The Cost of Travelling From Lagos to Benin Republic

Nigerian passport and yellow fever card

If you are visiting the Republic of Benin, here is everything you need to know. As a traveller, I have the opportunity to travel to different destinations. I will guide you through everything you need to know if you are planning a trip to the Republic of Benin.
I will also be showing you different ways to cross the border. How to stamp your passport without involving a third party.

Getting to Benin Republic From Lagos With the Lowest Budget

From Ikeja board a bus to Egbada – 100 – 200 Naira
From Egbeda last bus stop, look out for buses going to Iyana Iba, Get a bus to Iyana Iba – 300 Naira
When you get to Iyana Iba, board a bus going to Badagry – 500 to 700
From Badagry You could either take a bike, a bus or a car going to Seme border
Bike – Bikes cost between 1,000 to 1500. Car cost between 500 to 1,500
Bus – It cost between 500 and 1,000 (It is costlier at the garage, you may enter at the roadside).

Most of these drivers will tell you they will cross you. Just tell them to stop you at the border that you will cross yourself. Once you get to the border.
If you have your International Passport, you can head straight to the border to stamp it.

republic of benin

However, if you do not have an international passport, please note this is not the legal route. You will have to charter a bike at the SEME border to take you to the other side. Sadly it is cheaper to take that route.
It will cost you between 1,000 to 2,000 naira.
Please note it is always better to take the legal route.

Crossing The Border

Once you get to the border
Once you get to the border, ask where to stamp your passport. Do not mind agents or some custom officers asking to do it for you. You can get it done by yourself. This is how much you will pay
For Virgin Passport – 1,000 Naira
For Already stamped passports – 500 Naira
Then There is the SSS, customs, Port Health etc.
At every stop, they will ask questions like:
What are you going to do in the republic of Benin?
What do you do?
Where are you coming from?

nigerian border
The Nigerian border

Do you fret, some will require you to pay something, you may either stand your ground, but be ready to be delayed or just give 500 Naira. I am just being open this is the situation on the ground there.

If your yellow card is Fake, you will have problems with port health. Perhaps, if you only have the yellow fever vaccine and not meningitis, you may also have problems with them. This is why you should get the shots before you travel. Also if you just recently took a yellow fever shot in less than 10 days. You may also have problems with the port heath. You are not allowed to travel until 10 days after the shot. They are going to delay you. This is you should get all your shots before travelling LOL. This is why I am taking my time to create this.

Nigerian yellow card and International Passport

If you finally pass through these guys then you will head straight to the Benin side. They are not as troublesome as ours, there are just two stop points, note not checkpoints LOL. They will also ask you to pay some money. Once you do, you are now live in the Republic of Benin.

Tips For Visiting Benin Republic

cfa franc cefa republic of benin currency
  1. Look for Bureau De Change: The First thing you want to do is to look for a bureau de change. If you are not sure of the rates, you may ask multiple people to be able to get a good rate. Move ahead and try to negotiate with another till you get a good rate and to ensure you are not being cheated. Also, you should deal with operators with shops and not the ones on the roadside.
    As of April 2021, 1000 Naira is exchanged for 1,100 to 1,125 Cefa. That is
    1,000 Naira is 1,125 Cefa. You can also read about the Benin Currency
  2. Get a Benin SIM: Once you have changed from Naira to Cefa. Get an MTN or Airtel SIM. Though you have the option to roam your lines, You will be charged about 200 Naira per minute every time you receive a call. You will not have access to use the internet on your regular Nigerian line. It is best to get a Republic of Benin MTN SIM. Once you get the SIM. It does not require registration. Tell the operator to help you activate the SIM and also activate internet services. I should let you know that Data is very expensive in the Republic of Benin. Ensure you buy enough Gig if you are a heavy user. Once you have activated your internet you are good to go.
  3. Get a Universal Adapter: At the bus park, quickly get a Universal Adapter, this is because they have a different kind of socket from the ones we use in Nigeria. I would advise you to get two in case something goes wrong or if you may need multiple slots for your phone and laptop.
  4. Get Other stuff you might need: Due to the language barrier and the location of Casa Del Papa resort. It is located far from civilisation. Getting anything would mean travelling over 30 minutes out of the resort. This is why you should get everything you need handy
  5. Get enough snacks, drinks and water: This is another thing I wish I knew before visiting. The food at Casa Del Papa can be better. It is not up to the kind of standards I am used to in Nigeria. I would rate the food 5 over 10. This is why you need to get enough snacks. You should also note that the food is very expensive. You may have to munch on the snacks.
  6. Get an English speaking taxi: From the park close to the border, you can enter a taxi or a bus going to Togo and stop at Ouidah.

Places to Visit in Republic of Benin

These are some of the places you can visit at Benin republic.

  • Cotonou
  • Ouidah
  • Porto Novo
  • Grand popo
  • Ganvie
  • Abomey

Are you planning to visit Benin Republic soon, perhaps have you visited the Republic of Benin in the past, what are your experience? Please share below.

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  1. Thanks and I really appreciate your write-up. But how do I find my way going inside the villages in Benin. Safe to be precise

    • It depends on where you are going. Benin Republic is generally peaceful. You can look out for Yoruba or english speaking Beninoise. Use your google map. Once you get to the border. Buy an MTN sim. Load it with enough credit and data. That way you can easily search for the places you are going and track using the map

  2. Thanks for the information it’s a very useful one. How can I cross to Benin Republic if I don’t have the yellow card, but I have a virgin passport? Thanks

  3. Actually am planning to go there this year, and I had my yellow fever card since last year, is it still useful or am I going to do another one…. Pls I will appreciate if you can reply me on this

  4. This is a very insightful read. Thank you.

    How can I get to Ouidah from Seme border? Can I find a private cab?
    I have had my yellow fever card for about 8 years now, is it still valid?

    • If your yellow card is the eyellow card it will be valid, else you will have to do a new one. From Seme border, you can take a cab to Ouidagh at the car park in the Benin Side of the border

  5. I am reading this write up in October 2023 because I have plans of going in December. I bet this is a good read and very helpful. Thank you travelwaka!

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