Countries That Offer Unconditional Citizenship by birth

citizenship by birth

There are so many countries that offer citizenship by birth. This process is known as citizenship by birth under the English Common Law in North and South America. Popularly known as jus-soli, which means the right of the soil. It automatically gives anyone born in the country the right to become a citizen. It states that any child born in the country is a citizen of a country based on the fact that the individual was born in that country or within its territories.
Several nations/ countries offer citizenship by birth, naturalization, marriage, descent and so on. Recently, some countries had to refrain from granting people access to become citizens just by birth.
There is a term known as birth tourism, this explains the reason why a lot of people find all means to relocate to countries that offer automatic citizenship for their newborns. It also comes with other benefits attached.
Citizenship by birth comes with a lot of advantages. You will have access to social programs within the country without any hindrance, the right to vote and be voted for as a citizen, opportunity to live a better life in a stable economy. It also offers better education, health, career opportunities and many more.
For countries that even try to reframe the laws attached to citizenship, there is still hope for anyone born there to become full citizens either by choice as they grow older or the citizenship is offered to them at a particular age.
In the United States of America for instance, a child born there automatically becomes a citizen, once the child is 21 years old, the child can file for the parents. Nevertheless, for countries that offer this birthright citizenship, it is either restricted or unrestricted citizenship by birth.

Countries That Offers Citizenship By Birth – Jus Soli

The focus of this article is list of countries that offer unconditional citizenship by birth, therefore a list of countries that offer unrestricted citizenship includes:

Canada Citizenship by Birth

Canada is one of the countries that offer unconditional citizenship by birth to anyone that is born in Canada. Located in North America with ten provinces and three territories, this country has a population of over 38 million and a stable economy. Canada offers high quality of life, security, health insurance, affordable cost of living and quality education. In line with the above, a lot of people seek to give birth to their children here to provide them with access to a better and more promising life.
Based on the constitution of Canada, a child born in that country is automatically a citizen by birth. This has nothing to do with whether any of the parents are citizens at the time of birth or not. The only exclusion is given to children born to diplomats.

How to give Birth in Argentina

Being the 8th largest country in the world and the second largest in South America. Australia is another country that offers unconditional citizenship by birth. It has a population of over 47 million occupants. It is also the largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world.
Citizens of Argentina can travel to 154 countries without a visa or get a visa on arrival. Popular countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia are also included in this benefit. Also, the country offers citizens the opportunity to access high-quality healthcare and education, job opportunities in all regions of the country and an affordable cost of living.
It is no longer news that pregnant women strive yearly to get access to birth to their children here, because of the advantages that come with being a citizen of Argentina.
Anyone born in Argentina or within her territory has unrestricted birthright citizenship. This exempts children whose parents work for foreign agencies or are diplomats or work for a foreign government.

unconditional citizenship by birth

United States of America (USA) Citizenship By Birth

A country with 50 states bordered by Canada to the North and Mexico to the right, it is the third largest country in the world.
Citizens of the United States can travel without a visa to about 185 countries. They also have an exemption from deportation, ability to vote and be voted for, access to quality healthcare and education, eligibility to apply for government jobs and can bring in relatives at a particular point.
According to the fourteenth amendment of the constitution, the United States offers citizenship to anyone born within her territory. Several people have taken advantage of this opportunity to birth their children here, even those with illegal occupancy and those who are visitors to the country.
Though citizenship in the US can be acquired either by birth or naturalisation. The main conclusion is that one is a son of the soil. Different arguments have ensued as to why illegal immigrants are granted citizenship in the US but to date, the courts have not visited this case and tourists still have the opportunity to birth their children in the US and get the citizenship tag without restrictions. You can apply for American Tourist / Business visa to give birth.

United States unconditional citizenship by birth

Citizenship by Birth in Peru

Being the third largest country in South America and the 19th largest in the world, this is the right spot. If one is considering the costs of housing, Peruvian citizens have the advantage of the cost of living, because it is cheaper compared to other countries in South America.
Peru offers unconditional birthright citizenship to individuals born in the country. This citizenship is based on the jus-soli law that most countries in South America operate with. This order on citizenship was passed in 1997 and has been in full operation since then. You also do not have to renounce your previous citizenship as the country allows for dual citizenship.

Peru jus soli


Ecuador is another country that offers unconditional citizenship by birth. It is also located in South America, the country offers its citizens the privilege to travel to countries in South America at any time. Though a small country with a population of over 18 million, investment opportunities are surplus and it is a great place to relax as pensioners visa is granted by the government of Ecuador.
For anyone born within the territory of Ecuador to parents who are citizens by birth or non-citizens, the Ecuadorian nationality is granted without any exceptions.

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If you are looking for another country that offers unconditional citizenship by birth. The Venezuelan nationality law is responsible for birthright citizenship, transmission and loss of citizenship. It is based on the law of jus soli. Any person born in Venezuela acquires Venezuelan citizenship at birth, regardless of nationality or citizenship status of parents.
Venezuela just like other South American countries also provides access to 128 countries without a visa, including the United States. The country is popular for the export of oil and frequent trades with the United States.

just soli venzuela


Though Tanzania is an African country. It is also another country that offers citizenship by birth. Since the 26th day of April in 1964 regarded as Union Day in Tanzania, the country has extended the right of anyone born within her territory to be granted citizenship. The Republic of Tanzania, however, excludes those born to parents who are aliens or enemies of the nation.
Being a safe place to live in, with tourist attractions, work opportunities in the mining industry and a reasonable cost of living, Tanzania welcomes individuals who are willing to live in the country after fulfilling specified requirements.

jus soli africa


Lesotho is a country in Southern Africa, it is among the top 150 largest countries in the world. The government of Lesotho offers citizenship to individuals who were born in her country after the time modifications were made to the constitution guiding this.
The only exception is for people born to parents who are enemies of the country or the birth occurs in a place in which enemies of the country reside.
In addition to this, citizenship is also granted to previously disqualified people because they were born before the constitution was amended on the condition that they are currently stateless.


Brazil also offers citizenship by birth to anyone born in the country. It is the largest country in South America with a growing economy which provides occupants with jobs in mining, agriculture and manufacturing sectors. Brazil is a decent country to live in.
Brazil grants anyone born within her territory automatic and unrestricted citizenship, regardless of the parent’s status. A plus to this is that dual citizenship is allowed.
Citizens of Brazil have access to over 160 countries including Canada and some other countries in South America.

Birth citizenship in Brazil


Jamaica has a population of close to 3 million. It is another country that offers unconditional citizenship by birth. Outdoor sporting activities are highly appreciated in Jamaica and health care is free for her citizens.
This country is located in North America and it is also part of the Caribbean. The great advantage of Jamaica citizenship by birth is that you get the right to vote and be voted for, access to job opportunities without a permit and the privilege to be exempted from paying international fees at a top Jamaica university.
Jamaica accepts dual citizenship and also grants anyone born in her country or territory unrestricted citizenship. This does not apply to those whose parents are citizens of a country at war with Jamaica.

citizenship jamaica


Mexico is bordered to the North by the United States and also shares boundaries with the Pacific Ocean. As of 2020, her population was over 126 million.
Mexico also has a thriving economy and since it is closer to the United States, it is less expensive to travel there. Benefits of citizenship exist as citizens get accessible health care and can participate in elections, also they get the opportunity to invest and buy properties in Mexico.
Citizenship by birth is unconditionally offered to anyone born within the scope of the country and irrespective of parent’s status.

Other Countries That Offer Citizenship by Birth

The majority of the countries that also offer unconditional citizenship are in South America, they include Uruguay, Tuvalu, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, El Salvador, Dominica, Costa Rica, Guyana, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Bolivia, Belize, Barbados and few countries in North America.
Chad offers citizenship by birth also, but a child has the right to also choose to accept or reject this at the age of 18.
The perks of being a citizen of countries in South America by birth mostly include the opportunity to access whatever programs set up by the government, the right to vote and also be voted for, In some countries that offer dual citizenship, it is also a plus.
With these, you are on your way to giving your child dual citizenship.

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