Everything You Need to Know About the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC)

lekki conservation centre (LCC)

Looking for something adventurous to do in Lagos? Then the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) offers you adventure in its rarest form. Talking about a tourist place in Nigeria you can go with friends, family or colleagues that comes with lots of fun, the LCC is a place to be.

The Lekki conservation centre (LCC) is one of the foremost tourist attractions in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a natural reserve that sits majestically on a 78 hectares of land (that is equivalent to 1170 plots or 195 acres) in the heart of the Lekki Peninsula.

Front view Lekki Conservation Centre
Front View of LCC

Talking about one of the best nature reserves in Nigeria with a modern feel then the Lekki Conservation centre is your choice.

Travelwaka LCC Experience

My experience at the Lekki conservation centre (LCC) was mind-blowing. Firstly you are welcomed with this charade of palm fronds and coconut trees as you drive down this magical tourist centre. You are escorted to the beautifully designed architectural masterpiece which houses the reception, seminar and conference hall, NCF offices and the NCF Library.

tour guide Lekki Conservation Centre

Once you set in, you can get your tickets at the reception and wait at the waiting area, where you can watch the monkeys who often comes around to beg or steal from tourists.

A tour guard will be attached to take you on the long wood walk which is perfect for that unforgettable romantic date with your loved one. Not forgetting the sweet fresh air void of dust and air pollution and most importantly the adrenaline rush you experience walking on the longest canopy walk in Africa. This is nature in its purest form. An unforgettable experience filled with fun, laughter, excitement, games and adventure.

A Resort  or Natural reserve or a Conservation Centre?

Some people often ask, is the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) a form of a resort or a natural reserve. The Lekki Conservation centre is a natural reserve that is they allows animals to move freely in their natural habitats without having to domesticate or lock them up in cages like the zoos. It is only open to tourists from 8:30am to 5pm daily.

History of The Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC)

The Lekki Conservation Center (LCC) was founded in 1990 and managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF). The Nigerian Conservation Foundation is an environmental Non-Government Organisation (NGO) established in 1980 with the vision to make people prosper while living in harmony with nature.

Where is Lekki Conservation Centre Located?

Lekki Conservation Centre reception
The waiting area / The ticketing office

The Lekki Conservation centre is located in the heart of Lekki just before the Second Lekki Toll gate opposite Chevron Lekki.

KM 19, Lagos-Epe Express Way, by 2nd Toll Gate, Lekki, Lagos

Opening Hours at LCC

The Lekki conservation centre opens from 8:30am in the morning and closes at 5:00pm in the evening Mondays to Sunday including public holidays.

Best time to visit the Lekki Conservation Centre

The Lekki Conservation Centre is located in Lekki and some of its parts are prone to flooding and can also be waterlogged during the rainy season. So the best time to visit the nature park is during the dry season so you can maximize the whole fun the centre provides.

However, you can still visit the conservation centre during the rainy season but make sure you are wearing comfortable water-resistant shoes and do not go on a rainy day as you may not have access to the canopy walk and some parts of the reserve.

What to wear when visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre

Wear something light and smart, avoid high heels, flip flops, slippers etc wear something sporty and comfortable.

Sportswear, shirt, shorts or trousers will be perfect for the occasion.

Adventurous things at the Lekki Conservation Centre

Interesting Things to Do at the Lekki Conservation Centre

There are lots of interesting things to do at the Lekki conservation centre which includes sightseeing, the canopy walk, climb the tree house on top of the tallest iroko tree at LCC, the swamp lookout station, games like a life-size chess, ludo, draught, snake and ladder , the koi and Tilapia fish ponds, the barbecue joint  and a coconut drink section.

1. Sight-Seeing: Enjoy nature at its best, viewing the beautiful greenery as you walk through the 2km elevated wood bridge. Enjoy the sight of animals like the monkeys, the birds etc in their natural habitats.  Also the swamp trees, the tall forest trees, the creeping creatures moving around and most importantly the beauty of the forest reserve.

Lekki Conservation Centre forest

2. Adventurous Walk on the Longest Canopy walk in Africa: The biggest attraction of visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre is the canopy walk. It is a suspended swinging bridge which is about 401 metres long which gives a dangling movement when you walk on it. It is the longest canopy walk in Africa and the second in the world. You get the adrenaline rush when you walk on it. On the highest peak of the canopy walk, you can see Victoria Island, Lekki, the Lagoon and of course the tree house.

Canopy walk lcc

3. Life-sized outdoor board games: Enjoy the life-sized board games which includes the chess, ludo. Snake and ladder, draught,

life size chess at Lekki Conservation Centre

4. The trail boardwalk: The suspended Woodbridge was constructed in 1992 to serve as a tourist attraction and to also give tourist easy access in and out of the conservation centre. Enjoy the two-kilometre elevated walkway which leads in and out of the reserve.

board walk

5. Climb Tree House: The tree house is also a major attraction at LCC. It has an elevated ladder that you can climb to and fro. The tree house can only accommodate about 6 people at a time. 

tree house lcc

6. Picnic at the 96-Seater Gazebos: You can organise picnic under the 96 seater gazebos.

gazebbo at Lekki Conservation Centre

7. Koi & Tilapia ponds: See the Koi and the Tilapia Fish Ponds

koi pond

8. Do the two kilometres Elevated Wood Bridge walk: To get into the main conservation, You are ushered into the reserve through a 1.8km elevated wood walk which leads to the main arena and to your left, the canopy walk

Lekki Conservation Centre

Other Fun Things to Do at the Lekki Conservation Centre

1. Fun and picnic under the gazebo

2. Watch the animals move around

3. A date on the tree house

4. Photoshoot

5. See the 95-year-old turtle

6. Visit the library

7. Take a walk at the park and enjoy nature at it’s purest form.

8. Family Park for picnics

9. Nature Station

10. Bird Hide and Swamp Look-out Station

11. Floor Games (Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Draught, Chess and Street Tennis)

12. 6 and 8-seater Family Huts

13. Rotunda

14. Outdoor games

15. Beach Volleyball courts & Spectators pavilion

16. Outdoor jungle gym

17. Barbecue Joints and the fresh

18. Table Tennis

19. Jungle gym facilities like Zip Lines, monkey bars, etc

Lekki Conservation Centre Gate Fee

Adult 1,000 Entrance fee without the canopy walk

Teen (Ages 11 – 17)    300

Children Ages 1-10     200

Canopy Walk 10-65 years (In addition to the gate fee)    1,000

List of animals Available at the Lekki Conservation Centre

The most common and easily spotted animals at the reserve are the Mona Monkeys, collections of rare birds, the 96-year-old tortoise, the peacock etc


Because it is a natural reserve and not a zoo, animals are left to wander in their natural habitat without any form of interference, your chances of seeing these other animals are slim. We were lucky to see a king Cobra during one of our expeditions. Here are some of the animals present at the reserve, you might just be lucky to see any of them.

a. Crocodiles

b. Snakes

c. Various species of birds

d. Squirrels

e. Monitor lizards

f. Duikers

g. Giant rats

g. Hogs

i. Peacocks

j. Chameleons

k. Bushbucks

l. Mongooses etc


Safety tips when visiting The Lekki Conservation Centre

1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

2. Do not wear heels

3. Travel light avoid carrying big bags if you must carry a backpack

4. Eat before you leave home

5. Come with something to munch, light snacks and drinks will is advised. Though you can also get to buy drinks at the centre.

6. Be careful with your phones and valuables.

7. Do not bring attractive nylons or food in exposed packs the monkeys might try stealing them from you

Things you Should not do at The Lekki Conservation Centre

1. Do not feed the Monkeys

2. Do not litter the environment

3. Do not put yourself at risk or danger

4. Do not go out of sight to places that are prohibited

6. Do not take under age children on the Canopy walk that is children under the ages of ten 

Things to Bring when visiting the Lekki Conservation centre

Notice at LCC

1. A hat or face cap to shield yourself from sunlight

2. Light refreshments after the long canopy walk

3. water to quench your thirst after the long wood and canopy walk

4. Your phone and Selfie sticks for a great photoshoot

5. Don’t also forget to come along with friends and family except you are just coming here to clear your mind or read

6. Also come with a power bank, in case your phone battery goes down.

Other Reserves by The Nigerian Conservation Foundation

  • Some of the other reserves by The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) includes” 
  • A.P Leventis Ornithological Research Institute (APLORI) in Jos, Plateau State
  • Becheve Nature Research in Calabar, Cross River State
  • Finima Nature Park in Bonny Island, River State
  • Biodiversity Action plan for Urhonigbe and Gele-Gele Forest Reserves in Edo State
  • Ifon Forest Reserves Project in Ondo and Osun
  • Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands Conservation in Yobe and Jigawa State
  • Participatory Forest management at Mambilla and Donga sites in Taraba state

How to Get to the Lekki Conservation Centre

Depending on where you are coming from, here is how to get to the Lekki conservation centre

Coming From outside Nigeria

You will need to take a flight to the Murtala International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria then at the park you could either take a local Taxi but preferably Taxify or Uber from the Airport to the Lekki Conservation Centre.

However, you can try these codes to get special discounts and free rides on

Uber – brandlers1ui

Taxify – SS2U9

Coming from Other States Within Nigeria / Within Lagos

If you are coming from outside Lagos, you can either board a plane or take a bus to Lagos. When you get to Lagos you can either take a taxi or public transportation going to Ajah and stop at Chevron at Tipper bus stop. You can also make use of the local taxis and download the uber or Taxify app on android play store or apple app store. You can try these codes to get discounts

Uber:  brandlers1ui

Taxify/ Bolt – SS2U9

Things to do Close to the Lekki Conservation Centre

Other Interesting places to visit with the Lekki Conservation Centre

There are other Interesting places you could visit alongside the Lekki Conservation Centre.

1. Nike Art Gallery

2. Go Cart Racing

3. Visit the Lufasi Park

4. Elegushi Beach

5. Silverbird Galleria

6. La Campagne Tropicana

7. Freedom Park

8. Omu Resort

Other conservation Centres/ Natural parks in Nigeria

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