List of All the Beautiful Resorts in Lagos

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There are many beautiful resorts in Lagos. This post will unravel on all the beautiful resorts in Lagos. Lagos is blessed with so many beautiful resorts and this post will be bringing you some of the amazing resorts in Lagos. If you are looking for some cool vacation spots or resorts in Lagos. This post is for you. There are so many beautiful resorts in Lagos and they are perfect for holidays, weekend getaways, romantic dates, retreats, team bonding etc. It doesn’t matter your need or budget, you will find a resort in Lagos that is good for you.

About Lagos State – Resorts in Lagos

Lagos is a mega-state located in South West. It is the most populous states in Nigeria. Lagos is one of the thirty-six states in Nigeria. It is a coastal state that shares a border with Ogun State.  

Here is a detailed review of all the resorts in Lagos. 

Factors To Considered When Choosing A Resorts in Lagos 

1. Serenity 

2. Beauty 

3. Security 

4. Affordability 

5. Value for Money 

List of Resorts in Lagos 

Inagbe Grand Resort – Resorts in Lagos

inagbe grand resort

Inagbe Grand resort is a resort in Lagos located off the Badagry creek. It is an island that you can only visit by boats. It is owned by the renowned Ooni of Ife. Inagbe Resort is one of the hidden treasures in Lagos that will leave you coming back for more. It is a 20 minutes boat ride from Lekki or Ikoyi. Inagbe Grand resort offers a beautiful ocean and lagoon view that is, you get a share of both worlds. Inagbe Grand Resort has a blend of sightseeing, nature, adventure and culture. It has a blend of different luxuriously styled rooms which comes in standards stand-alone rooms, deluxe rooms, 2 bedroom and six-bedroom executive rooms.

Apart from the rooms, Inagbe Grand Resort also comes with recreational facilities to ensure your stay is a memorable one. Some of the facilities include a football pitch, ranch, spa, volleyball, basketball court, mini-golf course, billiards, lawn tennis and swimming pools. You can go on a horse ride, get on a quad bike or just hike through the lovely island. It has a lovely spa with a view of the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic ocean all at your view. Inagbe Grand Resort is a perfect destination for vacation, honeymoon, family hangout etc It comes with lovely landscape, an amazing forest, palm tree and lovely beach sand. The restaurant offers a variety of local and international delicacies. It is a family-themed resort which means there is something to do for everyone irrespective of age. Inagbe Grand resort comes with spacious rooms that are tastefully designed to perfection.

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Epe Resorts and Spa

epe resort

Epe Resorts is one of the finest resorts in Lagos, it is located off the Lagos hustle and bustle. It is a paradise on earth with serenity and bliss. Epe Resort is a luxurious resort in Lagos with a tropical. It comes with a well-manicured garden and beautifully furnished rooms. 

Epe Resort and Spa offers facilities like lawn tennis, swimming pool, bicycle rides, sporting facilities and a spa. Epe resorts offer different room sizes. 

Lakowe Lakes and Golf Country

lakowe golf estate cottage - resort in lagos

This is one of the most beautiful resorts in Lagos. It hosts a world-class golf course, a restaurant, spa, artificial lakes and other recreational facilities. Lakowe lakes is known for its exclusivity and serenity. There are so many activities that you can engage in.

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Atican Beach Resort

Atican beach resort is another lovely resort in Lagos with a beautiful view of the Lagos Atlantic and an unforgettable experience. It is one of the exquisite beach resort in Lagos. It offers a clean environment, beautiful surroundings. Atican beach is located off Abraham Adesanya. It is a budget resort with a view of the Atlantic ocean. One of the uniqueness of Atican beach is its white beach sand and its environment. 

Whispering Palms Resort

whispering palms chalets - resort in lagos

Whispering palms is a beautiful resort located along the Badagry waterfront. It is a paradise and one of the known destinations for honeymoon. Whispering palms is another resort in Lagos notable for its serenity and exclusivity. It is a popular location for vacation, honeymoon etc. Whispering palms has a beautiful landscape, a lovely view and an amazing restaurant. It also has a mini zoo, museum, indoor games, swimming pool, water sports facilities and other recreational activities. Whispering Palms is located in Badagry and has a park where the fun never ends. It is located at Ajido Road, Aradagun Bus Stop, Off Lagos Badagry Express Way, Iworo 

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Barracuda Beach Resort

 Barracuda Beach Resort is another beautiful beach resort in Lagos located within close proximity to the Lagos Island. It is less than 45 minutes drive from Lekki phase 1.

Jara Beach 

Jara Beach is the latest kid on the block, it is one of the newest beach resorts in Lagos. It is the newest destination for couples and honeymoon. Jara Beach is a beach resort located off the Lekki Free trade zone at Eleko. It has infrastructures like swimming pool, games arena and more. Jara Beach is an all exclusive beach resort in Lagos with an international standard and a touch of Africa to make you feel at home. From the entrance, you are treated to an exciting and unforgettable experience.

They boast of an award-winning chef ready to bring your taste buds to life with international and continental cuisines.  Jara Beach is location is Museyo Beach, Eleko, Lotu Street, Off Lekki Free Trade Zone Road

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort 

Kamp Ikare is another beautiful resort in Lagos and it is located along the Badagry Creek. It comes with amenities to give you an unforgettable experience. It is known by its white beach sand, palm trees, and a lovely view of the Atlantic ocean. 

La Manga Beach Resort 

La Manga Luxury Beach Villa is another beautiful resort in Lagos located at Ilashe. Ilashe is an island along the Badagry off. La Manga is a beautifully styled resort that offers an unforgettable experience. La Manga resort is a paradise with a Spanish architecture beautifully furnished to meet your specifications. It comes with extra-large rooms, swimming pool and other recreational amenities. It is built on a 15,000 sqm of beach land. La Mango beach resort has a 400 capacity event centre, Spa, lounge, restaurant, mini-golf course, volleyball court etc. This list will never be complete without La manga beach resort. 

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La Campagne Tropicana

la campagne tropicama - Resorts in lagos

The La champagne Tropicana is another beach resort in Lagos with a lagoon and the Atlantic ocean. La Campagne Tropicana offers tourist an amazing African experience from the reception down to the rooms. La Campagne Tropicana is located after the Lekki Free Trade Zone. It is one of the top-rated beaches in Lagos. It is an exclusive resort and offers a romantic getaway for fun-seekers. The La Campagne is a tourist delight because it offers a freshwater lake, a beach, A savannah and a Mangrove forest. It is an African themed resort with state of the art amenities. It is also a great place for adventure seekers who want to engage in activities like Snorkelling, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, etc 

La champagne Tropicana offers facilities like Swimming pool, kayaking, basketball courts, football pitch, volleyball, beach soccer, horse riding, canoeing, boat cruise etc

The La casa Ilashe Resorts

La casa resorts is another lovely beach resort in Lagos with a view of the Atlantic ocean. La casa Ilashe is located along the Badagry Creek at the popular Ilashe Beach Island. It is a 12 bedroom private beach resort in Lagos. It has a beautiful pool, restaurant and other facilities. 

Pop Beach Resort in Lagos

Pop Beach resort is located around Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos. It is one of the beach resorts in Lagos with a beach house where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean. It has a pool and beautiful settings where you can have a beach party.

Chaka Resort

Chaka Resort is an Italian architectural themed resort with a beautiful landscape, well-maintained garden, a beautiful pool and tastefully furnished rooms. This resort will give you an experience of a lifetime with its array of activities to keep guest entertained. Chaka Resort is an underrated beach, a visit to this resort will leave you wondering why you have never been here.   

Eko Tourist Beach Club 

Eko Tourist Beach Resort is located along the Lekki Free Trade Zone. It is a beautifully designed resort in Lagos with good facilities to ensure you have an amazing stay. It is also known As Akodo Beach resort. Eko Tourist Beach Resort is a good spot for hangout, romantic dates and honeymoon. 

It has a football pitch, amusement park, sporting facilities, archery, table tennis, swimming pool, beach football, 

Hedge Resort in Lagos

If you are looking for a private resort in a cool windy beach environment, Hedge Resort offers serenity at its rarest form. It is located at Olomowewe Village, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. It is built on over 400 metres of beach shoreline giving users value for their money. 

Jubilee Chalets Epe

jubilee chalets epe resorts in Lagos

Jubilee Chalets Epe is a four-star luxury resort in Lagos. This is one of the best resorts in Lagos, it is located in the coastal town of Epe. jubilee Chalets is owned by the Lagos state government. It is a 72 rooms resort with state of the art amenities. It is located within proximity from the Epe Fish Market, one of the biggest fish markets in Lagos. Jubilee chalets is located in front of the Lagos lagoon giving you a beautiful view of the Atlantic. Apart from its exceptional beauty, Jubilee Chalets Epe has recreational facilities to make your stay an unforgettable one. This luxury resort offers a lawn tennis court, a swimming pool, multi-purpose hall, restaurant, gym, bar/club etc

Jaybee Beach Camp

Jaybee may not be a household name in Lagos but one of the cool resorts in Lagos where you can have an amazing moment. If you are looking for a beach that requires a boat ride, this is a great option. Jaybee beach camp is a resort located at Tarkwa Bay a 15 minutes boat ride from Ikoyi or Victoria Island. It offers a swimming pool, quad bike ride, jet ski, restaurant and it is a budget resort. 

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Omu Resort 

Omu resort is another resort in Lagos but currently does not have hotel facilities. It is a recreational and amusement park in Lagos. Omu Resort has a zoo, wax museum, swimming pool, kayak, GO Kart etc. It is located at 1 Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Way, Ibeju, Lekki. 

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