Important Updates on Dubai Visa For Nigerians

dubai visa for Nigerians

This post is regarding the latest updates on the Dubai Visa for Nigerians. In the last few months, there have been several updates regarding Dubai visas for Nigerians. However, there is no official statement from the United Arab Emirates government yet regarding these latest developments. If you are planning to visit Dubai, this article is for you.

Dubai Updates In the Last One Year

These are some of the recent updates regarding the Dubai visa for Nigeria. These are some of the updates below:

Dubai Visa Ban For Nigerians

Early 2021, there was rumour that Dubai is no longer giving visas to Nigerians. The United Arab Emirates government has denied such claims. There was no formal ban, but we experienced a rise in the rate of refusal and denial rate for Nigerians.
Latest Updates: Nigerians can apply for Dubai Visas, however, Dubai is still rejecting some applications.

Delay in Processing Dubai Visa

Usually, Dubai visas processing takes between 24 hours to 72 hours. With the recent updates, processing a Dubai visa now takes between 3 to 7 days. The processing days depends on the type of visa.
Latest Update: The processing days for Dubai Visa is still between 3 to 7 working days.

High Rate of Denial

Before now, the Dubai visa is one of the easiest to get in Nigeria. The acceptance rate is almost 99 per cent. However, in the second/third quarter of 2021, there has been a significant increase in the number of Dubai visa denials for Nigerians. It was almost like a 30 per cent acceptance rate.
Latest Updates: In the last six months, there’s been an increase in the rejection rate of Dubai visas for Nigerians. However rate of denial has reduced significantly.

dubai visa for nigerians

Denial of Dubai Visa for Nigerian Male Who are Below 35 Years

Over the last few weeks, there is also a new update regarding Nigerian men that are 35 years and below. We also noticed a trend for single Nigerian men who are not married. The rate of rejection is over 95 per cent. The only exception is men below 35 who are married or travelling in the company of their parents or family. Married men who are below 35 years were granted Dubai visas. But the majority of men under 35 years were denied the Dubai visa.
Latest Update: Men below 35 years can now apply for a Dubai visa.

No direct Flight from Nigeria to Dubai

Another related update regarding travelling to Dubai is the ban on direct flights from Nigeria to Dubai. Early this year, there was a ban on direct flights from Nigeria to Dubai. The Nigerian government and airlines flying from Nigeria to Dubai did not meet the requirement for the Rapid PCR test facility. It is the new standard requirement for airlines flying to Dubai. In addition to the regular covid test carried out, the airlines are mandated to carry out another test on passengers flying into Dubai.

Latest Updates: Since the ban of direct flights from Nigeria to Dubai. Most people can only travel from Nigeria to Dubai Through Cotonou and Ghana. As of October 2021, There is still no direct flight from Nigeria to Dubai. However, you can travel to Dubai through Kenya Airways, But you have to ensure that the airline will be having a long layover. This is to give room for the instant test at the airport.

Non Issuance of Work Permit to Nigerians

Another recent development is the issue of Dubai work permits for Nigerians. Hundreds of people are denied work visas. Dubai Authorities has denied not granting work permits to Nigerians. But we noticed the UAE is not currently renewing nor giving work permits for many Nigerians. Most of the applications got rejected. Getting a work visa in Dubai has become harder than ever. This is for Nigerian citizens in Dubai. It doesn’t matter how long you have been working in Dubai, Dubai was not granting

Latest Update: As of October 2021, the majority of Nigerians living in Dubai are still finding it hard to process or renew Dubai work permits.

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Possible Reasons for these developments

  1. Increase in Crime Activities by Some Nigerians: Some people have attributed it to the recent criminal activities by some Nigerians living in the United Arab Emirates. One of the cases is the Hush Puppy cyber-criminal case. Hush Puppy is currently in a federal prison in the United States of America. He is currently facing several criminal charges. Some people claimed some of the visa difficulties Nigerians are experiencing may be related to these recent criminal activities.
  2. Cultism Activities by Some Nigerians: Another recent development is a high increase in cultism activities and gang wars by some Nigerians in the United Arab Emirates. These activities have left some people dead and others injured. These may also be related.
  3. Some Nigerians were Tagged Global Sponsors of Terrorism: Sometime in 2021, some prominent Nigerians were tagged global sponsors of terrorism. Also, this may somehow be connected to the recent visa ban for Nigerians.
  4. Issues with the Federal Government: There is a pending issue between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Arab Emirate government. This issue is still pending that subsequently led to the banning of direct flights to Dubai from Nigeria.
  5. Reduce The Number of Nigerians Coming to UAE: This may also be an attempt to reduce the number of Nigerians coming to the UAE in search of greener pasture.

Things to Do To Avoid Dubai Visa Ban

  1. Do a Social Media Audit: Always ensure you do a social media audit on all your social media pages. Ensure that your profile does not suggest you are into any illegal activities. Also, ensure your page does not support any form of criminal activity.
  2. You May Travel With Your Family: One of the easiest ways to get a Dubai visa is to travel in the company of your spouse, older siblings or parents. It has become a sure way to get a Dubai visa.
  3. Apply from A Trusted Agent: Dubai usually blacklists agents whose clients are on a wanted list or whose client has done something in the past. Applying from such agents may lead to visa rejection. Always ensure you apply from trusted agents with high integrity. Below is the list of trusted Dubai Agents in Nigeria.

Travelwaka Tours

Lacrisp Travels

Our Recommendation

If you are still in Nigeria, this is not the best time to travel to Dubai in search of jobs. You may also have to suspend visiting Dubai for now if you do not have something very important to do in Dubai. With these recent updates, You can still apply for your regular tourist visas. Tourist visas are currently being granted to Nigerians as of October 2020. However if you are planning to travel, kindly follow the above recommendations for the best strategies to get Dubai in Nigeria.

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