Coconut Beach, Badagry- The City of Coconuts

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Coconut Beach Badagry is one of the most visited tourist sites in Lagos. It is a mini city of coconuts located along the popular Lagos-Badagry expressway. The beach is one of the cleanest and quiet beaches in Lagos. It is located within a few kilometres of the Badagry Slave trade region. 

About Badagry

Badagry is known for its slave trade history. Little did you know that Badagry also has one of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos. Badagry is known for its waterfront and white sands. This is because of the nearness to the Port Novo creek that connects Badagry to the Benin Republic. Badagry is a coastal town and also the border town that divides Nigeria from the Benin Republic. Badagry is a coastal town and also a local government in Lagos.

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Coconut Beach, Badagry is situated in a rural community in Badagry. The beach is known for its numerous coconut trees, palm fronds, and white sand. It got its name because of the coconut trees surrounding the beach. It has become lovers favourite destination. The beach is often quiet during the weekdays, however, it comes alive every weekend and during public holidays. 

Since the beach is located in a serene environment, it is a good place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, take a peaceful walk around and create excitement. It is a great place for lovers on a romantic getaway, schools on excursions or field trips, and individual or group tourism.

Ultimately, it is a great place for the family, both young and old. There is an activity for everyone at this beach.

Location of the Coconut Beach in Badagry

Coconut Beach, Badagry is located along the Lagos-Badagry expressway. A few minutes drive after the Badagry roundabout as if you are going towards the Benin Republic. It shares borders with the Benin Republic. 

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How to get to Coconut Beach in Badagry

Since Lagos is mainly divided into the Island and Mainland, I will describe how to get to the beach in Badagry either by land or water.

There are a couple of ways to get to the beach.

Badagry By Road 

Anywhere you are in Lagos, find your way to Mile 2. When you get to Mile 2, alight and board a bus or a cab to Badagry. Afterwards, you will have to hire a cab to take you to the Beach. It is direct and every cab driver in Badagry is familiar with the location.

Pro Tips

Also, you can make use of Google Maps. Just know that remote areas in Badagry might not have a strong network. Plus, the use of Google maps is better before from your location till you get to Badagry.

Not to worry, in case, you are driving, there are signs on the road and you can also ask for directions. 

Badagry By Water

Since Badagry is a coastal city, you can access Badagry by water. You can charter a boat from Lagos Island jetty, Liverpool Jetty in Apapa to Badagry. The boat ride is about one hour ride to Badagry. 

How long does it take to get to Coconut Beach?

From the mainland or island, it should take you 3-5 hours to get to Coconut Beach by road. However, you should consider the Lagos traffic. You are advised to leave early so that you can get to your destination on time.

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Do you need a gate fee to enter Coconut Beach?

As of now, there is no entrance or gate fee required to access Coconut Beach in Badagry. It is free for everyone.

Things to do at the Coconut Beach in Badagry

There are a lot of activities you can engage in at the beach. They include:

Horse riding

To ride a horse costs about 500 to 1,000 Naira. Prices change anyway due to seasonal influences. The horse riders are stationed to serve as tour guides and provide you with the best riding experience.

Take pictures and enough selfies

You can take a picture beside the ocean, on the dunes, beside the coconut trees or while sipping fresh coconut juice. Whatever view you have in mind for a perfect picture, you can get as many snapshots as possible.

Build sand castles

If you decide to visit with your children, you can keep them busy with building sand castles. Also, you can create an atmosphere to bond with your loved ones while you are occupied with the building.

Swim by the beachside 

The beach attracts a lot of water lovers and you can join them in having a great time if you are one. Be careful the waves are usually really high.

Attend live events and festive gatherings

During the holiday seasons, Christmas or other festive periods, there are live events at the beach. The beach does justice by providing the best form of entertainment for tourists.

Visit the beach local restaurant

In a spot at the beach, there is a restaurant where you can eat local meals and snacks. The meals served there are also cheap.

Drink coconut water

Yes, you can buy and drink as much coconut water. It is tasty, refreshing and nutritious. Buy coconuts and coconut candies at cheap prices and take home. Badagry is home to the harvest of large amounts of coconut every year.

Therefore, one of the things you can do on your visit to coconut beach is to buy coconuts or snacks made from coconut.

Relax and enjoy the cool breeze

The ambience and scenery at the coconut beach are for your delight. You can relax under the shades away from the regular Lagos noise. Also, on a weekday can serve as an avenue for meditation or yoga if need be.

Play water games and soccer

Football lovers are often seen at the beachside playing games. You can decide to join them or create your games which can be played on the wide space available to you.

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Learn about the history of the coconut beach

A visit to Coconut beach will clear your curiosity about the origin and advancement of the place and its environs. You are free to ask questions and learn more about the waterfront in Badagry.

Visit neighbouring tourist attractions in Badagry

Coconut beach is just one of the impressive tourist attractions in Badagry. You can decide to visit others and learn about the history and cultural heritage of the Badagry people.

Though, you might not be able to tour all the sights in a day. You can lodge in a hotel and continue your journey the next day.

Can I Bring Food and Drinks to Coconut Beach?

Yes, you can bring your food and drinks to the coconut beach, however, you are instructed not to litter the premises.

Is there a restaurant at Coconut Beach?

There is a restaurant at Coconut Beach where you can get local dishes and drinks at affordable prices. Within the environment of the beach, there are suya spots and locals hawking palm wine and other edibles you can munch on.

How much is Coconut Drink at the beach?

Coconut drink is sold for between 500 to 1,000 naira at the beach. However, the price has a lot of factors influencing it, plus it could be less or more, especially during festive seasons.

Also, the coconut water is sold by natives of Badagry at the beach. The coconut is pierced in the middle and a straw is inserted for your drinking pleasure.

Is there any accommodation at Coconut Beach?

There are guesthouses close to Coconut beach. They provide you with accommodation in case you are spending the night in Badagry. However, it does not have its own stay in accommodation. 

Hotels close to the Coconut Beach

The hotels that are close to the beach;

Sycomore Hotels Limited, Lagos

La’Nova Continental Hotels, Lagos

Golden Wax Gardens and Suites, Lagos

Note that these hotels are affordable and you can make reservations ahead.

Best time to visit Coconut Beach

Just like other tourist destinations, it is best to visit Coconut beach on less crowded days. The beach opens 365 days in a year, you can visit anytime you want.

The beach is open 24 hours every day. You only have to be safety conscious since you are probably new to the area.

Does it get hot at Coconut Beach?

Yes, it can get hot and stuffy at the Beach, especially when it is crowded or the sands are hot. However, the area has a lot of spots where you can get a cool breeze and unwind.

What to wear to the Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach in Badagry is a public space in a rural community. Therefore you might need to sometimes leave the area and go outside to get certain items. It is best to wear clothes that will make you feel comfortable.

Here is a compilation of beach wears to try;

Light t-shirts and shorts

Breathable sandals or slides

An appropriate beach wear that’s not too revealing

No black clothes, because it makes you feel more heat when the sun is out.


Other tourist attractions in Badagry

Comparable places to Coconut Beach in Lagos

Similar places to Coconut beach in Badagry are;

  • Inagbe Grand Resort 
  • The Suntan Beach is also in Badagry
  • Ilashe Beach, Lagos.

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