No Doubt These Are The Best Resorts in Dubai, UAE

best resorts in dubai

Dubai as a typical home for tourists all over the world exhibits the best hotels with grand amenities. It hosts some of the best resorts in the world. There are diverse resort selections based on preference, either for the family vacation, couples escape or even children’s fun time. 

Important Tips When For Booking A resort in Dubai

These are some travel tips to consider when booking a resort in Dubai

  1. Book early to avoid late bookings
  2. Ensure you confirm your bookings
  3. Few weeks to your vacation, send a reminder email
  4. Arrive at your destination in time

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Also, with privacy in view, the resorts in Dubai offer excellent settings for you during your romantic escapes and to meet serene desires. These beautiful resorts in Dubai will give you a reason to travel or go on your next vacation. A great choice for you is to follow our resort guide in selecting any of the five-star resorts in Dubai detailed below;

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Best All Round Resort in Dubai

1. Atlantis- The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm is a stunning hotel facility situated on Crescent Road, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the best resorts in Dubai.

The resort offers the best style amidst the Dubai coasts and skyscrapers, plus your visit to Atlantis sets you up for all the fun and enjoyment of a lifetime. Furthermore, Atlantis- The Palm hotels are open to the family and also uniquely feature special events such as birthdays and mini-celebrations. These are reasons why you should visit Dubai.

Highlights of Atlantis- The Palm resort

Water Adventure

There are multiple explorations and water crafts to suit your adventure needs. You can choose from private swimming pools, hot tub jacuzzi, kayaks and diving. These are some of the advenfturous things you must do in your lifetime.

Also, children are not left out of water activities there are toys and installations made accessible to suit your kid’s safety, fun and learning needs at Atlantis Resort.

Atlantis- The Palm

Children Playground

Specially designed for children, since the resort is family-friendly, there is a play section for children. Areas of the resort are open to children to play, besides the Atlantis resort has a kids club to entertain your children with games and activities while you are at the hotel.

Exquisite villas

The rooms at Atlantis resort are exceptionally amazing, designed to add the island feel to your desire for comfort. The rooms are spacious for family and individual needs, plus you need to book a slower-designed to your preference.

Furthermore, the rooms feature well-designed furniture, bathroom facilities, an air conditioning system, HD television and private lounges. This also includes a jacuzzi and an inbuilt aquarium view in the rooms.

Surprising how you get to wrap yourself in the feeling of the aquatic life even in your closets.


At Atlantis resort, entertainment is highly welcome. There is a spot known as the Wave where you can stop by performances at a party, purchase drinks as well as watch live band performances and vibe to musical trends.

Top-rated restaurants

Dining is an integral part of any adventure, thus, this world-class resort promises the best. All meals are done by excellent chefs and you can visit the outdoor restaurants to enjoy delicious local and international meals.

Festive celebrations

During merry seasons, such as New Year’s Eve and other important celebrations, Atlantis resorts organise mind-blowing entertainment to welcome tourists.

If you decide to tour Dubai towards the end of the year, this could be a hint to selecting the hotel during your vacation.

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2. Grand Hyatt Dubai

Grand Hyatt resort in Dubai is a five-star lodge that gives prominence to the impressive architecture and traditions of Dubai. It exists on Riyadh Street, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Grand Hyatt Dubai

The hotel has won several local and international awards and is a definitive location for family comfort, business meetings and intimate moments. Hence, it is in a serene and natural environment. It is another exclusive and highly rated resort in Dubai.

Facilities available at Grand Hyatt Dubai


Grand Hyatt features 13 prestigious dining centres that serve Chinese, Italian, American, Japanese meals and many more. The meals are neatly prepared and served by hospitable waiters who are ever ready to attend to you.

Also, the restaurants serve cocktails and drinks at the bar sections. Moreover, the dining area is structured with Arabian designs and stages that give you premium relaxation.

Fitness Centre and Spa

With the need not to get too relaxed, there are fitness facilities to exercise your muscles to keep your hearts and minds in check. Also, the massage section is an appreciation of natural herbs and oils to pamper your skin and rejuvenate your health.

Spacious and magnificent bedrooms

The bedrooms at Grand Hyatt resort are perfectly arranged and luxurious. The cottages have large suites that accommodate your family, with children or couples getaway. Also, the rooms are over 600 and cater for all types of guests, thus your needs are covered with the best amenities and furniture.

Grand Hyatt Dubai resorts in dubai
Indoor and Outdoor swimming pools

Private pools are available if you desire privacy or a central swimming facility in the spotlight of the resort. In all, the Grand Hyatt resort has three water facilities and even amazing outdoor entertainment by the pool.

Children Playground

As a way to engage your little children and pre-teens, Grand Hyatt has a spot where water adventures can take place as well as fun and learning atmospheres.

Conference and Events Centre

Grand Hyatt features spectacular arenas for business meetings and parties. The hall accommodates up to 11,000 people, therefore you can consider holding mini celebrations in Dubai within this building.

3. Swissôtel Al Murooj Dubai

Swissôtel Al Murooj, Dubai is at Al Mustaqbal Street, Opposite The Dubai Mall, Trade Centre, Dubai United Arab Emirates. The amazing aspect of this resort is that it is near top tourist attractions in Dubai, such as Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall.

Swissôtel Al Murooj Dubai best resorts in dubai

In addition, the hotel is a castle that portrays the glamour of the city of Dubai, because of its proximity to the Dubai International Airport. There is the main pool at the hub of the resort with palm trees surrounding the arena and providing a great base for relaxation.

Amenities at Swissôtel Al Murooj Dubai

Well-designed villas

The Al Murooj hotel facility is trendy and welcomes individuals either in twos or groups to the five-star facility. Plus, the rooms have recent updates to temperature regulation, bathroom, media and internet access services that you will enjoy.

Swissôtel Al Murooj Dubai
World-class restaurants

A part you do not want to ignore is the opportunity to eat and drink in the best dining area. Therefore the inn has six quality arenas where meals and beverages are provided.

Outdoor pool area

The highlight of this pool is its ability to suit personal needs of warmth and coolness.

Sports centre and massage sections

Al Murooj has a contemporary sports facility for exercises, tennis courts for game lovers and a massage section with well-trained masseuses.

Event Centre

The events arena at Swissôtel Al Murooj is open to you for events, business conferences and training. Plus, the room can accommodate up to a thousand guests with a conducive and well-updated sound system for entertainment and media checks.

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4. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

Anantara hotel is located at East Crescent, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. This resort is situated on the island span of Dubai waterfronts. Moreover, you can enter the beach on a boat ride which you will book from major airports in Dubai. Anantara is one of the best resorts in Dubai due to its popularity and hospitality.

Facilities At Anantara

Castles on Water

Castles in Anantara hotels have beautiful interior layouts and ocean backdrops. The rooms are also built on water and have quality inbuilt technology with special themes. This way, you can as well sit in your rooms and view the coasts plus sunrise and sunset.

Dining facilities

There are six dining and lounge facilities at the resort where you can get savoury and international meals, snack bars and drinks.

Beach rides and water adventure

Beach rides and water cruises are well available for your adventures on the resort. Also, you have access to a variety of island tours and water games as you choose either above or beneath the waves of the coast.

Internet access

High and fast-connected internet services are accessible for you to enjoy while staying at the resort. This includes within the villas and also at different places within the lodge.

Spa sections 

It also has an in-house spa and professional masseuses for that relaxing touch. 

Free spaces to park cars

5. Bulgari Hotel and Resorts, Dubai

Bulgari Hotels in Dubai is a paradise in Dubai with stunning ocean views from every corner and an extension of spotless waters. Bulgaria Hotels and Resorts is one of the best resorts in Dubai. The golden rays of light decorate the buildings and it is very attractive.

Bulgari Hotel and Resorts, Dubai

In addition, the Bulgari resorts is an award-winning lodge in the hospitality industry, best known for valuable service and indulgence.

Services provided at Bulgari resorts

Dining service

With the desire to serve you comfort, there is provision for your daily meals at the resorts. Another good stuff is that you have access to indoor dining within the rooms.

Bulgari Hotel and Resorts, Dubai best resort
Convenient suites

The suites are incredibly sized with indoor and wide porch areas to lodge guests based on choice. Although, all the rooms provide you with comfortable features, technology installations and veranda ocean sceneries from your corner.

In addition, the large Bulgaria room is comfortable for your stay with complete dining areas, spa treatments, study rooms and a luxurious bathroom.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

An amazing water experience is open for you to either cruise boats and kayaks along the seas or swims in regulated pools according to your preferred conditions.

Bulgari Hotel and Resorts, Dubai
Serene atmosphere

The peaceful setting amidst the breezy feel of the beach is a perfect identification of Bulgari hotel. The lush palm trees and umbrella shades are made for you to unwind with a memorable experience.

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6. Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City

Hilton hotel in Dubai is a state-of-the-art cultural and trendy lodge in Dubai. It is located at Tower A, The Walk Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, U.A.E. Thus, the location gives you room for easy access to major tourist destinations in Dubai. This is an all-exclusive resort in Dubai with state-of-the-art amenities.

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City best resort in dubai

Also, the pristine island coasts have dunes that provide you with spaces to relax, dine and view the whole beach region. Furthermore, Hilton Dubai is a hidden spot where you can enjoy solitude, take adventurous walks and sail the oceans or use the jet ski and kayaks.

Attractive features at Hilton Dubai

Spacious Villas

The villas are well structured also to give you the best experiences, with wooden and Arabic interior designs. Then, the rooms have glass doors that announce the ocean aura to you while you relax and also enjoy room dining service.

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City
Business halls

Majorly for group or business meetings, Hilton has a hall with comfortable sitting arenas to receive you and your guests.

Massage Therapy services

To everyone’s amazement, Hilton stands out as a resort with six spa sections that provide warm and skin care treatments for you, throughout your vacation.

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City dubai
Restaurants and Bars

As a way for you to enjoy, you also have the option of eating a variety of local and international meals at any of the twelve amazing resort restaurants. The dining rooms are available under white shades or inside wooden culturally designed cabins. Plus, you can also order the world’s best cocktails and beverages, and fix meals or snacks for your children’s dining needs.

7. Sofitel Dubai The Palm

Sofitel Dubai, The Palm is an ideal environment for relaxation, honeymoon vibes and foreign feels within a private arena. The resort is located on the Jumeirah beach in Dubai and features Western styles in architectural designs.

Sofitel Dubai The Palm dubai

Amenities at Sofitel Dubai

  • 444 rooms and suites for family and individuals with trendy and glamorous furniture, wardrobe, lights, air-conditioning system and bathroom facilities.
  • Luxurious restaurants and bars where you can enjoy French and Italian meals in a comfortable setting.
  • Sports and wellness centres for exercises, health care and mind relaxation.
  • Large private pools
  • Event halls for meetings and private training halls which has the best amenities including sitting areas, and lighting to sound management systems.
  • Children-friendly arenas and activities

8. Palazzo Versace Dubai at Jaddaf Waterfront

If you desire an avenue to explore as well as a touch of class, Palazzo resorts is your best option. The resort is amazing beginning from the entrance, outdoor regions, and coast view to the interior furnishings and amenities. It is a highly rated resort in Dubai.

Palazzo Versace Dubai at Jaddaf Waterfront dubai

Highlights of Palazzo Versace Dubai

Contemporary villas

As a way to divert a little bit from the Arabian lifestyle, Palazzo resorts incorporate a touch of Italian contemporary art in the design of the rooms. The choice of furniture, cushions and lighting are trends that cannot be overlooked, hence an amazing attraction to this resort.

Outdoor Dining

You have a choice, either to dine privately or experience an ocean backdrop plus scented candles uniquely placed to meet your expectations. Also, you have a wide range of meals to choose from at Palazzo, because the dishes are made by the best chefs in the world.

Palazzo Versace Dubai at Jaddaf Waterfront
Relaxation spots beside the beach

As a way to say yes to the good life in Dubai, you have the privilege to relax, enjoy the cool breeze and unwind at Versace resorts.

Other top-notch resorts in Dubai

Dubai is blessed with other beautiful resorts you can also check out on your next visit to Dubai.

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  • Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach
  • Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa
  • Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai
  • Rixos Premium Dubai JBR
  • One & Only The Palm
  • Hilton Dubai- The Walk
  • Marbella Resorts
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Dubai

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