Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort Where The Warm and Cold Flow Side by Side

ikogosi warm springs resort

Ikogosi warm Springs Resort is one of the many beautiful gifts of nature to Nigeria. The beautiful resort is located in of Ekiti state Nigeria. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort has become a popular tourist attraction in Nigeria. It became famous for its warm and cold springs forming a confluence at a point in the resort without mixing and still retaining their thermal properties.

ikogosi warm springs resort

The formation of a warm and cold spring and forming a confluence is rare. It’s the only one of its kind in the world. It makes Ikogosi the only place in the world where warm and cold spring meets at a confluence.

Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is a 3-star resort located in the city of Ikogosi known as the land of the warm and cold spring. The resort has beautiful landscapes, lush green vegetation and well-manicured gardens. Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort sits on 116 hectares of green land. It is an eco-friendly tourism destination which makes it a perfect place for nature lovers. The environment, the trees, vegetation and has been left untampered and in its natural state ensuring no interference with nature.
It has an elevated trail through which you can navigate through the forest and waterways.

Ikogosi warm spring

There are several confluences at Ikogosi warm spring. There is the confluence of the Cold and Colder Spring and the Warm and Warmer Spring. Also, the spring warm and cold finally met at another point marking the confluence point of The Warm and Coldwater. At the confluence point of the warm and cold spring lies the two trees a palm tree and an mahogany tree having the same origin, intertwined with each other. The beautiful thing about these trees is they both picked the different colours of the water. The bond symbolizes unity and harmony.

The Legend behind Ikogosi Warm Spring

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According to legend, the warm and cold spring symbolizes the wives of a great hunter named Awopereige. The warm spring was the hot-tempered and troublesome wife of the hunter while the cold spring is the gentle and peace-loving wive.
Legend has it that the two wives do not get along. One day, they got engaged in a fight which led the husband to rebuke the two of them. His reaction did not go well with the two wives. The temperamental wife turned into the hot spring while the gentle one turned into the Cold spring. This is the legendary story of Ikogosi warm Springs.

Ikogosi Warm and Cold Springs


Ikogosi warm is only of its kind in the whole world. You can not find any location on earth where a warm and cold spring meets at a confluence.
Ikogosi Warm Spring is a mystery, experts have claimed it is a wonder to have such formation from the same rock formation. The two streams have separate origins with proximity. These two springs met at a confluence, retains their thermal properties and never mix.

The spring was made very popular by a Baptist Missionary Rev John S McGee in 1950 after he discovered it during missionary work in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Against warnings by the locals who thought something might happen to him if he visits. He saw this mystery and though it would be a great location to set up a Baptist Youth camp. It became a famous youth camp and tourist destination. However, after he retired, the camp was abandoned and sold to the Nigerian Government in 1978 for three Hundred Naira (N300). The place has become one of the top tourist destinations in Nigeria worth billions of Naira.

The Springs

Ikogosi has two springs, the Warm and the Cold Spring. The warm spring is further divided into two the warm and the warmer spring while the cold spring also divides into the Cold and the Colder Spring. The warm spring has its origin close to the pool size at the Ikogosi warm spring. At the source, the temperature is about 70 degrees Celsius and about 37 degrees Celsius at the confluence. Locals believe the Springs have therapeutic and healing capabilities.

The Warm water spring

It has its origin right at Ikogosi warm spring, under a tree, on closer inspection, you would the vapour coming out from the source. It is said to release about 150 litres of water per seconds. Tourists are not allowed to go beyond the main source of the warm springs.

The Cold Spring

The origin of the cold spring is a bit far from the warm spring. The cold spring is some distance from Ikogosi Warm Springs, but you can still feel its almost cold temperature at less than 11 degrees Celsius.

Things to Do at Ikogosi Warm Spring

Ikogosi offers several facilities to keep your stay an interesting one. Thes are some of the activities you can engage in at Ikogosi warm Springs:

  • Take a deep at the warm spring pools.
  • Lodge at the beautiful resort.
  • Take beautiful photos.
  • Enjoy a walk on the trails.
  • Learn about the myth behind the waters.
  • Organize a picnic.
  • Great for Bird Watching.
  • The resort is good for hiking.

Accommodation at Ikogosi Warm Spring

Rooms at ikogosi

Ikogosi Warm Spring offers over 120 rooms tastefully furnished with facilities to ensure a memorable stay. The rooms come equipped with Air condition, TV sets, King-sized Beds, internet connection etc. The cost of the rooms varies, these are some of the rooms available at the resort.

  • Standard Rooms
  • Executive Standard Rooms
  • Executive Deluxe
  • The Executive Lodge
  • Executive Suite
  • Presidential Lodge

Other facilities at Ikogosi Warm Spring

  • Warm water Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Theme park
  • Amphi Theatre
  • Fitness Centre
  • Conference hall
  • Banquet halls
  • Souvenir Shop
  • 300 Car Parking Facility
  • Brook Walk lanes

Location / Address of Ikogosi Warm Spring

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Ikogosi Warm Spring is located at Ikogosi town in Ekiti State.
If you coming from Lagos, you drive to Ibadan , From Ibadan to Ilesa to Efon from Efon to Ipole Iloro to Ikogosi town.

Gate fee

The gate fee to Ikogosi Warm spring is 500 naira per person if you wish to stay over, it attracts an extra cost for the lodge. It starts at 12,500.

Tips When Visiting Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

  1. Ensure you leave your location early, the roads are good but quite lonely
  2. Make sure you hold enough cash there is no ATM around nor POS.
  3. Go in groups, it is usually interesting
  4. It usually gets pretty busy during festive periods.

Other Tourist Attractions Close to Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

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The Sacred Fish Lake
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Erin Ijesha Waterfall

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