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Short-lets are gradually taking over the hospitality sector. It has become a better alternative to hotels. Short lets in states like Lagos and Abuja have become popular in the last few years. Getting short lets in Lagos is one thing and getting the best short lets in Lagos is another. This is why we have carefully selected some top short lets in Lagos.  

Hotels are becoming very boring and the days of short lets are here. Short lets give you a sense of belonging. You feel like you live in the neighbourhood. You do not have to share public areas and passages with a whole lot of random people. 

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Hotels are great but most times does not give you the warmth and feelings of a home. You are limited to the kind of things you can do at a hotel. However, with short-lets you have a bedroom, kitchen and restroom. Also, you can prepare your meals. Your kids have the flexibility to play around the environment. In addition, It has laundry facilities and most importantly, you have all the facilities of a home. 

Short-lets properties can either be flats, studio apartments, bungalows, or duplex. You can let for a couple of days or months. It is usually a temporary rental arrangement between the owners and the tenants. That way, the tenant can stay within a few periods without any form of a long term contract. 

Any kind of property is suitable for short lets either. 

Why Short lets in Nigeria 

1. It is Flexible: It is very flexible, it takes off the stress of managing the properties. It gives you all the privileges of living in a house. You do not have to worry about buying furniture, maintaining the property, paying for electricity supply, hiring cleaners etc. 

2. It is Easy To Run: Unlike its hotel counterparts, running a shortlet is easy. All you need to do is make payment, move in and after you are the duration you can move out without the stress of packing. 

3. Offers Much More Than a Hotel: Shorts lets have more advantages than just a hotel. It offers more facilities. It feels like home compared to a hotel where you have limited resources. 

4. The Experience of A local: Living in a short let would allow you to live like the locals, you get to experience the people, the culture, the tradition and the way of life of the people living in that region.

5. Give you Freedom and Privacy: Apart from the feeling of living in your own home. Short lets also offer freedom and privacy. Unlike most hotels where you share passages and public facilities with other people. Short lets offer better privacy. 

Duration of Renting a Short let in Lagos 

The duration for a serviced short let in Lagos is usually between one day and up to 6 months. 

A Short let is a serviced apartment which is usually a luxurious apartment. It is usually well furnished with all the facilities of a house. 

Points to Note About Short lets 

1. You do not pay extra bills 

2. It is usually cheaper than hotels 

3. Short lets allows you to cook your meal 

4. It is home away from home 

5. It is located in a serene environment 

6. The cost of the short lets is dependent on the size of the apartments, location and the number of bedrooms.

Facilities Available at Short lets in Lagos

  • Entertainment system 
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Free Access to the Internet 
  • Cable Television 
  • 24 Hours Security 
  • Street Lights 
  • Functional Kitchen 
  • Fully Furnished Apartments 
  • Fully Air-conditioned 
  • Clean and safe environment 
  • Backup Generator 
  • Security Doors 
  • Free Service house cleaner, Security personnel, 
  • Good water supply
  • Well furnished rooms 
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Refrigerator, Microwave, electric/Gas cooker 
  • Parking space 

Where Can I get Shortlet Apartments in Lagos?

To get a short let apartment in Lagos, visit It offers a wide range of short lets from different areas in Lagos.  

These are some of the Areas to Consider for Short Lets in Lagos

Short lets in Ikeja, Victoria Island, Lekki, Ikoyi, Magodo, Omole, Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, Yaba, Banana Island

How to Book Short lets in Lagos 

Booking a short let in Lagos is easy. First of all, Kindly visit, browse the site for the different short lets available.

Once you find the one you like, kindly send us a message or call to confirm the availability of the short room. 

Once it is available, ensure you make payments within 24 hours of booking.  

Things to Consider When Choosing A Short let in Lagos 

1. Security: How secured is the area, what other forms of security are the owners putting in place. Does it have private security, well fenced, 

2. Proximity to the city: Another thing to consider is, how close is it to the main city. It could also be how close is it to the places you frequent.  

3. Location: Location is also key. Is it on the mainland or the island?

4. Reason for Letting : This is important, if you are new in a city and you are trying to know about the city. Perhaps, if you are looking for fun activities, it won’t make sense to stay in a very quiet estate.

Cost of Short lets in Nigeria

The cost of Short lets in Nigeria varies from location to location and from state to state. Other factors to consider are the type of short lets, the number of rooms etc. 

Categories of Short lets in Nigeria 

  • Self Contain Short let 
  • One bedroom Short let
  • Two-Bedroom Short let 
  • Three bedroom Short lets 
  • Four bedroom short let 
  • 5+ bedroom Short let 
  • Duplex Short let 

Short lets at Different Areas in Lagos 

Abijo, Ikate, Elegushi, Ikota, Yaba, Magodo, Magodo Shangisha, Ogudu, Ogudu GRA, Gbagada, Ikeja, Ikeja GRA, Jakande, Lekki Epe Expressway, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki Phase 2, Nicon Town, Orange Island, VGC, Osapa London, Areas 1st Roundabout, 2nd Roundabout, 2nd Toll Gate, Admiralty 

way, Alma Beach Estate|Alperton Estate, Twin Towers, Omole Estate, Ogba Alpha Beach, Bourdillon Court, Chevron Drive, Chevron Toll Gate, Eastland Golf Estate, Eleganza Estate, Fara Park Estate, Goshen Estate, Ikota County Estate, Lakeview Estate, Lekki Conservation Centre, Prime Water View Estate, Twin Lake Estate

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