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top Amala restaurant in Nigeria

Top Amala spots in Nigeria – Nigeria is blessed with a lot of rich delicacies and Amala is one of them. Nigerian foods are great! If you’ve ever had Amala with Gbegiri and Ewedu and assorted goat meat (Ogufe), then you can testify to the goodness of this amazing delicacy from Southwest Nigeria. It’s difficult to argue with this assertion as Amala ranks high when it comes to Nigerian delicacies. Every tribe in Nigeria has its own delicacies, but the favourite delicacy for most people especially from South-West Nigeria is Amala. Amala is made from Yam flour which is a product of yam tuber. However, it would seem like Amala is managing to transcend being just a Yoruba cuisine. So if you are looking for top Amala spots in Nigeria, we got you on this. 

I feel bad for you if you don’t like amala because you don’t have any clue what kind of happiness it offers. It’s like paradise, winning the lottery, getting married to the long love of your life and raising your first kid all rolled up into one. You can only understand when you taste of its awesomeness. Like they say in this part of the world if you know you know. 


For many Nigerians, Amala is without a doubt, a favourite Nigerian meal. The best Amala is a matter of beauty and happiness, soft, sweet, fluffy and lump-free. It would not be prudent for us to go waste money on rubbish amala.

Wherever you’re in the world, a plate of Amala instantly evokes memories of your home (especially if you’re from the Western part of Nigeria). Some Amala enthusiasts have stated that consuming Amala is more than just having a meal but a complete experience, which is why they go on purposeful hunts to find the best Amala spots in Nigeria or anywhere they are located. I could continue to praise the qualities of this great delicacy but again what use is it if we don’t give you the best amala Restaurants in Nigeria. If you haven’t previously eaten Amala and are planning to try it out, the secret is to make sure you try out the very best Amala you can get your hands on. Please follow this post for the best amala spots in Nigeria. 

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Just in case you’re ready to try out the legendary Yoruba cuisine called Amala, here are some of the top-of-the-list Amala restaurants in Nigeria.

List of Top Amala Restaurants in Nigeria

If you are looking for the best amala joint in Nigeria or the best Amala restaurant, just sit back, relax and have fun.

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1. Amala Phase 1, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Amala Phase 1 is a top Amala restaurant based on Lagos Island and it has been satisfying and making customers happy for more than 30 years. It’s not a joke for a local restaurant to have 30 years of experience! Many have testified to the delectable taste experience they enjoy when they visit this amala spot. They offer a wide variety of indigenous soups and assorted meats and fishes to go with your meal. Some go as far as even calling it addictive, hence, it has earned itself a spot on our list of top amala spots in Nigeria.

2. Amala Shitta – 26 Rabiatu Thompson Crescent, Shitta, Surulere

This legendary place is indeed a top amala spot in Nigeria. It has been running since ’67! Talk about amala soaked in history, knowledge and boundless experience! This is hands down one of the best Amala restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria. Amala Shiytta offers amala almost 7 days a week! It is also famously known as the 306 Amala Spot. Amala Shitta is the oldest and coolest kid in the block in comparison to other Amala joints in Nigeria. This legendary amala spot is still one of the best places to get Amala and Ewedu with gbegiri in Lagos, Surulere to be precise and has been in service since 1967, the joint has met the constant hunger for tasty amala. It is still one of Nigeria’s oldest amala restaurants in Lagos and Nigeria.

Every bit of the hype is worth this famous Lagos amala joint. Luscious amala, Ewedu with Gbegiri and assorted Goat meat. If you are still yet to eat here, then you need to plan a meet-up with your fellow Amala enthusiasts and foodies at one of the most prestigious Amala restaurants in Nigeria.

3. Inastrait Food Canteen, Ibadan

This Amala restaurant in Ibadan can be found on the Cultural Center Road, Makola Hill, Ibadan, this canteen was founded in the 1970’s by Alhaja Akanke of blessed memory and has since continued to cook delicious dishes. Inastrait has two additional branches, one at Ibadan Polytechnic and the other one at Iwo Road near Arisekola Central Mosque. The canteen’s interior decor incorporates both the bukka setting design and a modern restaurant hint. Amala and Ewedu are the main cuisines you can expect to be served. The fact that there are three of this Canteen in Ibadan and the touch of luxurious interior decorations makes it a top Amala Spot in Nigeria. I mean, there would not be branches if the original is not doing well.

4. Bush, Ibadan

Bush is another popular Amala Restaurant located in Ibadan. This Amala spot is a perfect fit for those that work at the Oyo State Secretariat, Ibadan. It’s at the back of the Ministries of Finance, Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters. You should pass through the Revenue House for easy access and a 4-minute walk would lead you to Bush, where food and beverages are available. The two most popular spots are green and blue “spots”. It’s unlikely you miss it, so the next time you find yourself at Ibadan Secretariat, do yourself a great favour stop by for a taste of awesomeness. 

5. Olaiya, Surulere, Lagos

If you have lived long enough in Lagos then you must have learned of Surulere’s popular Olaiya bukka. Famous for its hot and delicious Amala piping, this Amala spot has found its way too many people’s hearts.

The key to the ever-present people at Surulere’s Olaiya cafeteria has been passed down from generation to generation. The customers seem to be fanatics and obsessed with this particular Amala spot. It would seem that they can do no wrong as far as they continue to make and serve the customers their fantastic hot Amala with Ewedu plus Gbegiri recipes and lots of soft chunky kpomo. There is also a branch at Lagos University, however, many will argue with you that Surulere is home to the’ true Olaiya experience’

It is close to Amala Shitta, it’s like a replica although a newer generation. So, both Amala spots are usually on their toes because of the rivalry. People rush there for the outstanding amala, the quaint atmosphere, and the added luxury of the Air Conditioner.

6. OseOlohun / Amala Skye , Ibadan

Ose Olorun Amala Skye - Top amala restaurant in Nigeria

Amala Sky is the hottest and top amala spot in Nigeria, located in Ibadan. The most famous Amala spot in Ibadan popularly known as OseOlohun / Skye Amala is a grandmaster in Amala making. It can be found along the path between Bodija and the University of Ibadan. It was donned with the alias Amala Skye or Skye Lolo due to its proximity with Skye Bank now Polaris bank. Skye Amala has a wide variety of customers ranging from Bankers, University of Ibadan students, government officials and other white-collar job workers. The amala Joint is notable for hosting Dignitaries including some celebrities in Nigeria also regularly visit here for their meals. 

Over the years it has been upgraded to meet the fir5st century standard. If you end up visiting this amala spot just know that you are one of the one per cent of people to do this. You should expect great service and one of the best amala served from this top Amala Restaurant in Ibadan so do not expect to be served. Just pick your plate and stay on queue, its all part of the experience due to the high influx of people that come to this amala spot.

7. White House, Yaba, Lagos

White House is another popular Amala restaurant that’s been around for years and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Their services are decent and organized. Located in the Nigerian Tech Hub city Yaba, Lagos. A leading innovation centre tagged the Nigerian Silicon Valley. This world-famous canteen called White house has customers pouring in from Unilag, Yabatech, Startup Hubs and so much more. Since Yaba has been hailed as our very own Silicon Valley and programmers and even coders need to a piece of Happiness to keep the inspiration flowing. The dishes served in the White House come without breaking the bank with it’s very tasty amala dishes, a personal favourite of most who work in the area. The building is painted white, as the name suggests. White House offers a slew of local delicacies of mixed and bush meats including Amala, Pounded Yam, Fufu, Jollof and White rice.

If you’re ever in the region of Yaba, roll up your sleeves, wash your hands and dive into the world-famous White House’s delicious amala dish.

However, you should bear in mind that two wraps of Amala will hardly hit the spot for you, you probably would have to order a third or fourth one. What you can, however, count on is that their Amala is so good you would have a very delectable experience! Furthermore, it is very pocket-friendly.

8. Iya Meta, Ibadan.

Iya Meta has been around for a long time. She’s in the popular market of Bodija. Because her restaurant is in the middle of the city, she attracts enormous patronage. In reality, it is said that Fuji maestro, Ayinde Barrister was a regular at this amala joint in Ibadan back then.

9. Iya Eba, Onikan, Lagos

Lagos Island is host to some of the country’s best local food spots, and this little buka on Berkeley Street has gained its fame from as far back as the 1980s. Their amala and Ewedu signature soup always leave people curious about the Buka’s name and how fitting it is.

Don’t be misled by the label “Iya Eba,” their Amala is a different experience altogether! If you’re ever around Onikan and environs at lunchtime, you should find your way to Iya Eba for a gratifying Amala experience.

10. Yellow Chili, Victoria Island, Lagos

Sometimes you have to change the pace by visiting a restaurant instead of a bukka all the time. “But these restaurants are not really good in making the kind of heavenly amala we want” I hear. The good news is Yellow Chili is a restaurant that incorporates the posh interiors and services of a restaurant with the legendary Amala making abilities. If you want to enjoy amala on a date and make a good impression while at it, the spot is Yellow Chili. With a great atmosphere and a delicious meal of amala, you will get her to fall in love with you if it’s just because of the Amala.

11. Yakoyo, Ilupeju & Surulere, Lagos

Yakoyo is another Amala Restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria. Yakoyo can be found in Ilupeju along the Ikorodu route and another branch is at Ogulana Drive Surulere. It is so popular in these areas that even a baby in the womb of the mother will show you the way. Like they say, ‘ You can’t miss it, just track the smell. ‘

12. Amala Belgium – Parliament Road, Jakande Estate, Mile 2, Amuwo Odofin

Most of the people at Amuwo Odofin can testify to the quality of the Amala being sold at this Amala restaurant in Lagos. The canteen is famously called Belgium Canteen but make no mistake, their Amala is mouth-watering and addictive more so that the people working and living in that proximity just cannot get enough of it. Whenever you are close to Amuwo Odofin, you really should check out this canteen. Warning though; you may catch yourself going back for more from time to time. Such is the irresistible quality of the Amala being sold at this Amala spot in Amuwo, Lagos, Nigeria

13. Mama Ope Canteen, Ibadan

At the Virtual House, Jemibewon Sago Road, Makola Hill, Ibadan, is where you would find Mama Ope Canteen. Mama Ope canteen has been around for more than 15 years all the while satisfying her customers with relishing dishes of Amala. Its furnishings are modern, chic and accentuated with fantastic designs. It has three sections— the VIP Lounge, the Floor, and the Hall Their main dishes are not just limited to Amala but also includes Ofada rice and peppered sauce. Mama Ope Canteen has grown to become the hottest amala joint in Ibadan.

14. Oju-Irin, Ibadan

This amala spot is strategically located you can find this canteen behind Aedrome GRA; alongside Methodist High School, Bodija. Because of its ample compound and space, it attracts huge patronage from a different class of people.

15. Defence Car Park Canteen, Marina, Lagos

Marina is home to men and women that work white-collar jobs. This is also another top amala spot in Nigeria you should consider. These people in fancy suits and ties do not think about their corporate status when coming to this Amala restaurant in Lagos. Everyone is always rushing to come to experience the superb taste at Amala First Bank, which is the nickname it is widely known as. Piece of advice for you when you go to this canteen: don’t forget to take off your jacket because you’ll be sweating in no time with the hot soft amala and delicious goat meat. Their employees are always ready to fulfil your order to ensure that you can return back to work before your lunch break is over.

16. Mama Adija Eatables (Amala Spot) Ibadan

Mama Adija Eatables is also another popular Amala spot in Ibadan. Also known as Amala Spot. It offers a variety of local foods including our precious Amala. It is one of the most recommended spots to buy Amala in Ibadan.

Mama Adija Eatables top amala spot in Nigeria

Now you have a list of all the top amala restaurant in Nigeria so do yourself big favour the next time you visit any of these cities and have a bite of this great taste of amala. In your quest for finding the top Amala spots in Nigeria, don’t forget to send us a photo or video

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