These Are The Legal Ways To Relocate Abroad From Nigeria

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The word relocate has become a norm in almost everyone’s vocabulary. Crossing borders to make your dreams come true can be quite tasking. Well, why not? You have to leave a geographical location, bear expenses, understand time zones, consider latitudes and just affirm to yourself over and over that you have taken the right step.

There are a lot of things that quite influence this big decision to relocate, ranging from personal development to collective goals(family, company). Other factors include security, ability to unleash potential, seeking greener pastures and other profitable motives. Considering medical needs, quality education, a decent lifestyle and a means to relax and explore can be added further to the reasons above.

It is just fundamental to know that before building your house, you need to count the cost. Getting this right from the start can save you a lot of stress and unnecessary spending to cover for irresponsible actions committed earlier.

What do legal means of relocation imply?

A legal means of relocation refers to any route an individual decides to take to leave a country for another that is verified and approved by the government or immigration services of the countries involved. This means that different countries issue permits based on the travel laws within their country. Requirements for relocation are always peculiar to any country. Only confirm that you have a passport, the right knowledge and enough money to move on with your plans.

Have you been looking for detailed information on how to relocate abroad legally? The answer to your questions are thoroughly explained below:

Different Ways to Relocate 

1. Express Entry/ Entry Points Programs

The Canadian government has a lot of conditions in place for individuals who want to leave the country in this regard. The Canadian Express entry program requires that one is young, is well educated with at least two or more degrees and can speak and write the English language (you will prove this with IELTS results).

All of these will be calculated and recorded based on an overall rating system. It is a point-based system and the highest scoring applicants will be selected and granted access to obtain a visa to enter the country.

canada express entry

This program seeks to address the needs of professionals who desire to add to the skilled labour of the country.

Other countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom also permit skills. This is targeted at individuals less than 55 years of age. This depends on the decision of the immigration service provided you have adequate funds to support yourself in a foreign country. If you have been employed by a company in the country, you can apply for a work visa.

This work visa permits applicants to work for a specific period ranging from 6 months to 3 years in the country. After which, you can then apply for permanent residency or citizenship in the country afterwards.

2. Provincial Nominee Programs:

 Another way Canada offers provisional entry into the country is by nominating selected candidates based on their requirements. Provinces within Canada nominate eligible professionals who possess skills in thriving sectors of technology, health, engineering and so on. It is believed that their presence in the province is for a purpose.

Major requirements for selection on the Provincial Nominee platform

Any of the ten provinces in Canada consider applicants who:

Have an employment offer in a Canadian province.

You must Possess skills in increased demand within a province.

You must have recently graduated from any institution within a Canadian province and have a job opportunity.

Have passed the qualifications stage of any application process

Therefore after submitting a fitness certificate and other documents, a province selects you according to the annual slots.

This way, you can move to the country and apply for permanent residency after some time.

3. Study Visas

You might be thinking about how secure this path is to becoming a permanent resident of a country. However, applying for a study visa could be a great way to kick-start your journey to citizenship in a country.

Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada are countries that have proven to have the best study visas that provide leverage to permanent residence.

study visa

Apply as a student, select your preferred institution according to available resources and finish in four years or less, then you can take the next step.

This means that these countries consider those who hold study certificates to prove that they have been to any institution in the country can apply to stay back, search for a job and find a way to remain in the country.

There are details you have to know when applying for a visa, this will enable you to find out whether the final destination of residence or citizenship can be accessed when you are done studying.

Certain countries give room for recent graduates to apply for jobs after a specific time and then make efforts to become citizens.

Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and Austria amongst many other countries permit students to stay back after studying. Anyone who has studied in the country or has gotten a degree can stay for a few months, from 6- 12 months. This depends on the country, every country has their own process. You can start applying for jobs or start processing your permanent residence.

You might also be sceptical because you do not have enough resources, but it is great to know that there are scholarship options. This implies that you will have to pay little to zero fees to study in some of these institutions.

4. Obtaining a family reunion visa

Marriage to a citizen of a foreign country, being parents to citizens of a foreign country or any other ties you have that are legally recognised by a country is acceptable.

The U.S. allows adult citizens 21 years and above to invite their parents over for citizenship processing.

Canada regards family members even down to grandchildren and gives them relocation privileges.

In all, adequate research must be made on what the country you are applying to regard as a family member, then you can continue from there.

family visa

In this case, you need to apply for an immigration visa, fill out all the forms and state your intentions accordingly. This will enable you to qualify for permanent residence within a country.

For individuals who are married, marriage certificates and documentation will be requested from you. Ensure you present it and continue with the application process. If the country affirms that you are qualified, then you will be given a visa and you can relocate.

5. Sports/ Athletics Visa

Talents are recognized in certain foreign countries. You can consider applying as an immigrant to any of these countries. Provided you have some special sporting talents.

However, because some foreign sports clubs or associations seek members or players, this could be a way to move. Furthermore, one can undergo thorough research on countries that provide this opportunity and go for it.

sport visa relocation

Most times, the countries in mind are not even the “popular” ones but the obvious is that a more decent life and appreciation of skills could be a plus and overall motivation.

6. Investors Visa.

There are countries in South America and North America and the United Kingdom that offers investors visa in order to boost their economies. These countries demand that you invest a particular amount in their country either as a business owner or someone willing to start a company there. Also, opportunities exist for individuals who are willing to buy properties and start up a profitable business within the country.

investment visa

The prices vary depending on the country and what they believe you must possess. When you have done these, you can then be awarded investor citizenship.

7. Work Visa

For this article, this is mentioned at the end not because it is less regarded or because others have been mentioned as common ways to relocate. I would like to dwell on this a little for clarity.

A work visa can be applied for when you have met the terms that apply to the country you seek employment in.

work visa in Nigeria

Countries such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany and many more expect that you have either gotten an invitation from your employer or you have secured a job before you travel. This is done, so you will not travel without any direction and become jobless or not sure if the skills you possess are in demand in that country.

Mostly, this applies to individuals who have graduated from other institutions and are eager to showcase their talents and services in a foreign country. Also, most of these countries desire that you are of a particular age, have crime-free records in the country you are coming from and have passed a language mastery test.

Individuals who are travelling as domestic employees are expected to apply for a visa and fill it appropriately.

Interestingly, some countries have grouped the skill sets they desire and attached visa applications to each category. These categories range from levels 1-5, all you have to do is read up while applying for the form online and select whichever suits your needs.

With all these, doing things right goes a long way to determining how far the application process will go. Do not forget that your application does not guarantee automatic residence or citizenship. Permanent residence could be revoked if found unworthy at any point. At times, it could be due to falsification at any point in the process.

Illegal routes are deadly and do not end well. Most people that have gone this way have terrible stories to tell. Deportation, permanent or temporary ban from countries, withholding certain privileges and ultimately a criminal record is not something anyone would want to settle for.

This is why careful selections have been made to see that the process of relocating is duly followed, with emphasis on the choice of country.

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