Tarkwa Bay Beach – A beautiful Island off the Coast of Lagos

Tarkwa Bay Beach house

Tarkwa Bay Beach – A beautiful Island off the Coast of Lagos

Tarkwa bay beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos. Tarkwa Bay beach is an artificial sheltered beach located at Onisiwo Island which is about 20 minutes boat ride from Victoria Island, Lagos. Tarkwa bay is one of the many popular tourist attractions in Lagos. Even though Tarkwa bay is a public beach, it offers the exclusivity of a private beach. Tarkwa bay boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos and it is also a popular tourist attraction where you can experience nature in its rarest beauty.

However, since Tarkwa bay is an Island, it can only be accessed via water either through a boat ride or better still you can announce your entry on a grand style by coming through a helicopter.
Tarkwa Bay is a perfect blend of nature and the beauty of the Lagos Island and the Eko Atlantic City at the background fused in beautiful harmony.

About Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay is a man-made island that was made during the construction of the Lagos harbour. The Island was sand filled with sand dredged from the Atlantic. It serves as a shelter for the Harbour which makes Tarkwa beach a lot calmer in terms of the wave compared to other beaches in Lagos which makes it safe for swimmers and surfers. Tarkwa Beach is located on a blissful and quiet island off the outskirt of Lagos Island along the Lagos coast. It a sandy island which serves as a residence to some of its inhabitants and a tourist attraction to hundreds of people that troop this beautiful Island every day.

Tarkwa Bay is usually less crowded, it is peaceful and void of the regular noise you get at major public beaches.
Majority of the residents at Tarkwa bay are fishermen, traders, Artisans and producers of natural palm oil, palm wine, coconut oil etc.

The journey to Tarkwa Bay involves a boat ride, You should add it to your bucket list of Adventurous things You Should do.

Takwa Bay

When was it Created?

If Tarkwa Bay is an artificial Island you might be wondering when Tarkwa Bay was created right? Tarkwa Bay has been in existence since 1960 when it was created as a shelter for the Lagos harbour.

How to Access Tarkwa Bay

Since Tarkwa is an Island you can only get to Tarkwa bay by boat, it is about 15 to 20 minutes cruise from Victoria Island or Lekki.

Takwa Bay Beach Houses

Tarkwa Bay Beach house

Takwa Bay has some locally made beach houses to cater
How to Get to Tarkwa Bay
You can choose to hire a private speed boat anywhere in Lagos island which ranges from 80,000 to about 250,000 this is dependent on the type of boat, the capacity and how long you intend to stay at the beach.
However, there are public boats that can you can board to Tarkwa bay at a more cheaper rate which ranges from 1000 – 2,000 naira for a round trip.

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Tarkwa Bay Beach Address

Takwa Bay

Here is Tarkwa Bay’s address:
The address of Tarkwa Bay is located at Onisiwo Island, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Tarkwa Bay Beach Entrance Fee

The Tarkwa Bay beach entrance fee is 200 Naira per adult
The Chairs cost 500 Naira each
Table cost 500 Naira
Gazebos cost about 5,000 to 50,000 depending on the size of the Gazebos

Other Attraction close to Tarkwa bay

  • Jaybee beach
  • Eko Atlantic City
  • Lighthouse Beach

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Activities at Tarkwa Bay

quad bike Tarkwa Bay

a. Surfing: Since the water is a little friendly it gives you for surfing along the coast.
b. Jetski: you can decide to ride on a jet ski at the beach
c. Boat ride: Boat cruise to Tarkwa Bay is one of the major attractions at the bay since there is no other way to access the island then you have to be ready for some adventurous ride.
d. Volleyball: Tarkwa bay has a Volleyball court where you can compete with your friends.
e. Beach ball: You can also play beach soccer with your friends at Tarkwa Bay
f. Quad Bikes: You can hire quad bikes, ride along the coast of this beautiful beach.
g. Watersports: There are lots of water sports activities to engage in since the beach is friendly for swimming.

Watersports activities at Tarkwa Bay beach

Popular Jetties to take a boat ride to Tarkwa Bay

a. Mekwe Jetty
b. Tarzan Jetty
c. Marina Jetty

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How to Get to Takwa Bay

You get can to Takwa Bay through any of the three jetties on the Island.

Tarkwa Bay from Marina/ CMS

From the CMS jetty, you can get a speed boat for 1500 to Tarkwa bay Beach from CMS, Lagos Island. It is about 20 minutes ride to the Island.

From Tarzan Marine Services

This is the jetty close to Oriental Hotel, it offers a boat ride to Takwa Bay

From Bonny Camp (Mekwe Jetty)

You can hire a boat ride from Bonny Camp to Tarkwa bay it is about 10 to 15 minutes cruise.

Where is the Location of Tarkwa Bay?

Tarkwa bay Beach is located on Onisiwo Island off the Lagos coast, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Tarkwa Bay Beach Hotel

Even though Takwa Bay Beach doesn’t have a hotel but just some minutes walk from Tarkwa bay is the Jaybee beach hotel which offers a luxurious hotel experience at Takwa bay. Another place where you can get good accommodation within Tarkwa Bay is Lighthouse Beach, it offers

Facts / Tips for Takwa Bay Beach

  • Get to the jetty on time
  • Leave the jetty before 6 pm to avoid rush hour especially if you come in a public boat
  • Bring your food and drinks
  • Keep your belongings safe
  • Come with a change of clothing
  • Hold enough cash
  • Come with your swimwear
  • Bring your music player
  • Buy coconut drinks, coconut oils etc

Tarkwa Bay Opening and Closing Time

Tarkwa Bay opens 24 hours a day and seven days a week. However, Tarkwa Bay Beach usually open to main activities from 8 am to 6 pm.

Cost of Visiting Tarkwa bay

Cost of a boat ride to Tarkwa Bay Beach varies from 1000 to 4,000 (Depend on the kind of boat and where you are coming from). This rate is the cost for the regular boats known as Banana Boats, however, the cost of a Luxury boat ride to Tarkwa Bay is usually higher.
Entrance Fee 200 (negotiable if the numbers are much)
Horse Riding 500 to 1,000 Naira
Chairs between 500 to 1000
Tables 500 to 1,000


Tarkwa bay beach is one of the best public beaches, it is a low budget beach but gives the exclusivity of a private beach.
Tarkwa Bay is serene, quiet, beautiful and one of the most popular beaches in Lagos, Nigeria.
What is your opinion about Tarkwa Bay, please share your experience

Pictures of Tarkwa Bay

Here are some lovely pictures from Tarkwa Bay Beach.

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