Unbelievable List of Countries Nigerians Can Travel Without a Visa

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Here is a list of Visa Free Countries for Nigerians. Any Nigerian with a valid international Passport can travel to these countries without a visa or get visa on arrival. This list includes countries on different continents. If you are looking for easy ways to build travel history, these are some of the destinations you should consider.

As a travel freak, I often ask people why they don’t travel or go on vacation. Some of the replies I get each time is, it’s either they don’t have enough money or the difficulties they experience in getting a visa to travel abroad. Do you know there are over forty Nigeria passport visa-free countries? These are countries you can travel to with your Nigerian passport that doesn’t require a visa. Yes! You heard me right. The List below focus on Nigeria passport visa free countries.

Nigerian Passport Visa Free Countries

Nigeria is not just the most popular black nation on earth for no reason. One in every five African you meet is a Nigerian. No wonder Nigeria is referred to as the giant of Africa.

You can visit these countries without any form of restriction provided you are carrying a Nigerian International Passport. Some of these countries may require you to get a visa upon arrival while others do not require you to have a visa during your stay.

Travelling to some of the popular tourist destinations and some top countries can often be difficult. This is due to the fact that some visas are really expensive, the processes are tedious and visa is not even guaranteed after going through those processes.

In cases where you have planned your vacation to a country and all of a sudden the embassy rejected your application. You don’t need to worry. You deserve this vacation, you’ve worked hard for it.

However, because they are visa-free or visa on arrival doesn’t mean you can stay forever. The time required to stay varies from country to country, while some have limited validity others are open for as long as you want to stay.

It doesn’t if it’s a honeymoon, vacation, retreat, wildlife experiences etc these countries offer real value for money.

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Things you Should have in Place Before Travelling

1. A valid Nigerian International Passport

2. Proof of Funds sufficient for your trip

3. Return Tickets or proof of return tickets

4. Accommodation: You need to have a place to stay, it could either be a reservation to a hotel or address of someone you are visiting

5. Ensure your passport is valid for the next 6 months

Do not forget that travel and visa requirements can change from time to time without prior notices.

Visa Free Countries for Nigerians

Visa-free countries are countries that you don’t need a visa to visit them. You don’t need to worry about being rejected, all you need to do is to book your flight,  get stamped at the airport or the border if you are travelling by road and you are good to go. No hassle, no delays, no rejection, no harassment. However, it will be nice to check with the Nigerian immigration for more information before you make such trips just in the case there is a new change in visa policies, restrictions, sanctions, unrest in the country where you are visiting.

Visa-free also ensures easy travel experience and reduces the cost of travel as you won’t have to pay the huge cost for visa processing.

The Nigerian International passport is one the strongest in Africa. Having the Green passport can grant you access to about fourty six countries in the world with no Visa or visa upon arrival. Here are the list of countries in the World you can travel from Nigeria without Visa

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List of all the Visa Free Countries for Nigerians

  • Antigua and Barbuda = Electronic Entry Visa
  • Bangladesh = Visa on arrival = 30 days
  • Barbados = Visa not required = 6 months
  • Benin = Visa not required = 90 days
  • Burkina Faso = Visa not required
  • Cambodia = Visa on arrival= 30 days
  • Cameroon = Visa not required = 90 days
  • Cape Verde = Visa not required
  • Chad = Visa not required = 3 months
  • Comoros = Visa on arrival
  • Côte d’Ivoire  = Visa not required
  • Djibouti = Visa on arrival
  • Dominica = Visa not required
  • Fiji = Visa not required = 4 months
  • Gabon = eVisa= Electronic visa
  • Gambia = Visa not required
  • Ghana = Visa not required
  • Guinea = Visa not required
  • Guinea-Bissau =Visa not required
  • Iran = Visa on arrival = 30 days
  • Kenya= eVisa= 3months
  • Lesotho = eVisa
  • Liberia =Visa not required
  • Madagascar =Visa on arrival = 90 days
  • Maldives = Visa on arrival = 30 days
  • Mali = Visa not required
  • Mauritania = Visa on arrival
  • Mauritius =Visa on arrival
  • Micronesia = Visa not required
  • Mozambique =Visa on arrival = 30 Days
  • Nicaragua = Visa on arrival = 30 days
  • Niger = Visa not required
  • Palau = Visa on arrival= 30 days
  • Rwanda = Visa on arrival =30 days
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis =Visa not required = 3 months
  • Samoa = Entry Permit on arrival = 60 days
  • São Tomé and Príncipe = eVisa
  • Senegal = Visa not required = 90 days
  • Seychelles = Visitor’s Permit on arrival = 3 months
  • Sierra Leone = Visa not required
  • Tanzania = Visa on arrival
  • Timor-Leste = Visa on arrival= 30 days
  • Togo = Visa not required
  • Vanuatu = Visa not required = 30 days
  • Zambia = eVisa 
  • Zimbabwe = eVisa

Free on Arrival Countries for Nigerians

You do not need to worry about being rejected as there is a huge chance that these visas will be granted. These are visa free countries for Nigerians who can process their visas on arrival at their destination.

Visa-free countries for Nigerians to Other African Countries

These are Visa Free Countries for Nigerians in Oceania countries.

  • Fiji
  • Micronesia
  • Nauru
  • Palau
  • Vanuatu
  • Tuvalu
  • Samoa

Visa Free Countries in America for Nigerians

These are a lift of visa free countries for Nigerians in America

  • Barbados
  • Dominica
  • Haiti
  • Nicaragua
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis

Visa Free Countries in Asia for Nigerians

Listed below are the list of all; the visa free countries for Nigerians in Asia.

  • Bangladesh
  • Iran
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Timor-Leste
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