Landmark Leisure Beach – A luxury beach in Lagos

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Landmark beach Lagos is one of the many hidden treasures in Lagos, it is located along the Lagos coastline. Landmark leisure beach is a private beach close to the Oniru Royal family beach. It is the perfect escape getaway from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. Landmark is a family-themed park with facilities for everyone both young, the old and the young at heart and it is one of the best beaches in Lagos. Unlike other beaches that require several hours of driving to enjoy the beauty of nature, Landmark beach Lagos is located within Victoria Island at Oniru to be precise. Imagine a beautiful beach with clear crystal water, lovely scenery, clean and quiet environment within the city of Victoria Island and less than 10 minutes drive from Lekki Phase one. Landmark leisure beach is one of the many tourist attraction you should visit in Lagos.

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About Landmark Leisure Beach Lagos

Landmark Leisure Beach Lagos is one of the few beaches in Lagos, Nigeria that you can visit without having to drive long hours to get to the destination. Landmark Leisure beach Lagos boasts of many facilities and recreational amenities and it can easily be accessed. It is about an hour drive from Lagos mainland and less than five minutes drive from Eko Hotel. It is a beautifully styled private beach it shares the same facility with the Landmark event centre.

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It is located in a serene environment, highly secured and it is a perfect weekend getaway site in Lagos. Landmark Oniru Beach offers world-class services and facilities to cater for all your different needs and to give you an unforgettable and exciting beach experience in Lagos.
Landmark offers a beautiful ambience, clean environment, well-maintained facilities with lots of activities to enjoy.
Landmark leisure beach is not just another beautiful, it is a private recreational and leisure beach that offers an exciting entertainment and leisure activities, the beach is calm which makes it friendly for swimming and other water sports. However, caution must be taken when swimming in the water.
The beach stretches from Shiro Restaurant, Hard Rock Café, Landmark event centre down to the Landmark hotel.
Landmark beach resort is the perfect example of a beach resort within close proximity to Lagos island, serene, beautiful and affordable.

When Did the Landmark Beach open?

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Landmark Leisure was opened to the public on 16th December 2018. The opening witnessed a huge crowd and it has grown to become one of the renowned beaches in Lagos.

Things to Do at Landmark Leisure Beach Lagos

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  • Explore foods and drinks: The beach offers foods, drinks and lots of edibles. The beach has few restaurants that will take care of all your foods and drink needs.
  • Enjoy a boat cruise: wanna take a cruise? Yes You can get a boat ride from as low as 5,000 naira
  • Hire a jetski: You love adventure? You can hire a jetski at the at Landmark for an unforgettable adventure on the sea.
  • Play football: The beach offers a pitch where you can compete with your friends for an adventurous moment
  • Play Beach soccer: You can also decide to play in the American Beach soccer in crystal white sand.
  • Fly a kite: You can bring back your childhood memory by flying a kite, you have the whole beach wind at your disposal to control how far you want your kite to go
  • Get on a quad bike: You must have seen these bikes once at the beach and you keep wondering what it will feel like to ride on one of those quadbikes, Landmark beach offers the chance to rent the bikes.
  • Enjoy a horse ride: Want to announce your presence in a heroic way, why not get on a horse and walk down the aisle of the Atlantic to the admiration of everyone.
  • Get on a bouncing castle: Well this is supposed to be meant for children but you can activate the kid in you and jump into one of those bouncing castles or just take your little one on a jumping spree.
  • Take beautiful pictures: They say pictures speak a thousand words especially when it is Instagram perfect. Take amazing pictures and show the world how beautiful Lagos is.
  • Plan a picnic: landmark beach is the perfect place to plan a picnic. It doesn’t matter if it is a church hangout, reunion, family event, landmark got you.
  • Order exotic drinks from the lounge: Landmark has a high-class VIP type lounge for all your needs. You can order some exotic red wines, beach drinks like sex on the beach, pina colada and your favourite coconut drinks.
  • Plan a party: Planning a party? and you need the best place to organise an unforgettable event like weddings, birthday party, bridal showers etc Landmark beach has the best place for you.

Landmark Beach Rules

Since Landmark is a private beach, they are guided by some rules and regulations to keep everyone safe. So before you visit this beach, please take note of these rules of the beach.

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  • Never Swim after sunset or in rough water
  • Admission shall be refused to all persons having any visible contagious disease
  • Swimming is not permitted except lifeguard is on duty
  • No swimming costumes outside the beach area
  • No roller scooters or bicycles on the boardwalk
  • No camping or sleeping overnight
  • Always keep the beach clean
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Do not leave children unattended to
  • No authorised barbecues or lighting of fires
  • Do not tamper with electric cables
  • Adhere to good manners and avoid causing disturbance
  • Avoid the use of fireworks or inflammable materials
  • Do not drink the beach water
  • Drugs are not allowed, no marijuana, narcotic etc offenders will lose access to the beach and will be handle to the authorities

Landmark Leisure Beach Gate Fee

Here are Landmark beach Lagos gate fee and other accompany rates

Gate fee for Non-Member

Gate fee for Adults 2,000
Children ( For Children 5-12 Years) 1,000
Free for 5 years and below

Landmark beach gate fee for Members

The gate fee for Landmark beach For Members is free

Cost of facilities

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Here is the cost of some facilities at Landmark Leisure beach Lagos
Loungers (a beach bed with Shared Umbrella) – 2,000
Cabana 25,000
Jetski 10,000 for 10 minutes
Kayak 6,000 per hour
Boat cruise 5,000 per hour
Bouncing castle 500
Volleyball 16,000 per hour
Astroturf Football 23,000 per hour

Corkage (If you are bringing food from Outside)

Corkage fee applies if you are bringing your food from outside, however, you will need to be on the group package to be able to bring in food. Here is corkage for different categories of foods and drinks.
10,000 per cooler of food
10,000 per cooler of alcoholic drinks
5,000 per cooler of non-alcoholic drinks
5,000 per pack or carton of beer, or a cooler of mixed alcoholic and non-alcoholic

List of Restaurants at the Beach

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  • Spur
  • Lagos Boat Club
  • The lounge/bar
  • Bubbletii
  • Ricy’s 411 Grill
  • Eko Spicy
  • Travis Cocktail bar
  • Sooyah Bistro

How to get to Landmark Lagos Beach

You can access Landmark Beach either from the 3th Roundabout by Pinnacle Filling Station or Through VIctoaria Island via Eko Hotel Roundabout.

Landmark beach in lagos

Opening Time

Landmark beach open from 8 am to 10 pm daily.

Facilities at Landmark beach

Even though Landmark beach is one of the newest addition to the Lagos beaches, it is, however, one of the favourite beaches in Lagos due to its proximity to Lagos Island. Here are some of the activities to do at Landmark beach

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  • Grab a drink from the bar
  • Kite Surfing
  • Football
  • Jetskiing
  • Paintballing
  • Beach Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Kids Play Zone

Landmark Beach Address

Landmark Beach Lagos is located at the Landmark Village Watercorporation Road Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Membership Plans for Landmark

2,000 per Adult
Child Entry (5-12 yrs) ₦1,000
Additional Kid Entry (0-5 yrs) Free
General Beach Access

50,000 per Annum
Admits 1 Adult
₦25K for Additional Adult
5% Discount on Beach Facilities & Activities
Entry Fee for Member’s Guest ₦1,500

200,000 Naira per Annum
Admits 2 Adults & 4 Children
20,000 for Additional Child
40% Discount on Cabanas
10% Discount on Beach Furniture
10% Discount on Beach Activities
Entry Fee for Member’s Guest ₦1,000
2 Free Foldable Chairs per Family

400,000 Naira per annum
Admits 1 Adult
Storage for 1 Jet Ski
1 Free Blue Membership

500,000 Naira Annually
Admits 2 Adults & Unlimited Number of Children
60% Discount on Cabanas and Beach Furniture
20% Discount on Water Sports
20% Discount on Other Beach Activities
Entry Fee for Member’s Guest ₦1,000
5 Free Foldable Chairs per Family

1,000,000 Naira per Annum
15 Staff Families
Admits 2 Adults & 4 Children
40% Discount on Cabanas
50,000 Nara for Additional Family
10% Discount on Beach Facilities & Activities
Entry Fee for Member’s Guest ₦1,000
2 Free Foldable Chairs per Family
Free Use of Astroturf for 4 Weeks Annually

5,000,000 Naira per Annum
30 Staff Families
Admits 2 Adults & Unlimited Number of Children
25,000 for Additional Family
60% Discount on Cabanas & Beach Furniture
20% Discount on Watersports
20% Discount on Beach Facilities
Entry Fee for Member’s Guest ₦1,000
5 Free Foldable Chairs
Free Use of Astroturf for 12 Weeks Annually
10% Discount on Beach Hire for Events

Landmark Beach shares the same facility with Hardrock Café, Shiro Restaurant, Landmark Event Centre and the upcoming Retail Boulevard. It combines a myriad of leisure and recreational activities which caters to adults and children. What are your thoughts on the beach?

Other Tourist Centres Close to Landmark

Lekki Leisure Lake
Twin waters
Shiro/Hardrock Cafe
Oniru Beach
Moist Beach Club
Nike Art Gallery

Pictures From Landmark Beach

Here are beautiful pictures from Landmark Leisure beach, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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