20 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai This Year

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Top Tourist Destinations in Dubai – Dubai is one of the most popular tourist attractions cities in the world. Dubai is the capital of the United Arab Emirate and one of the biggest tourist destination sites in the world. If you are still wondering why everyone keeps raving about this megacity, it hosts the tallest building in the world and so many amazing tourist attractions. Dubai is the perfect example of all shades of fun with different fun activities to keep you entertained. It is a top tourist destination in the world and there are many reasons why Dubai is one of the popular tourist attractions in the world. The key to enjoying Dubai is creating a roadmap of some tourist attractions in Dubai. This should be tied to your bucket list. 

About Dubai

tourist attractions in Dubai

Dubai is the capital of the Emirates of Dubai and part of the seven Emirates that made up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was foun ded in 1971 after it got its independence from Great Britain. It is one of the biggest tourism city in the world with over 15 million tourist yearly. It is often regarded as the city of skyscrapers with numerous amount of skyscrapers across the length and breadth of its city. No wonder it hosts the tallest building in the world. 

What is the Population of Dubai?

As of 2020 the population, the population of Dubai is about 3.4 million people. 

Currency of Dubai   


The official currency in Dubai is the Dirham, however, do not be shocked when you see stores and hotels also accepting dollars.   

Hotels in Dubai

No matter the budget, there is always a hotel for you in Dubai. If you are looking for a budget hotel or a luxurious five-star hotel, Dubai has it all. 

Flight to Dubai 

The most common way to travel to Dubai is through a flight Depending on where you are travelling from

Flight From London

Flight From USA to Dubai

Flight from Nigeria to Dubai

Flight From Lagos to Dubai

Flight From Abuja to Dubai 

Flight From Port Harcourt to Dubai 

Things to Do In Dubai 

You don’t have a list of places to visit in Dubai? Not to worry, we have an extensive list of top tourist destinations in Dubai and the activities to do there.

There is a fine balance of new and old in Dubai, culminating in an array of stuff to do. You can decide to spend your mornings relaxed on Jumeirah Beach and your afternoons shredding powder at Ski Dubai. Or you can also decide to kick off your day at the conventional Gold and Spice Souks before using your credit card at the metropolitan Dubai Mall. However, the first thing is: get familiar with the city. Go right to the top of the Burj Khalifa (the highest rising building in the world) where you’ll find stunning views of the Persian Gulf. But if you’re more partial to a more conventional view, take a water taxi ride along the Dubai Creek.

1. The Burj Khalifa.   

The Burj Khalifa is one of the many beautiful attractions in Dubai. It is the tallest building in the world. Kicking off our list of top tourist destinations in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa which is one of the most popular tourist spots in the United Arab Emirates. The Burj Khalifa is a key item on any Dubai roadmap. Standing 2,722 feet above the ground (that’s an amazing 160 stories), Burj Khalifa firmly holds the title of “world’s tallest building.” However, that’s not the only title this majestic this tower has under its belt. Burj Khalifa is additionally the highest free-standing structure in the world and host to the tallest open observation deck in the country. This simply means beautiful landscapes. 

burj khalifa - top tourist destinations in Dubai

Gawk at the tallest building in the world in awe. Absolutely an achievement of engineering, the building is the conceptual heart and soul of the city of Dubai.

Tourists are encouraged to take the elevator to the 124th level, promising breathtaking city landscapes all the way to the Persian Gulf. Specific telescopes often display city scenes from various points of time, enabling you to see any stage in Dubai’s past. You can also travel up to the 148th level, the highest observation deck in the country, but that’s going to cost you more. 

burj Khalif

Tourist reviews for Dubai’s tallest building in the world differ from one person to another. On one hand, tourists say that it is a must-see simply because of its world-famous difference, but on the other hand, some have found the attraction to be overpriced with gloomy landscapes. 

Pro tip: Should you decide to take a ride to the summit, book in advance because they’re selling out fast. If you can, plan your tour for sunset: according to tourists, a spectacular view justifies the prolonged wait to the top 

This majestic building, 828 m high, is constructed next to the Dubai Mall and has drawn tourists from all over the world since its completion in 2010. It stands above central Dubai and is within easy reach of Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Subway station. The unprecedented view of Burj Khalifa can be observed from not one but two observation decks–the two-story At the Top on the 124th and 125th levels, as well as the world’s highest observation deck (555 m) on the 148th level. You can buy tickets both online and on-site to the observation decks.

You can access the observation floor at 8:30 a.m. To 10:00 p.m. daily (the last entry is 45 minutes before closing time). Admission rates vary on the time you leave, but general admission during off-peak hours is 135 dirhams (about $37) for adults and 100 dirhams (about $27) for children aged 4 to 12. To get to the 148th level, prices are available to form 370 dirhams (around $100) for adults and children alike.

Take a tour of Burj Khalifa.                         

As a top tourist destination in Dubai, the experience is truly magical. Tourists can choose to dine in the ambience of the restaurant and lounge on the 122nd floor. 

Or you can simply experience new heights in The Lounge Burj Khalifa, which is distributed over floors 152, 153 and 154, rendering it the highest lounge on the earth.

The towering structure is based on the abstraction of the Hymenocallis flower and consists fundamentally of three sections organized around the central core. Observed from the top, it is consistent with the design of the onion dome often found in a variety of Islamic architecture.

You can consider a lively hub of entertainment and dining at the base of the majestic tower including The Dubai Mall, the choreographed musical Dubai Fountain, and a variety of tourist attractions to keep you and your fellow admirers occupied.

2. The Burj Al Arab.

The Burj Al Arab is another beautiful tourist attraction in Dubai that you should add to your bucket list. Topping the Persian Gulf from its ledge between The Beach of Jumeirah and the Palm Islands. This breathtaking structure has wowed architecture enthusiasts since it was launched in 1999. The curved glass façade–designed after the ships that have graced Dubai’s waters all these years–is host to a world-class, luxury hotel built on its own man-made island. Not only does the hotel hold the highest atrium on the planet at a height of almost 600 feet, but it is also one of the tallest hotels you will find anywhere in the world. The hotel is famously known as a top tourist destination in Dubai. In fact, it may be more popular than the Burj Khalifa at this point as it is this hotel that comes to mind first when most people mention Dubai. Structure aside, some of the facilities feature rotating beds in some rooms, as well as a helipad, in case you think it was far too pedestrian to arrive via a free Rolls-Royce. 

The Burj Al Arab - top tourist destinations Dubai

The Burj Al Arab is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Dubai that you do not want to miss. You do not have to book a suite in Burj Al Arab to appreciate it (and let’s be honest, most people can’t afford to). Those who are not spending a night at the hotel can gain access by taking a bite at one of the on-site restaurants. Amongst them is Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara, which incorporates floor-to-ceiling windows protecting a huge fish tank, and Al Muntaha, which is situated on the glamorous 27th floor of the building.  

The Burj Al Arab - tourist attraction in Dubai

Recent guests were in absolute wonder of both the interior and exterior of Burj Al Arab, and highly recommended that you stay for a night at least if you can afford to. Those who did not reserve a hotel room discovered that the enticing afternoon tea was a fabulous way to experience a slice of the estate’s renowned ambience without having to fork out a sizable amount of money (be sure to plan your tea-time well in ahead of time). 

To get to The Burj Al Arab, you can decide to take a short taxi ride from the Emirates Metro Mall to experience this magnificent structure. 

3. The Dubai Mall.

Your visit to Dubai is not complete without visiting the Dubai Mall.  It is another top tourist destinations in Dubai that allows you to shop while you are sightseeing.

Skirting the Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai is a fantasyland for every shopper. The huge Mall is not just a shopping centre but also a very popular tourist attraction in Dubai. This mall is more than just a regular shopping mall. The Dubai Mall is a top tourist destination in Dubai and it is the biggest shopping entertainment and recreation destination in the world, built beside the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. With more than 1,300 retail outlets, two major department stores and hundreds of food and beverage stores. The mall covers more than 1 million square meters, comparable to 200 football pitches. It is the first of its kind and a beauty to behold. 

dubal mall

For families, mates and fashionistas The Dubai Mall is the ultimate family entertainment destination with the Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo, the Dubai Ice Rink, the Kidzania children’s’ school’ model, the huge indoor theatre complex and the Village–with a retractable roof that opens during the winter months. 

To high fashion fans, more than 70 signature stores can draw your interest. For haute couture, go to Fashion Avenue in which you can discover the new designs from world-renowned designers. You could also purchase fine jewellery in the Gold Souk and also the trendy footwear that catches your fancy. 

The New Dubai Mall Zabeel. 

The mega mall became much bigger with the launch of The Dubai Mall Zabeel in 2019, which incorporated new experiences, food and shopping opportunities and 3,000 additional parking spaces. The expansion provides almost and additional 15,000 square meters of luxury rooms, with a vast array of art on view–everything connected to the Dubai Mall’s air-conditioned footbridge. This makes the mall a more enticing top tourist attraction.

Also if you’re not interested in shopping, a visit to this massive shopping hub is a must due to its many beautiful attractions. The Dubai Mall also contains a number of entertainment amenities, such as an ice rink, a movie theatre and a range of children’s attractions, including an aquarium that holds thousands of aquatic animals. When you happen to be around at night, drop by the Dubai Fountain outside the mall. Designed by the team who built Bellagio’s iconic dance fountains, the fountain includes a nightly show of western and eastern music. 

Tourists are usually amazed by how much they can find in the mall–anything you might ever need can be found inside its wide-spread square footage. A few tourists were quick to point out that because of this, shopping here may just not be a good idea The prices are relatively higher. This may be caused by the importation costs incurred when importing most of these goods in. Also, a lot of other tourists have insisted that that should not stop you from popping in for a tour. Bear in mind that, if you’re searching for a taste of the Middle Eastern culture, this is not the site to experience it. Nonetheless, according to tourists, it’s an excellent place to go to escape from the scorching sun. 

The easiest way to get here is to through the metro that goes to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station. Additionally, there are two bus routes to the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall (with all the amenities within it) will open its doors from 10 a.m. until around midnight every day. You don’t have to pay to tour or window-shop around, but some of the attractions in the mall will attract admission fees. 

4. The Dubai Fountain: Awe-inspiring show.                  

Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain, positioned at the base of the landmark Burj Khalifa and just outside the doors of the famed Dubai Mall, houses the world’s largest choreographed fountain network. This popular dance water displays jets of water up to 150 meters in the air. Every bright, illuminated jet moves in time to different musical numbers from around the globe, creating what has become one of the most popular shows in Dubai. Both shows take place in the afternoon (1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.), except on Fridays (1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.) and evening shows begin at sundown and take place every 30 minutes until the last song is played at 11 p.m. If you are looking for something to do in Dubai that doesn’t cost money, visiting this highly rated and one of the well-visited tourist destinations in Dubai is a must.

Dubai Fountain - top tourist destination in Dubai

5. Madinat Jumeirah: History rolls into the contemporary

Come to Madinat Jumeirah (a gorgeous resort complex by the sea) for an adventure that mixes culture and comfort. This city, translated literally as’ City of Jumeirah,’ is influenced by an ancient citadel. This comprises luxury hotels, residential, traditional-style enclaves, world-class Talise Spa, Madinat Souk, Madinat Theater, and more than 40 restaurants and lounges. You can also explore the serene surroundings of traditional wooden abrasions to enjoy the rivers and the architecture.

Madinat Jumeirah - top tourist destinations in Dubai

An all-inclusive Arab culture in a mini-city.

Perched on the Arabian Gulf and having its own private beach, Madinat Jumeirah is a real Arabian mini-city in Dubai.

A destination within a destination, here you will find three great hotels – Jumeirah Al Naseem, Jumeirah Mina A’Salam and Jumeirah Al Qasr, –as well as a group of traditional summerhouses in Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf and seven grand homes in Jumeirah Malakiya Villas.

Madinat Jumeirah

And about 50 different restaurants, nightspots, and lounges at your disposal across 40 hectares. Regardless of your tastes, there is something on-site to satiate your culinary cravings.

There is a whole river system, five kilometres long, with its own fleet of traditional abra boats. You can take a tour of the entire area on one of the in-house abras and drop by Madinat Jumeirah’s own souk on the way.

Tourists have access to two kilometres of private beach to spend the day under the heat, if they so choose, with food and drinks on sale along with water sports facilities for recreational usage.

Influenced by the Arabian Citadel, visitors of one of the on-site hotels have access to a variety of spa treatments and gyms with Talise Spa and Talise Gym, providing views of the properties and the Gulf itself.

6. The Jumeira Mosque.

The Jumeira Mosque is one of the most beautiful Mosques in the world. This is another popular tourist destinations in Dubai that is worth visiting.

The Jumeirah Mosque is a building that looms over the shore from its roost north of the Dubai Marina. The intricate white façade–which is on the 500 dirham currency –is a representation of the architectural style of the medieval Fatimid era. As a top tourist destination in Dubai, non-Muslims are allowed inside (unlike the other mosques)to wonder at the ornamental design of Jumeirah, displaying intricately painted panels amid vivid blue and yellow backgrounds. However, take note of your conduct. Anyone preparing to visit the mosque must enter in a modest dress–this means long sleeves and long pants or skirts. Females will have to cover their heads with scarves as well. If you don’t have a typical mosque/Muslim outfit, the mosque is pleased to provide you with the traditional clothing you need at the door. 

The Jumeira Mosque - top tourist destinations

Even if you are not religious, tourists are strongly encouraged to visit this attraction because of its educational value and cultural importance. Tourists liked the insightful presentation of the guides on the architecture of the mosque and the informative talk on Islam. 

The Jumeira Mosque

Guided, 75-minute mosque tours are performed by the Sheik Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding. The days for the tours are Saturday through Thursday at 10 a.m. Tourists are advised to already be ready and available by9:45 a.m. To guarantee that they can join. Tour membership costs 25 dirhams (less than $7) and free admission is given to children under 12 years of age. For more details, please visit the Sheik Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding website.

7. Palm Jumeirah.

The Dubai Palm Jumeirah is possibly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. Dubai is renowned for its impressive skyline–and that’s not the only architectural feat that mesmerizes tourists. Constructed from reclaimed land in a sequence of man-made archipelagos, Palm Jumeirah is designed like a palm tree when seen from above. It is a famous man-made Island and a top tourist destination in Dubai.

 Palm Jumeirah dubai - top tourist destinations in Dubai

The enticing island is home to some of the top luxury resorts in Dubai, including Atlantis, The Palm, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, One&Only The Palm and many more. There are terrific fine dining options, such as Nobu and 101 Dining Lounge. There are more than 80 restaurants, lounges and other attractions in The Pointe, situated along a picturesque promenade at the tip of The Palm.  

The Palm Jumeirah is a must-visit tourist attraction site in Dubai. 

Location and transportation at Palm Jumeirah.

Access is simple, with an impressive network of roads, tunnels and public transport options like the Palm Monorail. The rail system offers free parking at the base of the Palm and offers stops at the Atlantis, Palm and Nakheel Mall. 

Cruising across Palm Jumeirah in a yacht or speedboat is a common choice, with several private tour companies to pick from. Optionally, you can enjoy the Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk boats, while the Skydive Dubai is home to thrill-seekers who find adventures and excitements in skydiving and other exciting sports.

For a relaxing night, check out Club Vista Mare–a group of restaurants constructed on a pier that stretches across the water. Options include Breeze Beach Grill signature comfort food and Ibn AlBahr fresh seafood with an Arabic twist. Most of the restaurants have views of the Arabian Gulf, the Dubai skyline and the magnificent Burj Al Arab.

8. The Beach at JBR

The Beach at JBR is an outdoor complex with stores, bars, restaurants and public amenities centred right on the beach. Cafés and restaurants have al fresco terraces facing the white sand and the blue sea. There’s also a huge outdoor movie screen overlooking the beach. Children can swim in the park and playfields, and adults can use the running track and outdoor gym equipment, not to mention everyone can appreciate the JBR public beach with changing rooms and amenities. The lists of the tourist destinations in Dubai would not be complete without mentioning this beach.

Arguably Dubai’s finest stretch of public sand is within trekking distance of the Burj Al Arab. Sun-seekers head to this bustling shoreline to experience the warm rays of Dubai, while water sports lovers take advantage of the cool, turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf. Jumeirah Beach is additionally outfitted with a children’s play area and plenty of bbq and picnic facilities. Be sure you get there early as the place gets more and more crowded throughout the day. 

While recent tourists have said that Jumeirah Beach is safe and cool, characterized by white sands, the water itself feels like bathing water and does not feel quite soothing on a hot day. The cafes on the other end of the beach offer better ways to cool down. 

Jumeirah Beach is accessible from Jumeirah Road and is available from 7 a.m. Around 11 or 11:30 p.m., depending on the day. Entry to the beach is charge-free, but you’re going to have to fork over a couple of dirhams to get to the park. Before you go to the sand, be sure you’re ready with bottled water and sunscreen. The rays are at their peak in the centre of the day, so you’ll want to check for shelter to prevent exhaustion or sunburn.

9. Kite Beach.

The well-named Kite Beach is the ideal place to check your water sports abilities. There are lots to do out of the water at this top tourist destination in Dubai too! You can always get a smoothie from one of the several open-air cafes and restaurants only a few steps from the beach. Hit the tides on the bright stretch of sand and watch bikers and skaters run through the skate park or you can decide to play volleyball with your mates. With a variety of beach activities, plus a stunning view of the Burj Al Arab, it’s easy to spend the whole day here. It is a centre for water sports and good vibes Beachgoers, kitesurfers and spectators come together at the famous and well-known Kite Beach. If you’re passionate about your water sports and want to test your talents at one of the best free beaches in Dubai, Kite Beach has the opportunity you’re searching for.

Located just a few steps from Jumeirah’s main street; you will find high-quality water sports gear available along the sand, with kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding equipment ready to go. You can decide to wait till it’s the afternoon before heading down, as it is when the wind picks up and provides some better conditions. This is another top tourist destinations in Dubai that are worth visiting.

If you’d like to keep things grounded, you’re bound to find a beach volleyball game to join in, along with a welcoming atmosphere and lots of new friends to make in the process. Or, if a chilled atmosphere is more up your alley, then you may just pick a good spot to lounge lazily. Kite Beach exudes adrenaline as much as serenity and casual beach-side atmosphere.

Do you want to walk or jog along the coast? The 14 km road of Kite Beach is the perfect spot. Any beach experience you want to indulge in, you’ll have a wonderful view of the glorious Burj Al Arab on this strip of shore.

You’ll even find some quick snacks to eat right off the beach in the stores and food trucks; don’t miss your chance to snatch some sliders and shake a lotus with the ever-popular Salt.

10. Waterpark of Wild Wadi.

The Wild Wadi park can be found at the foot of Burj Al Arab. It is a set of 30 water rides and playgrounds built for all ages. The whole park is named after Juha, a character frequently alluded to in Arabian mythology and predominately displayed in the city. It is a family-themed park full of unlimited fun. Thrill-seekers should glide down Tantrum Alley or Burj Surj, while those hoping for a little more rest should glide along the lazy river. There are also several moderate slide options, as well as a water park for kiddos and Wipeout and Riptide, a simulated surfing ride that is one of only four of its kind in the world. 

Tourists claim Wild Wadi is a guaranteed hit for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens. However, with all the fun-filled activities to do, some of them considered the park a little too costly. However, it remains a top tourist destination in Dubai for children.

Wild Wadi Water Park is opened daily at 10 a.m and it’s closed at 6, 7, 8 or 10 p.m. The variation in closing hours depends on the month. Admission is calculated by height and varies between 336 dirhams (approximately $92) and 284 dirhams (approximately $77), although if you buy your tickets online in advance you will save some serious cash. You can locate Wild Wadi Waterpark beside Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach, 2 miles north of First Abu Dhabi Bank Subway station. It is definitely a top tourist site to consider in Dubai. 

11. The Dubai Desert.

The Dubai Desert is a beautiful landscape; feel free to explore the emirate dunes. It is not up to 20 minutes by car from the modernist streets of Downtown Dubai. You can explore the wonders of the Arabian desert, the original top tourist destination in Dubai. Take a Dubai-style desert safari with off-road bikes and sandboarding accompanied by local barbecues, henna drives, and camel rides. Or just drive out and explore the wonder of the desert on your own expedition. You can experience the Bedouin life first-hand at the Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience by Platinum Heritage. This cultural tour will carry you on a trip led by the nomadic desert dwellers and give you valuable insights into their way of life. Still have spare times on your hands and you’re longing for more? Treat yourself to an amazing night in the dunes of Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa or Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa. The Safari desert is one of the highly-rated tourist destinations in Dubai.

Dubai Dessert - top tourist destinations in Dubai

Dubai’s best experience in the desert

For a distinctively Arabian trip, book a 4×4 desert safari that braves the crescents of Dubai’s finest sand dunes. Say hello to a camel take a picture with a falcon, let henna decorate your hands and sink your feet into the sand at the campsite. Leading tour operators such as Platinum Heritage and Arabian Adventures will also encourage you to conclude your Dubai experience with a typical feast and show as the sunset displays a thousand stars in the sky. Don’t hesitate to get up early for nature’s first presentation of the day— a beautiful desert sunrise. Choose from a range of trustworthy providers, such as Platinum Heritage and Arabian Adventures, and cross these dunes off your Dubai travel bucket list.

12. Conservation Reserve of Dubai Desert.

When the glamour and glitter of urban Dubai grow tedious and boring, tourists are strongly advised to escape to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The first national park of the UAE is located on the outer edge of the city and occupies 87 square miles of the Arabian Desert. The reserve serves primarily as a research unit, but tourists are encouraged to explore the area–with one caveat: guests are not permitted to access the reserve on their own. This is another beautiful tourist destinations in Dubai that you can explore.

Fortunately, the park features several various types of activities that will appeal to visitors with a variety of interests. Thrill-seekers can go sandboarding, dabble in archery, or dune drives on a luxurious four-wheeler. The few tourists that are looking for a more laid back experience can soak up the spirit of the desert at low cushions in the Bedu tents for a delicious Dune Dinner, or prepare a more intimate private desert dinner. Traditional camel treks are also available, horseback ride, and even a falconry class. At the end of the day, tourists can also camp on-site or retreat to the luxurious Al Maha A Luxury Collection Desert Resort and Spa. The fascinating flora and fauna, as well as all the fun activities, like barbecues and camel rides, made the experience memorable for most visitors. 

Previous tourists described the experience as “memorable,” “amazing” and “special” and said it was a must-do for Dubai tourists. The reviewers were eager to commend the staff, who said they made them feel comfy and welcome. The went as far as dubbing it as a top tourist destination in Dubai.

You’re going to have to rent a car to get to the park. Nine tour service providers are permitted to run tours within the reserves. The costs for trips and events vary depending on the operator and the length of the trip. You must book your reservations ahead of time, which can be made through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve website.

13. Al Fahidi Historical District.

 The Al Fahifi Historical District is another top tourist destination in Dubai. 

Al Fahidi Historical Suburb in Bur Dubai is one of the earliest neighbourhoods in the city. Best explored by strolling, this region offers a nostalgic vision of a past era with typical wind towers and a labyrinth of winding alleys. You get to uncover the history of Dubai as you explore your way through this Dubai historic district. You may visit the Sheik Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) where visitors can take part in Arabic workshops, cultural tours, and organized mosque trips to better enjoy the local culture. Take an ambient abra trip to the souks on the other side of the Creek.

Dubai Desert - top tourist destinations in Dubai

Over a century of history to display.

You get to explore what traditional life in Old Dubai looked like. Especially in the middle of the 19th century in Al Fahidi’s historic neighbourhood. Found along the Dubai Creek this area is a vital historical site that has retained a significant part of the original infrastructure. Social life, cultural development, and commerce have been prevalent throughout this time, and you can still imagine what life was like in those same streets.

The aged wind towers made of stone, teak, gypsum, palm wood and sandalwood represent only a small part of Al Fahidi’s history. Each lane, weaving path and cheery tower tells the story of a life before the Emirates.

Watch the winding streets of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood to find a wide range of cultural activities, special events, art galleries, museums, and traditional food. 

There are more than 50′ buildings’ to explore. Begin at the Sheik Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding, where you can take a guided tour of all facets of this region and learn about local customs. Afterwards, swing by the interesting Coins Museum, which exhibits over 470 rare coins and shines a spotlight on the monetary system of the British Empire, India and the countries of the world until independence.

Certain features include the Symposium House and Events House, which often house cultural events and heritage-related activities, like performances by local craftsmen. Don’t skip the Calligraphy House (Dar Al Khatt), which specializes in Arabic calligraphy and everything connected to the creative art form, as well as the Municipality Building, which is a beautiful illustration of typical Dubai architecture.

The community also hosts a variety of exciting events throughout the year, including the famous Sikka Art Fair.

Take the time to take a break from the skyscrapers and get a taste of how past generations of Emiratis have lived their lives in this treasured historic neighbourhood.

14. Bastakiya Quarter.

In the looming skyscrapers of downtown Dubai dwells the Bastakiya Quarter, another memorable district of the city and a top tourist destination in Dubai. This former fishing village was named after the various merchants of Bastak (Iran) who settled here in the 19th century. The quaint little area is home to the renowned outdoor café, the Arabian Tea House, and a variety of art galleries showcasing domestic and international artists, among others. Many of the renovated buildings also include wind towers, which were an early version of air conditioning. The Museum of Dubai is also located here. 

Newer tourists have considered the Bastakiya Quarter to be a peaceful respite from the glitz and glam of downtown Dubai, and have enjoyed seeing what the city was like before all its developments fruition. Some advice having a quick and inexpensive abra (boat) ride over the Dubai Creek to a market where you should try the street vendor’s ice cream and buy the Arabic perfume. 

You can locate the Bastakiya Quarter near the Dubai Museum on the south bank of the Dubai Creek in the Bur Dubai region. You can enter the region by waterbus from the Dubai Old Souk dock or by metro from Al Fahidi station You can start exploring the Bastakiya district at any time of the day, free of charge. Bear in mind that temperature increases to the highest in the afternoon, so consider stopping by in the evening to save yourself from sunburns. 

15. The Dubai Museum.

Sitting near the Bastakiya District, the Dubai Museum gives tourists a view of where this historic city has been and where it is headed. The museum is housed in the Al Fahidi Castle, the oldest building in Dubai, once used by the sovereign and as a security centre. Currently, the museum includes several sections devoted to the historical, socioeconomic, cultural and geological environment of Dubai. Stroll around and you’ll discover everything from goods sold in the 1950s (found in the market wing) to info about the sea life under the Arabian Gulf, correctly positioned in the sea wing. There is also a folklore section that is likely to keep younger people amused, and a courtyard filled with models of local vessels and bamboo houses adorned with furniture used during that period. 

Tourists suggest a visit if you’re into history, or if you’re hoping to beat the heat for an hour or two. It is a “must-see” if it is your first visit to Dubai. If you need a list of tourist destinations in Dubai where you can know more about the culture and the way of life, the museum is the best place to start from.

The Dubai Museum is usually opened to the public and tourists from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Saturday to Thursday and from 2:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday. The entrance fee is 3 dirhams (not more than $1) for adults and 1 dirham (around $0.25) for kids. The Dubai Museum is located not more than half a mile north of the Al Fahidi metro station. 

16. Etihad Museum.

Explore the contemporary history of the United Arab Emirates at Dubai’s freshest cultural collection–the Etihad Museum. This museum is a modern history in comparison to the Dubai Museum. The spectacular new museum, situated in Jumeirah 1, includes a multitude of immersive pavilions where tourists can discover the past of the UAE–with particular emphasis on the significant period preceding the declaration of the country’s independence between 1968 and 1974–through photographs, films and more. Also, guests can learn about the rich heritage of the UAE before the signing by the country’s founding fathers of a treaty unifying the seven Emirates as well as the subsequent economic development.

Take a look at the contemporary history of the UAE.

Explore the modern history of the United Arab Emirates in Dubai’s latest cultural offering–the Etihad Museum.

In a beautiful new building built within Jumeirah, the museum provides a collection of immersive pavilions where tourists can discover the history of the UAE.

Through images, films and more, you can observe how the nation has developed over time, particularly between 1968 and 1974.

In the Etihad Museum, tourists can explore the rich heritage of life of the UAE before the signed treaty unifying the seven Emirates. There is no better place to gain some insight into the remarkable economic development of the UAE since its creation as the first federation in the Arab world.

The museum, stretched over 25.000 square meters, is built on the same historic site of the Union House, the very area where the constitution was signed in 1971.

The distinctive curved white roof of the museum, designed by the Canadian architects Moriyama and Teshima, was influenced by the outline of the constitution. It is also decorated with seven panels, symbolizing the pens used to sign the contract.

The Etihad Museum is facilitated with a library, a training centre, a mobile exhibition hall and a restaurant. If for some reasons the Dubai Museum does not make it to your list, the Etihad has to be. It is a top tourist destination in Dubai and it makes us understand the more recent lore of the city of Dubai.

17. Dubai Canal.

Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2 km wide waterway stretching from the Old Dubai Creek across Business Bay to the Arabian Sea. Since its completion in 2016, a total of 80,000sqm has been built for public spaces and services and a 12 km bike path. The Canal has become a famous tourist attraction with five pedestrian bridges that span the emblematic waterway. Nearby is Habtoor City’s creation, home to a dazzling Dragon display at La Perle, five-star hotels, and a variety of restaurants. This should be on your list of tourist destinations in Dubai that you must visit.

dubai carnival

Extending the Dubai coastline.

The Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2 km long waterway that runs from the Creek in Old Dubai to Business Bay before heading to the Arabian Sea.

The man-made river, which began in 2016, runs through the centre of the city, changing the landscape of Downtown Dubai and making it into a waterfront destination. Nearby you’ll find the magnificent V Hotel and Hilton Dubai, as well as the captivating water show, La Perle.

Tourists can stroll and bike along the 6.4 km coastline on either side of the canal. Jump on one of the many ferry and abra trips that take you way across the canal’s calm waters for a particularly enjoyable afternoon.

There are also five pedestrian bridges adorning the waterway, providing key viewing points to take in Dubai’s shimmering skyline. One of these, recognized for its signature purple-hued archway, was dubbed the Tolerance Bridge in November 2017 to mark the 22nd International Day of Tolerance.

There are even more plans to develop a public space around the Dubai Water Canal with retail shops, marinas, boardwalks, and recreation areas, making lifestyle development a flurry of new activities and attractions.

18. Ski Dubai.

“Surreal” is the only way to describe Ski Dubai. Even when the area is filled with scorching triple-digit temperatures, this huge indoor winter fantasyland is never without fresh powder. The first indoor ski centre in the Middle East, Ski Dubai boasts five ski runs (the longest of which is more than 1,300 feet with a 197-foot vertical drop), a freestyle snowboard range, a chair lift, and a venue for tobogganing and snowball battles. Inside, there’s additionally the planet’s first indoor black run, children’s ski classes, as well as a penguin colony.   

If you are a tourist in Dubai and looking for fun activities to do, this is a perfect adventure. Skiing in Dubai, but they warn that the enthusiastic snow bunnies may lose interest. As one might imagine, those who never skied, or did not often, were delighted by the attraction while those who knew their way around the slopes were easily bored. While proper clothing is available at the hotel, some tourists cautioned that it is very cold inside, and to carry any additional winter equipment you may have, particularly head-warmers and gloves. Families have considered this appeal to be a success for their youngsters. Though, many travellers complained of the unexpected fees for services, such as locker use and penguin images, are pretty high–perhaps unfair. 

Ski Dubai is linked to the Emirates Mall southwest of Burj Al Arab and Wild Wadi Water Park; you can simply reach the slopes from the Emirates Metro Mall. Ski Dubai is accessible daily from 9 a.m. 0r 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Or in the middle of the night, depending on the day. Different activities are available at various price points. For example, for admission to a snow park, which involves events such as bobsled runs and sledding, adults pay 190 dirhams or about $52 (170 dirhams or about $47 for children). But a full-day entry pass to the slopes costs 305 dirhams (about $83) for adults and 280 dirhams (about $76) for kids. The entrance fee requires admission to certain areas of the park, entry to a chairlift trip and a voucher. Further information can be found on the Ski Dubai website.

19. IMG Worlds of Adventure: Indoor theme park.

Another top tourist destination in Dubai, enjoy the thrills in this awesome adventure hub. This one of the best tourist destinations in Dubai that is good for the family.

Games, enthusiasm, speed-and even 5D, you can anticipate all this in the huge theme park, which is 28 soccer pitches in size. With the most current and thrilling experiences, IMG Worlds of Adventure brings your favourite characters to life. There are thrill attractions for younger tourists like The Powerpuff Girls, Gumball, LazyTown and Ben 10, while older tourists can explore the world of Marvel heroes: Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man and The Avengers. You are sure to run into life-size CGI dinosaurs in the Lost Valley. The variety of shows offers fun for the whole family around the world, and there are plenty of stores and restaurants to visit.

Dubai’s incredible indoor theme park.

Witness 1.5 million sqft-or 28 soccer fields-of unrivalled fun at IMG Worlds of Adventure, one of Dubai’s latest theme parks and a top tourist destination in Dubai.

The state-of-the-art attractions bring to life all your beloved Marvel and Cartoon Network characters in five theme areas. Like The Avengers and The Powerpuff Girls, The Lost Valley’s life-size reptiles, IMG Adventure Worlds is one of Dubai’s best and most entertaining theme parks.

Covering an area of more than 28 soccer fields, here you will want to make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

Children can truly appreciate multi-sensory adventures with Ben 10, Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls, and LazyTown. In the meantime, older visitors can become superheroes for the day as they immerse themselves in action with Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and The Avengers.

On top of that, The Lost Valley–a dinosaur adventure zone–can send shivers down your spine when you connect with life-size dinosaurs that might seem a little too true.

For a particular kind of panic, you’re going to cry out for the escape at the Haunted Hotel while you try to hold your composure.

There are also lots of places to eat and shop and you can discover wheelchairs and strollers for rent.

With non-stop leisure from live stage displays to movies to rides, IMG Adventure Worlds is a full day of exhilaration for adventure-seekers of all ages.

Staying in the city? IMG Worlds of Adventure provides easy shuttle service from the city’s top hotels, and your theme park thrills are just a short ride away.

20. The Parks and Resorts of Dubai.

Due to the launch of the Dubai Parks and Resorts, Dubai has become a real entertainment paradise. If you are looking for a list of children-friendly tourist destinations in Dubai, this should be on your list. Kids will not be able to contain their enthusiasm in the labyrinth of huge theme parks. These parks include Bollywood Park, water parks, park Motiongate, and Legoland theme parks, while the adults can relax and unwind on Riverland Boulevard host to restaurants and thrilling entertainment services. The luxurious Polynesian-style hotel, The Lapita, is also located in the theme park area, giving tourists easy access to the many amazing facilities on sale.

Discover the excitement at the new mega theme park attraction.

Featuring three theme parks and a water park, Dubai Parks and Resorts promises tourists a thrilling experience like no other. Featuring over a hundred unbelievable indoor and outdoor rides and attractions at Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park, this fun labyrinth will keep young hearts enthralled. What’s more, in the centrally located Riverland entertainment and dining boulevard, visitors will find delightful options for the entire family. You can even stay in the centre of the action at the Lapita Hotel, a Polynesian-themed family resort in the park.

Motiongate Dubai.

The biggest Hollywood-inspired theme park in the area, Motiongate Dubai brings three iconic film studios to life: Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate and DreamWorks Animation Be mesmerized as big-screen and cartoon movies from Smurfs to Shrek, How to Train a Dragon and Hunger Games, are re-imagined as roller coasters, interactive parks, exciting journeys and more. Yet that is not all, you can also channel your inner Ghostbuster, get on a travelling trip to Madagascar, and learn a few dance moves from the Step Up team, all in one place. Young actors are exposed to the magic of behind-the-scenes filming on real-life movie sets at Studio Central.

Bollywood Parks in Dubai.

Bollywood’s charm is being brought to Dubai in Bollywood Parks–the first of its kind in the country. Packed with action, romance, and dance. Live the Bollywood Fantasy with exhilarating attractions and romantic live performances focused on some of the major blockbusters in five theme zones. You can fly around the world with Hrithik Roshan’s Krish; track down Don (played by none other than the superstar Shah Rukh Khan) through the streets of Dubai; and practice a few stunt moves of the Salman Khan Dabangg theme.

Make sure you catch the first Broadway-style Bollywood concert, Jaan-E-Jigar, at the breathtaking Rajmahal Theater, and search out more immersive attractions, digital theatre displays, and action-driven events.

Legoland Dubai.

Explore the world of Lego in Legoland Dubai, the largest theme park for families with children aged 2-12. Let your fantasies run wild with over 40 Lego-themed attractions, exhibits, and events that the whole family can enjoy. With 15,000 Lego models made of 60 million Lego bricks, six themed lands and a combination of indoor and outdoor activities, Legoland Dubai can not be skipped.

Legoland Water Park.

Splash into the realm of Lego stories at Legoland Water Park, the only water park in the area specifically designed for families with young children. Let your imagination run with over 20 Lego-themed water slides and attractions, including the wave pool, the Duplo sandbox and the Build-A-Raft River, where you can build your own Lego raft.

Riverland Dubai.

Riverland Dubai is the Dubai Parks and Resorts ‘ main entertainment, dining and healing venue, which you can visit free of charge. Take a look at time as you walk along the river through the four lively districts of this city, The Pier, India Gate, The Boardwalk and The French Village. Experience shopping and mouth-watering food from around the globe at more than 50 outlets while exploring multicultural art, bridges and other attractions.

Lapita Hotel.

Move into a new world at the Polynesian-themed Lapita Hotel, a family destination located right in the heart of Dubai Parks and Resorts. Relax amid swaying palm trees and relaxing lagoon-shaped ponds, as this hotel evokes the true nature of the Pacific Islands.

Frequently Asked Questions On Top Tourist Destinations in Dubai

If you have questions on any of the tourist destinations in Dubai, we will try our best to give you some of the frequently asked questions about Dubai.

What are the languages spoken in Dubai?
Arabic and English
What is the major religion in Dubai?
The major religion in Dubai is Islam or Muslim, However, there are a couple of churches and Hindu worship centres in the city
How safe is Dubai?
Dubai is a very safe city, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world
Are all the tourist destinations in Dubai Free?
No, most of the tourist destinations in Dubai are not free and therefore requires payment which varies from destinations to destinations.
Do I need a visa to travel to Dubai?
A tourist visit to Dubai usually requires a tourist visa
How Long does it take to process a Dubai Visa?
Dubai Visas take between 1 to 3 days.
How do I move around in Dubai?
the best way to move around is through public transport which includes the trams, buses, taxis, Dubai metro etc

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