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Just in case you think Dubai is the only futuristic country in the world. There are loads of countries like Dubai around the world. Dubai is a city on the Asian continent. Likewise, Dubai is part of the federation of the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the seven cities that makes up the United Arab Emirates. 

The city of Dubai is known for its glamorous lifestyle, beautiful structures, skyscrapers, monuments, architectural designs etc. Well, the spot has fascinating shopping arcades, destinations, beaches and so many places to visit.


Despite the weather conditions in Dubai and prohibitions, travellers still select this city for holidays and expensive tours all the time.

Dubai is one of the richest and most expensive cities in the world, this beautifully captures the totality of Dubai. The glamour and glitz in Dubai cannot be described with mere words, images can blow your mind but an experience does it better.

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Interesting facts about Dubai

  • Dubai has a current population of 3.2million people.
  • Dubai has a typical business core
  • The lifestyle in the city of Dubai gives room for business inventions and investments. This is one of the ways Dubai keeps growing in the gross domestic product( GDP).
  • Capital punishment is in full operation in Dubai for crimes such as rape, robbery, murder and so on.
  • Gambling of any sort is prohibited in Dubai
  • Dubai is an arid land with extreme sunshine, low rainfall, dry and sandy beaches and deserts.
  • 90% of Dubai occupants are Muslims
  • Dubai has one of the biggest oil wells in the world and makes billions of dollars from it.
  • Dubai’s economy is well dependent on travel and tourism.
  • Dubai does not have a tax policy at the moment. This means that residents or business owners in Dubai do not pay taxes.
  • Highest has one of the highest sky scrappers in the world.
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Top destinations in Dubai include;

Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Global Village, Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai, Desert Safari, Dubai Garden Glow, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Frame.

Is Dubai a City or a Country

Just in case you are wondering if Dubai is a city or a country. Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, Dubai is not a country but a city in the United Arab Emirates.

What do Dubai alternative countries mean?

There are countries with similar developments and settings as Dubai. These countries are unique in existence and have exciting interests they are known for.

Although, you need to weigh your options quite well when seeking to visit any of these alternative countries.

dubai alternatives

The reasons why there are options to choose from asides from Dubai is still targeted at tourism, culture, luxury, infrastructure, population, job and advancement. If you have visited Dubai over and over, you might be wondering if other places give the same vibes. Not to worry, this article has got you covered.

Countries in the world that are similar to Dubai 

When comparing two or more countries, it is ideal to look through what both countries have to offer. The yardsticks selected are dependent on size, landscape, attractions, culture and tradition, economy, citizens and habitats.

Undoubtedly, cities in the United Arab Emirates have similar features to Dubai. However, there are countries bordering the UAE that have developed over the years into admirable destinations.

The majority of the countries that can be compared with Dubai are on the Asian continent and very close to the Arabian and Persian gulfs.

Also, they are rich and expensive countries with a focus on tourism, petroleum, Islamic culture, a monarchical system of government and expansion of their sources of revenue.

These countries below are referred to as the Dubai alternative countries;

1. Oman

Oman is a country on the Asian continent with its capital city as Muscat. Although there is a lot of analysis to do with Oman, it is further situated on the southeastern borders of the Arabian Peninsula.

The beaches, sands, terrains, vineyards and sights in Oman are quite similar to that of Dubai. Oman is also known for beautiful cityscapes and stunning architectural designs.

Moreover, Oman has a subtropical and hot climate with dry and sandy areas. This accounts for the sandy beaches and desert outlook of the country.

Top 6 Dubai Alternative Countries

Attractions in Oman

Oman just like Dubai has breathtaking destinations. A few of them are;

  • Alhajar Mountains
  • Wahiba Sands
  • Masirah Islands
  • Jebel Akhdar
  • Muscat
  • Khasab fortress
  • Taqah Castle and so on

Oman also has a population of about five million people and a central leader from a ruling family.

The religion in Oman is Ibadhism, a religious section of Islam. Thus, there are a lot of mosques and cultural laws in operation in the country.

Furthermore, Oman generates its income through oil diversification and tourism. This has not only grown its economy but has made Oman a rich and comfortable place to live in.

Shopping in Oman is mostly in Muscat, the country’s capital. Here, you can get perfumes, quality spices such as frankincense, handwoven crafts and jewellery.

You might be interested to know that this country is also a good place for business owners or investors to carve a spot. Oman is also classified as an ancient spot of luxury.

2. Qatar

First, Qatar exists as a peninsula Arab country, which spreads across the Arabian Peninsula to the Persian Gulf. The country has her roots in the Islamic religion and it is so visible on entry into her territory.

Next, Qatar is a desert region with arid geography. Qatar has a lot of beaches and sand dunes that describe the dryness and heat you can expect. Clearly, Qatar has stunning tourist attractions.


The most visited destinations in Qatar 

  • National Museum of Qatar
  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • Souq Wahif
  • Al Khor Park
  • Katara Beach
  • The Corniche and so on
Top 6 Dubai Alternative Countries

Further, in Doha the capital city of Qatar, you can go on a shopping spree and get amazing perfumes and colognes. To add to this, there are high-quality fashion wears such as scarves, pashminas, hijabs, and jewellery in the malls across Doha.

Qatar is set to host the FIFA world cup in 2022 and this is another highlight that will distinguish the region.

 Also, the country has creative designs of skyscrapers and modern infrastructures that focuses on improvement. The territory of Qatar exists as an independent nation and it is a safe place to live in because laws are strictly in place to eradicate crime.

To add to the above, Qatar has dominantly occupied Muslims, which accounts for her culture. Though, a fraction of Christians, Hindus and Buddhists can be found there.

The state of Qatar clearly indicates adventure, luxury and incredible delights. Therefore, Qatar has targets towards improving tourism, education and strong ties with other developed countries.

In spite of the little population in Qatar, it embraces cultural preservation, modern facilities and a highly rated travel experience.

Above all, Qatar’s economy is firmly established on petroleum and natural gas. It is considered a leading country in the exportation of oil resources which has a major influence on its gross domestic product and revenue.

3. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the western parts of Asia. It is famous for its oil reserves and Islamic cultural heritage.

Saudi shares boundaries with Qatar, UAE, the Arabian gulf, Yemen, Jordan and Iraq. The population of Saudi Arabia is lesser in comparison with other Arabian countries. However, Saudi has a tough legal system with Sharia and Islamic laws in place.

Top 6 Dubai Alternative Countries

Maybe this is the reason why travellers prepare well and get ready to adhere to regulations before visiting this region. Alcohol is even prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

Next, Saudi Arabia hosts religious pilgrimages in the renowned city of Mecca. There are strict rules that permit only Muslims to come in for holy rituals.

Tourist sights in Saudi Arabia

  • The ruins of Al Ula
  • Abraj Al-Bait Towers
  • King Abdullah Park
  • Dammam Corniche
  • Heet Cave
  • King Fahds Foundation
  • For Muslim tourists- the holy Makkah and Madinah mosques
  • Jabal Al Nour

Likewise, there are so many outstanding architectural structures in Saudi Arabia that depicts her Islamic culture and centre of attractions.

Conclusively, Saudi Arabia’s economy thrives on tourism, business development and cultural heritage. On your tour to Saudi, you can shop for beautiful artistic Arabian designs, hijabs, scarves, gold, dates, coffee and spices.

4. Kuwait

 Kuwait is situated on the continent of Asia and shares Northern boundaries with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It is also surrounded by the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf. Also, Kuwait is an Emirate, with approximately 5 million occupants and it is ruled by an Emir. Clearly, most of the occupants in Kuwait are Muslims while others practice Shi’a and Sunni subsections of Islam.


Kuwait’s climate is extremely dry and there are a lot of infertile desserts and beautiful landscapes, islands and sand dunes, beaches and museums in the region.

The country is famous for its unrivalled customs and traditions that you must abide by as an immigrant or citizen. Plus there are legal punishments for crimes and disorderliness.

places like dubai

Similarly, Kuwait stands as an Islamic country with a developed economy. Not just in travel and tourism but also in education, health care and life expectancy. With the ever-changing demands on health needs, Kuwait continually improves medical facilities and amenities for the benefit of its citizens and intending travellers.

Next, Kuwait has modern structures and buildings that have a close resemblance to those in the Middle East. The buildings in the Kuwait territory have distinct, high towers and beautiful orientations.

Top destinations in Kuwait

  • Kuwait towers
  • Al Shaheed Park
  • Trampo Extreme
  • Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center
  • The Scientific Center
  • The Grand Mosque of Kuwait
  • Souk Al Mubarakiya

Interestingly, Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Her currency ‘ dinar’ is internationally recognised as a leading medium of exchange.

Alternatively, Kuwait has quality gold, accessories, handmade items, jewellery and antiques you can shop for at the popular malls in the city.

The Kuwaiti economy relies heavily on petroleum, which has been of great help to her gross national income as a country.

 Lastly, Kuwait has strict standards for immigrants and citizens. If you decide to ignore this, you could get yourself in trouble. For instance, alcohol and nudity are prohibited in Kuwait. You can’t travel with alcoholic beverages and the country does not sell them.

Yet, Kuwait’s legal system is a bit fair and allows women have better access to certain opportunities like driving, employment opportunities and education.

Similarly, you are expected to dress modestly and adapt to the reception of the Kuwaiti people.

5. Bahrain

Bahrain just like countries in the Middle East is an Islamic country. It is a little state in Arab on the southern borders of the Persian Gulf. The country records the presence of mainly Muslims and a few Christians and Hindus. It is also another country that can be described as a Dubai alternative. 

Bahrain consists of natural and artificial islands contributing to its tourist sights and stunning landscape.

bahrain like dubai

The country has an arid climate where it is cold at some times, hot, dry and windy at others.

Furthermore, career opportunities exist for mining and selected industries in Bahrain. There is a high quality of life with a low unemployment rate and fascinating economic growth in Bahrain.

The Bahraini economy is dependent on oil and petroleum, its cultural preservation and tourism and banking. In addition, the presence of manufacturing and aluminium industries, real estate, hotels and restaurants have increased the revenue in Bahrain.


Top sights in Bahrain

  • Amwaj Islands
  • Hawar Islands
  • Juffair
  • Manama Souq
  • Bahrain Fort
  • Bahrain International Circuit
  • Bab AlBahrain
  • Dilmun Water Park and many more

The architectural designs of skyscrapers and malls in Bahrain are renowned. At the malls, you can get Islamic artefacts, pearls, perfumes, jewellery, handcrafted items, abayas and scarves worn by Arabian women.

Top 6 Dubai Alternative Countries

Lastly, Bahrain is a great place to live or visit considering safety and security reasons. The region has a moderate population and continues to attract visitors every year.

6. Jordan

To end the list of similar countries to Dubai, we have Jordan. Although not as recognized as other Arabian countries in Asia, Jordan seeks improvement and alliances with countries within and outside the Asian continent.

Jordan exists on the eastern part of the famous Jordan River and it is well recognised as an archaeological site. Also, Jordan is a Middle East country that shares boundaries with the Red Sea, Israel, Saudi and Syria.


This also accounts for the reserves, hills and cliffs, beaches, dry lands, sand dunes and resorts and terrains of the country. This is why this country is another Dubai alternative. 

The Jordan nation encompasses a wide range of historical values and preservations that have cultural backgrounds and monuments.

Similarly, Jordan is a great place for freedom of religion with high values for her traditions and ancient tourist attractions. The nation has continued to excel in tourism, beginning from the mountainous terrain to the museums, seas and caves.

 In addition, the lifestyle in Jordan does not permit alcohol and indecent dressings. This can be traced to the roots of Islam and Judaism founded solidly in the country, although Christians and Jews are present in the nation.

Tourist attractions in Jordan

Places to visit in Jordan include;

  • Wadi Rum Reserve
  • Petra
  • the Dead Sea
  • Mount Nebo
  • The Treasury
  • Jerash Ruins
  • Roman Ruins
  • Ajloun Castle

Shopping and luxury are also present in the city of Jordan. You can get quality gold and silver from Amman and also fashion accessories from the malls in Jordan.

The climatic conditions in Jordan are greatly determined by its presence in the Middle East. Thus, Jordan has a subtropical climate with dry, cold, less rainy and quite windy seasons.

Lastly, Jordan is a middle-income country that displays a decent quality of life, safety and tourism. The economy is firmly established on the presence of manufacturing industries, agriculture, clothing and mineral resources such as phosphates, limestone, potash, marble, kaolin and salt.


Singapore is a beautiful island country located in Asia. It boasts of beautiful architecture that can be compared with that of Dubai. It has also become a popular tourist destination. Singapore boasts of so many tourist attractions. 

places like dubai singapore

Tourist Attractions in Singapore

  • Universal studios
  • Sentosa beaches
  • Adventure cove waterpark Singapore
  • Skyline Luge
  • Sentosa Golf club
  • Images of Singapore museum
  • Palawan beach
  • Siloso beach
  • Tanjong beach
  • Sea aquarium Singapore
  • IFly Singapore
  • Sentosa Merlion
  • Trick eye museum
  • Sentosa 4D advebture land
  • Singapore cable car
  • MegaZip
  • Wing of Time Sentosa
  • Aj Hackett Sentosa Bungee Jump
  • Dolphin island singapore
  • crane dance
  • Fort Siloso
  • Sentosa Nature Discovery
  • Siloso Beach
  • Resort World Sentosa
  • Port of Lost Wonder
  • Maritime experience museum
  • Wave House Sentosa
  • Butterfly park and insect kingdom
  • Kidzania
  • Royal Albatross ‘
  • Lake of Dreams
  • Palawan Beach
  • Siloso Beach
  • Tanjong Beach
  • SkyHelix Sentosa
  • HydroDash


Turkey is also known as the Republic of Turkiye. This country is another Dubai alternative. It is an Asian country that can consider for tourism purposes. Turkey is a coastline country with over 82 million people. It is another great place to consider if you are looking for a beautiful city like Dubai with skyscrapers. 


Tourist Attractions in Turkey

  • Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) Mosque
  • Ephesus
  • Aspendos
  • Patara
  • Pergamum
  • The blue Mosque
  • Troy
  • ani
  • Göbeklitepe
  • Cappadocia
  • Topkapı Palace
  • Pamukkale
  • Antalya
  • Mount Nemrut
  • Ölüdeniz’

Other countries I would have added to the list based on religion and culture are Egypt, Iraq and Syria.

Although these countries are like Dubai when considering religious beliefs, climate, population and culture, in terms of wealth and class, they are yet to meet up.

Furthermore, these countries have been marked as unsafe areas for some years now due to wars and terrorism.

How to get to the Dubai alternative countries

Undoubtedly, you should know that in order to travel to regions on the Asian continent and many more, you can do this with an airline.

Therefore, you need to get your valid passport and means of identification, travel plan and intentions and a visa.

Then, you must abide by the laws of the country and endeavour to accept the culture and traditions that have been in existence.

Five things to do in Dubai Alternative countries

Just like Dubai, similar countries have a lot of things in common. Here are your options for you;

  • Visit the popular tourist attractions
  • Shop at the city malls and souvenir shops
  • Relax and enjoy the breathtaking views
  • Participate in religious gatherings and events
  • Learn about the cultural backgrounds of the country

Popular Airlines operating in Dubai’s alternative countries

  • Depending on your country, there are routes in existence. But I will list the airlines in operation on the Asian continent.
  • Airlines in similar countries to Dubai are;
  • Qatar Airways
  • Etihad Airways
  • Emirates
  • Oman Air
  • Air Arabia
  • Fly air
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Royal Jordanian
  • Flynas
  • Kuwait Airways
  • El Al
  • Sky Team
  • Iran Air
  • Ethiopian airlines
  • Salam Air
  • Yemenia
  • Saudi Air
  • Egypt Air
  • Mahan Air
  • Jazeera Airways
  • Saudi Gulf Airlines

You can check through these airlines for the ones accessible in your country and book a flight to any of the Middle East countries for an alternate Dubai glamorous experience.

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