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how to get cheap fligts in nigeria

Cheap Flights in Nigeria – Imagine visiting your preferred travel destination sites without breaking the bank. It is possible to get more value for less at the cheapest possible price. Getting cheap flights in and out of Nigeria often look like one impossible task this is because there are so many underlying factors like few airlines operators in Nigeria, travel agents charging exorbitant prices and the airlines that offer cheap flights usually have a poor rating or bad customer service. This often leaves most people at the mercy of the travel agents. flights in nigeria

How Can I get Cheap Flights in Nigeria

Getting cheap flights tickets in Nigeria is not often as hard as many people think, having access to the right information is what distinguishes the travel agents from everyone of us. Here are some of the things to take note when looking out for cheap flights in Nigeria.

1. Always Book Ahead: In all you do, always book your flight tickets ahead. It’s generally known that if you book your flight ahead, you stand a greater chance of getting a good deal than when you book few a days before the flight

how to get cheap flights in nigeria2. Avoid Booking During Peak Time: Another mistake many people make is booking for flights during peak period. Some months are known to experience a surge of travellers. Airlines usually increase their flight rates during these periods while during off peaks, the flight rate is drastically reduced. Always ensure you book during off-peak if it’s not urgent.

3. Use a price comparison site: Price comparison sites are lifesavers. It can be rigorous moving from one Airline site to another, but with Price Comparison sites, you could get the best deals at one search without having to navigate several websites in search of a great deal.

Click to To Compare flight tickets in Nigeria

4. Look out for Deal: Don’t we all love deals? In your quest to finding the best flights deals in Nigeria. You should always watch out for great travel deals in Nigeria. We have gathered some of the top sites in Nigeria that offers travel deals. 

Travelstart – Comparison Flight Tickets


Jumia Travels – Best Travel Deals

Konga Travels

Available Flights In Nigeria

You can check available flights to Nigeria Below

Best Time to Book a Flights in Nigeria

Though some people will tell you there is no best time to book a flight in Nigeria, from experience it is not true. When booking a flight, timing is everything, It goes a long way to determining how much you’d pay and if you’d be paying more for a ticket or not. It determines if you will be paying more on a ticket you could have gotten lesser. Here are a few things to note when booking flights in Nigeria.

1. Book Off Peak: As we explained before Book during off-peak

2. Book at Night: Since the airlines work on a demand and supply system, which means if more people are looking for a particular ticket the prices are automatically inflated. Remember the demand and supply rule. It will, therefore, make more sense to book when fewer people are booking. Some people may disagree with this, but It has always worked for us, We get most of my cheapest deals at night. You may also want to try this. 

3. Book after a major holiday: This is another trick many people would not tell you, usually after a major holiday, most travellers are back home from vacations, travel trips etc at that point there are fewer travellers. This will be the best time to book cheap flights in Nigeria.

Tips for Booking Cheap Travel tickets in Nigeria

cheap flightsYour travel agents won’t be happy you are about to know some of their best-kept secrets. But well It’s our job to ensure you are getting the best value and the cheapest flight deals in Nigeria. Here are some of the tips to get amazing deals on flights in Nigeria

  1. Do not use the same browser every time: Now this may sound a little bit technical but it is not. This is because every time you browse a ticket site, they anonymously store some information known as cache on your system which allows them to track your usage of the site. This helps them know whether you have visited their site before or you are a new customer. It also helps them track the last activities you performed on their site. so the implication of this is, if you make another search, they slightly increase the rates, this is to get you in panic mode and force you to quickly make a purchase. So always double-check by using another browser to ensure that you are not making a panic booking. More importantly to ensure you are getting the cheapest flights in Nigeria.
  2. Use the Incognito Mode on your Browser: Another option is to use the incognito mode on your browser that way, the airlines won’t be able to track your activities on the site, thereby you get the best rate every time you search.
  3. Double Check to ensure you are getting the best deal: To ensure people are buying from them, Airlines are known to give a slightly different rate on other partner sites than the one listed on their websites. Eg sometimes the price comparison sites may have a slightly different rate while they offer something much cheaper on their website. So once you search and get a great price, quickly head over to the airline site to confirm that there are no better deals on their sites.
  4. Watch out for sweet Deals: On special occasions, some organisations offer amazing deals that are only available within a short period, always watch out for such promotions.
  5. Set Price Alert: Some flight comparison sites allow you to set price alerts such that when the prices are lower or equal to the price you set. You get an alert notifying you of a good deal
  6. Use Multiple Travel Site: Another great way to get the cheapest flights in Nigeria is to use multiple sites when doing your search, this will give you more option to get the best deals.
  7. Consider Airline Special Promotions: Airlines usually have special promotions they run from time to time. Eg during valentine, anniversary promotions etc.
  8. Redeem your Travel miles: Most airlines have special reward programs that allow you to convert flight time to redeemable points that you can be used to book tickets. Oh, you didn’t know about this? Now that you know quickly visit their site to know more about the process of redeeming your flight hours.
  9. Identify the Cheapest Day to Fly: Research has shown that some days experience more flight than others. The way is to identify the cheapest days to fly and book on such days.
  10. Look out for budget-friendly Airlines: Some airlines are known to offer cheap tickets, you may decide to fly such airlines.
  11. Book connecting Flight: Booking connecting flights are known to be much cheaper than direct flights.
  12. Be Flexible with your travel date: This is another option you need to consider when searching for a cheap flight.
  13. Book from a closer City: Another option is booking a flight from another city or State, eg the flight rate to the same country but different airports might be far apart, You may want to try the option of booking at another city within the country where you can then book a local flight or drive to your destination.

cheap flight in nigeriaTop African Flights Destinations from Nigeria

Here are some of the top Africa destination from Nigeria. 

Flights to Kenya

Flights to Zanzibar

Flights to Egypt

Flights to Ethiopia

Flights to South Africa

Cheap Flights to Dubai

Cheap Flights to Ghana

Cheap Flights to Morocco                                                                                                             

Cheap Flights to Tanzania

Cheap Flights to Algeria

Cheap Flights to Mauritius

Cheap Flights to Tunisia

Cheap Flights to Rwanda

Cheap Flights Booking To States in Nigeria (Local Flight)

Cheap Flights to Abuja

Cheap Flights to Port Harcourt

Cheap Flights to Kaduna

Cheapest Flights to Kano

Cheap Flights to Lagos

Cheap Flights to Port Harcourt

Flights to Enugu

Cheap Flights to Calabar

Cheap Flights to Owerri

Cheap Flights to Warri 

Cheap Flights to Benin 

Cheap Flights to Asaba

Cheap Flights Tickets to Nigeria

Cheap Flights to Nigeria (International Flight)

If you are looking for cheap international flights to Nigeria, there are lots of services that offer cheap international flights to Nigeria, but here is the deal, sometimes it is often cheaper if you buy from a local site that offers Naira which is the official Nigerian currency than if you are buying with a foreign currency priced in dollars, Euro, Pounds etc. For example, the cost of flight from New York to Lagos from airline A might be priced at 1,200 dollars if you convert that to Naira at the rate of 380 Naira to one Dollar that equals to 456,000 Naira whereas locally the same flight goes for 405,000. This will save you about 51,000 Naira ($135)

Cheap Flights from Nigeria To International Destinations

Here is a list of cheap international flights to Nigeria

Flights From Nigeria to London

Flights From Nigeria to Newyork

Flights From Nigeria to Bangkok

Flights From Nigeria to China

Flights From Nigeria to Paris

Flights From Nigeria to Israel

Flights From Nigeria to Dubai 

Flights From Nigeria to Malaysia

Flights From Nigeria to the USA

Flights From Nigeria to Canada 

Flights From Nigeria to England

Flights From Nigeria to Europe

Flights From Nigeria to India

Flights From Nigeria to Turkey

Flights From Nigeria to South Africa

Flights From Nigeria to Britain

Airlines That Offers International Flights in Nigeria

Airlines that Operate Cheap Flights in Nigeria



Lufthansa Airline

Turkish Airline.

Ethiopian Airline.

Royal Air Maroc.

Etihad Airways.

Qatar Airways.

Arik Air 

Aero Contractors

Air Peace

Allied Air

Association Aviation

Dana Air

Air Nigeria

Air France

Bellview Airline

Delta Airlines

Egypt Air

Ghana Airways

China Southern Airline

British Airways

Air India

Air Afrique

Where to Find Cheap Flights Ticket In Nigeria

There are several places to find cheap flights in Nigeria and they have been listed below.

Cheap Flight Ticket Deals in Nigeria

Direct Flight to Nigeria

Cheap Flight Deals

Nigerian Airline Tickets

Best Ticket prices in Nigeria

Best Travel Deals in Nigeria

List of Tourist Destinations In Nigeria

There are so many tourist destinations in Nigeria

travelwaka giidy bag





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