How to Travel from Nigeria to Dubai Through Benin Republic

nigeria to dubai through bening republic

Tips to Travel From Nigeria to Dubai Through Cotonou, Benin Republic. This will be a step by step procedure on how to travel from Nigeria to Dubai through the Benin Republic. It is no longer news that Nigerians can no longer travel directly from Nigeria to Dubai. It is due to the issues between the Nigerian Government and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). To travel to Dubai from Nigeria, you will need to go through some west African countries like the Benin Republic, Ghana or Cameroon etc. However, based on the best options, you should either go through the Benin Republic or Ghana. If you are travelling through on a budget, it is best to travel via the Republic of Benin.

Why Travel through the Benin Republic to Dubai From Nigeria

  1. It is cheaper to travel to Benin republic from Nigeria. It is because there are several options to travel to Benin such ad road, air or water.
  2. Lagos to the Benin Republic by road is about 3 hours.
  3. Hotels in the Republic of Benin is cheaper than and more affordable than hotels in Ghana.
  4. You have a flexible travel date.

Reason For the Travel Ban

There has been a loggerhead between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. It has led to the ban on all flights to and from Nigeria to Dubai. The issue started because of the new strict covid 19 protocol issued by the United Arab Emirates on Nigerian travellers. The Nigerian authorities claims, the new policy single-handedly targeted Nigerians. The new policy did not go well with the Nigerian authority. The new protocol will only allow Emirate Airlines, the official airline of the United Arab Emirate fly passengers to and from Nigeria to Dubai.

It will also require Nigerians travelling into Dubai to conduct another compulsory rapid Covid 19 test within 4 hours of arrival in Dubai. It also states that no passengers who had visited Nigeria within 14 days will not be allowed entry into their country. The Nigerian authorities appealed to Emirate to allow Nigerians entry into the Emirates. The Nigerian government also suggested that other carriers fly passengers into Dubai pending when the infrastructure and logistics for Quick test will be provided or to suspend flights to and from Nigeria till the issues are resolved.
However, after a while, the issue was resolved but the authorities of the United Arab Emirate are yet to resume operations in Nigeria.

Back to the story, There are several things to note when travelling from Nigeria to Dubai through Cotonou, Benin Republic. We will address this one by one.

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Requirements for Travelling to Dubai from Nigeria through The Republic of Benin

1. Nigerian International Passport: To travel to any international destination, you need a Nigerian passport. You need an international passport to enter the Benin Republic from Nigeria. You should also ensure to stamp out of Nigeria and stamp into Benin at the border.

Nigerian passport and yellow fever card

2. Yellow Fever card: In addition to the International passport, must have a Yellow fever card. It is proof that you have had a shot of the yellow fever vaccination. In addition, another requirement is the yellow fever vaccination and the meningitis vaccination.

3. Dubai Visa: Before travelling to Dubai, you need a visa. This could be a visiting visa, tourist visa, work permit etc.

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4. Flight Ticket: You need a flight ticket from Nigeria to Benin if you are going by flight to Benin Republic and also from the Republic of Benin to Dubai. However, you can travel from Nigeria to the Benin Republic by road.

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5. Negative Covid 19 Test: You do not necessarily need a covid 19 test to travel to the Republic of Benin by road, however, you need a Covid test to travel from the Benin Republic to Dubai.

This post will cover everything you need to know when travelling from Nigeria to Dubai through the Benin Republic. It covers transportation options, border protocol, Stamping, documentation, requirements, accommodation, flight, visa etc. Let’s get into the real business of travelling from Nigerian to Dubai through Benin Republic.

Things to Note when Travelling from Nigeria to Dubai through Benin Republic

  1. You must get all required documentation and vaccination.
  2. You must stay in Cotonou for a minimum of 14 days. This is the covid 19 protocol.
  3. The officials in Benin are strict, please ensure all your documents are complete.
  4. Ensure you get to the airport on time. At least 3 hours before your flight.
  5. Ensure you do your Covid test before 11 am in Benin so you can quickly get your result.
  6. Make sure you go with lots of cash.
  7. Change enough money at the border

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Travelling to Benin Republic by Road from Nigeria

Once you have all the requirements to travel to Benin. Irrespective of wherever you are in Nigeria. Find your way to Lagos, From Lagos, you need to head straight to the Seme border in Badagry. You may want to avoid the Idiroko border. This is because people have had issues using the border in the past. Once you stamp your passport, you can then proceed to look for accommodation in the Benin Republic. These are the several options for accommodation in Benin.

Accommodation Options

a. Hotel: Depending on your taste or budget, hotels in the Republic of Benin ranges from 7,000 upwards, while standard hotel starts from 12,000. The luxury ones start from 25,000.
b. AirBnB: There are also many beautiful Airbnb luxury apartments in the Benin Republic, you may decide to stay in one of the affordable apartments.
c. Shortlet Apartments: Shortlet are another option to consider in Benin Republic, however, the cost of short lets in Benin is slightly higher compared to the cost of hotels.
d. Rent a House: Accommodations are generally cheap in the Benin Republic, you may decide to rent a house for one month. These are the various options for accommodation from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms.

Covid 19 test

Getting a covid 19 test done in Benin will cost you between 45,000 and 70,000. If you travelling by road, you may not need to do a COVID 19 test from Nigeria. However, if you are travelling by air, You will be required to do a covid 19 test.
Covid 19 test in Nigeria is between 40,000 to 45,000 Naira.
While covid 19 test in Benin Republic is between 50,000 to 70,000 Naira.
You will also be required to do another test upon arrival in Dubai

Dubai Visa In Nigeria

You need a Dubai visa when travelling from Nigeria to Dubai through Benin Republic. There are different classes of Visa.

  • Student Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Visitors Visa
  • Transit Visa

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Flight Ticket

If you decide to fly to Benin, You can get flights from Nigeria to Benin Republic here

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Flying to Dubai From Benin Republic to Dubai

Once you have stayed a minimum of 14 days in Dubai and have done your Covid 19 test less than 72 hours before your flight. in addition, you have all your necessary documentation. You are good to go and on your way to starting your flight to Dubai. You should select the Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport, It is less than 30 minutes drive from the Seme border. The travel time from the Republic of Benin to Dubai is between ten to eleven hours without a stopover. However, depending on the number of stopovers and the duration of waiting, it can increase to between 14 hours to 21 hours.

The cost of flight from Nigeria to Dubai Through Benin Republic.

The cost of Flight tickets Varies. There are so many factors that determine the cost of tickets.

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This is all you need to know when travelling from Nigeria to Benin. However, if you need a trusted Travel Agent to handle your travel from Nigeria to Dubai through Benin Republic.

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