost of people. Then make it a date during the weekend.

For Foreigners visiting Elegushi beach

If you are a foreigner or this is your first time in Lagos, do not visit this beach alone. You may want to go with a local guide or some that understand the Lagos terrain. There are other beaches in Lagos that are more tourist-friendly. Below is a list of other Beaches in Lagos.

List of Beaches In Lagos

Things to Do at Elegushi Beach

  1. Take Pictures: Your beach experience can not be complete without a picture.
  2. Take A stroll along the seashores – Walking down the seashores offers an amazing experience, it is not usually as crowded as the beach area.
  3. Order a spicy local Nigerian food: Elegushi beach is known for its restaurants, you can stop by to order local Nigerian food.
  4. Buy A souvenir: Are you a lover of artworks or other locally made African souvenirs, Elegushi beach offers varieties of locally made handbags, bandles, artworks, painting etc
  5. Go on a horse ride: Horse riding tops the list of things to do at Elegushi beach.
  6. Go seashell hunting: Seashells are beautiful, you can use them to create beautiful artworks or just display them in your home. Elegushi beach has it in abundance. Time to go seashells hunting.
  7. Go on a picnic: You can also organise
  8. Organize a birthday party: Elegushi is a good spot for birthdays and other events.
  9. School reunion: It is also popular for hosting school reunions.

What to wear to Elegushi Beach

Elegushi Beach management frowns at nudity, therefore you may want to hang your bikinis at home. To save yourself from harassment, kindly wear something that does not overexpose the vitals. More like keeping it short enough to make it sexy and long enough to cover the vitals.
In terms of privacy, Elegushi is not the best of beaches, if you go alone you do not want to wear something too revealing but if you are with a group you can still flaunt a little bit of those curves.
Please note there is no privacy at the beach and there are too many people it won’t be advisable to cause a scene.

Tips When Visiting Elegushi Beach

  • Beware of street urchins, touts and Area boys
  • It is advisable to go in groups
  • Keep your personal belongings within reach at all times.
  • Do not leave your items either at the tent, restaurant or bar.
  • You can slightly negotiate everything including the gate fee especially if you are going in groups.
  • Forget about cashless Lagos. Hold enough cash when visiting Elegushi Beach
  • Don’t be carried away, time flies pretty fast

Elegushi Gate Fee

Entrance Fee – 1,000
Parking Fee – 200
Apart from the gate fee, You will pay for other services like renting tents, chairs etc, the prices vary with the size of the tent.

The Things You Should not do at Elegushi Royal beach

  1. If you are not a great swimmer, please do not swim at the beach, the wave is high. Please do not, this beach has one of the highest numbers of drowning incidents in Lagos.
  2. Avoid littering the environment, Yes Elegushi Royal Beach might not be on the list of clean beaches in Nigeria, this is partly due to tourists who are always littering the environment. Please do ensure you trash items properly, you should not add to the mess.
  3. Please keep your bikinis at home. This is not a beach for the bikinis.
  4. Avoid drugs: Since there are no restrictions on the kind of activities here. Drug peddlers have made it their home, drugs are illegal in Nigeria.
  5. Visit in groups: Due to its popularity, it often gets crowded with different kinds of people. Which may give room for criminal activities. Ensure you go in groups and stick with your group at all times. The owners of Elegushi Beach.

Lastly, when visiting Elegushi Beach, ensure you go light avoid carrying too many valuables. It offers lots of fun and a great experience. However, if you are planning to stay overnight, you may want to use one of the clubs or get a private tent. In conclusion, have fun and feel free to comment on your experience.

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