Adventurous Boat Cruise Across the Lagos Lagoon. Beautiful Pictures from Lagos Lagoon

Dangote's yatch

Lagos State is blessed with lots of rivers, lakes, bay, lagoon, ocean, seas and the majestic Atlantic. I have been on a boat several times this year and I have always wondered what it will feel like to do a boat cruise along the Lagos lagoon. I have always wanted to see the beauties of the Lagos Atlantic and document every piece of it.
There are a couple of Islands in Lagos which includes Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki and Lagos Island, Ilashe, Inagbe etc and there are a couple of areas that share a boundary with the Lagos lagoon. Some of the popular areas are Apapa, Badagry, Ojo, Ajah, Lekki, Ikorodu, Iyana Oworo, Bariga, Yaba etc.
I love anything water, nature, art and adventure and I have always dreamed of capturing the beautiful views from the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic. So I decided to hire a speed boat from a jetty in Ikoyi and off we set. Hiring a boat in Lagos is usually billed per hour and the cost is usually very high. In my quest to capture the beauty of the Lagos Lagoon the cost does not matter. We set out from a jetty in Ikoyi. This trip was supposed to last for two hours to reach all the major hubs on the Lagos Lagoon and I can assure you it was worth it. We touched base at the following places

Top Places on the Island


Victoria Island

Lagos Island

Some Part of Lekki


Inagbe Grand Resort


And some other places I don’t even know their names

A day on the Lagos Lagoon

This trip was an eye-opener and it gave a clearer view of Lagos Island, When you are on the water it is a different view entirely. You get to understand the position and the navigation of places more. It also gives a clearer view of how different places connect within the island.
We touched down and passed through some major landmarks and some notable places on the Island.
Some of these locations include:
Five Cowrie Terminal, Ikoyi: It is a modern terminal with state of the art facility to change the game of water transportation and to serve as a major water terminal in Lagos.

five cowrie terminal

1. Civic Centre: It is an event centre located along Ozumba Mbadiwe opposite the 1004 estate.

civic centre

2. Oriental Hotel: This is one of the most exotic hotels in Lagos overseeing the Lekki Epe expressway in the front and the Lagoon at the back.

oriental hotel

Black Diamond Hotel: This beautiful structure is owned by Mobil which serves as a hotel for their staff and expatriates

black diamond

Lekki Ikoyi Link Bridge: the Lekki Link bridge is an ultra-modern bridge that connects Lekki and Ikoyi

lekki ikoyi link bridge

Lagos Business District Marina Axis: This is Lagos Marina, a section of the Lagos business district overseeing the Lagos waterways.

lagos business district

US Embassy: This United States embassy is located in Victoria Island but can be spotted from the Lagos lagoon

american embassy

The Nigerian naval Dock: We had a rare privilege to see the Nigerian naval docks where the Nigerian warships are parked

nigerian warship
nigerian warship

The Nigerian Warships: We saw some of the Nigerian warships

nigerian warship
nigerian warship

Oando Headquarters: There is a beautiful twin building along the Lagos coastline which is the Oando Headquarters in Victoria Island

oando headquaters

The Nigerian Ports: We also got a close view of the Nigerian ports from the waterside, It is one of the busiest seaports in Africa.

apapa port

Ship: We also got to see several ships coming to berth at the Lagos Port


Third Mainland Bridge: We also sailed towards the third mainland bridge and got a lagoon view of the Third Mainland Bridge which is the longest bridge in West Africa and the second-longest in Africa measuring a 10.5 km in length.

third mainland bridge

Carter bridge: This is another bridge that links Lagos Island and the Mainland
Nitel Tower: I also got a nice view of the Nitel Tower which is located on Broad Street, Lagos island

nitel tower

The oil Rig: We also got a better view of the oil rig located in front of the lagoon opposite Marina

oil rig in lagos

1004 Estates: From the lagoon, we also got to see the 1004 estates which are a block of unit flats numbering 1004 flats of two and three-bedroom flats.

1004 estates

Oil tanks: We also got to see several oil tanks belonging to some of the biggest oil firms in Nigeria

oil tanks in nigeria

Vessels: We saw giant vessels some are as big as five to 10 storey building and It just makes you wonder how such giant vessels can float on water

ships in lagos
vessel in nigeria

Dangote and Otedola Multi-Million dollar Yacht:

dangotes yatch

Mansions Along the Lagoon

mansions on the lagoon
house on the lagoon

Global warming is real
I witnessed the effect of global warming in Lagos. I can see the rise in the water level and there has been a report that Lagos is sinking at a very fast rate and if nothing is done fast, Lagos might be submerged in a few years. some parts of Lagos Island and the water are on the same level

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