How to Book Lagos to Dubai Flight Price in Naira

flight from Lagos to Dubai

Getting a Lagos to Dubai flight price in Naira sometime can be a very difficult thing and that’s because whenever you search online, you are ushered with an array of foreign flight comparison search engines offers who are claiming to offer the cheapest flight tickets from Lagos to Dubai. Most of the time, these prices are usually not the best offer for a Lagos to Dubai flight because they are listed in foreign currencies. When you convert them to the Nigerian Naira which is the Nigerian official currency, you’d realise you are paying more due to the fluctuating exchange rates. This is why we have compiled a list of the cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai, you need not worry your head about the exchange rates, these flights prized in Nigerian Naira.

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Things to Note when Travelling from Lagos to Dubai

Here are some of the requirements you

  1. You need the right travel documents such as a visiting visa, passport, yellow fever card and other requirements as specified.
    See how to get your Yellow Fever card in Nigeria
  2. Lagos is a state in Nigeria and Dubai is a city located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  3. Lagos and Dubai operate different time zone, Lagos is three hours behind Dubai that is Dubai is three hours ahead of Lagos.
  4. The Lagos Airport is the Murtala Muhammed International Airport while the Dubai Airport is the Dubai International Airport
  5. The main language in Dubai is English and Arabic
  6. The official currency in Dubai is Dirham (AED) which is referred to as the Arab Emirate Dirham.
Lagos to Dubai flight

Lagos to Dubai Flight

Lagos to Dubai flight is one of the most interesting as you can be assured of some of the best aeroplanes in the world. The flight duration from Lagos Murtala International Airport to Dubai International Airport is about 7 to 8 hours if you are using a direct flight. However, if you are going through connecting flight, it may take up to 26 hours depending on the number of stopovers.

Lagos to Dubai flight

Other Popular Destinations from Lagos

dubai city

Lagos is the biggest commercial city in Nigeria, therefore gets over 70 per cent of all air traffic in Nigeria. What that means is the majority of all the commercial and private flights in Nigeria is through Lagos. Here are other popular travel destinations from Lagos.
Lagos to London
Lagos to the United States
Flight from Nigeria to Dubai
Lagos to Cairo
Lagos to Schengen countries
Flight from Lagos to France
Lagos to Europe
Lagos to Kenya
Flight from Lagos to Cape Town
Lagos to South Africa
Lagos to Nairobi
Flight Lagos to Egypt
Lagos to China
Lagos to New York
Flight Lagos to Canada
Lagos to Texas

Airlines That Offer Flights from Lagos To Dubai

Emirate Airline Flight From Lagos To Dubai

Emirate Airline is one of the major airlines owned by the United Arab Emirates. It offers some of the cheapest flights to Dubai.

Lagos to Dubai Flight

Ethiopian Airlines Flight From Lagos to Dubai

If you are searching for Ethiopian Airlines flight from Lagos to Dubai, then you are in the right place. Ethiopian Airlines offers one of the best flight services in Nigeria providing users with some of the best travel deals. Ethiopian Airlines offers some of the cheapest flights from Lagos to Dubai and other amazing destinations.

Etihad Flight

Another Airline that offers cheap flight to Dubai is Etihad Airways. With Etihad, you can book a cheap flight from Lagos to (LOS) to Dubai (DXB). Etihad offers both luxury and comfortable flight to Dubai with its top of the range air fleets.

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways offers one of the cheapest flights services from Lagos to Dubai. If you are looking for the cheapest flight in Nigeria, Kenya Airways has some of the best deals on Lagos to Dubai cheap flight.

Other Airlines that Offers Flight From Lagos to Dubai

  • Turkish Airlines
  • Egyptair
  • RwandAir
  • Air Peace
  • KLM Airlines
  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa Airline
  • Delta Airline

Where to Get Lagos to Dubai flight price in Naira

Different platforms offer cheap Lagos to Dubai Flight prices in naira. Most of the time, when you search on Google, you get so many offers that may either be too expensive or not helpful. You need not worry, we have provided some of the best platforms to get the cheapest flights in Nigeria.
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Book Travelstart Flight from Lagos to Dubai

Book Wakanow Flight from Lagos to Dubai

When to Book flight prices to Dubai from Lagos

There are special tricks involved when booking Lagos to Abuja flight prices in Naira, one of the tricks is timing. It is generally known that timing is everything when it comes to booking of flights. Many factors determine the cost of flights and early flight bookings are known to be generally cheaper than late bookings. Experts believe the best time to book flights is during off peaks and at night when there seems to be less air travel.

Lagos to Dubai Flight

Compare flight tickets

Flights are usually cheap when you book in advance, Some months are usually quite cheaper than another. Here is the best travel comparison site in Nigeria.

Which is better Direct flight or Connecting Flight from Lagos to Dubai

It is generally known that connecting flights are usually way cheaper than a direct flight. If you book a direct flight, the cost of a direct flight will be way more expensive than a connecting flight, for most connecting flights, the more the stopovers and the number of hours the cheaper the flight ticket. So if you are looking for the cheapest flight from Lagos to Duba

Which is Cheaper, One Way from or Round Trip Flights from Lagos to Dubai
One way flights are usually more expensive than a round trip, rather than booking a one-way ticket, it is advisable to do a round trip that way you will be saving a lot of money.

Lagos to Dubai Airports

Travelling from Lagos to Dubai, these are the different international airports that you could go through
Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos (LOS
Dubai International Airport (DXB)
Dubai Al Maktoum Airport (DWC)

Cheapest Flight From Lagos To Dubai

If you are looking at booking the cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai, here is the link below to book Lagos to Dubai Flight in Naira

The cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai
flight from Lagos to Dubai
Lagos to Dubai flight price in naira
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Places to Visit When You Visit Dubai

This articles will help you with everything you need to know if you are travelling to Dubai, Here are a list of places to explore when you visit Dubai.

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