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Dubai Investor and Partner

If you plan to relocate to Dubai, perhaps you are looking for opportunities to invest in Dubai. This blog post is for you. United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Dubai is business-friendly and offers businessmen and women the opportunity to live in Dubai for three years through a Dubai partner visa programme.
The Dubai investor visa is also known as the Dubai Partner visa.
The Dubai partner visa is mostly for investors starting a business or investing in the mainland or free zones in Dubai.

dubai partners visa

What is Dubai Investor Visa?

The Dubai partner visa is the type of visa opened to foreign nationals starting a business or investing in Dubai. The partner visa is a residence visa opened to investors or people planning to start a business in Dubai. The Dubai partner visa has a validity of three years. It offers several opportunities and advantages compared to other forms of Dubai visas.

This visa type is for business owners in Dubai or people that invested in an existing company in Dubai or planning to start a company in Dubai. Unlike the work visa that is usually two years. The partner visa has three years of validity. It allows you to relocate with your spouse and up to 3 children.

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The Application Processing Time For Dubai Investors/Partner Visa

The processing time for the Dubai investor visa varies from 25 to 35 days. The processing time depends on your availability, the Dubai Immigration and the time you started the application.

Eligibility for the Dubai Partners Visa

One of the criteria for people applying for the UAE partner visa is to own shares in a company in the United Arab Emirates or to invest in a company in Dubai. You can also start a business in the United Arab Emirates to qualify. The minimum investment should be about AED 72,000. The amount of investment is one of the major criteria for the Dubai partners visa.

Requirements for Dubai Investor Visa for Applicant

These are the requirements for the Dubai investor visa.

  • Passport photograph with a white background
  • Current UAE Visa
  • Proof of Share Ownership MOA (Memorandum papers)
  • Sponsors Emirate ID
  • Trade License Copy
  • Bank Details of the sponsor (IBAN Number)

Requirements For Dubai Investors from the Company on Mainland or LLC Company

  • The company trade license
  • Partners list for LLC
  • Partnership contracts
  • Service Agreement
  • Immigration Establishment card
  • Memorandum of Association (LLC)
  • Establishment Card

The requirement from the Business owner/Investor at Mainland or LLC Company

  • International passport
  • Photo on white background
  • Statement of Account
  • Previous visa to the UAE
  • Emirate ID

For Free Zone Company

  • Company Trade License
  • Immigration Card
  • Certificate of Incoporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Share Certificate
  • White background Passport
  • statement of account
  • International passport
  • Emirate ID
  • Previous visa

Documents for Medicals

Photocopies of Passport, visa etc
White background photo

Documents for Visa Stamping

  • Application
  • Photograph with white background
  • Your visa
  • Your international passport
  • Emirates ID form
  • Medical certificate
  • LLC Agreement
  • License
  • Immigration Establishment
  • Copies of License and Partners List

Things to Note when applying for Dubai Investors Visa

These are the things you need to know when processing Dubai partners Visa.

  • You need to physically be present in Dubai to start the process
  • The process takes an average of 25 to 40 days to process
  • There are additional cost when applying for spouse and children
  • The Dubai Partners visa is valid for 3 years.

Cost for Dubai Investor Visa

The cost varies depending on whether you are applying with your family or applying as an individual. Kindly send a message for

Benefits of Dubai Investor Visa

  1. Dubai is Tax-Free: Dubai offers a tax-free environment for locals and foreigners. Staying in Dubai allows you to work without paying taxes.
  2. You can Sponsor your Family: With a Dubai Investor visa, you can sponsor family members to join you in Dubai. This visa allows you to bring your wife and up to 3 kids under this visa.
  3. You Can Work in Dubai: Another advantage of a Dubai partner visa is, it allows you to work in the United Arab Emirates.
  4. It Offers Maximum return on Investment: It offers maximum return on investment, as it allows you to invest in one of the fastest-growing economies around the world.
  5. It Lets You Travel to UAE Residence Visa Free Countries: With the UAE Residence visa, you will be able to travel to UAE visa-free countries.
  6. Legally Live in The UAE: With the residence visa, you can legally live in the UAE and enjoy all benefits of residents. You can also process other country’s visas from the UAE.
  7. You Get an Emirate ID: You will get an Emirate ID that identifies you as a Dubai residence.
    Get Access To World Class Health facility: You will also be getting access to a world-class health facility.
  8. You Can Open a bank account: With the residence visa, you can also open a bank account in Dubai.
    You Can Study in the UAE: With a Dubai residence visa, you can freely study in the United Arab Emirates.
  9. Apply for A Dubai Drivers License: With your residence visa, you can apply for a driving license in Dubai.
  10. Tourist-Friendly Environment: Dubai is a tourist-friendly destination with millions of people trooping in yearly. This offers more chances for economic growth.
  11. Stable economy: Dubai offers a stable economic condition.
  12. Safe environment: Dubai is one of the safest countries in the world.

Step by Step Method of Applying for a partner visa

Get into Dubai / start an application online
If you are in Dubai, you can visit the immigration department and apply for an entry permit with your sponsor’s emirate ID, white background passport photograph, photocopy of your passport, Memorandum papers (MOA), establishment card, trade license copy, current visa and bank account number.

Medical Fitness test
Once you have submitted these documents, you will be redirected to a government health care centre for the medical fitness test.

Apply for the Emirate ID
Once you are done with step two, you can now apply for the Emirate ID

Get Health Insurance
For residents of Dubai, health insurance is important. The next step is to apply for health insurance.

Stamp your Visa
Once you have completed the process the next step is to go back to the centre to get your passport stamped.

Applying for the Dubai Investor Visa

Get 30 days or 90 days Tourist Visa to Dubai

Step 1
Get the Trade License
The first step is to buy the company’s shares from the company’s trade license with an agreement between the company and the person purchasing the shares.
Processing Time: This takes an average of 5 working days.

Step 2
Establishment Card Approval

The establishment card approval is handled by the partner company through Dubai Immigration. It is to check if the company is valid and legally established In UAE. It is more like a background check.
Processing Time: The processing time is 24 to 48 hours.

Step 3
e-Visa Application

The e-visa is processed once the establishment card is approved. The Dubai Immigration handles this and it is valid for 60 days. It is not the residence visa it is a temporary e-visa.
Processing Time: It takes between 3 to 5 working days

Step 4
Change of Status

Once your visa is approved, it changes the status of the visa from tourist to temporary employment. This is also a temporary visa, to allow you to work while in Dubai. It is part of the application stage, not the three years residence visa.

Step 5
Medical Tests

The purpose of these tests is to ensure you are physically fit to stay in Dubai. Several blood tests will be done. The tests include blood tests, HIV/AIDS tests, Hepatitis A and B tests, Xray etc. people with sexually transmittable diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis are prone to be deported. It is always advisable to stay away from drugs, smoke and alcohol while in Dubai. Also, avoid alcohol or smoking three days before your test. These tests must be carried out in government-approved hospitals.

Step 6
The Emirate ID Biometrics Capture

This is where they capture your data and biometrics. Your fingers and your palms are captured into the system.

Step 7
Residence Application and Passport Stamping

This is the final part of the application once you meet the other criteria. Once you get to this stage, your application has been approved. The status of your temporary employment visa changes to a residence visa. This final part requires you to submit your international passport to Dubai Immigration for stamping. Your passport will be stamped with the three years visa. This is where you will get the three years residence visa.
Processing Time: This usually takes between 4 to 7 working days to be approved.

Validity of Dubai Partner Visa

Just like any other type of visa. The Dubai partner visa also has validity. The Dubai partner visa is only valid for three years. After the expiration, it can then be renewed.

Cost for Dubai Investor Visa

Cost for Dubai Investor Visa
Entry Permit AED 525 for Investor outside the UAE
1,175 for an investor in UAE
Medical Test AED 322.5
Change of Status AED 675 (You won’t be paying this if you are applying from outside the UAE)
Emirates ID AED 405
Stamping of Visa AED 600 to AED 870
Other fees
Immigration Establishment Card
Trade License Fee
Medical testing fees

Applying for the Dubai Investor Visa

You can register in person or online via the E-government Directorate of Naturalisation and Residency Department (eDNRD) website.
You can also apply for the Dubai partner visa from any of the Amer centres across the country. The Centres are in Al Quoz, Al Jafiliya, Dubai Festival City, Al Twar etc.


Q. Can I relocate with my family?
A. Yes, you can bring your family members to stay with you. Family members covered are your spouse, children or guardian.

Q. Who is eligible for the Dubai Partner Visa?
A. Anyone who wants to invest or has invested in Dubai.

Q. Can I work with this visa?
. Yes You can work with this kind of visa.

If you are planning to relocate to Dubai, this is one of the best method to relocate to Dubai.

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