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waterfalls in nigeria

In this blog post, we will be virtually chasing waterfalls in Nigeria. The post covers the list of all the waterfalls in Nigeria. Nigeria has so many waterfalls and it is my job to let you know the closest one to you. Perhaps, you can add some to your bucket list. There are a lot of waterfalls in Nigeria, so much that some might not have been discovered. While some that have been discovered are not known. This list will be focusing on all the known waterfalls in Nigeria. This will include both the popular and the not so popular waterfalls in Nigeria. It’s no more news that Nigeria is blessed with several natural endowments like the ocean, Atlantic, rivers, streams, rocks, hills, waterfalls, mountains etc. What you may not know is there are over thirty waterfalls in Nigeria. Yes, you heard that right. One of these waterfalls might even be close to you. 

You might have heard a lot about waterfalls, perhaps seen some in movies or documentary. The Niagara waterfalls come to mind. What you may not know is you do not need to travel abroad to spot this nature’s gift to man. There are lots of waterfalls in Nigeria. Nigeria has got its fair share of waterfalls.  

What is a Waterfall?

The waterfall is a natural occurrence where water flows vertically from a clip, hill, valley or rock. It could either be flowing from a river or creating a river or a stream. These cascades of water from a height is called waterfalls. Waterfalls are also known as cascades. Now that you know the meaning of waterfall, here are some examples waterfalls in Nigeria. 

Tips to Note Before Visiting a Waterfall 

Before we jump right at it, here are some tips when visiting a waterfall. 

1. Go with plenty of water: Some of these destinations do not have vendors that sell drinking water and sometimes it takes hours of hiking to get to them. Therefore always make provisions for water. 

2. Wear a proper hiking shoe: You know what they say about difficult roads leading to beautiful destinations. This is the case with most waterfalls. Some of them might require you hiking through hills, rocks and forested region. Therefore, you need proper hiking shoes.  

3. Leave early: This is to ensure that you arrive at your destination early, also ensure you leave the waterfall early because some of these destinations are located in remote villages far from civilization. Sometimes it takes hours of hiking, you do not want to get stuck at night. Getting transportation or hotel may be quite difficult.  

4. Eat before you embark on this experience: Always ensure you eat when visiting a waterfall in Nigeria. It’s simple, some of these tourist attractions don’t have restaurants. 

5. Wear sunglasses or face caps: Don’t forget to get a pair of sunglasses and face caps if you are visiting during the dry season

6. Get a tour guide: It is always important to get a tour guide, the know and understand the terrain. They will guide and give you the rich story and history of the place. 

7. Come with a change of clothing: When you visit a waterfall, you may likely get wet. It is always advisable to get a change of clothing which could be swimming wears, bikinis or shorts.  

8. Study the season: Before you visit a waterfall in Nigeria, always ensure you go at the right season. For some waterfalls, the rainy season might be the best time to visit while for some waterfalls it’s the dry season. This is because some waterfalls are inaccessible during the rainy season, the roads might not be motorable and the waves might be unfriendly for tourist. But in the dry season, it gets calmer.  

9. Keep our Waterfalls Clean: Do not mess up the waterfall, avoid throwing trash or littering the waterfall area. Please keep it cleaner than the way you met it.   

Entry Cost for waterfalls in Nigeria

some waterfalls are free while most require paying the entry fee. The cost of entry ranges from 200 Naira to 1,000 Naira. This is excluding the cost of a tour guide. 

Video of Waterfall in Nigeria

Below is a video of one of the waterfalls in Nigeria

List of Waterfalls in Nigeria

These are the list of all the known waterfalls in Nigeria. 

1. Erin Ijesha Waterfalls, Osun State 

Erin Ijesha waterfall is by far the most popular waterfall in Nigeria. It is also known as the Olumirin waterfalls. It is a seven-level waterfall with water cascading from a height of over 20 metres. One amazing thing about Erin Ijesha waterfall is, at level one of the waterfall is Osun state but the seventh level which is the source of the waterfall is marked under Ekiti State. The journey to the seventh level is not for the faint-hearted. If you are not physically strong or scared of height, please do not go past the second level. It is within a few metres from the Ilesha Akure expressway in Erin Oke, Erin Ijesha. 

erin ijesha waterfall in Nigeria

2. Gurara Waterfalls, Niger State 

Gurara waterfalls is another interesting waterfall in Nigeria. It is 30 metres high which is about about 99 feet tall and 200 metres wide. 

Gurara waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Nigeria. It is located in the Northern part of Nigeria, Niger state to be precise. The story behind the Gurara waterfall is an interesting one. It was named after two African deities namely Gura and Rara. This waterfall is about 100 feet in height forming two major streams as it flows. These streams are only accessible during the dry season which spans from November to March. 

Gurara waterfall in Nigeria
Picture from Brisk Travels

From April to November the waterfall current gets so high that the two streams converge to form a powerful waterfall which makes it impossible to swim. Gurara waterfall is just about an hour from Nigeria’s federal capital territory Abuja. 

3. Owu Waterfalls, Kwara State

Owu Waterfalls: Owu waterfall is another popular waterfall in Nigeria. It is located in Kwara State around Owa Onire, Ifelodun Local government area. Owu Waterfall is noted as one of the highest waterfalls in Nigeria and West Africa with a height of 120 metres which is about 374 feet forming a cold water pool at the feet of the rock. It has become a top tourist attraction in Nigeria witnessing tourist from different parts of the world.  

Owu waterfall in Nigeria
Picture from OU Travel and Tours

4. Matsirga Waterfalls Kaduna State

This is another waterfall located in the Notehrm part of Nigeria. Matsirga is located in a small town called Madakiya ward, Zangin Kataf, Kafancha, South Kaduna. The fall is about 30 metres in height. It falls deep into a gorge which is surrounded by rocks and beautiful vegetation. It is known as the River wonderful by the locals due to its breathtaking views. Matsirga waterfall is located in Madakiya Town, in Kaduna, North Central, Nigeria.

Matsirga waterfalls in Nigeria
Picture from Folio NG

The origin of the waterfall is from Kagoro hills and it cascades about 25 metres from top to the pool of water below forming a river which flows into a mighty body of water.

5. Kwa Waterfall Calabar, Cross River State. 

Kwa Waterfalls is located in Akampka Local government area, Cross River State, South-South Nigeria.

This is another waterfall located In Nigeria that has gained popularity over the years. Kwa falls is located in Calabar. Calabar is a 14 hours road trip from Lagos and 1 hour 30 minutes by flight. It takes 234 man-made steps to get to the waterfall. Its greenery is so beautiful giving it one of the most amazing landscape views. The Kwa waterfall is located in the Cross River National park.

kwa waterfall in Nigeria
Picture from Visit Nigeria Now

There is a local museum on site where you can learn more about the people and the culture. For the best view of the waterfall, you will need to take the 234 steps down the gorge to have a view of this beautiful view of this gift of nature. The stairs lead you down toward the river bed, then a few minutes of hiking will get you to the fall. It cost 500 Naira to gain entrance into this destination. 

6. Arinta Waterfall Ekiti State

Arinta Waterfalls: Arinta waterfall is one of the most underrated waterfalls in Nigeria. It is truly a beauty to behold and it is in Ekiti State, South West, Nigeria. It is less than a 15 minutes drive from Ikogosi Warm Spring. Just like the Erin Ijesha waterfall, It is also a seven-layer waterfall. Arinta waterfall is located in a peaceful and serene environment with motorable roads and facilities for a picnic. 

arinta waterfalls in Nigeria
Pictures from Travelwaka Tours

7. Awhum Waterfall Enugu State

Awhum Waterfall: Awhum waterfall is another beautiful waterfall in Nigeria. It is located in Udi Local Government in Enugu state eastern part of Nigeria. This waterfall has a unique terrain surrounded by some rugged cliffs giving it a beautiful and unique sight. Awhum Waterfalls is about 30 metres high which is about 100 feet from top to bottom. Some parts of the waterfall are warmer compared to other parts of the waterfall. The Awhum waterfall is managed by the Catholic Monastery. 

Awhum waterfall
Pictures from Guardian NG

8. Agbokim Waterfall Cross River State

Agbokim Waterfalls: Agbokim waterfall is another popular tourist attraction and waterfall in Nigeria. It is also located in Cross River state. It is one of the easiest to reach because the waterfall doesn’t require climbing some steep rock or gigantic mountain. Agbokim waterfall is located in Etung Local Government Area in Cross River State. Agbokim is located in a border town. It is not so far from the Nigerian Cameroun border. 

Agbokim waterfall
Picture From Glam Africa

9. Farin Ruwa Waterfalls Nasarawa State 

Farin Ruwa Waterfalls is located in Nasarawa State, Nothern Nigeria. It is one of the most popular waterfalls in Nigeria. Farin Ruwa in the Hausa language can be loosely translated to mean white water. This is as a result of the visual colouration it gives due to its height. 

Farin Ruwa Waterfall
Picture From Come to Nigeria

It is one of the most significant waterfalls in Africa this is because it has a height of over 150 metres which is about 492 feet. This makes Farin Ruwa the highest waterfall in Nigeria and Africa. It is much taller than the Victoria fall which is only about 354 feet tall. The journey to Farin Ruwa is one of the most interesting journeys you can embark on. You will drive through several kilometres of untarred road, hours of hiking and crossing three streams to get to this beautiful waterfall. No wonder they say difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

During the raining season, the gush of water makes it hard to swim, therefore, if you visit during the dry season, you can dive into the pool water at the bottom of the waterfall. Farin Ruwa is located between the boundary of Plateau and Nasarawa state. The water at Farin Ruwa is so pure that some popular pure water processing company get their water from Farin Ruwa. 

10. Assop Waterfall Plateau State

Assop waterfall
Picture From Nigeria Galleria

The Assop Waterfall has grown to become one of the popular waterfalls in Nigeria. It is about 65 kilometres from Jos the state capital. It is situated along the Jos-Abuja express road. Assop waterfall is known for picnicking and it has become one of the top tourist attractions in Plateau State. 

11. Mayanka Waterfalls Suleja Niger State.

Mayanka waterfall
Mayanka Waterfalls

Though Mayanka Waterfalls may not sound like a popular waterfall in Nigeria, its significance goes far back in history. The name Mayanka in the Hausa language means slaughter place. Mayanka used to be the execution ground during the pre-colonial traditional system of Government. This is the place where the traditional rulers sentence criminals to death before the age of colonial rule. Hundred of years after, this place has continued to remain significant. Thanks to civilization, the once dreaded place is now a tourist attraction available for all to visit. 

12. Ezeagu Waterfall Enugu State

Ezeagu is a beautiful waterfall also located in Enugu State. It is located at the Ezeau Tourist Complex. It is an hour drive from the state capital. Ezeagu waterfall is one of the popular tourist attractions in Enugu with a natural spring, waterfall, lake and a 3-kilometre cave with interconnecting tunnels and chambers. The waterfall is known as Ogbagada by the locals. The waterfall might not be gigantic but has become a popular tourist attraction in Enugu State.  

ezeagu waterfall

13. Ngwo Waterfall Enugu State

Ngwo waterfall
Pictures From 234 Project

Enugu is blessed with so many waterfalls and Ngwo waterfall is also another notable waterfall in Enugu state, South-East Nigeria. Ngwo waterfall is located in a cave-like structure which was formed from water gushing through limestone rock. This waterfall coming from the top of the cave forms a shallow pool at the bottom of the cave. It is a unique waterfall with beautiful landscape and terrain. It’s official Enugu should be crowned the city of waterfalls. It has one of the highest concentration of waterfalls in Nigeria. This attraction is made up of caves, waterfall, lake etc. It is also notable for tall pine trees 

14. Ogba Ukwu AKA Owerre Ezukala Waterfalls Anambra State

Ogna Ukwu waterfall
Pictures from @adedotunajibade on Instagram

 This is also known as the Owerre Ezukala waterfall. Ogba Ukwu waterfall might not be popular but It has put Anambra on the map of states in Nigeria that has waterfalls. It is located around Owerre Ezukala in Anambra state. It is becoming one of the notable tourist attraction in Anambra. The waterfall also has a cave making it adventurous for tourist. The cave was formally handed over to the government in 2010. The cave is one of the largest in West Africa.

15. Oferekpe Waterfalls Ebonyi

Oferekpe waterfall is located in Ikwo community in Ebonyi State. This waterfall is not as popular as its counterparts but is it definitely worth visiting and exploring. 

16. Ipole Iloro waterfalls Ekiti 

Picture from @fela_sanu on Instagram

This waterfall is new on the list, it was recently discovered and is gradually gaining momentum as a top tourist destination in Nigeria. The Ipole Iloro waterfall is another waterfall located Ekiti State that is gradually gaining momentum. 

17. Osome falls Kogi State

Pictures from Shehu Photography

Osome waterfall is located at Ukpogo, Kogi State, North Central, Nigeria. It is a waterfall cascading through rocks into a valley of about 50 metres with a loud thundering clap of water as it hits the rock on the bottom. 

18. Effon waterFalls

Picture from Information Nigeria

Effon waterfalls is also located in Ekiti State. It is not as popular as the other tourist attractions in the state because it was recently discovered. It also falls along the Effon ridge which is the source of Olumirin and Arinta waterfalls. 

19. Kurra Falls Plateau State 

Picture from Hello Travel

Kurra Falls is another popular waterfall in Nigeria located in Kurra Town in Plateau State. It is classified under North-west, Nigeria. Kurra waterfall is located along the Jos Pankshin road. It is made up of hills, rocks, valleys and lakes. Kurra Waterfalls has a rich cultural history, beautiful landscape and mother nature in its beauty. It is ideal for camping, hiking, bird watching and sightseeing.  

20. Upper Ogba Ngwu Waterfall

This is one of the two waterfalls located within the OgbaNgwu forest in Obeagu. This one is close to the Oyibo Obeagwu road toward the upper end of Oji. 

21. Obudu falls AKA Grotto Waterfalls Cross River

Obudu waterfalls might not be as mighty as the other waterfalls in Nigeria but it is worth visiting. Obudu waterfall is also known as the Grotto waterfalls. It has become one of the popular tourist attractions to visit in Obudu Mountain Resort. It is located inside the Obudu Mountain resort which has become one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria. Obudu falls on it own may not be worth visiting, but will be a good combination when you visit Obudu mountain resort which used to be known as the Obudu cattle ranch. 

22. Usoma falls Kogi State 

 Usoma falls is located along the Okene Ajaokuta road in Ukpogo Kogi state Nigeria. It has a rocky landscape which will require some hiking gadgets to navigate before you can get to the top of the hill. It is less than a 30 minutes walk from Okene Secondary School in Kogi.

23. Barup Waterfall: Gembu Taraba State

It is another beautiful waterfall located in the Nothern part of Nigeria. Barup waterfall is the most popular waterfall in Taraba State and one of the most visited tourist attractions in the state. It is located in Gembu inside the Ganshaka -Gumti National Park. It hosts thousands of tourist yearly who are in awe of its beauty. 

 24. Awlaw Waterfall Enugu State 

 Awlaw waterfall is another waterfall in Nigeria, located in Enugu State. It is located in Awlaw town which is about 15 minutes walk from the main road. Awlaw Waterfalls is not intimidating, it is tourist-friendly. It cascades from a height of 3.4 metres. It is a great spot for hiking and picnic. 

25. Opi or Uhere waterfall, Enugu State

Opi waterfall is also known as the Uhere waterfalls. It is located within the Opi cave along the Opi lake in Nsukka, Enugu state. It is a great spot for hiking, bird watching due to its beautiful landscape and rare birds.

26. Afam Mmaku or Obialu Ohuu Waterfall:

This waterfall is surrounded by beautiful landscape and it is one of the highest waterfalls in Nigeria. It is also known as the Obialu Ohuu.

27. Karu waterfalls Nasarawa State 

Picture by Naija Explorers on Instagram

This waterfall is another beautiful waterfall in Nigeria. It is located along Abuja Keffi road around New Karu in Nasarawa State, Northern Nigeria. It is a popular hiking spot in the north. it is not characterised by the heavy gushing of water, the waterfall is 

28. Nwaekpu Waterfalls Enugu State 

Nwaekpu waterfall is another adventurous tourist site in Nigeria. It requires an hour of hiking through the forest to get to this beautiful destination. The entry point is at Ajaba through Ugbo Mmaku road. At the bottom of the waterfall is a shallow pool where tourist can swim. This is the reward for the long walk to this beautiful destination. It is another must-visit waterfall in Nigeria, located in Enugu State. 

28b. Lower Nwaekpu Fall: This is the second waterfall located within the valley of Ndahe Nka in the forest of Nwaekpa. It is one of the three waterfalls within the forest. 

29. Karshi waterfall Abuja

Picture from @Luminaefx On Instagram

Karshi waterfall is located in Nigeria’s federal capital territory, Abuja in a town known as Karshi. The waterfall is becoming a top tourist attraction in Abuja. Karshi waterfall is located within the Nyanya Karshi road in Abuja. 

30. Dutse waterfall Abuja 

Dutse is another loverly waterfall in Nigeria. This waterfall is located in a remote area of the federal capital territory, known ad the Dutse town. 

31. Ngalagu waterfall Enugu

This proves that Enugu state has one of the highest collections of waterfalls in Nigeria. Ngalagu waterfall is another beautiful waterfall in Enugu. It cascades over the Ngalagu Cave making it a great sight for tourist. 

32. Yadim waterfall

Yadim Waterfall is another top tourist attraction in Adamawa. The waterfall is located along Fufore Local Government Area of the state. It is another must-visit waterfall in Nigeria. 

33. Amanagwu Waterfall Arochukwu Abia State

This is another beautiful waterfall in Nigeria is located in Arochukwu local government area in Abia State, Nigeria. It is gradually becoming one of the top popular tourist attractions in Abia. 

34. Iyi Nzu Waterfall AKA Ezimo Enugu State 

Iyi Nzu waterfall is also known as Ezimo waterfall. It is another lovely waterfall in Nigeria located in Enugu State. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in the state. 

35. Sassa Waterfalls Adamawa State

Sassa waterfalls may not be popular but it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Nigeria to consider visiting. It is located in Toungo Adamawa State, Northern Nigeria. 

Other Waterfalls in Nigeria

Above at some of the popular waterfalls in Nigeria. Below are some of the not so popular waterfalls in Nigeria. Some of these waterfalls are not recognised as tourist attraction sites yet. They exist in different parts of Nigeria. 

36. Mambilla Waterfalls: Mambilla Plateau, Taraba state

37. Ushafa Waterfalls

38. Pankasha Waterfalls in Edo State.

39. Oferekpe Waterfalls in Ebonyi State.

40. Kurudu Waterfalls Abuja

41. Assab Waterfalls in Kaduna State.

42. Gidan Dadi Waterfall Abuja 

43. Ahoyaya Waterfalls in Kwara State.

44. Ajobi Waterfalls in Kogi State

45. Nyanya Waterfalls Abuja

46. Egame Waterfalls in Kogi State

47. Ofobaje Waterfalls in Kogi State

48. Owelle Waterfalls in Kogi State

49. Uloko Waterfalls in Kogi State

50. Obeagu Waterfall in Enugu

51. Upogo Waterfalls in Kogi State

52. Juhh Waterfalls in Taraba State

53. Jurgel Waterfalls in Taraba State

54. Mbela Waterfalls in Taraba State

55. Mayanka Waterfalls in Niger State

56. Tunga Waterfalls in Taraba State

57. Jibam River Falls in Plateau State

58. Kikoba Falls in Plateau State

59. Khawang Falls in Plateau State

60. Zongu Falls in Plateau State

61. Aise Waterfalls in Kwara State

62. Ijoko Waterfall in Kwara State 

63. Eromola Waterfall in Kwara State

64. Mbamnga Waterfalls Taraba State

65. Lower Nwaekpu Fall Enugu

66. Ayikunugba Waterfalls Osun State

Lastly, Do you know any waterfall in Nigeria that is not currently listed above? kindly share in the comment section. This is a comprehensive list of all the waterfalls in Nigeria. The list will be updated from time to time as more waterfalls are discovered. 

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