Lufasi Nature Park – A Nature Reserve in Lagos

lufasi park

Lufasi park is an animal shelter and a conservation centre located along the Lekki Epe expressway. LUFASI is the Acronym for Lekki Urban Forestry and Animal Shelter Initiative. The park started in 2013 as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) with the sole responsibility of preserving nature and protecting wildlife and endangered species.

lufasi park

Desmond Majekodunmi is the founder of Lufasi Nature Park. Desmond is a nature conservationist, animal lover, engineer, farmer and environmental activist.
Lufasi park serves as an animal sanctuary and forest conservation. The park is also responsible for advocacy, research and education. The Park sits on 20 hectares of forest land in the Lekki area of Lagos. It officially launched in Nov 2016. The Park serves as a shelter for rescue endangered animals. It is a combination of a conservation centre, recreational centre and animal shelter. LUFASI park has become one of the popular tourist attractions in Lekki.

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It is a family-friendly park which makes it a perfect spot for adults and children.

Animals at Lufasi park

It is home to different species of animals, birds and plants. Some of the animals present are the Hooded Vulture, the African Pied Hornbill, tortoise, monkeys, horses, West African Dwarf sheep, Nigerian dwarf goats, rabbits, rams, pangolins, donkey, ducks etc. It also has an abundance of ironwood trees, cashew trees, Ekki wood trees etc.
Lufasi is for the conservation and promotion of nature and wildlife.

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Lufasi Park Gate fee

The entrance fee to Lufasi park is 1,000 Naira per adults and 500 Naira for children. They don’t charge corkage fees. You are free to bring in foods and drinks.

Facilities Available at The Park

It is a facility packed nature park. These are some of the facilities available at Lufasi park.
Children Play Area: It has a dedicated children play area with facilities for children such as swings, slides etc.

lufasi park
  • Lake Moses: It has two artificial lakes at different points of the park. One of the lakes is Lake Moses.
  • Lake Nora: This is the second lake at the Park.
  • The Picnic Area: It also has an outdoor area for picnics and family gathering.
  • Volleyball Pitch: There is never a dull moment at the park. It has several sporting facilities.
  • Football Pitch: It has a five aside football pitch.
  • Eco-Friendly Hall: It has an eco-friendly hall used for team bonding activities, meetings, events etc.
  • Craft/Art shop: the art shop has fashion products, artworks, crafts, drawings, paintings, necklaces and bracelets, woodworks etc.
  • Jungle Game Area:
  • Shirin Yoku Platform
  • Animal Sanctuary

Location of Lufasi Park

Lufasi park is located at KM 41 Lekki Epe Expressway, Majek 1st Gate, beside Fara Park Estate.

Direction to The park

If you are coming from the mainland, navigate to Lekki phase 1 along the Lekki Epe Expressway. From Lekki phase 1, drive through the road past the second tollgate all the way past Abraham Adesanya, Ajah. The park is after Lagos Business School (LBS) and a few blocks from Novare Mall. The other landmarks close to Lufasi is Emperor Crown Estate and Farapark estate. It is on your right. It shares a fence with Farapark Estate.

Things to Do At Lufasi Park

lufasi park

Hiking: It is one of the top spots for hiking. Its nature trail has become tourists favourite spot. Hiking at Lufasi is one of the many adventurous activities to do at the park.
Bird Watching: The park is one of birdwatchers favourite destination in Nigeria. It is home to some unique birds like the eagle, vulture, owl etc.

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Sight Seeing: Because of its natural feel, it attracts visitors from all works of life who come there for sightseeing activities.
Picnic: It has become one of the fun places for picnics, family hangouts, reunion and team bonding activities.

playground at a park

Play Table tennis: It has standard table tennis on the ground.

Photoshoot: it is also perfect for photoshoots. Feel free to take those

Go horse riding: You can also go on a horse ride. It has different horses available for this adventure.

horse ride at nture prk

Experience Wildlife: Since Lufasi Nature park has a wildlife section, you get to see these live animals. It has over 10 species of animals.

Photoshoot: The environment is perfect for a photoshoot, over the years it has become a popular attraction for birthdays and pre-wedding shoots etc.

Other Tourist Attractions Close to Lufasi Park

Lekki Conservation Centre
Lekki Art Market
Nike Art Gallery
Omu Resort
Lakowe Golf Course

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