Everything You Need To Know About Ogere Resort

ogere resort

Ogere resort is a beautiful destination located along the Lagos Ibadan expressway. It is located far away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos and close enough for easy accessibility. It is the haven of tranquillity and serenity. No wonder it has been kept secret for many years. 

ogere resort

Ogere resort is one of the oldest in Nigeria. The beautiful resort has been in existence for over 30 years. If you are wondering how come you never heard about it. This location has been one of the best-kept secrets until now. It used to be the place meant strictly for the oil workers, government parastatals and top corporate organizations. However, it’s now opened to the general public. This is one of the many reasons why you should visit this resort. 

the garden ogere

Ogere is now a full-blown resort and conference centre. It is suitable for honeymoons, vacation, seminar, training, workshops, conferences, reunion, retreats, leisure etc.

About Ogere Resort

Ogere Resort launched in 1985 as an Insurance Training centre. Over the years, it has become a top training centre for oil workers and large corporations. In 2004, it became the training ground for Chevron until 2015. 

Ogere resort is located in the centre of three major cities namely Lagos, Abeokuta and Ibadan. The location made it a perfect spot for tourist. It is far away from the cities hustle and bustle. It is in a cool and serene environment with lush green vegetation. 

ogere resort

Ogere resort is the ideal place for team bonding, retreats, conference and seminars etc. It hosts training, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Reunions, Retreats and getaways.

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Things to Do At Ogere Resort 

  1. Go for honeymoon: Ogere resort is one of the great spots for a honeymoon. It is filled with amenities that will make your stay a memorable one. 
  2. Plan a vacation: It is one of the perfect places for vacation. The facility is far away from the Lagos hustle and bustle and within a few minutes drive from major cities in the South West. 
  3. Plan a Destination wedding: Are you thinking of a destination wedding? Ogere resort has served as a host for weddings. Ogere Resort has a chapel and beautiful garden that will give you the perfect dream wedding. 
  4. Plan A corporate retreat: It has always been many top organizations first choice for retreats. 
  5. Team bonding: Ogere resort was originally built as a one-stop resort for team bonding and organisation retreat. 
  6. Photoshoot: It is also another great destination for video and photoshoot.
activities at ogere resort

Facilities at Ogere Resort 

Ogere resort has lots of facilities in place both for leisure and conferences. These are some of the facilities at the resort:

Quarter Size Olympic swimming pool: The facility has a quarter size Olympic swimming pool with a lifeguard on duty. The swimming pool is about 3 feet at the beginning and 9 feet at the deep end. Beside the swimming pool is the pool bar. You may decide to get a bottle of your favourite drink. 

swimming pool at Ogere Resort

Lawn Tennis Court: The resort has a standard lawn tennis court. The tennis court is one of the recreational facilities available at the resort. All the recreation facilities do not come with additional charges. 

Basketball court

Mini golf course: Feel free to explore the mini-golf course. The mini-golf course is available for use while at the resort. 

Challenge Obstacle: This is one of the latest addition to the resort. The challenge obstacle has a couple of challenges you will need to overcome. This facility is good for team bonding and family hangouts. 

obstacle challenge

Play Volleyball: If you are visiting with a team, the volleyball court is ideal for the team competition. 

Volleyball at resort

Basketball court: Also, it has a lovely basketball court that you can use for competitions and games.  

basketball court at Ogere

Football pitch: Ogere has a standard football pitch. 

Watch Your Favourite Movie at the Cinema/TV room: It’s movie time and Ogere resort  

TV room at Ogere Resort

Gymnasium: Ogere resort has a functional world gym with treadmills, weights, exercise bikes, dumbbells, 

Gym at Ogere

Visiting Ogere

Ogere Resort is on the Lagos Ibadan Expressway. It is about an hour drive from Ikeja. 40 Minutes drive from Ibadan and less than 30 minutes drive from Abeokuta

ogere Resort

Distance From to Different Cities

65km from Lagos 

60km from Ibadan 

36km from Ijebu Ode 

42km from Abeokuta 

Ogere Resort Address

Ogere Resort is sited along the Lagos Ibadan Expressway. It is on the left if you are coming from Lagos and on the right if you are coming from Ibadan. 

 KM 67, Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Ogere Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria. 

Website: www.tccogere.com

ogere resort gate

The Hotel/Accommodation

Ogere resort has 18 different blocks of rooms. Each block has a Yoruba name. The Yoruba nomenclature gives it a pan African feeling. Each of the blocks is made up of eleven rooms. There are over 200 rooms which comprise the single, double and executive suites. Each of the blocks has a unique Yoruba name. All the blocks are endowed with beautiful and well-manicured gardens. All the rooms have a garden view. The room comes with a complimentary breakfast and also grant you access to all the facilities at the resort. 

rooms at ogere resort

Each room has a television set, air conditioner, wardrobe, mini-fridge, tea/coffee machine, cupboard, beds, free wifi. 

The Room Rates 

The Superior Room

The single room is suitable for two people. It cost 45,000 Naira per night. It comes with a complimentary breakfast. 

The Deluxe Room

The deluxe room cost 52,000 Naira per night. It comes with complimentary breakfast.

The Suite

The suite has two rooms, a room and a parlour. The suite is suitable for two, comes with complimentary breakfast for two at 70,000 Naira per night. 

resorts and hotels in ogun state
resort in Ogun State

The Restaurant

The resort has an in-house restaurant and a chef. The restaurant dishes both local and continental dishes. The restaurant can seat over 60 people at a time. If you want something different, feel free to order both traditional and intercontinental dishes from the menu. It offers both A la Carte and a buffet. 

ogere resort restaurant

Food and Drinks

The Resort boast of good food

food at ogere
breakfast at ogere

The bar / Lounge 

The resort has a pool side bar and an exclusive lounge where guest can chill. The bar offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The bar opens daily from Monday to Sunday.  

The Hall /Conference 

It has a large hall that can accommodate over 300 people. Also, it has five other conference rooms that can accommodate between 10 to 50 individuals. You can book the conference rooms at an extra cost. The meeting and conference rooms come equipped with public address systems like projectors and speakers. 

hall  at ogere resort

The Classrooms / Office 

In addition to the conference rooms, it also has classes and office available for use. 

halls in Ogun state

The IT rooms

If you plan to do training that requires a PC, they have an IT training centre with well-equipped systems. 

IT centers in Ogun State

Swimming Pool

Ogere Resort is facilities packed. It has an Olympic sized swimming pool with a sitting area. The swimming pool also has a lifeguard on the ground.   

Swimming pool in Ogere ogun state


The resort has a modern gym. This will be a cool time to start your fitness and weight loss journey. 

Other Facilities at the Ogere Resort 

  • Tennis Court 
  • Basketball Court 
  • Other Facilities 
  • The TV Room/Cinema
  • The Bar/Lounge
  • The Chapel
  • Clinic 
  • Obstacle challenge

The Services

The services at Ogere Resort is top-notch, the staff are cautious, nice and helpful. The rooms are well maintained. The gardens are well nurtured. the environment is clean. Lastly, the resort is peaceful and gives high value for money.  

Other Tourist Attractions Close to Ogere Resort

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Ibadan Zoo

Mapo Hall

Captain Bowers Tower

Agodi Garden

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