Laguna Beach Club – Paradise In the Heart of Lagos

Laguna Beach Club

Laguna Beach club is one of the hidden treasures In Lagos that nobody wants you to know about. But guess what? We are exposing this beautiful place to the world. If your perfect idea of a vacation is to sit, relax with a glass of Pina Collada while looking at the beauty of nature then Laguna Beach is for you. This beach boasts of one of the most beautiful sandy beachfront with sparkling blue sea and a beautiful blue sky. The Laguna Beach Club is the perfect getaway beach for all forms of event, getaway, picnic, romantic dates, birthday celebration and hangout.

Laguna Lagos Beach

If you reside in Lagos, Nigeria or planning to visit and you are looking for a beautiful, serene private beach to visit that is void of crowd, craze and noise. Look no further, Laguna beach club is your perfect beach destination.

About Laguna Beach Club Lagos

The name Laguna Beach might not ring a bell but it is definitely one of the best beaches In Lagos. It comes in an Asian styled Cubanas around the beach. I call it the perfect romantic getaway beach in Lagos. It offers beautiful aesthetics which you could almost mistake for Dubai. the environment is calm, the ambience is nice and most importantly the beach is clean. It offers marine and aquatic splendour leaving you wanting for. If there is one thing I can’t stop thinking about is the attention to details which the owners of Laguna beach club put into this place.

Beaches in Lagos

If you talking about beauty, it comes in an Italian and Asian Styled theme mixed with some Afrocentric vibes giving it a unique and super exciting ambience. Before you get your expectations so high, It is probably one of the smallest beaches you’d visit. It is not like your average beaches, It is situated on a small piece of land overseeing the Atlantic but that wouldn’t stop you from having a nice time.

Laguna Beach club is located in the coastal city of Lagos twenty minutes drive from Lekki Phase one.

One memorable thing about Laguna is its crispy blue ocean and the clear blue sky. It is a budget-friendly beach within close proximity to Lagos Island. You don’t have to drive several hours to get to this destination neither do you need a boat ride.

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Opening and Closing Time

Laguna Beach opens all year round, Mondays to Sunday and on public holidays. Opening time is 8 am and Closing time 10 pm daily. On weekends, It could open 24 hours

Location of Laguna Beach Club

It is located just after Ajah by Abraham Adesanya and close proximity with Atican Beach Resort.  It is pocket-friendly, beautiful, calm and most importantly not crowded.

How to get to Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach - best beach in Nigeria

If you are coming from the Island. Drive straight to Abraham Adesanya, then turn right into the first exit on your right. You will drive for another 5 to 10 minutes down to the Beach which is located just after Atican Beach. 

You can also get a local taxi, Uber or Bolt (Taxify). Use this code to get free rides or discounts on your first trip

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Taxify/ Bolt – SS2U9

The Laguna Beach Restaurant / Food

Food in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach offers an impressive seaside restaurant experience with fries, finger foods, Asun (Spicy goat meat), coconut juice and exotic drinks. Although there are only a few items to select on the menu.

Gate Fee to Laguna Beach Club

It is One Thousand Naira (N1,000) On Weekdays and it cost Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) on weekends

laguna beach lagos

Why You Should Visit Laguna Beach

  • It is beautiful
  • This is not crowded a crowded beach
  • It offers good foods and drinks both local and intercontinental  the food ranges from 1,000 to about 4,000 naira
  • Laguna has a bar and restaurant
  • It is very affordable, It is free on weekdays and 1,000 on weekends
  • This is probably one of the cleanest and most serene beaches in Lagos

Fun Things to Do at Laguna Beach

  • Go on a date with your loved one
  • Have a family picnic or get together
  • Take amazing pictures
  • Sunbath at the lovely sunbed
  • Order some exotic food or drinks from the restaurant or bar

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Outside foods are not allowed
  • Pets are not allowed
Lovely beaches in Lagos

Laguna Beach club meets and exceeds our expectation, I was wowed because it fits into my checklist of perfect beach experience. It is a cool, calm, clean white sandy beach, quiet with good food and drinks. It is a modern beach and it gives a luxury getaway experience at a pocket-friendly rate providing an unforgettable view of the Atlantic Ocean in its splendour.

laguna beach club

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Lekki Conservation Centre

Pictures and Gallery

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