How to Apply for East Africa Tourist Visa in Nigeria

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The East Africa Tourist visa lets you visit 3 east African countries with just one visa. Do you desire to tour multiple countries in Africa on a budget? If yes, you can opt for the East Africa tourist visa.

The East Africa Tourist Visa is your cheapest and most reliable alternative to tour Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya all in one visit. This article is a comprehensive guide for your tourism to East Africa from start to finish. Find out more below:

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What is the East Africa Tourist Visa?

The East Africa Tourist Visa is a multiple-entry visa that allows you to tour countries under the East Africa travel agreement. These countries include Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Also, the countries have been added to the list because of the need to improve tourism within Africa. Plus, strengthen international ties and establish community exposure and development.

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Idea Behind The East Africa Tourist Visa

First, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda established a coalition to strengthen regional travel. Then, the idea was to give all tourists the chance to explore East Africa’s distinct culture, history, nature, terrains, wildlife and ecosystem.

To achieve this goal, the East Africa tourist visa was developed and this has also solved the conflicts of cost and validity.

Also with the East Africa Tourist Visa, you can travel between Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda with a collective visa.

Reasons to obtain the East Africa Tourist Visa


The major reason why you should obtain the East Africa Tourist visa is tourism. Therefore, as a traveller, researcher, and tourist, you have the chance to explore at ease.

Imagine combining your tourism to three countries in Africa, the bliss and breathtaking sights for less. That is what East Africa affords you, to travel in and out of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda in 90 days.


Visiting three countries in East Africa for a unique and affordable fee is a lot better than separate costs. It also makes more sense financially if you’re going to at least two out of the three countries.

An individual e-visa for any of those countries costs $55. An East Africa Tourist Visa costs $100. This means that all your expenses are covered by the East Africa Tourist visa fee.


The East Africa Tourist visa can be gotten online and applied for online. Moreover, citizens of all countries can access this, regardless of their location. In addition, there is no need to visit the embassy, as all application is done online.


The East Africa tourist visa is valid for 90 days. Compared to the single entry visa of 30 days or less, you have a longer duration. Also, you can enter East African countries legally more than once as long as the visa has been obtained

Countries to apply for the East Africa tourist visa

Citizens of foreign countries apply for the East Africa tourist visa from Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda. You can apply for this visa online through the immigration website of the above-mentioned nations.

Also, it is essential to point out that the visa is open to everyone

Cost of the East Africa Tourist Visa

The East Africa Tourist visa costs $100 and it is paid online. Also, note that fees paid in error are nonrefundable.
When you apply through the website of each country, the amount you must pay is visible when you choose your type of visa.

Therefore, you should pay with a valid debit or credit card which is not due to expire. This includes payment after selecting the right visa category.

The East Africa Tourist visa processing times

It takes 1-3 working or business days to successfully obtain the East Africa tourist visa. This time also reflects the decision to approve or deny your visa request.

However, it depends on the laws and provisions made available at the time. Plus, processing the East Africa tourist visa in a short while depends on the country you apply from.

east africa tourist visa

Eligibility for the East Africa Tourist Visa

Every foreign citizen who wants to visit all of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya for tourism on one trip should apply for this visa. This is not tied to age restrictions, both old and young should apply as due.

Furthermore, when you need to apply for the East Africa Tourist visa along with your family, you should do it online too.

Validity of the East Africa Tourist Visa

The validity of the East Africa tourist visa is 90 days. Plus the visa is valid only within the borders of East African countries.

Furthermore, the visa cannot be extended past its due date for termination. This explains that all tourism deals must be brought to a close before your visa expires.

Required documents to apply for the East Africa Tourist Visa

You need the following travel documents when applying for your East Africa tourist visa. These documents are essential for your visa application process and they include:

  • A valid international passport for at least six months. Plus, there should be at least three empty spaces for a visa stamp.
  • A recent passport photograph with the right background and appearance.
  • Flight ticket; for you and your family(that’s if you are travelling together)
  • Travel plan: This includes the details about the places you will visit. Also, you can do well to add a list of what you intend to do there.
  • Proof of accommodation: This could mean a hotel and any other place you will stay during your visit. Moreover, you need to provide the contact details of your host and the duration of your stay as well.
  • Proof of funds: Evidence that you have enough money to fund your trip and cover all your expenses during your tour. The expenses should be broken down to include all the places you would visit and emergencies as well.
  • Yellow Fever vaccination certificate from an approved physician

How to apply online for the East Africa Tourist Visa- Step by Step

The East Africa e-Visa application is not so difficult. It takes just a few minutes to finalize based on the following steps:

Step 1: Visit any of Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda’s immigration website

Step 2: Click on apply now and fill out all your information as requested.
This should include your full name, email address, contact information, passport information, civil status, date of birth, and so on.

Step 3: Next, look through all you have filled in to ensure accuracy which includes spelling and facts about the details given.

Step 4: Pay the visa fees online with a functional credit or debit card. At this point, ensure that a notification is sent which you must print once you pay the fee.

Step 5: Upload all required documents, such as your passport photo, and confirm your submission.

Step 6: Await your East Africa tourist visa which will be sent as an electronic version.

This implies that the visa is attached to your passport electronically and a notification is sent to your email address.

Step 7: Print your visa confirmation once you get it.

Printing the confirmation of your approved visa is recommended to show it to border officials if necessary.

Things to note when applying for the East Africa tourist visa

Before you apply for the East Africa tourist visa, ensure you take note of the following;

  • Your tourism is restricted to the East African countries under the coalition
    To explain this well, it means that when you desire to travel, you need to be aware that you must not go outside of the East African countries. For instance, if you desire to tour somewhere like South Africa in between, you must obtain another e-visa.
  • Likewise, the moment you leave Kenya, Uganda or Rwanda for another country entirely, your East Africa tourist visa is invalid and expires automatically.
  • Thus, you must schedule your tour accordingly to ensure that your schedules do not clash and affect the validity of your visa.
  • The individual Kenyan, Ugandan and Rwandan e-visa is different from the East Africa Tourist Visa
  • If you desire to tour just any of the three countries, you need to obtain a separate electronic visa on the website. This explains that the East Africa tourist visa is only a combination of the three nations, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.
  • Therefore, any other tour to Rwanda or Uganda that does not include Kenya in your plans means that a different visa category is needed.
  • Application is done online: The beauty of the East Africa visa is that you can apply online. Therefore to stay informed, ensure you read this article well. All you need to do is visit any of Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda’s immigration websites.
    The application comes with guidelines you must read to ensure that you do not make any mistakes.
  • Application must be done at least 8-10 days before your intended date of travel. This ensures that you give space for immigration decisions on your application. As well, it will not affect your journey in any way.

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To end with, the East Africa Tourist visa is available for everyone, it is accessible and acceptable. However, you can be denied the visa if your application is falsified and contains errors.

Also, to lessen your stress and make your application easier and faster, a travel agent can run the whole package for you.

Similarly, the East Africa Tourist visa has a visa-on-arrival option. However, you can weigh this, to determine the best choice for you. This is because it is a bit more challenging to get an East Africa tourist visa on arrival compared to online.

In addition, you might not be able to get the East Africa tourist visa at all landing or entry areas because it is not issued.

Therefore, it’s not advisable to rely on getting it on arrival. For instance, Uganda issues no visas on arrival.

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