Best international Airlines in Nigeria

best airlines in nigeria

There are different international Airlines in Nigeria. Most of these airlines have international origins. With their headquarters abroad and they operate nonstop flights in and outside Nigeria. This is to provide you with the assurance that your trip to a foreign nation will go smoothly. International airlines are also known as foreign airlines. 

Asides from operating in Nigeria, the aircraft also undergo thorough servicing at their repair stations. International airlines in Nigeria also fly the latest and technologically advanced aircraft, this is done by acquiring the best and upgraded airlines to meet the ever-increasing demands.

Travelling to any country of your choice is possible with a valid passport, visa stamp or e-visa and of course an airline to make the journey possible.

Nevertheless, some nations in other continents outside Africa are not accessible by land or other modes of transportation.

Activities of International Airlines in Nigeria

You would squander your time and become frustrated if you took such a step.

The idea for starting an international airline came from this. Though there are domestic airlines in Nigeria, these airlines are limited to trips within Nigeria.

The common routes are; Lagos to Abuja, Port-Harcourt to Lagos, Ibadan-Lagos, Ilorin-Port-Harcourt and so many other routes.

If you are looking to travel out of Nigeria, booking a flight ticket with a domestic airline is not feasible because they do not offer such services.

International airports in Nigeria have a variety of standard airlines available for your journey across the globe. Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja provide access to these international airlines.


Apart from conveying you to your destination outside Nigeria, international airlines also run cargo services that can move goods and packages outside and into the country.

Despite the occurrence of major air accidents years ago, international airlines seek to improve the quality of travel services they provide to you and assure you of safety. Standard checks are also carried out on all aircraft at the airport before the flight takes off to its destination.

Flying an international airline in Nigeria gives you the best of services in terms of comfort, luxury, class and entertainment. Different airlines have fixed packages attached to travel offers and at certain times you will be offered discounts on travel tickets.

The flight tickets vary depending on the airline, your destination, your flight class and other needs. This means that your travelling cost also depends on whether you are travelling with children or alone.

How to Book An International Flight in Nigeria 

Booking an international flight in Nigeria is simple. The first step to take is to first visit the website of the flight operator Eg Once you visit the website, select the departure and arrival city. Once that is selected. Select the number of travellers etc. You can also select seat positions and whether you want to fly economy, business class or first class. 

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Which airline was the first in Nigeria?

Nigeria Airways was the first Nigerian airline. It was established in 1958. Nigeria Airways served domestic and international flights before it ceased operations in 2003. However, there are over 17 international airlines in full operation in Nigeria. I have selected the best, world-class and most reliable airlines for your travel needs.

The best international airlines in Nigeria are:

1. Emirates Airline

Emirates is a United Arab Emirates Airline owned by the government of Dubai. It has over 250 aircraft for passengers and cargo services. The reliability and top-notch services of Emirates have ranked it as the best airline in the Middle East region.

The services you get when you fly with Emirates airline first class are; top-notch entertainment, world-class private suites and lounges. This does not alter the reception that the cabin crew offers and the meals available for every flight class. Emirates Airlines has its Nigerian offices in Victoria Island, Lagos and Central Business District, Abuja.

emirates airline in Nigeria

The history of Emirates can be traced to March 25, 1985, when it was established. This was made possible with the support of Pakistan International Airlines who provided training for the Emirates cabin crew. However, Emirates Airlines has moved all operations to its head office at Dubai International Airport since 2008. The popular aircraft in use by Emirates Airlines include the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380.

Revenues are generated by this airline in large amounts and this is one of the ways Dubai has developed her economy. The Emirates SkyCargo is also a cargo aircraft owned by the airline. Currently, Emirate Airlines flies across 83 destinations all over the world and it is the fourth largest Airline globally. It is the only airline in Nigeria with a direct flight from either Lagos or Abuja to Dubai. With the Emirate slogan ‘Fly Better, Fly Emirates’, you are sure to get world-class service and hospitality. Currently, Emirate Airlines operates in Nigeria at Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.

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2. ASKY Airline

 ASKY is a privately owned airline in Lome, Togo. It operates at the Gnassingbé Eyadéma International Airport in Togo with ten aircraft and 23 destinations. Currently, ASKY flies across African countries, both West and Central. The Nigerian office is located in Abuja. It was established in 2008 and started full operations in 2010 after a series of meetings by the African unions. ASKY airline has continued to live up to standard over the years and it is one of the best airlines for destinations across Africa.

Some of the destinations where ASKY Airlines operate include Yaoundé, Lome, Mali, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Congo, Nigeria, and Benin amongst others.

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3. British Airways

 British Airways is one of the oldest airlines in the world and it transports over 40 million people yearly. It was founded in 1916 as Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited. This makes it over 106 years old. Though about 48 years ago, the name changed to British Airways. It is the major airline of the British territories. The main hub of British Airways is London, at Heathrow Airport. It has partnered with several top airlines and is now a founding member of some airlines across different countries.

british airways best airlines in nigeria

British Airways travel across 160 destinations, both locally and internationally. The number of aircraft in operation is over 250 with the Boeing 777, 787 and Airbus fleets in full use. This popular airline records one of the safest travel services you can get according to the 2020 ranking, with its presence in over 70 airports in the world. The airline travels across Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland, North America, Australia and East Regions. Also, as part of the hospitality at British Airways to ensure that the customers enjoy their trip, they serve free food for long flights with no charges to check-in.

In addition, British Airways offer maximum comfort as the flights travel to major airports in various destinations of the world. The travel classes available at British Airways are; First class, Business class, Economy class and Premium Economy class. In Nigeria, you can find the airline at Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja. The offices of British Airways in Nigeria are at Transcorp Hilton Hotel 1st Floor, Maitama Abuja. Also, it has a Lagos office at Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi Lagos.

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4. Turkish Airlines

On May 20, 1933, Turkish Airlines was established. Turkish Airlines is the country’s flag carrier airline, with its main office located in Istanbul’s Yeşilköy. It runs regular flights to 290 locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas as of July 2015, making it the fourth-largest airline in the world by the number of destinations as of 2014. Turkish airline cargo service serves over 80 destinations with over 24 cargo aircraft.

turkey airways best airlines in nigeria

The airline is found in Nigeria at Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja.

The Nigerian Office of Turkish airlines is on Plot 1, Wing B, South Atlantic Petroleum Towers, 2nd Floor, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

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5. Royal Air Maroc

This is the official airline in Morocco. It is owned by the Moroccan government and has its headquarters at Casablanca Anfa Airport.

Royal Air Maroc schedules international flights to Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Europe. Also, it provides travel based on budgets.

The perks of this airline are the entertainment it provides for whatever flight class. Magazines, television programs, music, newspapers, documentaries and a lot more are available to entertain passengers.

Royal Air Maroc allows you to travel with your baby and provides a mini cot for little ones. Also, pets are allowed on the trip.

Royal Air Maroc shares codes of agreements with major airlines such as Qatar Airways, British Airways, Kenya Airways and so on.

The recent fleets acquired by the airline include the Boeing 737-800 and the 737-9. Royal Air Maroc operates at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos.

The Nigerian office of Royal Air Maroc is at Akin Adesola Drive, Victoria Island Lagos.

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6. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in the world. This is according to the airline ranking based on hospitality, quality services and safety. It is a state-owned airline with over 230 aircraft in its operational base in Doha, Qatar. The airline commenced operations in 1993 and has continued to offer internationally recognised services to over 173 destinations. With revenues in millions, Qatar Airways has officially sponsored international programs and television shows over the years.

airlines in nigeria

The destinations where Qatar Airways travel is on 6 continents, therefore partnering with large airlines across the globe. Some of the flight routes of the airline comprise the United Kingdom, Australia, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Thailand, Morocco, and Seychelles amongst others. All flight classes of Qatar Airways offer refreshments and entertainment services for maximum relaxation during your travels.

The Nigerian office of Qatar Airways is on the 2nd Floor, Ecobank Building, Plot 21, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos

Qatar Airways travels from major international airports in Nigeria;

Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos
Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport Kano
Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja

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7. Egypt Air

Egypt Air is one of the best international airlines in Nigeria. It is owned by Egypt and has its headquarters at Cairo International Airport. This airline travel through 90 destinations including the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and America with 70 aircraft. Egypt Air began full travel operations in 1933. The airline also has a strong partnership with Star Alliance company.

Though this airline started as Misr Airwork when it first began, improvements gradually took place with the acquisition of new airlines and the addition of flight routes. Then, in 1971 till date, the main Egyptian airline was renamed Egypt Air. Egypt Air offers cargo services via the EgyptAir Cargo airline, which was established in 2002. Annually, Egypt Air serves hundreds of thousands of people with the Airbus A220-300, Airbus A320neo, Boeing 737-800 and other world-class aircraft.

Generally, Egypt Air is a top-rated airline that gives the best services in hospitality, comfortable seats, food and beverages on the flight. Depending on your flight class, business class or economy class, your luggage is weighed and should not be more than 32kg and 23kg respectively. The contents of your bags or luggage will be checked at the airport before boarding, therefore it is important to keep to the rules of the airline.

Egypt Air prohibits travelling with lithium batteries for security reasons. In Nigeria, the airline is stationed at the international airports in Lagos, Abuja and Kano.

The Nigerian Office of Egypt Air is situated at;

Synergy Quick Way Commercial Limited -77 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent – Wusse 2 Abuja
14 C Murtala Mohamed Way, Investment House, Kano
22 Idowu Taylor St., UBA Plc House, Victoria Island – Lagos

Truly, a ride with Egypt Air gives you the privilege to ‘Enjoy the Sky’.

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8. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

 The Dutch airline KLM, also known as Royal Dutch Airlines or “Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij” was established on October 7, 1919, and on May 17, 1920, it began operating its first regular flight between Amsterdam and London. It held the record for the world’s oldest continually running airline until its merger with Air France in 2004. Its headquarters are at Neth’s Amstelveen.

During the 100th anniversary of KLM airline, it acquired eight Boeing 787-10 aircraft. However, based on the need for advancement, speed, safety, comfort and reliability, the airline recently added 100 Airbus A320neo to replace the lower Boeing and Airbus aircraft. KLM has three classes for you to fly; the services provided are peculiar to each class and travel hours or distance. The seats in the business class provide ports for charging, and convenience for you to lie down or rest your arms.

KLM airline

The KLM airline also offers personal entertainment and amenity kits containing socks, eye masks, toothpaste, earplugs, lip balms and a toothbrush.

While your entertainment and comfort are the priority of the airline no matter your cabin class, services are updated from time to time to meet your ever-changing needs. This also includes catering services, with three-course meals, snacks, drinks, beverages, beer and so on. Special meals are also offered on the flight, depending on medical conditions, religious needs or children’s preferences.

The destinations of the KLM airline are cut across various countries in the world. This includes; London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Frankfurt, China, Toronto, and Las Vegas, amongst others. In total KLM airline flies across 170 destinations with a fleet of 110 aircraft.

KLM airline can be found in Nigeria at

Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos
Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja
Port-Harcourt International Airport, Port-Harcourt

The Nigerian Office of the KLM airline is at; 1, Adeola Odeku Street, South Atlantic Petroleum Towers (SAPETRO), Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

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9. Air Peace

This airline is a private airline in Nigeria owned by Allen Onyema. It serves international and domestic flights. Though it was recently established in 2013, the airline has been ranked as the most improved international airline in Nigeria over the years. Air Peace currently flies across destinations in Nigeria and West Africa. It also offers flight services to the Middle East with 31 aircraft that span across 20 destinations.

The countries are; Accra, Senegal, Lome, Cameroon, and the United Arab Emirates amongst others. The main hub of the airline in Nigeria is the Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos. Though, it can be found in other domestic and international airlines in Nigeria, including Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport Kano. Air Peace is involved in technological innovations and has purchased the newly developed Boeing series in the last four years. This welcomes plans to increase the number of flight routes and operations to China, Guangzhou and Mumbai India in years to come.

You are allowed to check in 25kg luggage for economy class and 40kg luggage for a business class flight on Air Peace.

The office of the airline in Nigeria is at; 25, Sobo Arobiodu Street GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. Air Peace is also ranked one of the budget-friendly international airlines in Nigeria. 

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10. Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is the official airline of Kenya. It was founded in 1977 with its main spot at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya. It serves 53 destinations with a fleet size of 38. Currently, Kenya Airways is a public-private enterprise, with shares held by private owners of the airline. Some of the major routes of Kenya Airways include; Nairobi, Johannesburg, Dubai, Europe, Germany and so on.

The major aircraft of this airline seeks to provide comfort and service to you as a passenger. The services extend to entertainment screens and a lounge for business class travellers. The aircraft of Kenya Airways is the topnotch Boeing 787-8, 737-700, 737-800 and the Embraer 190-AR. It also has 2 cargo aircraft of the Boeing 737-300SF category. Mainly, in Nigeria, Kenya Airways is at Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos.

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11. Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is the official airline in Ethiopia. It is owned by the Ethiopian government and has headquarters in Addis Ababa.

The airline which was established in 1946 has been rated as one of the best international airlines in Africa for some years now. Ethiopian airlines have continued to improve the quality of services provided to passengers and extend their travel destinations. The flight routes of Ethiopian airlines span Africa, Europe, the United States, Asia, and other habitable continents of the world. The major aircraft of the Ethiopian airline are the Airbus, Boeing 777 and B-767, providing you with luxury and comfortable seats that can be reclined into beds in case you need to sleep on the trip.

Ethiopian airline

Furthermore, there is ample space to stretch and relax your legs to avoid muscle cramps and discomfort. The Airline travels to over 100 destinations and its aircraft are found at major international airports in Nigeria. Such as Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano, Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu, Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos.

Based on your cabin class, Ethiopian airlines permit you to have luggage between 5-7kg with you. Also, the contents of your luggage are specified as they can only contain safe items such as a blanket, laptop, small handbags, notebooks, infant baskets and so on. Ticket fares differ according to flight class and entertainment services which include; WiFi, Television, movies, drinks and cuisines provided for your comfort and relaxation throughout your flight. Ethiopian airline serves the national meal in Ethiopia as well as special diets depending on the requirements. This goes with wine beverages and drinks. This airline has you in mind and in light of this, they provide the best services so you can always travel with them.

In Nigeria, the Ethiopian airline office is at; 3 Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

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12. Delta Airlines

This is one of the oldest and most reliable international airlines in Nigeria. It serves over 160 million customers annually and has continued to provide ultimate services by constant improvement. Recently the airline acquired comfortable business class seats for additional comfort for passengers on long flights. It commenced operations in 1929 with its hubs in Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles and some other states in the United States.

Nevertheless, Delta Airlines continues to provide the best flight experience to travellers across the world by serving over 320 destinations worldwide.

As of December 2020, Delta airlines could boast 757 aircraft in operation. These airlines are not limited to the Boeing and Airbus series as other technologically improved aircraft were acquired.

 When flying with Delta airlines, some of the services you hope to get are;

  • three-course meals
  • comfortable seats
  • complimentary drinks ( beverages and alcohol)
  • Quality entertainment with free headsets 

Although, these services are consistently updated based on the cabin class, whether first class, business class, economy or premium economy class. However, you are sure to be received well and entertained all through your journey.

In Nigeria, Delta airlines operate at major international airports and its office is located at Sapara Williams Close, Victoria Island Lagos.

Other International Airlines in Nigeria 

Also, are the list of other International Airlines in Nigeria 

  • Air Nigeria 
  • IRA Airlines
  • Air India
  • Ghana Airways 
  • Saudi Air
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Rwanda Air  
  • Virgin Atlantic 
  • Air France 
  • KLM 
  • Etihad 
  • Lufthansa 
  • Azman Air 
  • Ibom Air
  • Air Cote Di voir
  • Allied Air 
  • Dana Air
  • Max Air 
  • Atlantic Express

International Destinations in Nigeria

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  • Flight from Nigeria to Dubai 
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  • Flight from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia 
  • Flight from Nigeria to China 
  • Book Flight from Nigeria to Japan 
  • Flight from Nigeria to India 
  • Flight from Nigeria to Thailand 
  • Book Flight from Nigeria to Singapore 
  • Flight from Nigeria to Israel 
  • Flight from Nigeria to Turkey 
  • Book Flight from Nigeria to Canada 
  • Flight from Nigeria to Jamaica 
  • Flight from Nigeria to Australia 
  • Book Flight from Nigeria to Argentina
  • Flight from Nigeria to Brazil 

Conclusively, when travelling with international airlines in Nigeria, you need to book flights in advance and schedule your trip.

Most airlines do not provide a refund if you miss your flight and they keep to time. At least, check-in begins from 3-6 hours before your flight, according to the operations of the airline. Therefore, arriving at the airport early is also an important part of your flight.

Adhere to luggage instructions based on weight and items you can take with you into the aircraft.

Your safety is a critical concern of the airline as well as your comfort. Make the best use of the facilities provided for you to ease your tension and help you unwind.

Note that the airlines above have been selected based on merit and passenger reviews over the years. This arrangement has nothing to do with which one is the best or most reliable.

Nevertheless, note that your budget and location are considerable factors in your choice of airline. Did we miss any other international airlines in Nigeria? Please feel free to comment below. 

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