The Iconic Koi Restaurant and Lounge Lagos, Nigeria

Koi restaurant

Koi restaurant and lounge Lagos is one of the many lovely restaurants in Lagos. Sitting pretty on the islands of Lagos is the impressive Koi restaurant. An illustrative description of the Japanese standard and class in Nigeria. Koi Restaurant offers some of the best Japanese cuisines you can ever imagine. KOI offers sushi and some other continental dishes. It offers cocktails, seafood, Japanese meals and exotic drinks. 

It has been in operation in Nigeria for close to ten years now. If you are a traveller, the name Koi should ring a bell. This is because the name Koi is also rated in eight other locations including Abuja and Las Vegas. 

Koi restaurant

Amazingly, everyone who has been here would have a lot of things to say about this structure of belly-goodness. Undoubtedly, the reviews all over the internet will capture your attention. With quality and distinction as a factor, Koi restaurant is a blend of a formal and informal setting. I am sure you are eager to visit Koi Restaurant by now. Yeah, here is all you need to know about this place.

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Location of Koi Restaurant

The Koi Restaurant is located at No 1, Babatunde Jose Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. To access Koi restaurant from Lagos, you can either use a Google map if you are driving. Or you can ride in taxis ready at your service.

The Layout 

First, let’s begin with the setup of this vibrant restaurant. Koi Restaurant and Lounge is artistically designed as a representation of restaurants in Japan. The interior space is crafted with the best wood frame. The seats are dark brown, dark blue, and wine and there is a striking grey-scale painting. Additionally, there is outside dining with a charming evening sight. Inside the restaurant, the chairs are arranged in a way that groups of people can sit together. A business dinner idea will work perfectly here.

Similarly, the outdoor space receives two or more people into its cosy atmosphere. The entrance is designed with beautiful flowers and the trees are strategically planted to add beauty. As you walk into the Koi restaurant, you get to see a large portrait with the logo of the brand. This is fixed along the entrance and you can take a picture here.

Koi restaurant

The Ambience- Friendly and Hospitable Waiters 

Reviews on the web have it. The reception of the staff amidst smiles and service is one of the features that highlight Koi restaurant. Both foreign and national servers are at Koi restaurant. Also, the peaceful environment and selection of music are ones to satisfy the essence of your visit. The waiters are stationed to take your orders and wait patiently. For me, I think this is a great one, it’s quite a tough decision to sample a Japanese dish.

Although you have the descriptions attached, a warm smile captivates the heart anytime, any day. In addition, the environment provides you with a perspective of Japanese hospitality.

restaurants in Lagos koi

Cocktails and Drinks 

Koi restaurant and lounge offers alcohol, spirits, wine, beer, cocktails and coffee. Furthermore, Koi also offers signature cocktails, whiskey and vodka. A quick peep into the cocktails, on the top list are;

drinks in lagos

The Clockwork Orange – Koi’s clockwork orange gives a taste of sour and sweet blends. This is a mixture of orange, vodka, passion fruit and lavender to give you a foreign delight.

Pina Koi-Lada – A blend of coconut, whiskey, pineapple and whiskey. Sweet, isn’t it?

Marga Crusta – Tequila, bitters and sweet peppers are all combined for your enjoyment.

Zombie – A combination of rums and fruits for a delight.

Murphy’s Law – An iced pleasure of vodka, orange and ice.

Trouble Lady – An exotic blend of Orange, Liquor, Ginger, Coriander and Ice.

Perfect mixed strawberry – Strawberry flavour infused in wine, apricot and brandy.

Bloody Doppelganger – Made from homemade tomato sauce, gin, spices, Worcestershire, Radish and lemon. Quite enticing for a hot evening. The majority of the cocktails are blends of fruits, rum, booze, ginger and other combinations.

However, another considerable alternative for a sugar-free drink is the Home-sour Home. A blend of bitter grape, sour milk, lemongrass, ginger and so on.

Cost of Drinks at Koi Restaurant and Lounge Lagos

As of July 2022, the cost of a glass of cocktail is between 5000- 9000 naira. It is quite impressive though. The bar section also sells vodka and whiskey variants in bottles. Everything keeps changing, so a few hundred or thousand Naira may have been added.

Vodkas- Ciroc, Grey Goose, Nikka Coffey, Belverde and lots more. Whiskeys are sold in 50mls and bottles. The least price of a 50ml Macallan 12 is 3500 naira and the highest priced bottle is Macallan 18 is 189,000 Naira.

Menu List -Japanese dishes

Koi Restaurant and Lounge offers specially prepared meals for main courses and desserts. The main courses are made to satisfaction by world-class chefs of high standards.

As you get ready to dine, you might be interested in learning how to use a chopstick. To eat most of the meals, you require the traditional chopstick which must be fixed between your fingers.

Holding the sticks well requires mastery, well you are allowed to use cutlery for some meals too or grab with your hands.

Foods at koi restaurant

Top on the menu list are:

Small bites- Chicken, Vegetable and shrimp spring rolls, hot rolls, shrimp and sauce bun, vegetables, chicken and shrimp dumplings.

Miso Shiro– Soup, Tofu and spring onions

Salads– assortments of salmon, cucumber and Japanese sauce.

Futomaki which has three submenu options

  • – Koi- Fresh seafood and vegetables
  • – Vegan and Truffle- The vegetarians choice
  • – Salmon Truffle- salmon, the delectable truffle sauce and mixed leaves.
food in japanese restaurant

Crispy rice salmon– tuna salad and salmon mixed with sauce.

Sushi– a common Japanese rice roll eaten with a chopstick.

The traditional Korean Kimchee

Vegan options for those who feast on fresh vegetables.

This and many more are available on the card at affordable prices. Note that you can order more than one kind of meal at a time.

Koi restaurant and lounge lagos

Best time to visit Koi Restaurant

Koi restaurant opens from 2 pm-11 pm on Sundays to Saturdays. With this, you can decide when to visit. Lagos can get too busy on weekends. A visit during the week is preferable if you desire extreme solitude and comfort. Koi restaurant is a perfect location for a date night, so an evening move is also not a bad idea.

Why Koi Restaurant is worth your cash

Koi restaurant offers you the opportunity to hang out with your friends, family, work partners and loved ones. The management of the restaurant has been made to suit the need of everyone. Koi restaurant does not leave anyone out of the fun and relaxation.

Moreover, there are wheelchair-accessible services at the car parks, entrance, seats and toilets. Plus children can also be given a treat at Koi restaurant and have a great time.

lagos restaurant

Services rendered at Koi Restaurant and Lounge

Koi restaurant has four major service options for you.

First, you can decide to dine inside the premises. Grab a cocktail and a Japanese state-of-the-art dish for a date or meeting.

This preference is made available for your enjoyment and relaxation. The menu and drinks list are also constantly updated based on customers feedbacks.

Next, the takeaway option is made available for you. This is assuming you might not be able to sit in and relax at the moment. You are permitted to walk in, make a selection and take your packed food with you.

Meals are packed in plastic plates and paper bags and carefully sealed. Then you can order a Japanese dish and use the delivery option. This can be made through the restaurant’s website or a phone call.

A delivery agent will be sent across to you in no time with your food pack. This could work for an ideal Japanese lunch hour at work.

Koi restaurant will need your precise address and choice of meal to provide you with the best.

Lastly, you might require a different view of sunrise and sunset or ambience. The outdoor sitting area does justice to that.

This is with the presence of trees and shrubs, to provide shades and glamour.

koi restaurant

A perfect spot for lovers’ timeout

Koi restaurant and lounge is a great place for a honeymoon dinner date or a romantic dinner night. Fine, whatever you decide to name it, the serenity of the restaurant allows you to have all the comfort you dream of. Still, you can choose a relaxed spot for you and your lover.  

Also, Koi lounge is a nice place for a proposal concept and a mini party.

Koi restaurant also allows for party planning and reservation is made accessible for that. You are allowed to carve your party list and then speak to the customer representative. This should include your choice of music, any special meal you want to be included, and the number of hours you will spend.

Likewise, your preferred day and time for the event will be noted and then you will be notified of vacant dates.

Lagosians have agreed that Koi restaurant serves as a clubhouse. It provides the space for a love affair, a company’s way to treat their staff to taste and pleasure or an individual or family style.

You can place a call to the restaurant’s hotline for this purpose.

restaurant in lagos at night

Spoil yourself silly- Eat all you want 

As much as your pocket can carry, Koi restaurant is there for you. They provide breakfast, lunch and dinner menu options with drinks of your choice to go alongside. Payment options are available with cash and a master card. Though most people have complained about the use of a master card.

This should not hinder your decision, withdraw a few notes beforehand. In my opinion, I do not feel that there is any restriction on what you are allowed to sample. Just note that if you are eating a meal for the first time, it is likely to cause an unsettled tummy.

Ride gently, though it is clear you have the cash. A next visit or takeaway is also a nice idea after eating in.

Lastly, you need to know that Koi restaurant has a limited parking space. This is because of the constraints in the area it is situated. For convenience, you can ride with Uber or other taxi options available to you. Though, if you want to come in your car you should only have this in mind. Now that you know, reserve a spot at the outstanding Koi restaurant and lounge and get ready for a delight.

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