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expedited appointment

If you are planning to travel to the United States of America, you need to book an appointment. What happens if you after you have made payment for the visa fees, filled out the DS-160 application and all of a sudden you realize that there is no early appointment date? The dates available are months or even years away from your travel date. 

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It is looking like your plans to travel to the United States of America is about to be shattered. This article will show you how to book an expedited or emergency appointment date with the US embassy. With an expedited date, you can easily book an early appointment with the US embassy.

This post will guide you on the step-by-step approach to take when looking for an expedited date at the US embassy. We realize that there are situations beyond our control that require urgent attention. These are some of the reasons why you may require an early appointment.

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Moreover, the fact is that you need a travel visa to grant you access to enter the United States. Yet, there are different reasons why people travel.

You can travel to the United States for business, work, study, medical care, tourism, entertainment or sports and so on. Nevertheless, for the duration to apply for United states of America visa, you need a visa. Hence, the reason for the United States emergency appointment or expedited date.

What is the United States emergency appointment?

The United States emergency appointment is a travel alternative given to anyone who intends to visit the United States urgently. There are different reasons why you may request an expedited appointment. Some of the reasons vary from health to education or events or burial. 

In addition, this implies that there are events that happen and require immediate attention. Though these terms are used interchangeably. Most times the US expedited date is also known as the US emergency date. 

What is the U.S. expedited date?

As discussed just as emergency appointment, the US expedited appointment can be used interchangeably. Applying for an expedited travel date to the United States of America means that you want to fast-track your visa and travel because of an emergency. In other words, it means that you need to accelerate your U.S. visa date to meet up with a pressing event or situation.

Are the U.S. emergency appointment and expedited date the same?

The US emergency appointment and expedited date are interwoven. To book an emergency appointment, you must state your reasons for travel and must have a date attached. You get an expedited date after you have submitted an application online for an emergency appointment and it has been reviewed and granted.

Requirements for the United States emergency appointment

The following are required to book an emergency appointment with the United States of America.

  • Travel destination
  • The departure date and the date you intend to travel
  • Reasons for travelling
  • Visa application fee payments
  • The previous normal visa appointment date you booked
  • The required date for your emergency
  • The date you noticed that you needed an emergency visa appointment
  • Supporting Documents 

Of course, you need a valid means of identification also to present at the United States embassy.

expedited appointment

What qualifies you for the U.S. emergency appointment and expedited date

The following are travel reasons that qualify you for an emergency appointment and expedited date;

i. Urgent medical care or attention

You are eligible for an emergency appointment when;

You need to get urgent medical treatment in the United States

intend to accompany a relative or employer (in the case of domestic help) to the United States for medical treatment.

A family member in the United States is critically ill and needs your attention.

You have an underaged child who is sick and you need to be with them.

An expedited for medical reasons will allow you to travel to the U.S. for medical needs.

Documents Required For Medical Visas Expedited Date

A letter from your doctor in Nigeria stating the nature of your sickness and why you need medical attention.

A letter from a physician or hospital in the United States of America

Evidence to show how you planned to pay for the trip

ii. Attend the Burial of a Loved one

The need to attend the burial ceremony of a family member or a loved one. The funeral ceremony of a loved one is considered important and worth an expedited date request to the United States. However, you need to clarify that you have family ties with the deceased. Plus, you can apply for an emergency appointment in case of death, if You have the intention of bringing the body of the deceased family member to your country.

Documents Required For Burial Expedited Date

Letter from funeral director stating the contact information, details of the deceased and burial information and date

You must also present evidence that the deceased is an immediate relative

Emergency Business Needs 

You can also book an Emergency date for business needs that require quick or urgent attention in less than two weeks. An emergency appointment is feasible when you have an urgent business travel need. Nevertheless, your urgency should be properly accounted for with solid reasons.

Documents Required For Business Visas Expedited Date

 A letter of invitation from the corresponding company In the United States attesting to the urgency of the planned visit, describing the nature of the business and that either the U.S. or Nigerian company will suffer a significant loss of opportunity if an emergency appointment is not available. 


2 Evidence of a necessary training program in the United States of three months duration or less, to Include letters from both the Nigerian employer and the U.S. company providing the training. Both letters should include a detailed explanation of the training and explain why either the U.S. or Mgenan company will suffer a significant loss of opportunity if an emergency appointment Is not available

Student / Visitors Exchange Expedited Date 

A student or exchange visitor who needs to be at the institution of study on a specific date. In case you got admission to an institution of learning in the United States and you need to resume in two months. This takes effect in situations when there is no regular visa appointment available. Plus you must be clear that you have not been denied a visa application six months before the requested emergency date.

This option is limited only to students and exchange students who are within 60 days of their start date. It Is also limited only to applicants who have not been refused a visa within the last six months at either the U.S. Embassy in Abuja or the U.S Consulate General in Lagos. 

Essential documentation for Student Expedited Date

Original Form 1-20 or OS-2019 indicating the start date of the program within 60 days to the date of resumption

2 Evidence that you have paid the SEVIS fee (when applicable).

3. visa fee receipt

4. You may also attach other receipts of payment

Reasons Why expedited dates or emergency appointments Will Not be Granted

The United States embassy disregards travel intentions that do not meet the already specified ones above.

Kindly note that you can’t apply for an emergency date for the following reasons;

  • Wedding ceremonies of family members or relatives in the U.S.
  • Birthday parties or naming ceremonies of relatives in the U.S.
  • Tourism or summer vacation to the United States.
  • Graduation ceremonies of family members in the United States.
  • Visiting relatives in the United States
  • Admission into an institution in the United States as an exchange student.
  • You want to assist a family member who is pregnant in the United States.

Documents required for an emergency USA visa

The following documents are essential for you to expedite your travel application;

  • Written confirmation from your doctor that you have the medical condition and require care in the US.
  • Written confirmation that you are eligible for treatment from a US physician or hospital.
  • Proof that the hospital in the United States has reviewed your medical state and is willing to treat you.
  • For an accompanying relative or employee, you need proof of relationship with the ill person.
  • Financial information outlining your plan for paying for the surgery.
  • Evidence of the closeness of the deceased family member.
  • The deceased personal information and the funeral date, as stated in a letter from the funeral home.
  • A letter of invitation from a US corporation outlining the urgent business you have there.
  • Documentation of a significant training program taking place there.
  • A written letter by your current employer on the necessity of the business trip.
  • Evidence that you are no longer qualified for an Electronic State Travel Authorization (ESTA). This indicates that your country does not have the access to a visa waiver option for the United States.
expedited appointment

Frequently Asked Questions for US Expedited Date 

How many times can you request an emergency visa in a year?

The U.S. embassy attends to your emergency visa appointment needs if you apply once a year. You can’t apply more than once a year. Likewise, if you have been rejected before, especially in the space of 6months.

Can I get the United States expedited visa on the first application?

Yes, you can get the United States expedited visa on your first application. All you need to do is pay close attention to the details on the website. Likewise, you can employ the services of a travel agent as they hold deeper experiences with the procedure.

Plus, you need to be careful and honest because the U.S. embassy will follow up on your request duly.

Best time to schedule an emergency appointment?

First, you need to ensure that your visa is not near the expiration date to book an emergency appointment with the United States. Also, it is better to apply immediately if you note the urgency of your travel.

How soon can I get the U.S. emergency appointment?

It takes about five to seven working days to process the U.S. emergency appointment. However, it could be less, depending on the situation at hand.

Also, working days in this context means the days when the U.S. embassy is available. Plus, this excludes public holidays and weekends.

This is because there are thousands of people trying to get an expedited date just like you.

How soon can I get the United States emergency visa after applying?

The visa processing time after your appointment request takes up to five weeks. Also, you need to remain calm and await the decision of the embassy. In this situation, do not reapply or send multiple emails as they might not be attended to.

What embassy can I book for an emergency appointment in Nigeria?

You can book an expedited appointment on the US appointment portal. The address of the US Embassy closest to you can be found on The address for the US embassy and consulate in Nigeria is located at;

Address of US Embassy/Consular in Nigeria

The U.S. Consulate General in Lagos

Address: 2 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos

The U.S embassy in Abuja

Address: Diplomatic Drive, Central District, Abuja.

Please be aware that the embassy and consulate do not work on weekends and public holidays. 

Steps to book the United States emergency appointment

1. Pay the visa application charge of $160

You can pay online with a Guaranty Trust Bank account or over the counter. In addition, you can also make the payment via the GTCO online banking platform Once you have done so, carefully print and keep the receipt.

How to pay for US Visa Fee in Nigeria

2. Complete your Application

Finish filling out the DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Application form online.

You must ensure you fill the fields correctly. While filling out the form, the following is important

Look for errors or omission of letters in names

Ensure that you provide the required documents

Do not submit any information you do not have a backing for.

3. Create an Appointment profile

Once you are done with your application, create an appointment profile visit once you create an appointment profile, ensure you fill the necessary fields. Also kindly input the MRV receipt. Without the MRV reference number, you can not book a date. 

4. Schedule a Regular Appointment

Once you have inputted the MRV, you can proceed to book a regular date. To book a US expedited appointment date, you first need to schedule a regular date. Once you make a reservation for the earliest time slot on the appointment calendar, automatically an emergency appointment option will pop up on the menu. 

Please Note: This opening has some restrictions.

Please be aware that to request an expedited date, you must first make an emergency appointment booking.

Once you book a regular date, An onscreen notice displaying the emergency Request will appear on the left side menu. 

5. Apply for Emergency 

Fill out the emergency request form online, with the dates in view above. You can do this by following the instructions and completing the process accurately. Make careful to specify the category of emergency you believe applies to you. That is the category of your request, it could be as a result of a wedding invite, health-related, school, burial ceremony etc. 

Note: The travel reasons listed above are specific. Most times, any other reason apart from that is ignored or rejected. Therefore, to avoid this do not apply for an emergency visa without reading the eligible requirements.

6. Attach the Necessary Documents

In addition, to your request, you need to attach supporting documents to your application. The supporting documents depend on your reasons for travelling. Please see the section for documents required for an expedited appointment. 

7. Wait for ApprovalCheck

After submitting the emergency request, wait for the request to be granted. It often takes 1 to 5 working days for a request to be approved. You will receive an email stating that your request has either been approved or denied. 

Do well to check the spam and promotions folders of your email for due notifications. 

8. Reschedule a New Appointment

Immediately you receive a notice that your appointment has been approved, kindly login to your appointment profile, to schedule a date. Once you log in, you will see early appointment dates earlier than the one you booked. Then you can either cancel and rebook or click on reschedule.  

9. Print Your Appointment Confirmation 

After rescheduling, ensure you print a copy of your appointment confirmation. It could be in colour or in black and white. 

10. Attend The Interview 

Gather all your essential travel documents together, neatly arranged and compiled. The copies of documents you submitted online should be taken along with you unless stated otherwise. Kindly visit the nearest U.S. embassy where you scheduled the appointment. For example in Nigeria, it is either Lagos or Abuja. Please do not miss the interview.

Accordingly, you need to be present at the embassy on time and be appropriately dressed. During your interview, you should answer all questions truthfully

Similarly, you need to make sure that you are familiar with the basic details on your application form. 

Whatever document you submit at the embassy should tally with the ones you submitted online.

Take note that the United States embassy can not help you to fill out the emergency request form. Although, you can get the services of a trusted travel agent or agency to help you.

What to do if your emergency appointment was denied or rejected

In case you are denied an expedited date, you have the option of sticking to the initial visa application you made on the U.S. immigration website. If you are not ok with the date, you can buy a new visa fee to book another appointment date with the US embassy.

This means that your initial or regular appointment date for a basic travel application should be followed. Plus you will have to wait long periods to get an interview at the embassy.

These are the step-by-step process for booking an expedited date in Nigeria. 

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