Eight Reasons To Visit Niagara Falls

niagara falls

Niagara waterfall is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States of America and Canada. The Niagara Falls shares a common border between the United States of America and Canada. This majestic fall could be seen from both ends of the border. As an avid lover of tourism and a sucker for all things natural, the waterfalls rank top on my list of ‘must-visit’ top tourist destinations in the USA. Within my list topper is a sub-list of waterfalls that deserve my attention. Of them all, Niagara holds a special place close to my heart. A little too much, you might think, but probably after I’ve walked you through eight of some of my backbone reasons for this choice, you also would be convinced and hopefully get to visit this lovely destination. There’s plenty of room for all of us there, anyway LOL. 

niagara falls

About Niagara Falls

The Niagara waterfalls were formed over 10,000 years ago. The Niagara waterfall is made up of three different sections the American Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.  

It is the perfect honey and daredevil stunts arena which offers tourist mind-blowing scenery. It is the largest waterfall in the whole of North America. One of the significances of the Niagara river is it marks the border between the United States and Canada. The Niagara fall lies in the north-west of New York City along the U.S./Canadian border along the Niagara River. Niagara falls attract over 12 million visitors yearly

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Adventurous Places to Visit at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls State Park: It is one of the oldest state parks in New York. The Niagara Falls State Park covers an amazing 400 acres of wanderlust which includes picnic facilities, nature park. It has an observation that gives a panoramic view of the park. 

Maid of the Mist: This is one of the longest-running boat tours at Niagara Falls. It is an adventure you should definitely try out 

niagara falls

Goat Island’s Cave of Winds: The goat island lies between the American and the Horseshoe Falls. 

Aquarium of Niagara: this aquarium has over 180 species of aquatic animals like fishes, seals, penguin, fishes etc 

Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University: The Castellani art museum was founded in 1976 by the Castellani family to promote art. It boasts of over 5,600 collections of artworks like photos, painting, drawings, sculpture, ceramics etc.

Old Fort Niagara: The Old Fort provides the opportunity to explore the Forts of the 18th-century war which was crucial during the colonial wars.

Whirlpool Rapids: Its a point along the river that gives a whirlpool movement which can be viewed when you hike down a series of paths to the observation point. The Whirlpool Rapids bridge is a good vantage point to view the falls.  

niagara falls

Reasons Why You Should Visit the Niagara Fall

1. Amazing Views

Do you ever come across some amazing view and just wish never to leave? Take a look at some of the pictures from the landscape at the Niagara Falls and you would surely have that feeling. The landscape offered by the site of the falls is a calming blend of beauty and serenity. The mist above the falls always makes for an amazing background. Little wonder why it’s formed a perfect selection picture landscapes for photographers and tourists. Who would resist taking a picture of such beautiful scenery as a souvenir for a wide expenditure? A picture to store as keepsakes whilst reminiscing of the beauty a countless time over.

2. Nature 

If you’re a nature-lover like me, then Niagara Falls is your best bet to reconnect yourself to Mother Nature. This is especially true if you are in search of a top tourist destination in the United States. The breath-taking wonder that is the falls is a sufficient reminder of the astonishing mystery that nature offers, hence, why it is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. From the rapids to the actual water drop, all you would see is nature in its majestic splendour. What more could you ask for to mark a well-fulfilled life than a date with nature at such an extraordinary location? The beautiful colours that are formed in the middle when the sun goes down are another point of note. For any lover of beauty and all things beautiful, Niagara Falls is the magic you seek. 

3. History

Historically, the State Park at the falls happens to be the oldest park in the whole of the United States, thereby making it a top tourist destination in the US. Quite a thought to hold in wonder at how the park has been preserved and maintained for over a century while still receiving tourists in their millions each year. The park is most definitely worth visiting in order to catch a glimpse of the world in the year’s past and the present that it is today. You can say the Niagara State Park is a fusion of the past and present memories preserved in one beautiful harmony and made a park. 

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4. The cave of the winds

The cave of the winds is one attraction that tourists always find enthralling. Every year, it is torn down and rebuilt. I personally would want to visit there to find out the reason for this action. The name alone spells of adventure and mystic suspense. I’m almost sure it would be great to take a couple of pictures in and outside the cave. It should also make for a great science class topic of discussion. 

5. Fishing

Fishing, as a matter of fact, is permitted in some sections of the river. For persons who enjoy fishing as a luxury, this is one activity you can carry out at the falls as a means of outdoor recreation. It could be an individual activity or as a family. More so, it could be a means of bonding between a parent and one or some of the kids. In the end, you get to have some nice fish for a good supper of smoked salmon. It’s a complete win-win. 

6. The Falls

It is said that when the water from the fall lands at the bottom, it makes an incredible sound. Thinking of it, I think that’s quite something to be experienced in person. Nature has been one amazing sound producer and the sound of running water coupled with that of landing water is one sound that would surely be quite nice to the ears. Doing a video clip with that sound running in the background is a whole adventure package on its own. It appears the Niagara Falls experience is just lots of adventures packed together. 

7. Rich Stories

If you do a little search on the falls, you would discover that there are a lot of fun facts and stories associated with the falls. Stories of individuals who have attempted going over the falls in the past, stories of persons who have wire-walked over the falls and much more. All these are stories I’d like to hear first-hand from a tour guide whilst looking at the falls and placing these stories to the different parts of the falls. I’m sure you would agree with me that they are much more enjoyed when you could attach a place and sight to the stories. This alone spur interest to want to see for myself.

8. Camping

And to top it up, the Falls Park offers camping opportunities for families and individuals wishing to stay for quite some time. The outdoor experience comes with amazing views by the riverside where you can be assured that the cool air from the river would give you some level of refreshing. These camps could even be used as an opportunity for companies to organize retreats or friends coming together for a camping getaway treat. You get to enjoy some togetherness while enjoying and appreciating the beauty of nature. 

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We have taken out time to give you eight of the best reasons why Niagara Falls is a top tourist destination in the US. The fact that it is indeed American tourists’ destination makes it worth going even the more. These have convinced lots of persons and I’m sure as a fun-loving person that you are, it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince you as well. Niagara Falls is one ideal tourist haven, and the millions of annual visits it gets is also an indicator of the unique adventures it stands to offer. 

Visit Niagara Falls today and share your experience with other potential tourists! 

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