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Lekki Art Market

The Lekki Art and Crafts Market is not just your regular market, it is one of a kind, It is one of the biggest art and craft markets in Nigeria with a variety of professionally-made African artworks, crafts, paintings, woodworks etc. Lekki Arts and Crafts Market is located in the heart of Lekki, it is also known as the Jankande Market or Oba Elegushi International Market. This is often the name the locals are familiar with therefore, the Lekki Arts and crafts Market may sound foreign to them.

lekki arts and craft

The Lekki Art market has a wide variety of African arts, crafts, fashion accessories are not left out with a wide collection of fashion arts ranging from locally made fabrics, bangles, Ankara and locally made prints just to mention a few. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Lagos, Nigeria.

lekki art market

Lekki Arts and Crafts Market is definitely one of the most underrated markets in Lagos, partly due to its location and unlike other markets it only sells artworks.
Beyond just buying arts and craft, if you are interested in sightseeing or developing your creativity, Lekki Arts and Craft marker is one of the best tourist attractions in Lagos you should visit.
The Lekki Arts and Crafts Market is a well-organized market with beautiful pieces of artworks displayed in its nook and cranny.

Location of the Lekki Art Market

Lekki Art Market

The Lekki Arts and Crafts Market is located along the Lekki Epe expressway in between the fourth and fifth roundabout. A 20 minutes drive from Victoria Island Lagos.
The Lekki Art market is located in the heart of the Lekki Peninsular just after the fourth roundabout. The access road that leads to this market is not the best of roads, however, the journey is worth it, just like the old saying, there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel, at the end of the road lies one of the most beautiful markets in Lagos. You will be rewarded by some of the beautiful collections of artworks you are about to see.

lekki art market

Bargaining at the Oba Elegushi International Market (The Lekki Arts Market)

Bargaining is one of the things that makes the market runs very interesting especially when you can get the best price on a product. The Lekki Arts and Craft market is not different offering you one of the cheapest prices on artworks. But you’ve you need little negotiation skills to get an amazing offer. From this market, you’d get items cheaper at an amazing rate which you could have gotten for times three to five of the price if you are buying at other art galleries in Lagos. For example, I once bought a hand bracelet at a popular art gallery for 2,500 Naira and the same hand bracelet cost about 300 Naira at Lekki Arts and Crafts market.

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Bargaining is standard in Nigeria and every trader and buyer understands this, but you need to learn the skill when shopping in Nigeria. If you need to be sure of a price, its best to negotiate between two to five other merchant selling the same product to have an idea of the best possible price. However, always ensure it is a win-win situation because every labourer deserves a good wage.

Tips for Shopping at Lekki Arts and Craft Market

These are some of the tips you should consider when buying at the Lekki Arts and Crafts market.

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  1. Do not go during the rainy season the road the leads to the lekki Arts and Crafts marker often gets flooded
  2. The access road to the place is bad so you may want to go with a car.
  3. Be patient take time to look through every piece to confirm the quality and without defect
  4. Do not feel pressured to buy anything you see, trust me you may get it cheaper elsewhere within the market. Always window shop first
  5. If you are a tourist or foreigner, you may have to act like you are resident here to ensure you are not getting a tourist price which is usually over-inflated for tourist.
  6. It will be best to visit during off-peak to ensure a smooth shopping experience.
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Our Experience/View of the Market

Getting into the Lekki Arts and Crafts Market on a busy day could be a little difficult especially if you are driving due to the bad road and the little parking space available.
Driving into Lekki arts and crafts market on a busy day requires a little patience especially if you are the one driving this is due to the small parking space available at the market. However, if you are not driving, its just a smooth easy walk in. There are over 400 shops with different variety of artworks, feel free to work around and ensure you are getting a good deal on every product.

lekki art market

Types of Artworks at the Lekki Arts Markets

The Lekki Arts and crafts market has a variety of artworks which includes
Wood furnishing
Gem Stones
Wood carvings
Precious stones
African vintage material
Wooden sculptures
Afrocentric souvenir
Nigerian Arts
Bronze works

lekki art market

Fashion Products such as
Ankara textiles
Ready-made local fabrics
Locally made clutches
Leather bags

lekki art market
arts and craft at lekki art market

Other Tourist Centres Close to Lekki Arts and Crafts Market

Nike Art Centre
National Museum
Freedom Park
Lekki Conservation Centre
Five Cowry Terminal
Moist Beach
Lekki Leisure Lake
Elegushi Beach
Landmark Beach
Oniru Beach

Pictures from Lekki Arts and Craft Market

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