Adventurous Things You should Do in your Life Time

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Adventurous Things You should Do in your Life Time – If you looking for some crazy adventures to add to your bucket lists. You are in the right place.  

You must have heard statements like “life is too short”, “You only live once (YOLO)”, “Live your life to the fullest” and so on. The realities are you won’t be here forever and you won’t be young forever so while you are young, strong and agile there are some adventures you must do in your lifetime.

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Whatever you choose to call it an adventure, exploration, expenditure etc anything that will get your heart racing, the blood pumping fast and the adrenaline rush. It’s all about pushing yourself as far as you can and overcoming your fears.

Adventurous Things

Oblivion is a state every creature must attain. It’s only a matter of time. Nonetheless, while you are here you can make your days count. There are lots of adventurous activities you should engage in your lifetime. 

So it’s time to unleash the creative genius in you and tick off some of these bucket lists in your lifetime. Be bodacious and try out some or all of these remarkably dauntless adventures on our list before you shift into oblivion. Regardless of how extreme any of them may seem, if they don’t kill you, they can only make you stronger. There are some mild adventures for everyone and anyone too though. The fact is, adventures give a great sense of fulfilment and you shouldn’t deny yourself this awesome feeling. You just have to start somewhere. Pick your own size from the list and begin your adventurous explorations.

Adventurous Things To Do In Your Lifetime

Explore Extreme Weather Conditions:  spend a considerable amount of time in climates different from that which you are accustomed to. If you are born and raised in the equatorial hot region of Africa, you should experience arctic climates on one of your trips and if you are born in the cold weather of Canada or Russia you should try the hot weather in Africa or the United Arab Emirates.

Scuba Diving: Another adventurous thing you should do is the deep water scuba diving.

scuba diving adventurous things

Skydive: If you are looking for an overflow of an adrenaline rush, skydiving is something you should indulge. It involves jumping out from a plane with parachutes strapped on your body which will be released as you descend. if the adrenaline rush does not drain the life out of you, it sure would fill you up with bursts of energy that would leave you feeling like a real survivor.


Ride a Cable Car: Another adventure moment you should try out is to ride on a cable car. This will definitely help you overcome your fear of heights as you watch your environment while the cable car moves from one destination to the other.

cable car adventurous things

Have Sex Outdoor or in a Public Place: location most times be a potent aphrodisiac. Sex on the beach (not the drink please) the actual activity, in the car, at the stairways, beside the highway on a long journey, on the decking, in the lift, in the convenience of an eatery or mall, in the cinema while the lights are out and in other unconventional locations like a neighbour’s home when he or she is away does add a lot of grease to the organs. And make the exercise quite exceptional. This is something you should try at home, in school and every possible place that might spice up the adventure. 

Attend a Halloween or Mask Party and Wear a Disguise:  being unrecognizable is power in itself. Can you imagine what spontaneous things you can do in a mask party without actually exposing your identity?


Sleep in Unconventional Places: sleep in a cave, under the starry sky in a tent, in a treehouse, in the infamous snow hotel, in an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora or in a Royal castle even if it means you sneaking in.

Travel Far Distance for Long Hours: you can decide to make a road trip, take a train, or just explore an exquisite cruise on a ship to a place that you can spend only a few hours by travelling by air. 

Travel in a Sleigh Especially a Dogsled: you may not completely fathom the strength of a dog until it gives you a ride. Dogs can do a lot more than just being the security agents duties ascribed to them. Don’t load yourself on a single dog though, unless you want to strangle it.

Ride a Horse, Camel or Elephant: This is another adventurous thing you should try. At least you should ride on one of these animals in your lifetime. It would be a wonderful experience to go back in time and embrace the natural means of transportation.     


Peddle a Canoe, Kayak or Sail a Yacht, Boat or Ship: Nothing beats fighting against sea tides to maintain control and keep your ride afloat on the water is a super adventure you can’t afford to miss.

kayaking adventurous things

Explore the sea in a Submarine: explore the aquatic in an up-close swim with the fishes and other sea creatures without actually getting immersed in the water. You should enjoy the beauty of the sea in a submarine.  

Walkthrough a Tunnel: You’ve heard the saying there is always light at the end of the tunnel, why not see for yourself. That excitement you feel after seeing light at the end of a long tunnel has a great capability to awaken hope.

Hike a tall mountain: Another adventurous thing to do to test your tenacity and strength is to Climb huge heights like a mountain, hills, or other natural and man-made high landscapes.

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Ride or Drive at High: since we live in the days of fast food, fast internet speed, fast delivery, So why not try to go a little off-speed limit. Go faster on a speed boat, power bike or a sports car. 

power bike adventurous things

Swim Deep in the Sea and Endeavor to Cross It: One of the things you should endeavour to do in your lifetime is deep-sea diving, explore the beauty of the underwater creatures, explore the sea in its rarest form. When you finally come out, you should feel a sign of victory. Be dauntless and overcome every obstacle including the high tides. 


Take a Bay Cruise: you can simply visit a beach and sunbath by the shores or camp by the bay and witness fascinating sea life. 

Participate in a Protest: when the society you live in stand up in mass with placards in hand to voice out, join the adventure. This join in the movement, it even gets more interesting when what they are fighting for isn’t of much importance to you. 

Referee a Wrestling Contest: What is life without a contest? Start a wrestling contest and be the referee.

Explore Mythical and Mystical stuff: Another adventure you should indulge is visiting mythical and mystical destinations. Visit an old magical library, a museum and other places with a history of mystery and myth. 


Move Out of Your Comfort Zone and Live in a Foreign Land: moving to and surviving in a foreign land especially that which has lots of mystical history and very different cultural heritage and climatic conditions from 


Do a New Thing Every Day: Another adventurous thing to do is to do something that you are not used to doing each day. Don’t leave any blank sheets. Make every day count for something amazing. 

 Eat Something New: Bring your taste bug to life, eat something new whenever you have the chance. try a new delicacy, a new recipe, a new food etc 


See a Volcano Erupt: while at it, stand as far as possible except you want to experience hell on earth. The lava from a volcanic eruption burns deeper than flames of fire. They are the liquid fire you would not want to stand up to. 


Get a Tattoo: Temporary or permanent tattoo of something or someone you adore, or an art pattern you like so much is an adventurous way to have them close and accessible whenever. Getting a tattoo is also another adventure you should consider.


Train for and Run a Marathon: It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional athlete or not, You should participate in a marathon competition and race for the finish line even if you are not interested in the trophy or medal. 

Research your family tree and ancestry: find out as much as possible about your root and ancestral lineage. And boldly embrace your cultural heritage.

Learn foreign languages: Imagine your ability to speak a new language, learn a new language for fun. 

Attend Live Musical Concerts and Other Festivals: Attend an annual festival, a concert, a live musical band or show. Enjoy the cultural diversification of a culture or the fun of a musical show. This is an avenue to explore diverse cultures and lifestyles. 

Take a Safari Tour: You have seen some of these beautiful animals in the safari wouldn’t it be a good idea to get to see them in person. 

elephant adventurous things

Enjoy Animal Treats: let a dog lick your feet, a cat caress you, an elephant lift you. But don’t let a snake bite you. You probably might not get a chance to treat yourself of that.

Treat or Care for Animals: this is much rather empathetic than adventurous, but the feeling of caring for a helpless, wounded or sick animal that probably would attack you if it were strong is a very strong emotion that sprouts up feelings of invincibility.  

Hunt: you can do this at a bush path near you, in an orchid or in the deep forests in the day time or at night. If you must do it at night, do go with a halogen light so you don’t become the hunted bush meat.  

Go Fish: grab a fishing net, some hooks and hit the fresh waters for a catch of fishes. 

fishing adventurous things

Till the Grounds and Cultivate Something: Bury some seeds in the soil, water them and tend to them till they grow and bring forth harvest. 


Motivate People Deliberately: No one is ever too good to be uplifted, no one too saturated in affection. Simple things you do can turn out to be extraordinary acts to the recipients. 

Be a Philanthropist: Donate blood, volunteer to cater to the orphans, contribute to and take part community development. 

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