Top Places to Visit in Badagry – Lists of Things to do in Badagry


Top Places to Visit in Badagry – Lists of Things to do in Badagry – Badagry is a coastal city that shares a border with the Benin Republic. There are lots of places to visit in Badagry. Apart from the places to visit in Badagry, the city also boast of several adventurous and cultural events.

Visit the Ancient Slave Trade Route in Badagry

History of Badagry

The history of Badagry can be dated as far back as 1720 when migrants from Dahomey moved to the location during a war within the region.

In 1820 a British trading post was founded in Badagry to encourage international trade between Nigeria and Great Britain. When it was built, it was a palm oil port which was used to export palm oil from Nigeria to Europe, however, it later became a major slave trade port.

About Badagry

Badagry is one of the oldest city in Lagos, Nigeria. It is an ancient city with a history dating back as far as the 15th Century. It shares a border with the Benin Republic through Seme border, in the Benin Republic. the city was a host and one of the earliest settlement of the colonial masters, missionaries and the slave traders. No wonder it hosts one of the most popular slave markets during the slave trade era. A visit to Badagry will help you connect with history.

Why You Should Visit Badagry

There are many reasons why you should visit Badagry because the city of Badagry is the first of many things in Nigeria. It has the first storey building in Nigeria, it also has the first Primary School, the slave port, the slave market, the point of no return and many others. The city of Badagry will help you connect with history and educate you of what our ancestors went through during the slave trade.

You can not talk about history, independence and missionary in Nigeria without mentioning Badagry. Badagry is a historic city and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Nigeria. It is dated as far back as 1800. It is one of the earliest destinations for Europeans and Missionary in Nigeria. Badagry boasts of the First Storey building in Nigeria, the first primary school in Nigeria, the first administrative building, Slave Port, the first city where Christianity was first preached in Nigeria, it is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Nigeria.

How to get to Badagry

Badagry is an Iconic city, you will barely miss it, It is located along the Lagos Badagry Expressway. A whopping 3 hours drive from the Lagos mainland. One of the popular landmarks in Badagry is the Badagry roundabout. The Badagry roundabout has the statue of a drummer also known as Sator drum which is about 8 feet tall. The Sator drum is a huge drum that is relative to the people of Badagry and the drum is only beaten on special occasions and festivals.

Travel Tips when Visiting Badagry

  • Make sure you hold enough cash that will cover all your trips.
  • Wear something smart and comfortable
  • Make sure you eat something before going on this journey
  • Make sure your phones are well charged if possible come with a power bank along
  • It’s a long journey, make sure you bring water that will last you for the day or buy water before going to the point of no return
  • You may also come with extra clothes, change of clothing is advised
  • What to wear to Badagry
  • Wear something sporty and comfortable
  • Avoid wearing heels as this tour involves lots of walking, flats, trainers and sports shoes are advised
  • Do not forget to wear a hat, cap or sunshades as this will come in handy during a sunny day. 

Adventurous Things to Do In Badagry – List of Top Places to Visit in Badagry

Badagry offers lots of adventures, from hiking to boat ride t6o sightseeing. It offers you the rare chance to explore some historical values, culture and tradition of the people of Badagry and so many other activities.

List of Tourist Destinations in Badagry

There are lots of things to see and do in Badagry. If you are looking for a city within Lagos to escape the hustle and bustle of Lagos while sipping a cup of palm wine or coconut juice either by the lagoon or beachfront, then Badagry is your perfect destination. Here are some of the things you can do in Badagry

Go shopping at the Badagry Market

Your journey to Badagry will not be complete without visiting the Badagry market. You can get beautiful native wears. Jewellery, food items, seafood, artworks, souvenirs etc at amazingly cheap rates.

Enter the First Storey Building in Nigeria

places to visit in badagry - First Storey building in Nigeria

The first storey building holds so many historical events in Nigerian history. It is one of the top places to visit in Badagry. The first storey building in Nigeria was built by Reverend Henry Townsend of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in 1846. It also serves as the official residence of St. Thomas Anglican church missionaries. The first storey building in Nigeria features the room of the first teacher in Nigeria, it also housed Bishop Ajayi Crowther, the man that translated the bible from English to Yoruba.

The major part of the translation was done within this building. It also has relics of some building materials used to construct the house including a chair which was constructed in 1915 and still in existence till today. This building also features the Miracle well which was the first well to be dug in Nigeria which is still springing till date since it was dug in 1842. Other things to be found in this building are the safe box which still contains old currency used in the colonial era. The translated Yoruba bible etc 

Fetch Water From the Miracle well – The First well in Nigeria

miracle well

The Miracle well has been in existence since 1842 and is still exists. The water is known for its purity. It is very clean and there is a general belief that it has supernatural powers to help women conceive and can also help single people to find spouses and many other desires once they drink from this water.

Visit Mobee Slave Relic Museum


Mobee slave museum was named after a Badagry chief who derived the nickname Mobee because he was fond of offering kola nut known as obi in Yoruba which means mu obi (pick kola nut). So he was nicknamed Mobee which was later adopted as his official name. After the slave trade. He seized some relics from the slave masters which is displayed in a room where he was buried. The slave also contains things like chains, mouth guards, padlocks. The Mobee Museum is one of the oldest privately owned Museums in Nigeria. The Mobee family are responsible for preserving, managing and maintaining the slave relics in the museum.

Seriki Williams Abass Slave Museum

seriki abass baracoon

Seriki Williams Abass Slave Museum was a slave prison used to keep slaves before they were transported to the point of no return. The slave was run by an ex-slave who got his freedom and became a major slave merchant. The Brazillian Barracoon was established in 1840 and has been converted to a Museum. 

The Seriki bass slave museum is also known as the Slave Barracoon. The word baracoon was derived from the Brazilian vocabulary which means prison. This prison has a five 19 by 19 feet rooms which serve as a prison room which can accommodate forty slaves each. The slave museum also features old relics from the slave era.

The Badagry Black Heritage Museum / Badagry Slave Museum

badagry heritage museum

The heritage museum features old relics, instruments, artefacts, chains, artworks etc used during the slave era. Most of the relics were distributed to the museum. the Museum features more history about the slave trade, the history and culture of Badagry etc 

 The building in which this museum was located used to be the District officers office during the colonial reign. It was constructed in 1863. It is now the Badagry Slave Museum which contains artefacts, historical information, artworks etc

Learn French at the Nigeria French Language Village

You can also visit the Nigeria French Village which is an Inter-University Centre for French studies. It was established by the Nigerian Government in 1995 to encourage learning of the French language in Nigeria.

Walk the 2km Badagry Original Slave Route / The Slave Port

Badagry original slave route

You also get a rare chance to see the Slave port and the original slave route where slaves were meant to walk before being taken out to an unknown destination, It is a fifteen to twenty-five minutes walk depending on your pace.

Visit the Spirit attenuation Well

attenuation well

History has it that anyone who drinks from this well will lose their memory and will never think of escaping or returning home. The Spirit attenuation well has the powers to erase memories of any slaves who drink this water. It is located along the original slave route.

Take a boat ride to Point of Return

boat ride to point of no return

This is one of the adventurous parts of the journey because it involves taking a boat ride to the island. What seems like a joyful ride now used to be a dreaded one because no one that ever took a boat ride to the Gberefu island came back or escaped. That was why it was tagged the point of no return.

Visit the Point of No Return 

point of no return - places to visit in badagry

Beyond the Lagoon lies an island which is known as the Gberufu Island, which leads to the original slave route towards the point of no return. The point of no return is that point where slaves were shipped into Europe for use as slaves. 

After the boat ride, you will arrive at Gberefu Island which leads to the point of No return, However, the point of no return has been renamed to the Point of Return. 

Gberefu island is an interesting one. On one end of the Island is the lagoon and on the other end is the Beach which is where the point of no return is located. In the colonial era, it was used as a harbour to export slaves to unknown destinations.

Spend the Night at Whispering palms

whispering palms - places to visit in badagry

The Whispering Palms Resort is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Lagos. It is located on eight acres of land overlooking the lagoon. It is a perfect destination for tourist enthusiasts. Whispering Palms boasts of a mini zoo, chalets, beautiful scenery, water sports, swimming pool, boat ride etc

Visit the Badagry Beaches: Badagry also boast of so many beautiful beaches, you can either visit the Suntan Beach or the Coconut beach. The unique thing about the beaches in Badagry is their serenity

Visit the Agiya Tree Monument

This is the location where Christianity was first preached in Nigeria by two missionaries namely Henry Townsend and Thomas Birch Freeman in 1842. When the colonial masters came, they also brought the missionaries who also came to preach the Gospel of Christianity. It doesn’t matter your religion, It will be a nice experience to visit this historical site and knowledge that Badagry has to offer. By now you should know that Badagry is the first when it comes to most historical events in Nigeria.

First Primary School in Nigeria

places to visit in badagry - first primary school

The St Thomas Anglican Primary School was the first primary school to be built in Nigeria and the building is still standing till date. It is located at Topo Badagry. This edifice was built in 1845 to foster communication between the natives and the then British rulers.

The first Secondary school was however built-in 1955 known as Badagry Grammar School which is still in existence till date.

 Pay homage at the Badagry king’s Palace

You can also stop by at the King’s palace to pay homage, you never can tell you might just get to see the kings or chiefs and possibly take pictures.

Visit Coconut Beaches in Badagry

Badagry boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in Nigeria. Unlike other beaches, they are quite quiet, serene and beautiful.

Visit Vlekete Slave Market

Unlike every other regular market where goods and commodities are sold. The Vlekete slave market is the market where slaves are auctioned and sold through trade by barter. It was built in 1502 by the Portuguese. the slave market is also an intriguing historical landmark with over 18,000 slaves sold at this market. Within the Vlekete slave market is Vlekete Shrine where issues regarding disputes are addressed.

Take Amazing Photos

Your trip to Badagry will not be complete without taking breathtaking pictures of the city of Badagry. At every roundabout is a statue that tells a story about this great city.

Need a Private Tour to Badagry?

Need a private tour to Badagry, whether it is a school or church excursion, friends hangout, family picnic etc We offer private tours that will take you through the historical landscape of Badagry. You will get a chance to see the relics from Seriki Abass Slave Baracoon, the Mobee Slave Relic Museum, take a boat ride across the lagoon to Gberefu Island. Visit the first storey building in Nigeria, the colonial administrative building. You get to see the Spirit Attenuation well and the point of no return. You also enjoy a beautiful view of the beach and you can end the day and have a good night rest at Whispering palms resort. 

The tour covers: 

  • Private Tour Guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Local Guide
  • Hotel/Airport Pickup and drop off
  • Exclusive private tour
  • Fully air-conditioned Vehicle
  • Food 
  • Hotel Accommodation for a two-day trip
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