Arinta Waterfalls – A Beautiful Destination in Ekiti State

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Arinta Waterfalls in one of the many wonders of nature in Nigeria. It is located in a quiet and serene village in Ekiti State. Arinta Waterfalls may not be one of the most popular waterfalls in Nigeria but it is a beauty to behold. Arinta is another hidden treasure located in Ekiti State. It is one of the most underrated tourist attractions in Nigeria. It comes with a beautiful landscape, lush green vegetation, rugged hills, a flowing stream and a gigantic rock. This is nature at its finest.

Arinta Waterfall

What is a waterfall?

A waterfall is a natural phenomenon where water flows vertically from the top of a cliff. It could be from a rock or valley.

It is located in a serene environment with lush green vegetation with beautiful mountains, valleys and a flowing stream. The views will leave you wanting more.
Arinta waterfalls is endowed with rich natural vegetation with green forest and tall trees. Forming a beautiful natural umbrella over the entire forest.
Arinta is quiet and peaceful, but as you move closer to the waterfall, you’d hear the sound of gushing waters from a distance.

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Arinta may not be as magnificent and daring as the Erin Ijesha waterfalls, which is one of the most popular waterfalls in Nigeria. However, Arinta has its uniqueness and similarities with Erin Ijesha waterfalls.

The source of the waterfalls is not visible and reachable to most tourist as it is located high on the rock.

Getting to Arinta Waterfalls from Lagos

The distance from Arinta waterfalls to Lagos is about 5 to 6 hours. From Lagos, drive down to Ibadan, then from Ibadan find your way to Ekiti State. Arinta waterfall is about an hour drive from Ado Ekiti.


Getting to Arinta From Other State

If you are coming from other states, find your way to Ekiti, then locate Aromoko area.

Arinta waterfalls is a few minutes drive from the Ikogosi warm spring. Another beautiful destination in Ekiti. Unlike its counterpart Erin Ijesha Waterfalls in Osun State. Arinta is quiet and serene making it a good tourist attraction. If you are looking for somewhere that is quiet and a great spot for hiking, Arinta Waterfalls is a great destination. Though it is not as daunting as the Erin Ijesha waterfall. It is still one of the great tourist destinations in South West.
There are so many waterfalls scattered around the length and breadth of Nigeria. There are waterfalls in the North, South, East and the West.

Arinta waterfall

Arinta waterfalls have seven different layers, however, tourist activities usually end at the second layer.
The downside is there is no lodging, however, Ikogosi warm spring which is some minutes away provides a nice place for lodging. It is just about fifteen minutes drive from Arinta Waterfalls. It is tucked away in a remote village off any form of civilization.

Arinta Waterfalls Gate fee

The gate fee for Arinta waterfall is 500 per individual which is payable at the entrance.

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Tips When Visiting Arinta Waterfalls

  1. Come with a change of clothing because you are going to get wet
  2. Wear a gripping shoe it involves less than a 10 minutes hike
  3. Bring your swimming gears
  4. Get a power bank
  5. Get, food, water and snacks before coming over as there is no restaurant around.
  6. Please Hold cash as transfers and POS are not allowed.
  7. Leave very early, the roads get pretty lonely. You could drive up to 30 minutes without seeing a single soul.

Things to Bring

  • Change of clothing
  • Shower caps
  • Swimming gears

Things to Do at Arinta Waterfalls

  • Hiking – It is a great place for hiking activities.
  • You can also do Mountain Climbing at the waterfall
  • It is also a great place to organize a picnics, gettogether and family reunions.
  • Enjoy the wonderful view of the landscape and waterfalls
  • Take a shower under the gushing water
  • Take beautiful and lovely photos.

Location of Arinta Waterfalls

Arinta waterfall is located at Ipole Iloro In Ekiti West Local Government area, South West, Nigeria. It is a 15 minutes drive from Ikogosi Warm Spring.

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Other Tourist Attractions Close to Arinta Waterfalls

Pictures From Arinta Waterfall

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