Epe Fish Market – The Biggest Fish Market in Lagos


The Epe Fish Market is located in Epe and it is the biggest seafood market in Lagos. The market is also known as the Oluwo Retail market. It is located along the lagoon in Epe. It is within proximity to the Jubilee Chalets in Epe. Epe is a three hours drive from Lagos Island. It is a coastal town located in the north of Lagos and it shares a border with Ogun State. The Fish Market is an open fish market located in the heart of Epe overlooking the lagoon. This is not just a a regular market, the market has become one of the foremost tourist attractions in Lagos.

Oluwo Retail market was commissioned on 10th of November 1989 by Mr. M.A Olagbaiye the sole Administrator of Epe Local Government for the Lagos State Market Development Board.

epe fish market

Epe Town is a very peaceful town. Since it is a coastal region, fishing is one of the major occupations in the region. No wonder, the biggest fish market in Lagos is situated in that region.
Epe has a lot to offer, experience nature and enjoy the beauty Epe has to offer. Apart from the adventure, sightseeing and serenity, you also get access to cheap animal protein.
And in case you want to get adventurous, you can take a local boat ride across the Epe mangrove.

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Animals at the market

crocodile at epe fish market

The Market is not only limited to just fishes, but you can also get other animals from the market.
You get to see different varieties of fishes from small to big and large fishes. If you want cheap fishes, you can move toward the end of the market close to the lagoon where you can bargain with the fishermen directly. At that point, you meet with the fishermen as they are coming from the lagoon. You also get a chance to see some rare fish species at an affordable rate.
Some of the aquatic species are crabs, mackerel, catfish, prawns, shrimps, crayfish, periwinkles, lobsters, turtles etc.
It also offers other forms of wildlife like crocodiles, tortoise, monitor lizard, snakes, snails, pangolin, grasscutter, alligator.

Tips When Visiting Epe Fish Market

  • Do not act like a tourist to avoid paying tourist price.
  • Make sure you arrive early.
  • Avoid the touts at the entrance of the market.
epe fish market snail

Things to do at the Epe Fish Market

  • Visit the market for an experience of a lifetime.
  • Take a boat ride through the Epe Mangrove.
  • Go for fish shopping.

Location of Epe Fish Market

Epe Fish Market is located in Epe along the Epe lagoon. You can connect to Epe through the Lekki Epe expressway.

My Thought

I wish the government can further improve on the condition of the market and give it a facelift into a world-class market and tourist destination.
In conclusion, it will not only boost the economy of Epe it will also go a long way in developing and improving the availability of animal protein and a source of income to the government and people of Lagos.

Other Tourist Attractions in Epe

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Epe Mangrove

Pictures From Epe Fish Market

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  1. Pls can you help to connect me to any of the fishermen, am a crayfish vendor I want to be buying direct from the farmers but have no one to connect me

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