Idere Hills – Beautiful and Historical Mountain in Oyo State

idere Hills

Idere Hills is one of the latest tourist attractions in Oyo State. Idere Hills was recently commissioned as a tourist attraction site in Oyo in the year 2020. It is a historical mountain surrounded by a beautiful green landscape. This mountain has an interesting story dating back as far as over 600 years. It is located in a quiet town known as Idere in Oyo State. Idere Hills has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Nigeria. A view that will take your breath away keeps you wanting more. There are several attractions you should look out for when you visit this beautiful mountain.

beautiful landscape in Nigeria

Idere Hills – The latest Tourist Destinations in Oyo State

Idere Hills is one of the latest tourist attraction in Oyo State. It was recently commissioned as a tourist attraction in the year 2020. Idere Hills is a historical mountain surrounded by beautiful landscape and rich in history. This mountain has an interesting story dating as far back to over 600 years. It is located in a quiet town in Idere, Ibarapa region in Oyo State. Idere Hills has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Nigeria. The views will take your breath away. There are several attractions you should look out for when you visit this beautiful mountain.

Videos From Idere Hills

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Idere town used to be located on top of the mountain before they moved downhill. This mountain settlement used to be governed by two traditional Kings. It is now an abandoned hill used for farming. Some popular agricultural produce is crops like cocoa, plantain, banana and tomatoes.

Tips for Hiking Idere Hills

  1. Wear something comfortable: Firstly, dress for the occasion, wear something smart and comfortable. Sport wears, shorts and hiking boots will be best suited for the journey. Avoid dresses, flipflops, skirts and other fashion apparel that might not be comfortable etc
  2. Hold enough cash: Secondly, this town doesn’t have any bank or ATM (Automated Teller Machine). POS and bank transfer options are not available at Idere Hills. Therefore, ensure you hold enough cash so you do not get stranded.
  3. Bring Your water and drinks: Get enough drinks and water that will last you throughout the hiking experience
  4. Go in groups: This trip will be best done in groups for maximum fun.
  5. Charge your phone: Ensure your phones are properly charged, go with a power bank.
  6. Be careful of what you eat: There are no public toilets around, be careful of what you eat. Avoid food that may run your belly.
  7. Swimming is Not Allowed: Swimming is not allowed in any of the natural pool.
  8. Be Safety Conscious: Be careful when climbing the cliffs, please do not go too close to the edges of the mountain.
  9. Follow Instructions: Follow the tour guides instructions. Although some of the tales may sound ridiculous, please kindly respect their beliefs and tradition. Do not try to prove them wrong.

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The Different Attractions at Idere Hills

Idere hills have lots of attractions that made this place unique and fun to visit. The story of Idere Hills is beautiful, its culture is rich, lastly, the food is out of this world.

Atapa Spring: This is a spring on the mountain that serves as the major source of water to the whole community. Locals claimed it is highly medicinal and cures different kinds of diseases and ailments.

Suspended lake Idere Hills

Aroye Hill: It is a three-layered rock made up of cylindrical shaped rocks laying horizontally on each other. Aroye Hills used to be one of the security posts at Idere. Locals claimed it is usually the spot where the city spies stay to have a vantage position of everything happening within the community. From the top of this rock, the king’s guard can easily see anyone going in and out of the community. It also aids communication between the guards at the entrance of Idere known Yara.

aroye Hills Idere

Iyara wall: Iyara in the Yoruba language means room. This is a large wall of two vertical mountains measuring about 18 feet in height and 40 feet in length with a space of 7 feet apart which serves as a natural passage in and out of the community. It served as the city gate and it is managed by the city guards. And on the top right side of the hill is the station for the snippers back in the days.


Eeyore Natural pool: This is a large water reservoir on top of the hill. It serves as a natural water pool which holds over 12,000 litres of water which is enough to supply the community during the dry season. This water is not for drinking rather for household and farming purposes.

Kosomonu: This is a cave-like section with interconnecting tunnels on the mountain which gives you a good view of the entire community. It is one of the highest points of the mountain. From this place, you can see every part of the community. The name Kosomonu mean cant lose a child in Yoruba. This is usually used by parents when searching for a missing child, rather than aimlessly searching everywhere, you can easily come to Kosomonu which gives you a better view of the community. It also has a tunnel that is used as a hideout.


Isoku Iruku: All members of the royal families are buried on this mountain. This is a point at the top of the mountain where the corpse must be kept before embarking on the journey to the burial site. It is a custom for the corpse to be placed on this part of the mountain.

Olorogun Meji: These are two large potholes with water formed inside the rock. It is =believed to have been formed by two rival wives. The tale behind it is they had a disagreement and the two of them turned to the two narrow pools of water.

orogun meji

Odi Ilu – The 600 Years old defence wall: Thes are defence walls that have been in existence for over 600 years, they were mounted to serve as a shield against attack on the community. It also has holes where the warrior can use as a viewpoint and for shooting.

Ape Tree: This tree is located at the entrance of the rock, it has been in existence for over 300 years and it is still standing till date. The tree is said to be as old as the town. It goes way back in history.

The old Palace: Two caves served as the palace for the kings who both rule and reside up the hill. These palaces are still in existence to date.

Ols palace

Oja: Oja is the Yoruba word for market. Oja is Idere market square where food, clothes, agricultural and household goods are sold.

Iho Eja: This can be translated to mean hole of fish, it is an opening on the rock with water that looks like the shape of a fish. The water is used mainly for laundry purposes.

iho eja idere

Enjoy Fruits from the Tree: There are fruits scattered all over the hill, always seek permission before plucking.

cashew at Idere

Visit a Farm: The hill has a plantain and Banana plantation, cocoa plantation, tomato farms, cashew trees etc

plantain plantation Oyo

Location of Idere Hills

Idere is about a 1-hour drive from Iseyin, less than 5 minutes drive from Igboora which has been tagged the twin capital of the world. Igbo Ora has the highest collection of twin in the world. According to local sources, there is virtually no house in this town that doesn’t have a twin. This is not just a mere claim. It is recognized worldwide as the city with the highest number of twin. On entrance to this town is the sign welcome to Igboora – the nations home of twins. Also, there is a sculpture of a woman carrying a twin, one strapped on her back while she held the other with her hand.

Idere Hills

Opening and Closing Time

Since it is still new and yet to be fully explored there is no opening or closing time at Idere. However, it will be best to visit between 7 am and 6:30 pm.

The Landscape

Idere Hills is characterized by beautiful landscapes, rocks, caves, hills, and the ruins of ancient civilization which is still there till date. These qualities have made Idere Hills one of the top tourist destinations to consider.

Idere Hills in Oyo

Things to Do when you visit Idere Hills

1. Great Spot for Hiking: Idere Hills is one of the best hiking spots for beginners. It has plain grounds, hills, rocks that are easy to climb. It also has some forested regions, valleys etc. Compared to most hiking spots in Nigeria, It is one of the easiest for beginners.

Hiking spots in Lagos

2. Sight Seeing: Idere Hills has one of the best views I have ever seen. Idere has lovely vegetation that will get you wanting more.

3. Order Amala: There is a popular saying in Oyo state, your journey to Oyo state is not complete without eating amala. Oyo state is the amala capital of the world.

4. Take beautiful photos: Idere is beautiful and picturesque do not forget to take beautiful and lovely pictures. See samples of places to look out for below:

beautiful hills in Oyo

5. Meditate: Soak yourself into the environment. It is quiet and serene. It is a good spot for meditation and yoga.

Idere Hills is gradually becoming one of the most popular tourist attraction in Nigeria. What are your thoughts on Idere Hills?


Despite the fact that Idere is new, it has proven that it has all it takes to match its counterparts anywhere in Nigeria. In conclusion, your trip to Oyo state will not be complete without visiting Idere. Some other tourist destinations in Oyo are within a two-hour drive from Idere Hills.

Other Tourist Attractions In Oyo State

Furthermore, these are some other tourist attractions in Oyo State.

Pictures of Idere Hills

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    The name of the town is Idere not Ibarapa. Ibarapa is a region comprises of 7 towns; Lanlate, Eruwa, Igboora, Idere, Ayete, Tapa & Igangan. It is right to say the hill is located in Idere; Ibarapa region of Oyo State

    The distance from Iseyin is 1 hour plus. Not 15mins.

    There POS centres in Idere town.

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