Casa Del Papa Resort – Beautiful Beach Resort in Benin Republic

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Casa Del papa is one of the best resorts in Benin republic. The beautiful resort has been in existence for over 15 years. It has both the lagoon and the sea view making it a perfect destination for holiday, vacation and honeymoon. It has become lovers favourite destination, tourist choice and adventurer second home. This is because of its beautiful landscape and facilities. 

Casa Del Papa

Casa Del Papa is located in the colonial city of Ouidah. A few minutes drive from the Benin slave route. The resort boasts of a restaurant, outdoor pool, bar, spa, lagoon, beach, and other exciting attractions. 

Casa Del Papa is the definition of a beautiful beach with crystal white sand, beautiful gardens and well-arranged coconuts and palm trees. The flowers at the resorts are well adorned which is proof that they pay attention to the tiniest detail. This resort comes in bungalows, the bungalows have both lagoon and beachside view.

Where is Casa Del Papa located?

The views at Casa Del Papa

Casa Del papa is in Azizacoue, Ouidah in Benin Republic. It is about 30 minutes drive from the major highway. Ouidah is known for its impact during the slave trade era. It is the location of Casa Del Papa. It has both a lagoon and a sea view. The resort has a lagoon on the right side and a beach on the other side. It is situated between the lagoon and the Atlantic ocean giving you a beautiful view of both worlds. 

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Video of Casa Del Papa

Making a Reservations 

Casa Del Papa is the hottest beach resort in the Benin Republic. If you are visiting, ensure you make reservations in time. This is to avoid disappointment. You can either make reservations on their website or better still you can contact us to make the reservations on your behalf. You will be required to make deposits when you make reservations. Making deposits sometimes can be an issue due to the difference in currency. They do not accept transfers only cash payments or POS. Due to the CBN’s policy, you can not do more than 100 dollars on your card monthly.  

reception at casa Del Papa

The Resort 

Beach view at Casa Del Papa

The Resort has a total of about 70 rooms which is a combination of both single double rooms. All the rooms at the resort are bungalows. 

The Rooms 

Rooms at Casa Del Papa

The rooms at the hotel are super clean with Airconditioner, table lamps, Flat screen Television, table, chair, wardrobe. However, the settings of the rooms are too simple for a resort of that side. 

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The Cost of Staying at Casa Del Papa

Casa Del Papa is a premium resort. The cost of staying at Casa Del Papa varies. There are factors to consider when deciding the cost of staying at Casa Del Papa. The factors include

1. Are you staying alone?: It depends on whether you are having a room to yourself
2. If you are planning to stay at the sea view or the lagoon view. 

night view of casa del papa

Cost of Rooms at Casa Del Papa

The rooms are in categories, the sea view and the lagoon view. These are the cost of rooms at Casa Del papa. 

cfa franc cefa benin republic currency

Sea View 

  • Privilege Room for 2 with breakfast 77,500
  • Privilege room for 1 with breakfast 76,000
  • Room for 2 with breakfast 66,000
  • Room for 1 with breakfast 53,500
Sea view at Casa del Papa

Lagoon View 

  • Room for 2 with breakfast 56,000
  • Room for 1 with breakfast 43,500
The lagoon view at casa Del papa

The resort is a family-friendly resort with rooms to accommodate different needs. The single rooms are suitable for couples while the double is best for families. The rooms are well insulated and protected from outside noise. 

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Casa Del Papa

Convert Naira to Cefa: Please ensure you convert your money to Cefa at the border before coming to the resort, they do not accept other currency. 

Get a Universal Adapter: They use a different kind socket, to be able to make use of the sockets, you need a Universal Adapter. Please ensure you get this at the border. It may be difficult getting this once you get to the resort.

Get a new SIM: Get a Benin MTN SIM for internet connection. There is no internet access or WIFI in the resort rooms. 

Get a Translator: The official language is French, going with someone that speaks French is an added advantage. You may also make use of google translator or other translating devices. This will make communication easy. 
Note the food schedule: The resort has a strict timing for food. Come out for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the right time, these guys are so strict with their timing. If you miss any of the schedules, you may have to wait for the next one.

Facilities at Casa Del Papa

Lagoon view at Casa Del Papa

The resort is facilities packed with so much to see and do. Apart from the beach and lagoon which are some of the major attractions. Other facilities at the resort include: 

– Lawn tennis court: it has a dedicated lawn tennis court.  

– Volley Ball Court: It has a beachside and a lagoon-side, volleyball court. 

Volleyball at Casa del Papa

– 5 Aside football Pitch: For the love of football, you can also play or compete with your friends. It has a mini football field.

– Billiards/Snooker: It also has indoor games like snooker etc 

– Table tennis: Table tennis is also available. 

– Kayaking/Canoeing: The resort also has its fair share of water sporting activities like kayaking, canoeing, boat ride, jet skiing etc 

Kayaking at Casa Del Papa

– Swimming pool: Casa Del papa has different pools both for adults and children. It has two large swimming pool and children’s swimming pool. 

Swimming pool at a resort in Benin republic

– Garden: Another attraction at Casa Del Papa is its beautiful garden. The gardens are well manicured giving it a beautiful view. 

beautiful beach view

– Mini golf course: It also has a mini-golf course where you can compete with others. 

mini golf at benin casa


The resort also boasts of a lovely sea view restaurant. It has in-house chefs that serve both local and continental dishes. Breakfast is from 7 am to 10 am, Lunch Starts from 1 pm to 3 pm and dinners start from 7 pm to 9 pm. 

restaurant at benin

The Food

The restaurant at Casa Del Papa has a wide range of menus ranging from local to intercontinental cuisines. The food is average, it’s hard to say maybe that is the way the local food taste but I feel the food can be better. It’s safe to stay with the intercontinental dishes. If you are confused about what to order, you can always ask the waiters for help.

Food at Benin republic resort
Casa del papa food
brocotor at casa del papa

The Rooms: All the rooms come with a flat-screen TV, air conditioner, wardrobe, table and chair. 

The Service

I will rate their service 90 per cent, the staff are nice, they were very helpful, the food delivery was on time. The rooms are well clean, the security officers are well trained too. 

Things to Do At Casa Del papa

kayaking lagoon at casa
  • Kayaking: One of the major attractions at Casa Del Papa is the water sports and kayak services. Kayaking at Casa Del Papa comes complimentary for all users at the resort. It opens from 9 am to about 6 pm daily. 
  • Order exotic foods from the restaurant: Casa Del Papa offers a wide variety of food. It offers a complimentary buffet breakfast and you can also order a la carte.  
  • Romantic Walk on the beach: It has one of the cleanest beaches you can ever imagine, going on a romantic walk along its coast will be one of the most memorable moments at the resort.
  • Plan your vacation: Casa del Papa in Ouidah has become one of the top spots for vacation in Benin Republic. Plan a vacation and experience the beauty the resort has to offer. 
  • Go on honeymoon: Casa Del Papa has become one of the favourite honeymoon spots in Benin republic. It has also become a top place for lovers. 
  • Get Spa Treatment: It has a lagoon view spa which is built on top of the lagoon. It has a sauna, a professional masseuse and offers other beauty services. 
  • Water sports Activities: It also has other water sports activities such as boat ride, jet ski etc. 
Spa at Casa Del benin
spa at casa del papa

Location of Casa Del Papa

If you are wondering where is Casa Del Papa located? It is located in Ouidah, Plage (01BP 5787 Cotonou). About 20 minutes ride from the Ouidah bus stop and within few minutes from the python temple. 

beautiful beach in Benin republic Casa

Casa Del Papa Resort & SPA offers the following activities/services (charges may apply):

beautiful beach resort in benin
  • Spa
  • Hot tub/Jacuzzi
  • Fitness centre
  • Sauna
  • Massage
  • Hiking
  • Tennis court
  • Canoeing
  • Mini golf
  • Beachfront
  • Water sports facilities 
  • Tennis equipment
  • Spa facilities
  • Spa lounge/Relaxation area
  • Spa/Wellness package
  • Beach
  • Tour or class about local culture
  • Archery

Other Things to Note

1. No Currency exchange: if you do not have Cefa they do not accept other currency nor have agents that can help you out. Therefore ensure you have enough money that will last you throughout the trip. Getting a bureau dey change may be a little harder once you are in Ouidah. Ouidah is the location of the resort.

2. The Restaurant run within specific times: The kitchen opens within a specific time, if you forget to order during these periods, you will have to wait till it opens again. Note the opening time and closing time at the resort. Also note the timing of breakfast, launch and dinner.

3. Food is pricey and not as great as Nigerian foods: The foods are a bit pricey, you may want to avoid trying to be adventurous. Ensure you come with lots of snacks too.

4. Resort is far from the Main City: It is a little far from the main city, therefore, ensure you get there on time to avoid driving on that lonely road at night. Most resorts are usually far from the main city. This is not an issue but please ensure you pack everything you will need before leaving.

5. Wifi Is Only Available at the Restaurant and public places: Wifis are not available in the rooms, you can only get access to Wifis at the restaurants.

6. No fridge in the Room: The rooms don’t have a mini-fridge, avoid carrying perishable foods there are no facilities to preserve it.

7. No Complimentary water in rooms: The resort doesn’t provide complimentary water. 

In all, Casa Del Papa is a beautiful resort with exceptional services and once in a lifetime experience. The is super clean, the environment is beautiful and services are effective and efficient. 

If you are planning to visit Benin republic or visit Casa del Papa. You can reach out to Travelwaka Tour 

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