The Three Generations of the Nigerian Passport (1960 to 2021)

the new international passport

The Nigerian passport is a document issued by the Nigeria immigration services. It is a travel document that allows you to travel to other countries around the world.

International Passport was introduced to Nigerian in 1948. It was called the British West African passport. The colour of the passport was brown with 63 pages. However, after Nigerian gained her independence in 1960. A new International passport was issued. Nigeria as a country started issuing its passport officially in 1960 The colour of the passport was then changed from brown to green. The number of pages was reduced from 63 to 32.
In 1988 the Nigeria Immigration Service was chosen as the only institution to issue the Nigerian passport.
The passport has gone through several changes over the years. It started from the manual handwritten passport to the Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and now the electronics passport.

As at 2021, the Nigerian international passport gives visa free or visa on arrival to over forty countries of the world.

These are the three Generations of Passports in Nigeria

For privacy, I will be blurring out personal information on these passports. This is to protect the privacy of the users.

What differences can you see between the different kinds of passports?

Originally, the information on the International passport issued in 1960 was handwritten.

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The First Generation

This particular passport was popular between 1960 towards the 90’s. It has an attached passport photograph, the personal information is handwritten

Nigerian old passport
First Page
Data page for Nigerian Passport
Data page
international passport
Renewal Page
Old  passport visa page
Visa Page
back of the Old nigerian passport
The Back page

The E-Passport

The E-Passport was introduced in July 27th, 2007 to replace the old passport. This is to reduce multiple registrations, fake passports, non appearance etc.

electronic passport nigeria
Data Page
epassport nigeria
The first page
Visa opage Nigerian passport
Visa Page
back page of international passport
The back page/Instruction

The New Nigerian Electronic International Passport (e-passport)

Since the introduction of the e-passport, it has

The  International e-passport
The Data page/The first Page
international e passport visa page
Visa Page
e passport
The page page

What are your thoughts, which is your favourite?

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