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Travelling from Lagos to Accra in Ghana by road is one of the adventurous things to do. Ghana is one of the most visited African countries by Nigerians. It is because Ghana is one of the closest countries to Nigeria. You can travel from Lagos to Ghana by road in less than 10 hours. 

About Ghana

Ghana is a West African country that shares a border with Togo, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. Ghana was also colonized by the British. No wonder Nigeria and Ghana share lots of similarities. In terms of culture, tradition, music etc. The official language is English. Over the years, Ghana has become one of Nigerians favourite travel destinations. 

Places in Ghana

Documents Needed

Travelling from Lagos to Ghana by road, you need some vital documents. These documents will grant you entry and allow you to have a smooth journey from Lagos to Ghana. The documents include:

1. International Passport/ The ECOWAS passport: The international passport is required when travelling from Nigeria to Ghana by road. The international passport is a document issued by the Nigerian Immigration Commission. The ECOWAS International passport allows you to visit all west African countries without a visa. 

international passport yellow card

2. Yellow fever card: The second document is the yellow fever card. A yellow card is a card that proves that you have received the yellow fever vaccine. Travellers that are visiting any of the West African countries must have this card.  

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3. ID card: Though this is not a standard requirement. Sometimes the immigration officers usually ask for this. In addition to having an international passport, you may also have a work ID card or any other means of identification handy. 

4. Proof of accommodation or hotel booking: This is also another requirement. You can always tell them you will book a hotel once you get to Ghana. 

Best Time to Travel from Lagos To Accra Ghana

If you are looking for the best time to travel to Ghana. There is no best time. The country is open every day to visitors. To have a smooth trip, you need to leave Nigeria early. The best time to travel from Lagos is between 6 am to 8 am. Other than this, you will be getting to Accra late at night. 

First-time Travellers / Virgin Passport Holders 

Nigerian passport visa page

As a first time traveller or travelling with a virgin passport. You will pay extra for stamping your virgin passport. 

What is a virgin passport? A virgin passport is a blank passport that does not have a visa. It could also refer to an international passport that has not been stamped. If you are travelling for the first time using a fresh International passport, you will have to pay extra to stamp your passport. 

About Lagos and Accra

Accra is the capital of Ghana and Lagos is one of the most popular states in Nigeria. It is the economic powerhouse of Nigeria. Accra is over a three-hour drive from the Aflao border. 

Places To Get a Bus Going From Lagos to Ghana 

These are some of the places to get a bus going from Lagos to Accra.

1. Yaba 

2. Ajah

3. Iyana Ipaja 

4. Mile 2 

5. Festac/Amuwo Odofin

Different ways to travel from Lagos to Accra

When you are planning to travel from Lagos to Ghana. There are several options to consider. One of the options is to go with the standard transport companies. Another option is to drive from Lagos to Accra. The third option is to go through public transport from Lagos to Accra. 

If you decide to go by road, depending on your budget and capacity, these are the various options 

1. Enter Public Transportation from one spot to another till you get to Ghana. This is for budget travellers and adventurers. If you hate stress please do not try this. 

2. Use standard transportation companies from Lagos to Accra: There are standard companies with air-conditioned buses that travel from Lagos to Accra. These companies will help you with everything you need from Lagos to Accra.  

3. You can drive from Nigeria to Accra: If you are driving from Lagos to Accra, Please ensure you get all the necessary documentation. (Though this is highly not recommended unless you understand the terrain)

4. Charter a Car: If you do not want to travel through the public transport system. You can charter a car from Lagos to Ghana. It will be expensive that you might as well take a flight. 

Driving From Lagos to Ghana

Driving from Lagos to Ghana is not recommended because it will be both emotional and financial draining. In the end, you may not be allowed entry if all your documents are not complete.

Documents needed When Driving from Lagos to Ghana

When driving from Lagos to Accra, you need some additional documents in addition to your international passport and the yellow fever card. You need the following documents when travelling to Accra from Lagos. 

1. International Drivers License

2. ECOWAS Vehicle License 

3. ECOWAS third party vehicle insurance (It is valid for three months)

4. Laissez-Passer (Travel Documents that allows you to travel through the Republic of Benin and Togo by road) You can process this at the border.

Cost of Bus Prices From Lagos to Ghana

The cost of buses varies from company to company. Another factor to consider is if you are travelling during peak or off peak. There is usually a surge in cost during festive seasons. But due to the economic situation of Nigeria. The prices have increased and now ranges from 15,000 to 30,000. For one way trip. Since covid and the recent economic clampdown. The new rate is between 25,000 to 45,000 for a single trip. 

Total Travel Budget/Cost of Travelling from Lagos to Accra


More than 85 per cent of the rates you will see online are old rates. The rates are usually between 12,000 Naira and 22,000 Naira. But things have changed. You might be paying double the stated rate now.   

Transportation Within Ghana: Cost of Transportation within Ghana depends on your means

Border protocols 


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How Long From Lagos To Accra by Road – The Long Ride 

Travelling to Ghana by road usually take between 9 to 12 hours. If the reason why you are travelling by road is to see beautiful landscaped. You will be disappointed. The express passes through mostly the less developed parts of the three countries. However, it makes you appreciate the people and the culture. You get to know the cities better. It will also allow you to visit multiple countries. The distance from Lagos to Ghana is about 450 km. That is if you travel through Aflao. The duration of the trip is averagely between 9 to 10 hours if there is no issue or unforeseen circumstances. 

Countries You will Pass Through When Travelling From Lagos To Ghana by Road

1. Nigeria: You are setting out from Nigeria 

2. Benin Republic: You will also pass through Benin Republic Through Cotonou and Ouidah 

3. Togo: You will also pass through Togo

4. Ghana

Travelling from Lagos to Ghana by Road

If you are travelling from Lagos to Accra by road. You will be passing through two other countries aside from Nigeria. The countries are the Benin Republic and Togo. 

The Borders

You will have to go through 3 different borders, at each of the borders, you will exit, undergo some searches before you can stamp your passport. These are the borders: 

Nigeria/Benin Border at Lagos (Seme Border)

Benin Togo Border (Hillacondji)

Togo – Ghana Border Aflao – This is the most organized border of the three. The immigration officers are very professional. 

Nigeria / Benin Border aka Seme Border 

Passing through the borders is one of the most stressful parts of the journey. You will have to go through a series of checks by the Immigration, Customs, Police, Port Health, NDLEA, DSS etc. It could drain you mentally, physically and financially. Now you see why having the necessary documents is a must. That way, you may stand your ground to avoid some payments. But at the immigration point. You will pay about a thousand naira before they stamp your passport. It is a two to three hours drive from Lagos cities. 

Benin – Togo Border (Hillacondji)

The Hilla Condji Border is another busy border. But not as busy as the Nigeria – Benin border. The process here is faster compared to the Nigerian Benin border. It is a two hours drive from the Seme border. 

Togo – Ghana Border – Aflao border 

The Aflao border is the most organised of the three borders. Immigration officers at the border are very professional in all their dealings. They do not extort you nor ask for bribes. From Hillacondji to Aflao is one hour forty minutes drive. While from Aflao to Accra is another 4 hours drive.   

Crossing the Borders 

If you are travelling from Lagos to Ghana through a standard transport company. The transport company will handle most of the border protocols and stamping etc. You may not have to pay extra, however, if you travel through the public transportation system. That means you will be taking buses from one destination to another. You will have to sort the stamping and the border protocols by yourself. When you approach the border, please do not patronize the touts. Ask for the stamping point and tell anyone that approaches you that you will handle it yourself. It doesn’t matter whether the person is immigration personnel. Sometimes, some of the officers prey on first-timers to stamp for them just to extort them. Tell them that you would like to do it yourself. 

List of Transport Companies From Lagos to Ghana By Road

When travelling to Ghana by road from Nigeria. You should consider factors such as ease of getting tickets, customer service, cost, comfort etc. There are so many transport companies that move from Lagos to Accra daily. To be candid, this is the best option when travelling from Nigeria to Ghana by road. These transport companies have the experience. You won’t have to go through the stress of negotiating at the border. 

1. ABC Transport Ltd

Terminal – Plot 79, Oba Kayode Akinyemi Way, Amuwo Odofin, FESTAC, Lagos

Book Online booking:

2. Chisco Transport 

Terminal – Jibowu terminal: 6 Ikorodu Road, Yaba, Lagos

3. Cross Country Transport Ltd

Terminal – Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba, Lagos.

4. Efex Transport 

Terminal – Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba, Lagos.

Book Online –

5. God is good motors

Terminal – 

Book Online – 

6. GUO Transport

Terminal – Alafia terminal, 36, Opere Street, Wema Bank Bus Stop, Coker, Lagos

Book Online –

Itinerary from Lagos Nigeria to Accra Ghana by Road

From Lagos to Seme Border. Between 2 to 4 hours (depends on where you are coming from)

From Seme to Togo Border is about two hours 

Togo Border to Aflao – One Hour Forty Minutes 

From Aflao to Ghana – Four hours 

Food in Ghana

The cost of food in Ghana in Nigeria currency is between 1500 and 3500

Ghana jollof rice

Transportation in Ghana 

buses in Ghana

The cost of transportation in Ghana is way expensive compared to Nigeria. The popular means of transportation is cab, buses and bikes. 

Travelling from Lagos to Ghana is usually between nine to twelve hours. It depends on the speed of the vehicle, delays at the border, traffic etc. 

Tips When Travelling From Lagos to Ghana by Road

1. You can travel to Ghana for three months stay without a visa.  

2. Beware of touts at the border, do not patronize them. They can hold your passport and ask you to pay ridiculous prices. 

3. Always insist on doing the border protocol and stamping by yourself when you get to the border. Unless you are travelling through a structured bus transport company. The company will handle that for you. Do not give your passport to anyone to help you out. 

4. Always travel light, sometimes the officials may want to search your luggage. Avoid carrying things that are not necessary. 

5. It’s a 9-hour drive please ensure you do not eat something that may run your stomach. 

6. When you get to Cotonou, only change the money that you will need in Cotonou and Togo. Togo and Benin use the same currency, Cefa. You can change from Naira to Cedis at the Aflao border. 

7. At the border, do not trust anyone with your luggage. Ensure you stay with your luggage at all times. 

8. It is best to change the money at the border. You will get the best rates. 

9. Before changing the currency, make sure you negotiate with many FX dealers to get a good rate. 

10. Always take extra cash to avoid getting stranded.

11. Do not take pictures at the border.

12. Carry enough snacks and drinks that will last you throughout the journey.  

13. Do not rely on your Nigerian debit cards. You might want to have extra dollars in case you run out of Naira or Cedis. 

14. It is best to get a Dollar Mastercard. 

15. At every border, you will need to come down for inspection and search. Do not lose your vehicle. 

Frequently Asked Questions When Travelling from Nigeria to Ghana

Q. What is the best way to travel from Lagos to Ghana?

A. The best and fast way is by Air. If you are travelling by road, the best option is to go through the inter-country transport companies.

Q. Can I drive from Lagos to Ghana?

A. Yes, you can, but you need the right documents. Please refer to the topic on this page. 

Q. Where Can I Change Money when travelling from Nigeria to Ghana?

A. You can change naira to Cefa at Seme Border, while you can also change Naira to Cedi or Cefa to Cedis at Aflao

Q. What is the condition of the road? 

A. The condition of the road is way better than it used to be. Some sections of the road have been fixed other sections are still in a pitiable condition. 

Q. lagos to ghana by road nairaland?

A. You can ask questions on Nairaland too. It is a good place to seek information. I will also be here to answer all your questions.

Q. Lagos to Ghana by road time / how many hours is Nigeria to Ghana by road?

A. It takes about 9 to 12 hours from Lagos to Ghana. 

Q. how much is Nigeria to Ghana by road?

A. The prices vary from company to company. 

Q. Can I Travel from Lagos to Ghana by road price 2021?

A. Unfortunately no, the borders are closed due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Hopefully, the borders will be opened before the end of 2021 or early 2022. 

Q. Can I travel from Lagos to Ghana by road ABC transport?

A. ABC Transport is one of the many transport companies that move from Lagos to Ghana by road. 

Q. Can I travel from Lagos to Ghana without a passport?

A. You are only allowed to travel from Lagos to Ghana with a passport. 

Places to Visit in Ghana

There are so many attractions to Visit in Ghana.

Kwame Nkrumah park

The Art Centre

The Independence Square (Black Star Square)

Jamestown Lighthouse

Ussher Fort Museum


If you are visiting Ghana and looking for a travel company in Africa to help you visit some of the attractions in Ghana. Kindly contact Travel

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Lastly, do you have questions, enquiries please feel free to drop in the comment section below. Perhaps, have you have been to Ghana please feel free to share your views. Also, if we miss any points kindly share below.

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