Travelwaka Tour to Lekki Conservation Centre

travelwaka tours lekki conservation centre

On 20th July 2019, Travelwaka tours organised a tour to Lekki Conservation Centre. We climbed the Longest Canopy Walk in Africa, we interacted with nature, we sang, we played, we danced and it was all fun from beginning to the end.

lekki conservation Centre

we walked majestically along the elevated boardwalk that leads to the Canopy Walk area.

lekki conservation centre
lekki conservation centre

Then we did the Canopy Walk and it was the bomb.

One Last photo before the walk


Then we began the Canopy Walk.

it’s time to overcome your fears. Courage is not the absence of fear of acting in spite of fears.

lekki conservation centre canopy walk

Still on the Canopy walk

lcc tour

More Pictures from the platforms and the beautiful ladies are not left out.

canopy walk lagos

After climbing the longest canopy walk in Africa, you deserve to celebrate, innit?


And we saw this cute guy chilling in the sun, you say what? Well they are in their natural habitat minding their businesses.

A tour is never complete without food. There is always a lot to eat and drink.


Say Cheese

travelwaka tours lekki conservation centre

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