Travel to Benin Republic From Nigeria – All You Need to Know

Benin Republic

Travelling to Benin Republic From Nigeria – All You Need to Know
If you are planning to visit the Republic of Benin from Nigeria, this post is for you. It will cover everything you need to know about crossing one of the busiest borders in West Africa. It will also cover the cost, where to stay, places to visit etc. The Benin republic/Nigeria border is in a town called Seme. The Nigeria Benin border is popularly called the Seme Border.

About the Republic of Benin

The Republic of Benin is one of the many countries that share a border with Nigeria. Other countries that share a border with Nigeria include Chad, Cameroun and Niger Republic. Benin Republic shares a border with Nigeria at Seme in Lagos State and around Idi Iroko in Ogun. Seme is a few minutes drive from Badagry. The country was formerly known as Dahomey. It was, however, renamed Benin in 1975.

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The Capital of Benin Republic is in Port Novo. However, the most popular city in Benin Republic is Cotonou. It is also the economic capital of Benin Republic. The country was colonized by France. It got its independence on August 1, 1960. The official language of the Republic of Benin is French.

The Republic of Benin is home to pristine beaches, robust culture, wildlife, and beautiful tourist attractions.

Requirements For visiting Benin Republic from Nigeria

For Nigerians planning on visiting Benin Republic, the following are the requirements:

  1. Nigerian Passport: Nigerians visiting Benin Republic will have to present their International Passport at the border. The Nigerian International Passports is a document issued by the Nigerian Immigration Service.
  2. The Yellow Fever Card: The second requirement is the yellow Fever card. This yellow card is proof that you have received a dose of the yellow fever vaccine. The card is also for keeping records of vaccines required to visit other countries. You can only travel after ten days of getting the dose.

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Vaccines To Take Before Visiting Benin Republic

Ensure you take these two vaccines before you visit Benin republic. If you do not, you will have issues with the Port health at the border. When you go for the yellow fever vaccine, ensure you ask them for Meningitis too. They will probably fix another date for that. These are the two basic vaccines you need to take before visiting Benin Republic.

  1. Yellow fever vaccine: This vaccine is to protect you against yellow fever
  2. Meningitis Vaccines:

The Languages

French is the official language. The other languages include Yoruba, Fon and a Gbe languages. These are the indigenous languages of the Republic of Benin. They are all considered national languages.


The official currency of the Republic of Benin is Cefa, it is also known as the West African CFA Franc. It comes in the following denomination.
Coins 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200
Notes: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20000

How to Get To the Republic of Benin Through Seme Border

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If you are looking for stress-free access. You can get a direct bus to the Republic of Benin from Lagos. These are some major transport companies that visit Benin Republic Efex, ABC transport, Chisco Group Transport etc. They will handle the border protocols, the stamping etc. They offer air-conditioned buses.

However, if you are on a low budget or an adventurer like me, you can decide to do the stamping on your own.
From Ikeja board a bus to Egbeda – 200 to 300 Naira
At Egbeda board another bus to Iyana Iba – 300 Naira
From Iyana Iba board a bus or car to Badagry – 500 to 700 Naira

Once you get to Badagry, get a bus going to Seme. Tell the driver you will stop at the border. Please note they may scare you that stamping is hard, do not mind them. Just ignore and tell them to stop you at the border.
At the border, just walk straight into the complex. Ask for where to stamp, and do it yourself.
Once you stamp your passport, you will go through another set of routine checks by Port Health who will ask for your yellow fever card.
Then another routine check by the NDLEA and customs.

Depending on where you are coming from, if you are coming from the mainland around Ikeja and environs, you can go through Egbada, Iyana Iba axis. If you are coming from Oshodi, you may have to go through Mile

Crossing to the Seme Border

At the park, the driver may try to charge you to cross the border, just tell them to stop you at the border you will handle the border protocols yourself.

Once you are approaching the border’s small gate, flash your Passport, this will grant you entry into the premises and sometimes you may get questioned by the Immigration officers on duty. You can move to the point where you can stamp your passport.
To stamp your passport, you will be asked pay some money. Well this should not be the case but it is what it is.
For virgin passports, you will pay 1,000 or more depending on your negotiation power and for already stamped passports, you will pay 500 Naira.

Once your passports have been stamped,
You will go through the Port health who will ask for your yellow fever card, then the customs who will also try to check your luggage, then the NDLEA who will also check for drugs and other forbidden substances,
Once you are clear, you will move to the Benin side where you will go through another check.

Tips When you get to Benin

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  1. Understand the Country: The first thing you should do is to understand the country, their currency, exchange rates etc. You should also know some basic laws of the country. Also, you should familiarise yourself with some of the beliefs and culture.
  2. Change your money from naira to Cefa: The first thing you should do is to change from Naira to Cefa. Please do not rely on your ATM card. It may not work there due to CBN restrictions.
  3. Keep Your Transport Fare: As a rule, ensure you have the transport that will take you from the border to your house stored separately. This is to avoid spending your transport fare when you travel.
    Please keep your transport fare separate from your other money.
  4. Get a SIM card: Nigerian networks don’t work over there unless you roam them. However, the network company will excessively when you make and receive calls. Therefore you may need to get a Benin SIM card. I will suggest either MTN or Airtel. Once you get that, you could load it up and activate internet connections, this will save you a lot of stress.
  5. Get a Universal Adapter: they use a different kind of socket different from the ones we have here. You need to get a universal adapter that will allow you to plug in your device. This is very important, it may be difficult getting one once you step out of the border.
  6. Get an English speaking driver: Look for an English speaking driver to take you to your destination. This will help you with the language barrier. If you are going to take another bus after getting to your destination, you may also tell the driver to help you out.
  7. Learn basic Vocabulary: You should learn basic vocabulary like bonjour(good morning), Bonsoir (good evening), Anglais (English). Etc
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Things to Do at Benin Republic

  1. Enjoy the Street Food: The first thing you will notice when you visit Benin is the presence of street food vendors everywhere. Street food is popular here. Get adventurous and have a taste of the street foods.
  2. Visit the Python Temple: The temple of the pythons has become one of the major tourist attractions in Benin Republic.
  3. The Slave Route: This is the journey to the original slave route in Benin. You also get to see the door of no return. It is the place where slaves are shipped to Europe and other unknown destinations, never to return again.
  4. Visit the National Park: Benin Republic has a rich nature and wildlife experience. A visit to the National parks will blow your mind.
  5. Attend a Festival: The country has a rich cultural heritage, you should attend one of its cultural festivals.
  6. Visit the Beach: Benin Republic is a coastal country with different beaches. Enjoy the blue skies, the pristine beach sand and the beauties of its beautiful beaches.

The Cost of Visiting Benin Republic

Transport to Badagry Between 1,000 to 2,000 (depends on where you stay in Lagos)
From Badagry to Seme 500 to 1,500 (Depends on whether you use a bus, car or bike)
Crossing at the Border (between 1,000 and 2,500) depends on your negotiation power and if you are using a virgin passport or an already stamped one
From Seme to Cotonou (1500 to 2,500)

Total – Between 4,500 and 7,000

Hotels In Benin Republic

Hotels are moderately priced in Benin Republic, the cost of a standard hotel in Benin varies from 6,000 Naira per night to 15,000. Though there are more expensive ones between 20,000 to 150,000 per night.

Hotels in Benin Republic

  • Le Jardin Secret
  • Diaspora Auberge
  • Hotel Dk
  • Auberge de Grand Popo
  • Hotel La Casa Cielo
  • Hotel de la Diaspora

Tourist Attractions in Benin Republic

  • There are so many tourist attractions in Benin Republic
  • Zinsou Foundation Museum
  • Pythons Temple
  • Slave Road
  • Bab’s Dock
  • Ganvie
  • Grand Popo
  • Fidjirosse Beach
  • The Cotonou Littoral Monument

Differences Between Nigeria and Benin republic

Roads: Benin republic has far better roads than Nigeria can ever imagine. All the major highway are tarred. Throughout my stay, I did not encounter a single pothole in the places I visited. This is not an exaggeration, all the major highways are tarred.

Amenities: They have basic amenities like good roads, street light, water etc.

Development: In terms of development, Nigeria is far more developed than the Republic of Benin. It is rare to see a new major construction around the city.

Data: Internet Data is pretty expensive here in the Republic of Benin compared to Nigeria.

Road signs: There are road signs on every street, every highway.

Driving: Driving here is too sane that I was almost freaking out. LOL.

Cars: There are more exotic cars in Nigeria than in the Republic of Benin. I hardly see the latest cars around.

Transportation: Most of the citizens own bikes, bikes are one of the popular means of transportation in this country. It is also very common to see women riding bikes.

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  1. may God bless u, please I stay in iyana iba and is not possible to go and board a flight again to cotonou all because I want to stamp my passport from nigeria airport and cotonou Please hw can I stamp my passport for out in Nigeria and Entering in cotonou? thanks ??????

    • You do not need to visit the airport to get your passport stamped, You can get your passport stamped at the Seme border.

  2. Thank you so much for the update ? But I have a question to ask. I want to know if it’s mandatory to quarantine for fourteen days in Cotonou? Because I traveled from Nigeria to Cotonou on 23rd of August and I’m planning to leave for Dubai on 1st September. Is there any possibility for me to embark on the journey? Secondly will I be quarantined in Dubai? Thanks in anticipation. Yours sincerely, Okonkwo Ugochukwu.

  3. Hey good day .. This article was really helpful.thank you so much. Please I want to ask. I got admission in a university in Cotonou and I am flying in tomorrow and I just noticed you said something about fever card. I don’t have that. Does this mean I won’t be allowed to pass the boarder

    • You might have issues with the Port Health guys at the Airport, they might not allow you to board. If you can get the card today please do, even though you are supposed to get this card minimum of 10 days to your travel date. Kindly reach out to us if there is anything we can do yo help you out.

  4. Good day. en Greetings please I have an appointment at de Nederland Embassy in November 2021 in cotonou. I intend to take a bus…my question is do they do a covid 19 test at the border.. or at airport b4 entry into benin ..

    • If you are travelling by Air, You need a covid test , If you travelling by road you do not need a covid test. You can take a bus at Yaba or Mile 2.

  5. We are going from Nigeria to Benin by bus. Do we need a covid test to enter Benin and to reenter Nigeria? My husband and I are fully vaccinated. And are yellow fever vaccines a major requirement now?

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  8. Hi, Is a COVID-19 vaccination certificate required to go to Cotonou now?
    What of Meningitis?
    We have all the other documents and cards.
    Thank you.

  9. Hello please I really need to ask you a question I’m having this document wish I need to carry my sister To Italy please I just need a stamp on it that she’s was already in Nigerian then Bord the next flight again to come to Italy please I really need help inside the airport who can do this for me please if you have any contact please let me know

  10. Hi . Thanks for the information. Is it international passport I need or Ecowas passport??
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  11. Please, is it possible for someone to visit Nigeria from Benin Republic without an international passport and or visit Benin Republic from Nigeria without an international passport. Maybe using Nigeria national id printout with yellow fever card.

  12. God has putting it to your mind to be of help to people… May God bless you as well…

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    Pls, can you helpfully suggest how much i need to hold that would be enough for me for whole one month…together with transportation and documentation…(?)

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