11 Best Resorts in Zanzibar With Paradise Experience

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Zanzibar is a region well known for stunning islands and resorts perfect for viewing any time of the year. There are so many beautiful resorts in Zanzibar for the best vacation and relaxation experience. Lovers of adventure, we present you with some of the best resorts on the Zanzibar islands for honeymoons, vacations, and romantic getaways with incredible sights to behold.

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Guess what? Zanzibar is also one of the most affordable and direct places you can visit for maximum enjoyment and recreation.

Best Resorts on Zanzibar. Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Where is Zanzibar 

Zanzibar is a beautiful Island in Tanzania. It is one of the fun places you can visit in Tanzania. Tanzania is located in East Africa. It is notable for its turquoise blue waters which give it a distinct look. Zanzibar is also home to the world heritage site Stone town. 

Zanzibar is made up of about 51 islands, this is why it is a unique and must-visit destination. It has become one of the best tourist destinations in Tanzania.  

We’ve compiled a list of the top resorts in Zanzibar to guide you through your next trip to the Tanzanian island.

Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Exciting Reasons Why You Should Visit Zanzibar

You might have heard so much about Zanzibar, are you aware that it is one of the most interesting places you can visit in Africa on a low budget? 

There are a lot of amazing things to do on the Zanzibar islands. From sightseeing, taking pictures, enjoying the cool breeze, adventures, diving, snorkelling and many more. 

Furthermore, learning about the historical background of the people of Zanzibar, Tanzania and other locations in the region is incredible. Hence, whatever you choose to do, below is a list of reasons why you should check out the jaw-dropping islands of Zanzibar.


Zanzibar is Beautiful

Zanzibar is an island in Tanzania, east-central Africa. The island is filled with ancient buildings and terrific sights. This extends from the old business centre in Stone Town, stunning landscapes, mosques, towers and a reserved cultural heritage.

In addition, Zanzibar island is another mind-blowing region in Tanzania after Mount Kilimanjaro and the national parks. Plus, the city is not too populated and it is welcoming, attractive and filled with turquoise waterfronts.

Breathtaking beaches

Stretches of pure sand are prevalent on the islands of Zanzibar. Thus, you have a lot of options when you visit Zanzibar beaches and there’s so much to do. Diving, Sunbathing, Swimming, Relaxation, Water sports and many more on the African Island of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar- luxury and style

Zanzibar serves luxury and class exceptionally. The suites, private islands and all manner of hiking ecstasy in between. Also, there are five-star hotels and resorts in Zanzibar and across the stretch of islands comprising some fascinating new developments in Stone Town.

Islands of spices

Zanzibar is known for its spices. Apart from the tourism industry, spice cultivation makes up a crucial fraction of Zanzibar’s economy. The islands are sometimes referred to as the Spice Islands, due to the cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper that are grown all over the islands.

Best time to visit Zanzibar

The best time to visit Zanzibar is during the dry season around July to September, which is a relatively common time to travel. However, it’s convenient travelling at most times of the year, with soothing temperatures when sunshine is the criterion.


Zanzibar is a tropical region and has a tropical climate which is mostly warm all year round with an adequate amount of rainfall. The rainy season is between March and May while the dry season starts from June to October. It is always better to plan your trip during the dry season when you can get the most from Zanzibar.

Do I need a visa to visit Zanzibar?

Visas are required for individuals travelling to Zanzibar in Tanzania. Foreign citizens may apply for a visa online before travelling. Also, you might need to complete an online application form, pay and follow the Tanzania visa application process online.

Things to note during your Zanzibar adventure 


Practical clothing items such as beach wear, shorts, t-shirts, breathable shoes and slides, sun hats sunglasses, swimsuits and so on can be added to your luggage.

No Alcohol

Alcohol is not allowed but could be sold at the resorts in Zanzibar. Therefore, you cannot bring any alcoholic beverages along with you, do well to buy them at the bars within the resort.

Schedule your activities

Planning your activities ahead of your travel gives you a brief idea of the kind of adventure you hope to experience. Also, you have a better chance of booking a resort in advance based on your preference.

Major Services you get at Zanzibar resorts

  • Direct pick up from the airport
  • Standard executive private rooms and villas
  • Free Wi-Fi in public areas of the resorts
  • Accessible parking lots
  • A private beach area and islands
  • Hospitality and waiters service
  • Air-conditioned and well-ventilated rooms
  • Spa, Beauty and Wellness Centre
  • Fine Swimming Pool and Lounge
  • Cocktail and drinks bar
  • Restaurant and Breakfast à la carte
  • Customer care and support desk

11 Best Resorts in Zanzibar That With a Paradise Settings 

1. Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort

Royal Zanzibar resort is a fantastic spot that is located on the Zanzibar islands. This is one of the best resorts in Zanzibar. The resort directly offers a lot of promising services for tourists all over the world.

Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Things to do at the Royal Zanzibar resort

View the stunning Nungwi Beach

To start with, the Royal Zanzibar resort faces the Nungwi beach and you can choose to relax and enjoy the cool breeze at the waterfront. Also, you have the chance to explore a variety of water activities such as diving, swimming, snorkelling and lots more. This has made it one of the best places to visit in Zanzibar.

Relax and enjoy the cultural view of Zanzibar

Furthermore, the services rendered at the resort are set to offer you a home-away-home experience with stylish rooms of cultural heritage and stunning interiors. The rooms are spacious and can be booked directly in advance to get the premium benefits the resort delivers.

Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort
Outdoor dining experience

Likewise, the resort provides the very best outdoor dining experience at the Royal Cliff. Here, you have a view of the ocean fronts and enjoy the ambience and luxury dishes served in the dining area.

Get a spa treatment

Without a doubt, all the benefits you get from choosing the Royal Zanzibar resort are top-notch. Thus, there is a spa to treat you to soothing and relaxing massage and beauty care from head to toe. With the use of traditional fragrances and spices and a world-class masseuse, your nerves and body can rejuvenate after a long adventurous, day.

How to book at the Royal Zanzibar resort

The hotel offers direct booking in advance, where you log on to their website and select your room choice to book ahead.

Royal Zanzibar resort Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Facilities at the Royal Zanzibar resort

The resort caters for your meal needs from morning till night. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific times. Therefore, all you need for a romantic night out, honeymoon, or family funfair can be found at the resort. The dining area provides:

Royal Zanzibar resort

A royal dining area for quality international dishes where you get quality three square meals.

Pool bars and lounge for relaxation, the Indian Ocean attraction, musical entertainment and cool drinks which includes beers, cocktails and many more.

2. Pongwe Bay Resort

Pongwe resort is one of the most admired spots on the Zanzibar islands. It is situated amidst the immaculate Pongwe beach which is ranked as one of the most private and beautiful coastlines in Tanzania.

Pongwe Bay Resort

Also, the natural atmosphere is worth describing as a paradise of peace and tranquillity. The environment is encircled by dense terraces overshadowed by trees and provides a bright scenery of the Indian Ocean waterfront.

Things to do at Pongwe Bay Resort

Explore the beaches

The Pongwe, Nungwi and Kendwa beaches up north of the resorts are naturally selected regions where you can spend quality time chilling. Asides from the waters, the sands are sparkling, the woodlands are lush and white and the ambience is inviting.

Pongwe Bay Resort
Experience a world of barefoot ecstasy

Also, you can decide to take a walk on the beach and let your feet experience a breath of fresh air. The warmth, coolness and comfort that this adventure provides will leave you with a lasting memory.

Wine and dine at inclusive restaurants

Meals and drinks are an important part of your stay and the a la carte restaurants and dining areas at the beach and resorts give you a variety of options. Here you get cocktails, buffets and all-time inclusive dinners in a setting of hospitality.

Share the moments with loved ones

With water activities, relaxation in the standard, spacious and executive rooms, unwinding, walking along the beach dunes and enjoying the feel of nature, you get to spend quality and intimate moments with your family and loved ones.

3. The Sands Beach Resort

The Sands Beach Resort Zanzibar ushers you into a world of blue and bliss. With the lush park that extends to the long stretch of immaculate beach, natural ambience and scent of spices, the resort is outstanding. It has become one of the best resorts in Zanzibar for fun seekers. 

The Sands Beach Resort Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Things to do at Sands Beach Resort Zanzibar

Enjoy the natural environment

You will be captivated by the surroundings of the dense green forest and fabulous coral reefs. Plus, this gives you an experience of an oasis of serenity and entertainment in a trendy, warm and credible setting.

The Sands Beach Resort
Enjoy the beach view from the comfort of your room

A great way to start your morning or end the day on a great note is to calmly watch the ocean waves and reflect. Therefore, the 20 standard rooms at the private resort have been created to give you an African yet Arabian perspective of elegance. Here at Sands beach resort, you can relax and clear your mind of worries while you explore nature at its best.

A walk in the park- alone or with loved ones

The long stretches of sands across the seashore are remarkably pristine and you can enjoy a barefoot adventure across. In your beach wear or light clothes, you get to walk around, take lovely pictures and have all the fun you want- memories made!

4. Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort Zanzibar

The Tulia beach resort is located on the Pongwe island far east of Zanzibar. The resort is best known for luxury romantic getaways and honeymoon bliss. It is one of the best resorts for romantic getaways in Zanzibar.

Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort Zanzibar

Highlights of Tulia beach resort, Zanzibar

Lovers spot

This island resort is well known as a honeymoon destination for lovers. Over the years, reviews have it that the services of luxury, comfort, privacy and hospitality offered at the Unique beach resort is second to none. Plus, the ambience and peaceful state of the islands give lovers a good spot to enjoy themselves and spent time alone engaging in various activities.

Spa massage and treatment

Tulia beach resort offers amazing spa treatments, yoga classes and massage therapies. This focuses on helping tourists like you relax and enjoy the fragrances of the Zanzibar spices plus a touch of Arabian class.

Relaxation at nature’s gift- Beach

The resort has stunning gardens for proper relaxation and lovely personal activities. Besides, the beach has long stretches of sand that connect the waterfronts and private gardens. You can feel the breeze at the edge of the beach and get a sunbath with your loved one too.

Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort Zanzibar
Private rooms with beautiful interiors

The executive suites at the resort are beautifully decorated with artworks and luxurious facilities. Here, you can relax and spend enough time beholding the sunrise and sunset from the East and West regions of Zanzibar. Also, the rooms are privately built for lovers to have a beautiful experience.

5. The Residence Zanzibar

Though not so large, the Residence Zanzibar is another beautiful resort in the Zanzibar islands where you get affordability and hospitality.

The Residence Zanzibar Best Resorts on Zanzibar

Explore the beauty of The Residence, Zanzibar

Coconut milk and hazelnuts

Fresh coconut body products are readily available in the bathroom, and delicious hazelnuts are waiting to be devoured next to the bed.

On-site restaurants

Both on-site restaurants offer a wide variety of food, on the menu and feature delicious African, Omani, and Indian dishes, while the Pavilion restaurant offers a variety of Middle Eastern dishes by the pool.

The Residence Zanzibar
Immaculate beaches

The resort looks out over a flawless mile-long, creamy-coloured beach that is daily seaweed-combed clean. Here, you can choose to relax, take a walk, swim and enjoy nature’s uniqueness.

Traditional cottages

The Residence Zanzibar has 66 dark-coloured sandstone cottages not so fancy, but you will be impressed by the level of craftsmanship put into each one. Also, they are quite spacious and comfortable for lovers and family time out. Every bungalow has a door that leads out to a large wooden veranda with a plunge pool.

6. Kiwengwa Beach Resort Zanzibar

Kiwenga Beach resort is known for its comfort, hospitality and tourism experience. A great place to view the Kiwenga Beach in the north of Zanzibar, appreciate nature and explore the terrains.

Kiwenga Beach resort Zanzibar offers both private and public facilities for a memorable adventure.

iwengwa Beach Resort Zanzibar

Things to do at Kiwenga Beach resort

Opulent villas

This Zanzibar resort’s 134 vibrant apartments including 19 opulent villas are outfitted with almost everything you require for a relaxing holiday.

Lover’s dream

A “hideaway” for honeymooners with a covered patio, an enclosed jacuzzi, and an expansive stunning contemporary chamber overlooking the ocean is also available.

iwengwa Beach Resort Zanzibar
Royal Family Suite

You can reserve the upstairs bedroom to turn your main base together into a spacious and exquisite blend of traditionally inspired rooms that the management refers to as the Royal Family Suite.

Dining and entertainment areas

There are many places to eat and sip, including elegant dining, intimate candlelit evenings, and a relaxed cocktail lounge with booze and musical performances.

7. Breezes Beach Club and Spa

The Breezes Beach Club & Spa is a resort located on Bwejuu Beach which also belongs to the Zanzibar island groups. Thus, you get entry to all of their eateries, spa, water sporting activities and free rides outside the resort. It has become one of the most interesting resorts in Zanzibar.

Breezes Beach Club and Spa

Spotlights of Breezes Club and Spa

A family resort

One of the greatest family-friendly resorts in Zanzibar is The Breezes Beach Club & Spa since it provides children with free accommodation. Also, there are lots of adventurous activities for kids to participate in. For the family, the resort offers a variety of local and historic knowledge and experiences.

Breezes Beach Club and Spa Best Resorts on Zanzibar
Cultural shows and classes

At Breezes Club, all-time membership benefits exist for clients. Although, everyone gets to experience cultural exhibitions, games and community visits and explore the Zanzibar region.

Breezes Beach Club and Spa
Nature observations

Unusual discoveries for you such as a coral reef safari dive at low waves or a cruise on the resort’s common fishing yacht. Plus, you can also learn how to climb palm trees from the resort’s garden tenders.

Dining arenas

Dining available is breakfast and dinner. Here, you have to dress in corporate dinner wears for both male and female. The dining areas include; Salama Dining Room and the Sultan’s Table restaurant. Also, lunch is served at the Breakers Grill with a BBQ and seafood menu option. Plus, you have the choice to order in-room dining, eat at the lounge restaurant or pick a snack in the entrance coffee lounge.

8. Park Hyatt Resort Zanzibar

The Park Hyatt is unique, as it is one of the best resorts in Zanzibar if you want to stay in Stone Town, the historic part of the capital city. The resort is family-friendly and has also become a lover’s delight. 

Park Hyatt Resort Zanzibar

Highlights of Park Hyatt Resort

Historical sights at Stone Town

The Park Hyatt resort is located along the lengths of ancient buildings such as the Old Fort and Mercury House in Zanzibar. Here, you can effortlessly scrutinize Stone Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on foot. Also, like an urban resort, it is on the beach and offers all the water activities you love like diving, snorkelling, swimming and kayaking

Park Hyatt Resort Zanzibar
Standard luxurious rooms

The Park Hyatt provides a sophisticated, global category of essential amenities and courtesy. The resort has 67 chambers which give a view of Stone City. Also, the rooms and executive suites are big, with a unique tone and recent electronic luxuries, including air conditioners, free Wi-Fi, and 46-inches HD TV.

Dining areas

The jaw-dropping exhibition of Zanzibar’s local foods and restaurants can be easily accessed on foot at Stone Town City though the resort has its own dining selections.

Park Hyatt Resort Zanzibar

The Dining Room is constructed to imitate the hospitality of the traditional Omani household, with reverence for the island’s Arabic impacts. The Library and outdoor space serve lighter meals for lunch and dinner. Also, the Living Room has an all-day feasting menu. You can also eat out near the ocean-view space corner at the Pool Lounge.

9. Double Tree Resort, Nungwi

Double Tree Resort is beyond beauty itself. It is located on the cold islands of the Northern Nungwi region and has continued to blend culture with extravagance over the years. Perfect for a summer vacation, individual trip, family exploration or a romantic move. Being one of the coolest resorts in Zanzibar. It prides itself on unending hospitality.

Double Tree Resort, Nungwi

Spotlights of the Double Tree Resort

Ocean fronts along pristine sands

The all-white and golden resort portrays class. Alongside, the nearness to beach regions and cool nature’s breeze is worth experiencing during your time out here. There is so much to do, from swimming, walking on white sands barefoot, taking pictures and creating your own fun from scratch.

Sporting facilities

Lovers of water sports and physical fitness can find this resort superb. You can walk into the gym feature and exercise your muscles for a fresh start of the day.

Swimming pool and lounge

An alternative private spot to the beach is the private swimming pool and lounge where you get to relax, dive and watch fishing activities take place on the islands.

Live entertainment

Live entertainment also takes place from time to time at the Unique resort, making it a highly sought-after region for premium enjoyment. Listen to the classic and contemporary music blends from great performers all over the region set to entertain you as you sip a drink from the mini bar.

Spa massage

Enjoy quality spa treatments and beauty blends at the world-class spa of the Double Tree resorts. Here you can rejuvenate and get your skin pampered by the soothing effects of Arabian spices and herbs.

10. Baraza Resorts and Spa Zanzibar

Baraza resorts and spa is a cultural replica on Zanzibar Island. The resort is private and most specially reserved for families who love to relax, wine and dine plus have a taste of luxury.

Baraza Resorts and Spa Zanzibar

Things to do at Baraza resort and spa

View the Bwejuu beach

The long dunes and cultural islands are associated with Zanzibar beaches. This includes the Bwejuu beach, one of the best beaches in Zanzibar which gives you a feeling of peace. Also, the blue and sparkling coasts can be viewed from any position in the resort. A perfect spot to enjoy solitude and comfort.

Discover culture at your fingertips

First, there are arts and crafts in almost every corner of the resort. These expressions reflect the African and Arabian mixed culture of Zanzibar, with golden and wooden frameworks all over the place.

Baraza Resorts and Spa Zanzibar
Enjoy exquisite dishes

Also, the island resort has been ranked as one of the best due to its amazing delivery of style, luxury and class. This begins with the restaurant meals in the three dining rooms. Here, you get exquisite breakfast, buffet and dinner service of intercontinental cuisines, ranging from Arabian, Indian, Persian and African feasts, made with traditional spices

Explore the spacious rooms

Moreover, the resort has 30 standard rooms with an archetypal view. The Royal Suntan and Royal Beach happen to be the biggest comprising two rooms of moderate spaces. The floors, walls, furniture and many more are neatly carved and decorated with golden surfaces and handcrafted arts. The interior of Baraza resorts is painted white with a feel of quality, serenity and a cool spot for recreation and relaxation.

Baraza Resorts and Spa Zanzibar
Outdoor play areas and terraces

Similarly, the Baraza resort has a private garden and a tennis court. The lawn is open to the entire family and it serves as a perfect arena to unwind and watch the blue Bwejuu waterfront on a sunny day. There is also a swimming pool and a terrace directly attached to every villa in the resort.

Get a spa treatment

To add to the above, Baraza Resort has a spa that provides you with massage, therapeutic and beauty services throughout your stay. The focus of the spa is to combine the 

Arabian touch of indulgence of the middle east region with a blend of wellness to deliver the best.

The Palms, Zanzibar

This is one of the most elegant resorts in Zanzibar. The Palms, Zanzibar comprises seven luxury lodges that give tourists privacy and high-quality service. It is suitable for honeymoons, romantic getaways, vacations etc.  The palms has powdery white sand and beautiful corals. 

Palms, Zanzibar

Finally, I have arranged the top picks of the best resorts in Zanzibar based on travel reviews, this is not in ascending or descending order. Likewise, Zanzibar has over 100 beaches and resorts you could visit and explore, especially if you are a lover of nature and ambience. You will get that in almost all the resorts on the island.

Other top resorts in Zanzibar include;

  • Mnarani Beach Cottages
  • Le Mersenne Beach Resort
  • Waikiki Zanzibar Resort
  • Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort
  • The Island – Pongwe Lodge
  • Uroa Bay Beach Resort
  • Palumboreef Reef Beach Resort
  • Essque Zalu Zanzibar
  • Mizingani Seafront Hotel
  • Mvuvi Resort
  • Milele Beach Resort
  • Melia Resort, Zanzibar

This explains that if you are travelling for a honeymoon or romantic getaway, you should look towards intimate and private moments and plan towards that. Besides, a family vacation might not necessarily include all the privacy but may be looking for a great spot for kids to explore and have great fun.

Zanzibar beaches could have a lot of sand flies in the evenings, do well to go along with a mosquito repellant and evening beach wears that will help you avoid the effects.

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