5 Places You Should Visit In Summer

where to visit for Summer

Summer represents leisure and holidays to me. Undoubtedly, I appreciate luxury, and I never pass up the opportunity to pleasure myself. Combining work and family life has made the first half of the year difficult for many of us. Like me, I’m sure you’ve considered how to relax after the stress.

This is not about going to bed at home and periodically turning on the TV. In no way! We all aspire to know what it feels like to exude luxury and comfort. There were travel restrictions because of the Corona outbreak throughout the years 2020 and part of 2021. I’m confident that whatever plans you had to travel that summer had to be postponed until a later date.
The moment is here, and I will gladly assist your choice by revealing 10 incredible locations you must visit this summer.

Best Summer Vacation Spots

Cappadocia, Turkey

One of the hottest spots in Turkey is Cappadocia. Cappadocia is situated in a semi-arid region in central Turkey. Cappadocia is famous for its unique rock collections and terrific hot air balloons. The Cappadocia balloons float above its terrains as the sun rises. An incredible spot to view the moving balls is Lovers Hill in Goreme. The terrains of Cappadocia were shaped by volcanic explosions and this developed into fairy chimneys. The best time to tour Cappadocia for the summer is June-September.

The weather is quite favourable for travellers this season. Also, you will have enough time to explore the terrains and see historical sites. Asides from riding hot air balloons in Cappadocia, there are other things to make your summer worthwhile.

5 Places You Should Visit In Summer

Things to do in Cappadocia

Since you are travelling in summer, Cappadocia has a lot of activities lined up for you as a tourist. Below are great summer ideas in Cappadocia

  • Tour a valley
  • Visit the famous pottery workshop
  • Get ready to take mind-blowing pictures
  • Watch the sun rise and set from your window
  • Attend the liveliest Avanos Tourism and Handicrafts Festival in September.
  • Watch the Urgup Vineyard festival
  • Enjoy the Cappadocia cycling festival
  • Tour the ancient cities and villages of Cappadocia
  • Hiking and cycling adventures

Places To Visit In Cappadocia

  • Places you can tour on your visit to Cappadocia include:
  • Uchasir Castle, Nevshire province Turkey
  • Goreme open-air museum
  • Cemal Ranch- for a safari tour
  • Asmali Konak in Urgup
  • The 30 underground cities in the Cappadocia region

There are hotels and cave suites available for you during your stay in Cappadocia.

Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls is in Ontario Canada. The falls are famous and have been transformed into a summer adventure open to tourists. There are so various openings for you to explore in the summertime at Niagara Falls. One of the trends of this great fall is that it welcomes visitors with events, style, tourism and delicious cuisines. While you will add to your photo gallery at the end of the tour, it is also a promising spot. It is best to tour Niagara Falls for the summer around July -September. This is to give you the chance to engage in interesting summer activities and enjoy the cool weather.

niagara falls

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Things to do at Niagara Falls

  • Travel down the large tunnel in a glass elevator
  • Behold the nighttime fireworks and starry illumination
  • Visit the 3D art gallery
  • Create content for social media at the selfie studio
  • Get on an adventure with the cosmic coaster ride
  • Explore the fashion museum at Niagara
  • Tour Niagara Falls in a boat cruise during the day or at night
  • Connect Niagara Falls to the lakeside on a shuttle ride
  • Join the caravan tour to learn about black history
  • Enjoy delicious meals and cocktails at the newest kitchens in Niagara restaurants
  • Explore the Niagara brewery and get to see big wine cedars and distilleries.
  • Have a fill at the famous Flying Sauce Restaurant on Lundy’s lane
  • You can also join the entertainment at Falls view casino every Thursday during the summer(barbecue, food and music)
  • Attend the iMela night festival this summer

Wow! So many things to do at Niagara Falls this summer.
I think everyone is trying to make up for the lost opportunities of the previous two seasons. If you plan to visit Canada this summer, you can book hotels in advance so that you will be comfortable throughout your stay.

Ojai Valley Inn California

The Ojai Valley Inn is a top luxury resort in Southern California. No wonder it is rated 5-star and it remains the pride of summer. Ojai valley inn has the best spa and seven culinary destinations in California.
Therefore if you are looking for a way to just relax and view breathtaking sights, this is for your pleasure this summer. A summer filled with recreational activities on another side of the world is worth it.

Ojai has a warm and friendly climate in summer. Spending the summer at Ojai Valley inn gives you a mind-blowing hiking and adventurous experience. You also get to see the organic market where farmers sell agricultural produce. I am tempted to add that the Ojai valley inn is a home away from home.

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Things to do at Ojai valley in

  • Visit the best beaches in Saint Barbara just 30 minutes away from the inn.
  • Visit the Topa mountain winery and have a date night with your partner.
  • Experience the pink moment view in Ojai where the sun goes down and the atmosphere is changed into a pinkish, purple and peach shade.
  • Take stunning pictures
  • Since it is summer to relax, you can take advantage of the quiet nature of Ojai to meditate.
  • Treat yourself to the best massage at the world-class spa
  • Visit any of the seven culinary destinations and enjoy freshly made dishes.
  • Relaxing your mind will work better here because it is a peaceful location that is set to give you a taste of home.

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Prague Castle, Czech Republic

Fixed in the Czech Republic is a historical seat of power with fascinating areas for a summer tour. The history of Prague castle dates back to the ninth century and is home to various breathtaking gothic and baroque edifices that were constructed over a long period. The best time to visit Prague is between June and September.
It is quite warm and welcoming in summer.

prague 5 Places You Should Visit In Summer

Things to do in Prague in the summer

  • Attend the Italian opera festival
  • Attend music concerts and live performances
  • Have a meal or a drink on a restaurant porch
  • Take a walk along the Vltava River
  • A walk in a park
  • Enjoy a cup of beer at the cosy pubs in the Czech

The ways you can enjoy summer in Prague are unique to you. For instance, if I were to visit this place, I would prefer to take a walk during the day or attend live concerts at night. Prague offers a variety of options, depending on your style or definition of summer. If you plan to walk more to see stunning sights during the day, you should wear shoes to protect your feet. Also, since the weather can spike at night presenting chills, you can as well pack sweaters with you.

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The Maldives

The Maldives comprises over a thousand islands situated in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India. This magnificent spot offers luxury, great ocean views and an incredible waterfront. The Maldives suit whatever plans you have in mind for a summer vacation.

5 Places You Should Visit

This indicates that whether it is just you, your family or a group of people, you can never regret a trip to the Maldives. You can decide to go scuba diving, snorkelling or surfing the roaring oceans. However, if you are looking for comfort and relaxation, viewing the beach under umbrellas is perfect. The Maldives is less expensive to visit in summer because resorts offer discounts to tourists.

This is to attract thousands of people to the mind-blowing scenery of the Maldives. Though, the rains drop in summer here but it can be compared to the light showers we get in other destinations.

Things to do in the Maldives in the summer

  • Surfing the waves with guides from various resorts in the location
  • Scuba diving to get to see the underwater creatures
  • Snorkelling and viewing the large manta rays conserved in the Maldives ocean.
  • You can get to relax in beach houses on the water and have fun taking pictures
  • Dive in the Banana Reef, a well-known diving site that is indescribably magnificent.

In the Maldives ocean, diverse marine life is present, comprising grouper, barracuda, moray eels, jackfish, and a few other species you possibly had no idea existed.
As a seafood lover, you can have a once-in-a-lifetime seafood dinner by visiting some of the top restaurants in the world.
View the prettiest coral reefs in the world underwater.
No matter what you do on Maldives island, your fun still stands because the attraction alone is a perfect reason to tour the site over and over.
The items to pack on your trip are your casual wear, beach wears, sweat, breathable shoes and shorts.
Destinations in Italy, Spain, Greenland, and Cape Town amongst others are also open for holidays in summer.
For instance, in Barcelona, you get to see the beautiful landscape and beaches. Also, there is a sunny view for your warmth and an avenue for you to attend festivals during summer.

Almost every country has a wonderful place for you to visit and most times choice is a major factor. To end with, several factors fuel my summer trip options.
This includes the weather conditions, my budget and my reasons for travel.

I incredibly love the privacy and would prefer to relax in a beach house with a lot of activities planned out for myself.
Doing this could be fun for introverts but extroverts on the other hand need extra vibes and outings to have a superb vacation.

All of these things should make you sit and plan your summer so that you can truly enjoy the trip.

Things to consider when planning The Best Summer Holiday Destinations

Booking hotels in advance is better to avoid being stranded after a long trip.
You will need to ask a lot of questions on the reservation site or via a phone call.
Kindly note that weather conditions change at any time and since you are travelling to a different country, you cannot predict anything.
Even weather forecasts sometimes do not get it right. This means that you should prepare for extremely hot and cold climates.

Trying out new dishes could be fun, but what happens in case of allergies or dysentery?
To add to this, rock climbing and hiking are very interesting also. You can fall and sustain injuries while learning how to explore terrains.
in light of this, a first aid kit should come in handy on your trip.
Items such as a bandage, pain relievers, laxatives and other medical items should be in your luggage.

In consideration of a budget, my finances and schedule are the most crucial things I consider when planning a summer vacation.
This is because you will always spend money, no matter what you do. Your trip’s cost could differ significantly depending on how long you stay there. As part of travelling, you must travel and stay somewhere.

Once you’ve decided on a goal, be sure to give it some thought as to how you’ll achieve it.

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