Agodi Gardens Ibadan – A state of the Art Botanical Garden

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Agodi Gardens is a state of the art Botanical garden located in the city of Ibadan close to the Government Complex. Agodi Gardens is seated majestically on over 150 acres of green land. It offers a relaxation spot for both adults and children. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ibadan for fun lovers and tourists.

agodi garden

History of Agodi Botanical Gardens

It was created in 1967 as a foremost recreational and tourist attraction in the Western region. It was abandoned after the Ogunpa flood disaster in 1980 swept away most of the animals and left the place in a deplorable condition. However, in 2012, the Oyo State Government under the leadership of Governor Abiola Ajimobi decided to give the Botanical Garden a facelift and it was renovated into a twenty-first-century park and garden. It was reopened to the general public in 2014 to convert it into a world-class tourist attraction and the number one relaxation spot in Ibadan.

agodi garden

Agodi Gardens offers recreational facilities, games, sightseeing and other fun-seeking adventures. If you are looking for a beautiful garden with lots of serenity and a quiet place to have fun, Agodi garden is the best place for you. It was formally known as Agodi Zoological and Botanical Garden, it has since it’s reopening be renamed as Agodi Gardens.

Our Agodi Gardens Experience

It was a Tuesday we had set out from Lagos for a one week trip to visit all the major tourist sites in Ibadan. we arrived at Ibadan on Tuesday. We had our first tour on Wednesday, we visited the Captain Bowers Tower and Mapo Hall on Wednesday and our journey to Agodi Gardens began on Thursday. We moved from our hotel at Challenge Area of Ibadan and headed straight to the Oyo Government secretariat area and one thing we discovered was there are lots of roundabout in Ibadan and each roundabout has a statue. Everywhere around the Government area is beautiful and green and it makes you wonder why Ibadan was termed the brown roof city.

agodi botanical garden

Finally, we got to Agodi Gardens and we already fell in love with the lush gardens, beautiful scenery and the twenty-first-century amenities at Agodi gardens. We headed for the ticket area and it cost 500 per individual. Always go with cash do not rely on the cashless economy as they don’t accept transfers, the POS not reliable and the nearby ATM is far from Agodi Gardens. Then we were told our DSLR camera would not be allowed inside that we would have to drop it with the security at the gate. That didn’t go well with us, we wouldn’t dare risk our multi-million naira gadgets at the care of total strangers. We decided to stand our ground that we had phones that will do a good job and we wouldn’t use the camera. After a series of back and forth, we were allowed entrance into the facility.


As we walked down the aisle we couldn’t believe this beautiful and well-maintained landscape is located somewhere in Ibadan. The water park facility was under maintenance when we went there. The zoo area is a no go area, The place was not well maintained that you would be wondering if it was part of the beautiful Agodi gardens. It was in a deplorable state and the few animals left look pale and hungry. Entering this zone might be at your own risk as it is bushy and not maintained with tall trees and weed growing everywhere. There was no tour guide or zookeeper around. Neither was there a description to tell you the entrance to the zoo.

As a first-timer, you’d miss it because it doesn’t look anything like a zoo. The entrance to the place is not cultivated and you will have to walk through weeds into the zoo area. Caution should be taken when you go there.

Facilities at Agodi Gardens

agodi gardens
  • Water park
  • Merry go round for kids
  • Boat ride
  • Forest reserve
  • Lake
  • Mini zoo
  • Play area and rides for children
  • Picnic and Gardens area
  • Boat ride
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bouncing castle
  • Restaurant
  • Lush garden
  • Horse riding
  • Hoverboard
  • Paintballing

What is the gate fee at Agodi Gardens?

tickets at agodi

The gate fee to Agodi gardens is 500 Naira ($1.5) per individual. Other charges may apply for other facilities.

Access to the swimming pool area will also attract another N500 ($1.5)

List of Animals in The Zoo

  • Parrots
  • Crocodiles
  • Monkeys
  • Horses
  • Goose

Opening and Closing time at Agodi gardens

Agodi Gardens is opened Mondays to Sunday

Opening Time from Monday to Thursday is from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Saturday 10:00am to 9:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm to 9:00am

Best time to Visit Agodi

There is no best time to visit Agodi Gardens, It just depends on your preference. If you love crowd, the best time to visit is during the holidays, Weekends or during the festive season. However, if you love serenity, the best time to visit is in the morning or evening after work.

Location of Agodi Gardens

It is located at the Parliament Road Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, close to the Oyo State Secretariat Complex. 

How to get to Agodi in Ibadan

If you are coming from Within Ibadan City, Take a cab to Parliament road or Mokola Hills, then locate Agodi Gardens. If you are coming from outside Ibadan, Firstly you will need to get to Ibadan and then take a cab to Agodi Gardens. 

Fun Things to do at Agodi Botanical Gardens

There are lots of fun activities to do at the Gardens. They include:

1. Enjoy the children park area where you have access to the gaming facility.

2. Take advantage of the advanced water park

3. Organise a swimming competition at one of the three swimming pools

4. Organise a party, birthday, event, seminar or team bonding

5. Check out the mini zoo

6. Enjoy the beautiful views of the garden

7. Ordered from the menu at the luxurious restaurant at Agodi

8. Take unlimited selfies

Things that are not allowed

dos and donts of agodi

1. External drinks are not allowed, however, external food is allowed

2. Professional Cameras are not allowed, if you must use your professional camera, you will be paying N10,000 for a photoshoot.

Other Tourist Attractions Close to Agodi gardens

Apart from Agodi Gardens, there are lots of other tourist attractions in Ibadan. Here are some of the other tourist attractions in Ibadan. 

Pictures From Agodi Botanical gardens

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