OfadaBoy – Pan African Restaurant in the Heart of Surulere

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OfadaBoy is an indigenous African themed Restaurant located In Lagos, Nigeria, Surulere to be precise. Ofada Boy offers different signature Ofada (local rice) delicacies. The restaurant has a Yoruba traditional feel which you would almost mistake for an African King’s palace. Everything about Ofada Boy has a traditional feel from its ambience, menu, décor, food presentation, to the waiters speaks beauty and attention to details. The waiters are dressed in African prints also known as Ankara and Yoruba styled hats which gives you a royal welcome.

Ofada boy Restaurants in Lagos

It is often hard to find a restaurant in Lagos mainland with such a serene and beautiful environment with good and affordable food, aesthetics, Afrocentric swag all in one package. The Ofada boy meets all of these criteria and will definitely blow your mind. Ofada Boy is truly a beauty to behold in terms of its aesthetics, graffiti, furniture, ambience and the environment.

Who Owns OfadaBoy?

OfadaBoy is owned by Tobi Fletcher a graduate of Microbiology and an indigene of Ofada Town. He decided to follow his family genealogy and take after his grandfather business who was among the earliest farmers that started Ofada rice farming in Africa.

The Ambience

Ofada Boy is located in a quiet and serene environment in a very cool neighbourhood within Lagos. The ambience is beautiful and it comes in Yoruba styled, African themed settings offering beautifully carved wooden tables, chairs, mats curtains and arts. OfadaBoy is definitely one of the best restaurants in Lagos.

Ofada boy gate

It is located in an estate off Adeniran Ogunsanya. There are no signs or banners outside. It is a building with a two wooden gate that you could easily pass by without paying much attention to what is inside. These doors lead to one of the best restaurants on Lagos mainland. Once you step into the gate, you are ushered into an aisle of beautiful artificial grass walkway which leads straight into the OfadaBoy restaurant.

OfadaBoy has two sections the outside Restaurant that can conveniently seat over 25 people and the inner section that can also accommodate Another 20 people

The Food at Ofada Boy

Ofada boy seems to have done good research because the sauce was not too spicy, the meats were tender, the rice was well cooked and doesn’t have the annoying unprocessed Ofada rice smell. I was quite impressed the Ofada doesn’t have that smell nor was the sauce spicy and the era of eating Ofada rice with stones is a thing of the past.

ofadaboy ofada rice in Lagos

Do not get carried away with the Ofada menu, they also offer other indigenous Nigerian foods. Apart from the foods, OfadaBoy is also known for its soups which includes White soups, Afang, Ewedu, Ogbono, egusi, Eforiro, Edikiankong, Gbegiri, Ofensala etc

One unique thing about Ofada Boy is they also serve natural palm wine which tops the list of the drinks. Ofada Boy has three variant of palm wine which includes the Palmwine, Palmo and Palma. The Palmwine contain the Palmpine, Palmwine and Pineapple

  • Palmo (Palm wine and orange)
  • Palma (palm wine and apple)
  • Palmwine

About OfadaBoy Restaurant

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Ofada Boy offers a beautiful and aesthetic ambience. If you are a lover of good food, arts, culture and tradition,  you will be marvelled and impressed with the decorations both the interior and the exterior and everything Ofada has to offer.


The windows are covered in mats giving it more of the traditional Royal feel. If you want to be blown away and lost in the world of old school music while sipping your palm wine or eating your local Ofada rice then this place is for you. However, there is no parking spot at Ofada Boy, you basically will have to park outside of the gated estate which seems secured.

Ofada Boy Address

Ofada Boy is located in the heart of Surulere off the popular Adeniran Ogunsanya Street Surulere.

It is located at No 1 Mba Street, Close to Shitta Bus Stop, Off Adeniran Ogunsanya.

Ofada Boy Boy Menu

Ofada boy has a wide collection of Nigerian local Delicacies ranging from Ofada rice to pepper soup to swallows and different Nigerian soups.

ofada rice

The Ofada Menu

Ofada comes in different packages listed below

Ofada Classic

It contains Ofada Rice, Meat (Assorted), Beef, Ponmo, Egg (Optional) and Plantain

Ofada Premium

Ofada Rice, Meat (Assorted), Beef, Ponmo, Egg (Optional), Plantain and Moi-Moi

Ofada Deluxe

Ofada Rice, Bush Meat or Snail or Smoked Catfish Or Fresh Catfish or Goat Meat, Beef (Eran), Ponmo, Egg (Optional), Plantain

Ofada Royale

Ofada Rice, Bush Meat and Snail or Smoked Catfish or Goat Meat(2 of any of these), Beef (Eran), Ponmo, Egg (Optional), Plantain

Ofada Yo

Ofada Rice, Meat (Assorted), Beef (Eran), Ponmo, Egg (Optional), Plantain, Yo-yo fish and prawns

ofada boy food

Other Side Attractions

They have board games like the Ayo game, ludo etc And do not forget to take lots and lots of photographs.

Our Verdict

It is hard to get something like this in Lagos Mainland. A great place with affordable food, great customer service and beautiful ambience. The only problem I had was the fact that there was no parking space. The food was nice, the ambience was great, the staff are well trained and highly professional.

Food – 4/5

Ambience 4/5

Customer Service 4.5/5

Cleanliness  5/5

value for Money – 4.5/5

Ofada Boy Rating: I will give them 4.5 over 5

Have you been to OfadaBoy or need more information about this restaurant? Please comment below

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