Countries To Relocate From Nigeria and their Requirements

how to relocate from nigeria

The post will focus on top countries to relocate from Nigeria. When you think of relocating or travelling abroad, a lot of things come to mind. Some of those things are security, healthcare, employment opportunities, access to basic amenities, lower reports of racism, a stable economy, standard of living, quality education, housing and many more. Therefore, you need to consider some factors before making this life-changing decision. You need to ensure the country meets all your basic requirements.  

Whatever your needs are, there will be at least one country that can give you that life you desire to an extent. The only thing you have to do is ensure that you meet the requirements to be able to move and permanently reside in that country.

These are our list of top countries to relocate to and how to go about it.

1. Relocating to Canada From Nigeria

If you are thinking of relocating out of Nigeria, Canada is one of the countries you should consider. With a record of maximum health insurance, where nursing mothers get a year of paid maternity leave, high quality of life, quality education, jobs in various industries, affordable housing, security and a thriving economy. Canada is well deserving to top this list. Also, Canada is a member of the United Nations and Commonwealth of Nations, and you are assured of stability.

Relocate From Nigeria and their Requirements

In Canada, the industries you can specialise in are not limited to a specific profession. With their commerce which provides services, and manufactured products and also makes use of natural resources in a bid to provide employment opportunities, you can explore different fields and find your path. Canada is also one of the easiest countries to settle in because compared to other top-tier countries.

Have you read the above and you want to know what to do next?

The requirements to relocate to Canada include:

Eligibility for the Express Entry Route:

When applying for the Canadian express entry, you need to understand that it is an express entry it is a point-based system. This strongly requires that you are young as it will boost your chances. Also having at least two to three degrees and 3-5 years of work experience will greatly boost your chance. You also have to be proficient in the English Language based on Canadian standards. It is also known as the Federal Skilled Trade Program. Canada expects that you are applying through this route because you are working-class and you are extra talented and have a lot to offer.

The costs range between 2300 CAD for single applicants to 6500 CAD. This is because you will have to take the assessment, language proficiency tests, medical exams and so on. Upon application, you will be given a score (CRS) based on Canadian ratings. The higher your score, the higher your chances. You need to understand that your educational background, work experience and language proficiency plays a role in boosting your points.

Provincial Nominee Program:

Provinces in Canada nominate candidates for permanent residence based on their annual needs. Majorly, this has to do with the number of slots available and the kind of applicants the province seeks at a particular time. If you are a website developer and the province needs web developers your chances of getting into the system increase.

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2. Relocate to New Zealand From Nigeria

Moving to another country is a great decision and a life-changing experience, therefore you do not want to do this without adequate knowledge. New Zealand offers a lot of opportunities when it comes to education which is free for permanent residents and citizens.

Relocate From Nigeria to New Zealand

Free health care costs for residents, non-residents do not have to pay so much also. You will not want to be in a place where health insurance is non-accessible especially if you are travelling with children or you have a special health need. The country also has a vast wilderness and land space for biking, hiking, and sporting activities, therefore if you are sporty and love it outdoor then you have found the right place.

A friendly and welcoming atmosphere is all you need to blend in a new environment, citizens of New Zealand are known to be hospitable and accept all into the country with open hands.

The Requirement For New Zealand

The following are required to relocate to New Zealand:

• Online Visa Application: Know the category of visa to apply for based on your intentions. This will determine if you want to stay temporarily or on a short visit or if you desire permanent residence.

1. IELTS/ English Language proficiency

2. Family sponsorship with proof of relationship

3. You must get a job or have been offered a job from a New Zealand employer.

Even if you were not considered for permanent residency on application, it is not a bother as you can apply for a Work to Residence Visa after working in New Zealand for 30 months if you are considering permanent residence. You must be under 55 years of age, healthy and with years of working experience.

3. United Kingdom (UK) – Relocating to the UK From Nigeria 

The United Kingdom has become home to many Nigerians. The area known as the United Kingdom is made up of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The UK will be a perfect place for a lover of history, culture and education. There are a lot of benefits to relocating to the United Kingdom. High-ranked institutions such as Cambridge, Oxford University, and Stanford have a great influence on the educational system of the UK. Also, public schools are free for citizens and education is affordable.

Relocate From Nigeria to United KIngdom

Health insurance and free health care is a plus for those moving based on health needs, as there is a National Health Insurance scheme in place which leaves residents with the opportunity to access quality care when due. Nursing mothers get an annual paid leave and visits from the midwife for a checkup at least twice after they have been discharged from the hospital.

Great working opportunities abound in the UK as jobs are available in different sectors you are willing to diversify.

Security is another thing to consider in relocating to the United Kingdom. The country provides a safe atmosphere with less crime rates and high security.

Requirement For UK

 Have you considered moving to the United Kingdom, below are the essentials required to relocate to the United Kingdom:

1. Apply for a Visa: The United Kingdom has visa types for different relocation reasons. All you have to do is apply for one that will give you room for permanent residence if you desire that.

2. IELTS: You must have passed this English proficiency exam and have the required band score

3. Proof of funds: the UK requires that you do not come to the country without a means of survival till you can find your feet, therefore an account statement will be requested on the application.

4. Tier 1 or 2 Entrepreneur Visa: Based on employment opportunities, since you have come to the United Kingdom on a work basis, this visa is issued. You can extend it afterwards and then apply for permanent residence.

After living in the UK for 5 years you are eligible for citizenship and it is a plus if you have family members who are citizens and are currently living in the UK.

4. Relocating to the United States of America (USA) From Nigeria

The United States of America is one of the greatest countries on planet earth. This country is currently the strongest nation on earth. The United States of America is a part of the World Bank, Trade Organisation and United Nations. These bodies determine the strength of nations all over the world.

Relocate From Nigeria to United States

A country with so much economic power and high-ranked technology is not to be underestimated. The US is a great place to be if you seek to discover your tech career and get amazing support. The US is the tech capital of the world. Also, education is one of the perks of the US, with top-rated universities that stand out year after year. If you are planning to relocate to the United States of America. There are several choices you may consider.

 With a large economy with Gross Domestic Products and job opportunities for residents, the United States of America is among the top countries to consider for relocation.

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Requirements to travel to the United States of America include:

• Apply for an immigration visa

• Online payment for Visa and scheduling of interview sessions at the embassy

•Completing the DS-160 form

• Medical certification from an approved physician

• A petition filed by a relative at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office, stating reasons for moving with evidence and proof of documents to show the relationship between the beneficiary and the one filing the petition.

Other requirements include evidence of marriage, separation, number of children, dependents and citizenship of the country you reside in at the moment.

Knowledge of the English Language is also required especially for those from British countries.

5. Relocating to Switzerland From Nigeria

If you have a preference for quality health care based on life expectancy and job opportunities for which Switzerland is rated number 2 in business opportunities and entrepreneurship programs, then you can consider moving to this country.

Relocate From Nigeria to Switzerland

Switzerland has great weather, an avenue for sporting interests, a friendly atmosphere and has been rated as the most environmentally friendly and most hygienic country.

Also, the country provides quality education, affordable housing and security options. With low crime rates and controlled racism, you cannot go wrong moving to this country.

Requirement for Switzerland

To move to Switzerland, the following are required:

1. Valid passport 

2. Apply for a Swiss Visa

3. Fill out an online application form

4. You can choose to apply for a Swiss C residence permit or an appropriate resident permit.

5. Family reunion visa, if you intend to go and stay with family. In this case, the family must be able to provide proof that they can provide for you.

6. Relocating to Germany From Nigeria

For a while now, the government of Germany have made laws that assist professionals to work in the country. With the shortage of skilled professionals, the country seeks talented individuals who are willing to relocate there. This is because the country seeks to continually advance in the services provided and remain the largest economy.

Relocate From Nigeria to Germany

Germany also provides jobs in different sectors, ranging from telecommunications to health and agriculture, you cannot go wrong applying to relocate to this amazing destination. Avenue for entrepreneurship and business is also highly regarded in Germany, which means that you can apply for a visa if you so desire to start a business or be involved in a specific trade.

The German passport is the third-best in the world and having lived in Germany for 8 years, you are eligible for citizenship and possession of this passport.

Requirements to relocate to Germany include:

• Apply for a German Visa: The cost of long-stay visas and short-stay visas vary, but you can always select your choice. All you need to do is meet the requirements by providing proof of funds and health insurance. This can be sorted before you move to this country.

Also if you are looking forward to working in Germany, you need to apply for a visa in this regard and be specific about it. Basic information will be required for you to provide, just for the immigration service to have an understanding of your intentions.

There are different regulations or requirements based on whichever visa you have applied for. This will also determine how much you need to pay. For example, a freelancer visa for Germany costs 60 EUR (70 USD) while you will have to pay 140 EUR (165 USD) for a residence permit.

7. Relocate to the Netherlands From Nigeria

The Netherlands is not one of the top choice countries for Nigerians but it is one of the most favourable countries to consider. It is open to individuals who are willing to invest and open companies that provide economic development. With an assured quality of life, low tax rates for enterprises, leading innovative solutions and employment opportunities, the Netherlands is a great consideration for anyone willing to relocate.

Relocate From Nigeria to netherlands

Requirement For Netherland

To move to the Netherlands, you must have the following:

•A legal work contract. You are required to find a job before moving to the Netherlands.

•Steady income. A monthly income of at least €1,200 is required for you to be granted the opportunity to move.

•Accommodation. Registering your stay is an important step of your immigration process and you must therefore have a rental agreement beforehand.

•Valid health insurance. Obtain a private health insurance policy to cover your medical costs in the Netherlands before moving.

Also, a category of people such as clerics or religious leaders, those with partners living in the Netherlands who are either citizens or not require authorization for a temporary stay. They can apply for this authorization as well as the residence permit.

8. Relocate to Australia From Nigeria

Australia is also another popular name in the Nigerian travel vocabulary. You may decide to relocate through the work permit or the Australian permanent residency option. Just like every other country discussed above, ensure you meet the requirements. You can either apply for the Australian Permanent residency or work permit.  

Relocate From Nigeria to Australia

With the list below, you can therefore look out for any of these countries to settle in.

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