Redline Leisure and Resorts – A beautiful Beach in Lagos

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Redline Leisure and Resorts beach Lagos is the new kid in the block. It is one of the exotic private beaches in Lagos with beautiful scenery and facilities to make your visit an outstanding one. Redline Leisure and Resorts Lagos is a private beach located in Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos State.
Imagine a view of the crystal white beach sand while you are immersed in a swimming pool with a glass of your favourite brand of wine and the endless view of the Atlantic ocean in its majesty. Again imagine chilling at this awesome place with the love of your life reminiscing on those great moments you shared.

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Apart from a romantic getaway, Redline Leisure and Resorts beach Lagos is also a great place for team bonding, birthday party, beach wedding, musical shows, friends hangout etc.
Redline Leisures offers beautiful and world-class recreational facilities for visitors, tourist and fun-seekers. I must confess it is one of the cleanest beaches in Lagos with a well-manicured garden that welcomes you into the arena. It is the real definition of white beach sand, cool ocean breeze and nice views.
This beach was built with family in mind. They have a children playground, children’s swimming pool which makes it a perfect place for children’s hangout

Facilities at Redline Beach

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It is a facility studded beach with a lot to do and enjoy
1. Swimming Pools: They have two different pools here, one for children and another for adults. The pools are one of the major attractions of the beach. The pools are built in a way that it overlooks the ocean and the have facilities for relaxing after a cool dive at the pool.]

redline leisure

2. Games Room: There is also an indoor games room where visitors can play different games like table tennis, snooker etc.
3. Hall: There is an event hall within facilities for different kind of events, however, it is a low capacity event hall.

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4. Restaurant / Bar: If you happen to be a foodie, the Redline Leisure restaurant will not only spice up your taste buds with a variety of local and international cuisines in their menu. You also get to choose from a wide variety of drinks available from the bar.

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5. VIP Tent: The VIP: If you need more privacy and a comfortable place to chill while doing that, this is the reason for the VIP Tent, ultra-modern facilities to ensure a successful stay at the beach.

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6. Children Play Area: What is fun without the most important people in your life around you. This area has been specifically set aside for children to have fun without the interference of adults. The children play area comes with bouncing castles, rides etc

children play area

7. Mini football Field: For the love of the game, there is a mini football field where participants can battle head to head on a game that we all love.
8. Badminton:
9. Snookers:
10. Table tennis


The beach comes in different cabana sizes which give you access to some privacy and a place to stay especially if you came with a couple of people. There are different categories of cabanas available at Redline Leisure.
1. Cabana – This can accommodate up to 10 people.
2. Hut – The Hut can accommodate up to 10 people
3. Gazebo – This can take 9 people.
4. VIP Glass House – The VIP Glass House can take up to 100 people o depending on the sitting arrangement.

Things to Do at Redline Leisure Beach

horse riding at the beach
  • Take A walk along the beach shore
  • Take Beautiful Photos
  • Horse Riding
  • Chill by the poolside
  • Dive into the pool
  • Ride a Horse
  • Play games with your friends
  • Dance to the Music
beach at redline leisure

Gate fee to Redline Leisure

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Here is the Redline Leisure Beach gate fee
Adults – 500
Children 250

Adults – 1,000
Children – 500

Swimming Pool
Adult – 1,000
Children – 500

Half of the

Redline Leisure and Resorts Location

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Redling Leisure beach is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. Around Ibeju Lekki Area of Lagos, just after Ajah bus stop at Abraham Adesanya junction. Once you get to Abraham Adesanya, take the turning to your right, drive toward the end of that road to Okun Ajah.

Redline Leisure Address

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Here is the Redline Leisure and Resorts address: By Abraham Adesanya junction off Ogonbo road Okun Ajah community, Okunmapo Area Lagos., Lagos, Nigeria.

Redline Leisure and Resort Restaurant Menu

Redline Leisure has an in house restaurant with different menu to cater to your needs. These are some menu from the restaurant
Chicken And Chips – The chicken and chips come with chicken, potatoes, Rice and Tomatoes.
Catfish Pepper Soup: The Catfish pepper soup comes in a jumbo catfish spiced with African pepper soup.
Noodles and Egg – This special delicacy is made with fried egg, Noodles, pepper and tomatoes.
Shawarma – This comes in different flavours, Chicken and Beef Shawarma.
Goat Meat Pepper Soup: You can also order for a goat meat pepper soup.
Asun – Tastefully roasted goat meat with sauce.

Opening Hours

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Redline Leisure beach is opened 24 hours daily Monday to Sunday

Beaches to Redline Leisure

redline beach and resort
  • Laguna Beach
  • Santacruz Beach
  • Atican Beach
  • Barracuda beach
  • Lekki Beach
  • Elegushi Beach

Other Tourist Centres Close to Redline Leisure

  • Nike Art Gallery
  • Lekki Arts and Crafts Market
  • Lekki Conservation Centre
  • Lufasi Nature Park
  • Lakowe Lakes and Golf estate
  • FairAcres
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In conclusion, this is one beach you can not afford to miss when next you find yourself in Lagos or perhaps looking for somewhere to visit in Lagos. Redline Leisure beach will more than wow you. Is this your first time of hearing about this beach, what do you think?

Pictures Of Redline Leisure

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    • Thank you. It’s really a cool place, It is one of the newest beaches in Lagos. We are glad you found this post helpful

  1. Jeeeeeez! This is the greatest challenge ever! All this beauty and well organized get away and no accommodation. It just kills it. There’s absolutely nothin like a beach with accommodation! Pls are there any very near hotels for lodging?

    • The corkage fee is half of the entrance fee that is if entrance fee is 1,000 corkage fee is 500 naira.

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