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FairAcres Lagos is one of the many beautiful destinations you can visit in Lagos. It is a peaceful, well secured and the perfect destination for couples getaway and a family picnic.


FairAcres is located on 14 acres of wonderland along the popular Lekki Epe expressway. It is an exclusive registered member-only country club with beautiful structures tastefully built and furnished to perfection. FairAcres Lagos is a world-class park with well-manicured garden and ultramodern facilities to keep both adults and kids entertained. It is divided into different sections with different fun activities for members to enjoy.

fairacres lagos
fair acres lagos

Things to Do at FairAcres

fairacres lagos

FairAcres Lagos is a family-themed country club with loads of activities for parents, guests and kids. It is a great destination for family bonding, guest meeting, team bonding, picnic, get together, celebration and other leisure activities. FairAcres has a beautiful landscape that will blow your mind. It is situated in a perfect spot along the Lekki Epe Expressway.
Fair Acres has facilities to keep adults and children engaged.
It has facilities for team bonding, birthdays, romantic getaways, destination wedding, pool party, indoor games, and other ceremonies.
FairAcres is a haven to relax, unwind and enjoy nature.

fairacres lagos

Facilities at Fair Acres


Here are some of the facilities available

  • Beautiful garden
  • Artificial Lake
  • 5-A-Side Football Pitch
  • Squash Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Romantic gardens
  • Splash Creek
  • Interactive Fountain
  • Children’s indoor & outdoor play areas
  • Games room
  • Mini – Amphitheatre
  • Paddleboat rides
  • Functions, Weddings, Children’s’ parties and other events
  • Bistro Café
  • Lounge and Bar Area
  • Members VIP room
  • Open roof bar
  • Showers and Changing rooms
  • Bicycle and scooter trail
  • Kids’ Zipline
  • Parking kayaking and water sports
fairacres lagos

Sections Of FairAcres

FairAcres is divided into four different sections namely:

1. FA Active
2. Shady Park Clubhouse
3. Event Offering
4. The Grounds

FA Active

fair acres

FA Active is the section for the fit fams to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has facilities both for adult and children. These are some of the facilities available at the FA Active.

  • Five-A-Side
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Squash Court

Shady Club House

shady club house fairacres lagos

This is another section at FairAcres overlooking the artificial lake. It provides a spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the park while munching your favourite food or sipping your favourite drink. This section consists:

  • Bistro
  • Lake Side Bar and Lounge
  • Spa
  • Mini- Amphitheatre
  • Open roof bar
  • Member VIP area

Event Offerings

fair acres

This is another section at FairAcres for hosting events. In a city Like Lagos where there is always an event every other weekend. With the scarcity of event centres in Lagos that can accommodate a huge number of attendees or parking facilities that can conveniently take lots of cars. With FairAcres, you do not have to worry about that. This section takes care of all your event needs. It consists of the 500 car parking area, some parts of the gardens, the open-air event centre which is the perfect place for weddings, team bonding, concerts, shows, parties, movies etc.
The open space can take over 4,000 guest and 500 cars. It is a good location for destination weddings, shows photoshoots etc.

The Grounds

fairacres field for event

The Grounds is the playground to escape the crazy hustle and bustle of Lagos. You can immerse yourself in the tranquillity this destination has to offer. The grounds provide top of the range amenities to give you a memorable stay. The facilities at the ground include

  • Kid’s Zipline
  • Paddleboat rides
  • Bicycle and scooter trail
  • Romantic Gardens.

Things to do

1. Organise a destination Weddings.
2. It is a perfect place for Reception.
3. You can organise your Children’s parties and birthday celebrations.
4. It is also a great place for Product launches.
5. Organise a Team building exercises.
6. A good place to shoot movies, music videos or photoshoot.
7. Organise a family picnic.

Membership Plans

Since FairAcres is a member only club, it offers a yearly membership plan and a registration to become member of the club.

Membership Category

FAMILY 2 Adults and 2 Children + 5 Guest Passes
Available to married couples and their children, significant others residing in the same house and to single parents and their children
Registration Fee: 100,000
Annual Fee: 650,000

Registration: N/A
Annual Fee: 150,000

Single Adult 18 years and Above
Registration Fee: 100,000
Annual Fee: 450,000

Single Child 2-17 Years (ID Proof)
Registration: 25,000
Annual Fee: 250,000

Registration Fee: 100,000
Annual Fee: 400,000

Location of FairAcres

FairAcres is located on the Island at Km 29, Lekki – Epe Express Way, Opp Mayfair Gardens Estate, Awoyaya, Lagos

Opening Hours

Mayfair Gardens is opened Mondays to Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm.

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